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File 136891737116.jpg - (400.68KB , 837x655 , this_is_his_torment.jpg )
13905 No. 13905
My original (i.e. pre Mann vs. Machine update) speculation went like this:
The Administrator totally doesn't trust anyone other than herself to run things. She invests in, say, Aperture, and uploads herself as an all-seeing AI, automating most of RED and BLU's day-to-day processes. The mercs are fooled into it's still 1968 ish and, accordingly, they'll keep playing death tag effectively forever.

I'm kinda undecided about how big a change the MvM update really brought. Sure, Redmond and Blutarch are dead, but in the game itself there are still teams of 12, 18, 24, or 32 fighting over RED/BLU contested territory...or are those game modes not connected to the "plot" of TF2 any more?

In general, I tend to treat canon I don't like with the handwave of "well, that might have happened to THE [Insert Class Here], but not to MY [Insert Class Here]", but maybe it's time to make up new headcanons again.
>> No. 13909
When they get too old, they retire, are replaced with a (mostly) younger cast, but the original generation still cameos from time to time.

So essentially Star Trek.
>> No. 13910
>I'm kinda undecided about how big a change the MvM update really brought. Sure, Redmond and Blutarch are dead, but in the game itself there are still teams of 12, 18, 24, or 32 fighting over RED/BLU contested territory...or are those game modes not connected to the "plot" of TF2 any more?

there are always alternate timelines were things didn't happen :V
That's how I'm reasoning things,anyway, that way plot development doesn't ruin otherwise good fan fiction.
>> No. 13911
I can't see these guys ever really settling down canonically and can see them doing (or at least attempting) mercenary work until the end of their lives.

Which just gave me the mental image of Soldier wheel-chair bound in his 80s attempting to rocket jump with a blanket over his legs.
>> No. 13913

Oh my god. That mental image just made me burst into laughter.

Hm...After TF2 was over? I've got a shitload of different headcanons for this. One goes where the wars go on and on forever, and signing a contract is essentially signing a death sentence. A computer will retire a man, but he will never leave the battlefield. New teams are brought in periodically, but no one ever really thinks about what happened to the old teams.

Another headcanon is that all the mercs get fired, and they all split off in their own directions, but it's actually really sad, because the only place they belonged was with each other, and they eventually meet up again and go to fight godzilla and shit as the A-Team together.

And yet another is that it's a nine-to-five job, so when it's over, it's over. The guys find other work, or move off to Australia to fight kangaroos for the rest of their lives or just do whatever they want. Nothing really comes of it--they're just not together anymore.

As far as the whole MvM thing goes, I figure they just go in, kick Grey's ass and are done with it. After that, the Admin does some handwave thing of 'oh yeah you're not all really fired' and the fighting continues, but this time the teams aren't really sure who they're actually working for, just that they get a paycheck every month to kill someone wearing a different colour than them.

I've probably got more but I'm not gonna spam with that crap.
>> No. 13914
Ain't gonna lie, I laughed.

As for my headcanon.. it depends on what I'm dealing with:

If it's my own writing (where I justify multiples of the same class/character as clones), I imagine they are brought into existence to fulfil a role, and once that role is no longer needed to be filled post-MvM... well, it can go either way.

If it's a light hearted take, they get situated as far apart from each other as possible in the real world, told not to take any high-profile jobs lest a civilian recognise them and to live out the rest of their years in peace. Given they're mercs, there are a lot of issues adjusting and so they vent their frustrations in various ways. Like the odd demo giving up on a regular job and travelling the world to study (read: hunt) mysterious creatures, or another who bands with a pyro to enter the pyrotechnics business with sparkling assassinations inexplicable fatal firework accident on the side.

If it's a dark take, they are set to be destroyed behind closed doors. Some of them might escape. Getting really horrible, there are times I imagine it like that lovely film, Moon - where their bodies break down after x amount of years and they're replaced with a fresh clone.

When I think about the game, and how Valve could possibly end the story without breaking the eternal war aspect, I imagine them winning the robot (hat?) war and disbanding... yet failing miserably to integrate into society so they come back for a reunion and decide to duel it out like in the good old days, for the rest of their lives. Like what Tidbits said.
>> No. 13970
In my headcanon, all of them except engineer and pyro die before it all ends and pyro loses his/her body when seven of them are dead.
In 1999, pyro dies of exhaustion right before the end comes.
The only survivor after it's all over is engineer.
>> No. 13973
Very late to the headcanon party here, but I'm noticing no one is bringing up the respawn mystery. There's clearly something significant keeping the mercs alive, something that was hinted to be connected to Redmond and Blutarch's immortality machines. The latter are obviously dead, but are the mercs are still relentlessly respawning with impunity?

My headcanon depends on that question, because in mine, they are immortal. They're still subject to the attrition of time, but constantly respawning has affected their very bodies and (presumably medic) has taken advantage of this by further altering their bodies to make them all live longer (obviously because he wanted to see what would happen).

Would they retire? Hell no. They might have to do it somewhere else if the robot invasion is ever resolved, but I don't see one single merc even considering putting down their guns. They'll keep shooting and slaughtering until they'll need walking sticks and wheelchairs, and even then they'll strap rockets to those and race multicoloured forest animals as demonstrated here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfBUXYuuP8

Our beloved maniacs will never stop fighting, if they've destroyed everything, then they'll just ride off into the sunset, blow the sunset up, and find a different battlefield.
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