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File 137862532540.png - (489.67KB , 665x768 , 127502664556.png )
14063 No. 14063
Fellow denizens of TF2chons and lurkers alike, let us be making something. We've got talented authors and artists and people from all kinds of niches - so how would you all feel about banding together to produce a thing?

I've personally got a few ideas that I thought would work as collaboration projects, but to start maybe I'll just outline the ones that will work well as first attempts:

Ghost Stories from 2fort
Or something equally halloweeny and hilarious to gear everyone up for the upcoming(?) Halloween update. Authors could be paired up with artists, completing spreads that can then be bound together as the one publication. Plenty of room here for prompts, silliness, art, models, designers, etc. Only problem I can see with this one is we have less than a month to pull it off.

The Twelve Days of Smissmas
Like above, but gearing up for Smissmas instead.

The Teufort Reader classifieds/articles
Nice and simple, we just need hilarious little classifieds, a smattering of illustrations/models, all bundled up in a nice old-timey newspaper format. For examples, check out:

If any of this takes off, it would be nice to be able to share the final product around and show TF2chan can be something more than just a repository for fap material. We could even send it off to Valve, just sayin'.

I'd also like to see any community projects open to anyone and everyone - regardless of one's affiliation with any given community - just based here on the chan. The reason being 1) we'd all like to see this place more active, and 2) aside from making a separate website for it, none of the other communities are as permanently visible nor easily navigable as an imageboard thread. So... if we decide on what we want to do, we can get a base-of-operations thread set up and get the word out to others.

Want to hop on board? Have better ideas? Get posting!

also, this thread is probably in the wrong place but /projects/ seems to lean towards modelling projects (as far as I can see), and it doesn't quite jive with /inception/ either
>> No. 14064
I've been wondering for a long time, with all the writers and artist hanging around here, why we didn't have some sort of weekly "Draw/write this theme".

I think this is a great idea, but there are some questions and problems that come to mind.

One problem is that when it's such an open projects, people tends to be very unreliable.

Another is, if everyone is an equal part of the project, then who ultimately decides what goes in the project and not?
I know the best answer would be; "well, we'll just have to find some sort of agreement", but when everyone wants to chip in, things tends to get messy.
The "too many cooks ruins the food" thing, y'know?
>> No. 14065
Here's some artjam ideas:

* Crossover art/fic jam
* Gen art/fic jam (Pairingless, or at least nonsexual, for those people who are either ace or simply don't like writing/drawing porn)
* General winter jam I'm an asshole and I've always been iffy about drawing Christmas stuff usually because I'm a stupid Jew.
>> No. 14066
Ghost Stories from 2fort...

This must HAPPEN!

I would love to get together and make something akin to our secret Santa events but Halloween! I've got a few ideas to write out, just need the time and motivation to jot them down in time for our favorite spooky updates of the year!
>> No. 14067
Can I request that someone write/draw a hypothetical Ghost Tom Jones boss fight encounter/shenanigans?
>> No. 14068
>too many cooks in the kitchen
Yeah, I guess that's the nature of these things, but if we need someone to keep it all tied together, I'm happy to take on the role. I mean, I figured I'd have to do that anyway but didn't want to come in here, hips gyrating, demanding people listen to me if they wanted someone/no-one else to lead this thing

Regardless, I'd personally recommend a deadline for the end product, as well as intermediate deadlines for any different roles. Eg: if we're having people illustrating to fics, then the authors will need to be done first and leave ample time for artists to draw.

Something else I'd also recommend is that this thing stay as canon as possible (so that means canon pairings, if at all; no nsfw [unless it's a joke a la TF2's established humour]; no OCs; etc). We'll attract a much larger audience, and also be more inclusive to the genfic/art crowd.

No worries about the Christmas stuff - I'm not religious myself, so I know your feels. But to clarify, I didn't mean Christmas; rather, TF2's take on it: Smissmas. It's not heavily explained in canon, aside from being something akin to Futurama's twisted take on xmas, so there's still plenty of room to make it as un-Christmassy as possible?

To be honest, I'd much prefer something spooky and supernatural/ghost-themed but that's just muh opunion

>Ghost Tom Jones boss fight encounter
Complete with battle of the bands?
>> No. 14071
Another idea!

Minor character jam. No drawing the mercs at all, only Saxton, Helen, Pauling, Redmond, Blutarch, Merasmus, etc.
>> No. 14073
Well I'm not sure how active this place is anymore in terms of community, but personally I would love to make a TF2 horror game, in fact I've been working on a script for something like that for a long time.
>> No. 14074
I'd love to work on a game, even if I don't have the slightest idea how.
>> No. 14075
Alrighty, I'll give y'all another week or so to drop in more ideas, otherwise I might start this Spooky Fortress project since it's had the most votes so far

press any key to continue y/n?
>> No. 14076

Anyone looking at the threads can tell this place is dead as hell and everyone has either left entirely or is just on LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTR.

If you're going to be making a community thing you could go to the TF2 fandom general LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTR and try to bring everyone back to the chan.
>> No. 14077
Yep, good point - I tried to touch on it in my first post, but it may not have been clear enough.

This place is fairly quiet, yes, but I was hoping projects like the ones suggested here could revive the place to some extent. If anyone wants to make this happen, promotion through the Tumbles would be a great help.

Personally, I'm not very popular on there, so my reach is pretty limited
>> No. 14079
Give me the link, and I'll reblog it.
>> No. 14239
Dumping some more ideas here, some Iz's, some IINR's, some others':

Sappy Lovers' Day Gift Exchange
Pretty much like our annual Secret Santa, but Valentine's themed instead.*

Sweltering Sunburnt Summer Gift Exchange
The antithesis to the Secret Santa. Think hot thoughts, people.

We've got request threads and barely anyone filling them in. We could even have people submit a bunch of prompts anonymously, stick them in a master post, and have people claim them. I remember The Olde Days of anonymous kink memes on LJ, and from memory the Chan has had at least one in the past. Always fun, and I know for someone like me who keeps saying "I will fill requests when I have time... later", an event like this would be great to actually kick into gear.

The Little Mercenary and the Big Bad Boys of Degroot Keep
Fairy tale parodies or generally fairy tale/kids' themed stories. Something akin to GhostFort in terms of collecting written and visual work, and final presentation (all works styled together). Because of the larger scale of this project, would need a couple of months advance notice/advertising.

Also repeating some of the earlier ideas from others:
>Crossover art/fic jam
>Gen art/fic jam (Pairingless, or at least nonsexual, for those people who are either ace or simply don't like writing/drawing porn)

>Minor character jam. No drawing the mercs at all, only Saxton, Helen, Pauling, Redmond, Blutarch, Merasmus, etc.

*It's already almost February, so if anyone wants to see the Valentine's exchange happen, I strongly suggest they get the ball rolling already!
Personally I would have loved to host, but I am taking a much-needed break the Valentine's Day week so I cannot do the final exchange, nor the majority of the leg work. I will be more than happy to help anyone who is keen on hosting, though, and can supply spreadsheets and pointers on how to manage this kind of thing.
>> No. 14242
Voting for the following:

I know a lot of unfilled prompts are mine, but I blame myself-- I tend to focus on role-reversing popular NSFW scenarios and getting more spotlight on characters I feel are not loved enough. But fandom is stuck in a particular way, and only likes things one way, it seems.
>> NPC jam
Interesting to see what comes up when the mercs can't be included.
>> Gen art/fic jam
I'm prolly an ass, but I like seeing others' porn-- it's just hard drawing it myself. Partially for the aforementioned role reversal preferences, partially because I'm shy.
>> No. 14249

Yanno, I'm really liking the idea of the TF2 take on classic fairy tails. I'm all for that should the opportunity for another community project.

Like, similar to Secret Santa, except all that participate are given a classic fairy tail by random and it's up to them to give their interpretations of that fable.
>> No. 14250
I actually really like the idea of using folk and fairy tales with TF2 characters. Maybe it could all be compiled into a PDF that looks like a big old storybook, with the fancy calligraphy and pretty pictures and all that stuff.
>> No. 14253
All I can think about now is Spy as Cinderella. The mental image is pleasing.
>> No. 14254
With SpyTech as his fairy godcompany, granting him the disguise kit so he can go as the prettiest merc of them all to the annual Mann Co Ballsy Dance Bullshit Event?
>> No. 14337
I won't be able to run GhostFort again this year, for... many reasons. Sorry to anyone who may have been hoping for another.
If anyone is keen on doing it this year, I'm more than happy to exchange the materials I made for the last one.

Wasn't really sure of where to put this, so I figure here was as good as any, aheh
>> No. 14389
Idea: For Valentine's Day, let's do a genfic/gen art celebration. We get a lot of ship art all year round, but romantic love isn't the only type of love that exists.
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