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File 137307543212.png - (64.00KB , 222x199 , ermahgerd.png )
14001 No. 14001

Bug fix speculations kgo

I hope they nuke the Demoknight turn script. There's nothing quite like pseudo hacks to ruin a perfectly good game.
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>> No. 14002
File 137314494762.jpg - (43.40KB , 640x368 , image.jpg )
New cp_ maps look pretty cool
I really hope they'll be better gameplay-wise than cp_foundry

as for everything else about update new hats are cool but my fucking wallet.....
>> No. 14003

I've played on cp_process before, and I think it's a great map, though I do admit I've never been stuck in a really awful stalemate. I don't know about the other one, though.

I'm hoping they just fix the old bugs/holes in maps and "add" new ones just for fun. I give zero shits about hats, especially after the spam that was boogaloo. I would really like to see the new maps and maybe some new weapons.
>> No. 14004
Bugs that need to be fixed:
- That goddamn wrong team HUD glitch that's been around since forever. You'd think that after 9 years they would get around to fixing it, but nope.
- That goddamn sound glitch in MvM where the Giant Robot/Sentry Buster noise persists even after a round ends. Since I main Engineer on MvM, it's not good for my sanity.
>> No. 14006
File 137366356622.png - (226.30KB , 500x376 , tumblr_luytb7Oy8I1r5rc6zo1_500.png )
>Set Powers removed
>mfw you will never anymore use deadringer + Fez
Fuck you Valve, that was the only fun i was able to do it after 5 years of playing without end
>> No. 14007
Man, whenever there is an update/fix, I feel like such a noob, because everyone else is either complaining/happy about stuff it fixes, and I didn't even notice that stuff to begin with.
>> No. 14013
I still haven't played either of the new maps, wewps

Overall, I love a lot of the fixes! Though they will take some getting used to, like the Powerjack changes. And as an engineer main, I'm thrilled the nerfs/fixes/whathaveyou are viable and haven't made me ragequit my favourite gameplay style, despite the SPUF screams for removing the gunslinger entirely.

Though I do feel a little bad for spies. I don't deny DRs were often OP in even the worst spy's hands, or that they were blatantly overused, but something about the changes isn't quite right either.

Oh, and the Escape Plan... RIP good buddy. If separating its crits out into a new weapon wasn't bad enough, it's now more or less useless with the marked-for-death nerf.

Sadly no fix for crashes to desktop, server dropouts (not the occasional server error - I'm talking server disconnects after being in for 30 seconds or so, on every one you join), nor stopping the demoknight turn script. Maybe in another 4 years?
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