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File 138063588034.jpg - (602.94KB , 1181x457 , prelimtitlething.jpg )
14088 No. 14088
Ghost Stories from Teufort
A collection of the spooky tales and chilling images circulating the bases, passed from mercenary to mercenary.

What is this and why should I care?
This is a community collaboration effort to celebrate all things spooky in time for the Halloween update! Fic, art and SFM posters will be bundled together like the contents of an investigation file, collecting strange tales and images circulating the bases.

The theme can be interpreted as “ghost stories and other oddities, as collected by the mercs.” Anything goes - as long as it is sufficiently supernatural, creepy, or otherwise in the spirit of things!

You should care because it's fun.

A bit about this project and how it will work:
•Fic, art, and SFM works are all accepted!
•You may submit up to two works of any kind.
•All work will be compiled into a PDF, designed to look like an investigation file/collection of images and stories from the bases.
•Each individual page measures 1200px x 1800px and will be presented as 2-page spreads (eg: http://www.teamfortress.com/lecturevalley/ ). You will get an entire page per portrait-oriented artwork submission (landscape-oriented artwork will have to share). Stories may spread across multiple pages depending on length.
•The presentation style means yellowed and tattered pages for fics, and (ideally) staples, tape and/or worn edges overlapping some parts of the images.
As such, images may have their edges slightly worn to fit with the overall style. If you would like to tweak your image to look worn and/or faded yourself, by all means go ahead! OR if this bothers you and you want your work left alone, please let us know and a white border will be put around the image instead.
•The individual pages of the PDF will also be exported as JPGs for easy sharing.
•All content contributors will be credited somewhere on their page alongside their work

- - - - -

This project aims to be open and accessible to the overall TF2 audience. This means there are some ground rules so everyone can enjoy it equally, as not every aspect of fandom is palatable to every person. These rules also aim to tie the varying works in the project together.

Works should be to your usual standard of quality.
Keep works to the theme. The theme is “ghost stories and related spooky stuff collected by the mercs.” Anything goes as long as it is sufficiently supernatural, creepy, or otherwise in the spirit of things!
Works can be as silly or serious as you want them to be.
Keep it safe for work, roughly PG13 to M15+ (light cussing and TF2-level violence is OK). Pretty much the same rating as the game.
Keep it canon and to TF2 lore as much as possible. TF2 canon does include zombies, wizardry/shamanism/magic usage, ghosts, sentient magical books, science gone awry, resurrection/respawn, and mythical creatures (Sasquatch, Nessie, Headless Horseman(n?) so far). For example, you could get away with a legend about a werewolf Demoman that stalks the corridors of Gorge.
No names, unless canon.
No original characters, unless playing a minor part (eg: shopkeepers, anonymous necromancers, mysterious old person who pedals suspicious concoctions, etc.).
•This also means no genderbends/femclasses
No shipping, sorry folks.
Parodies are allowed
Collaborations are allowed. Just let us know who worked on what so they can be credited accordingly!
Custom models are allowed as long as they abide by the other rules (SFW, plausible within the world of TF2, etc.)
•Keep your stories in English please (with the exception of character dialogue, of course)

- - - - -


- You can start on your submission(s) and sent them through as early as you’d like.
- Sign ups close midnight Saturday October 19th EST
- Final submissions due midnight Saturday October 26th EST. Make sure your final submission(s) adhere to the Submission Guidelines section at the end of this post.

Please don’t post the final work here or anywhere else until after the project is completed, compiled and released on October 31st. Posting your WIPs and teasers to this thread and/or your personal site (to show what you’re doing or get help) is fine.

- - - - -

If you would like to get involved, comment in this thread and/or email ghostfort.subs@gmail.com with the following information:

Name: Online moniker or real name (if you're game). If you would like to stay anonymous, please choose a random name for identification purposes. This will be the same name used in your credit line.
Contact method: If you feel uncomfortable including your email in the email field and/or comment body, please email ghostfort.subs@gmail.com. We need at least one method of contacting you! This email address will NOT be used in the book unless you specify in the next section:
Website, email address, etc. for credit line: This will be included in your credit line to accompany your work in the project. If you don't want to share any info, leave this section blank.
Number of submissions: You can submit up to two works.
Submission(s) format: Art, fic, or SFM poster.
Subject: Give us an idea of what your submission will be about.
Characters: List the most prominent characters in your submission. If entire team, just say “Entire team”. NPCs count as characters, too.
Artwork/SFM only - Do you want your work to be “roughed up” or would you prefer a white border?
Artwork/SFM only - If you’d like your work to be “roughed up”, will you do it yourself or will you leave that to the designer(s)?

NOTE: Please do not sign onto this project unless you are willing to see it through to the end. Those facing emergency situations are excused. Assignments and exams are NOT emergencies. If you don’t think you can make the deadline or have changed your mind, send an email or leave a comment.

- - - - -

Images (digital, drawn, and SFM)
Dimensions: 1200px x 1800px (minimum). Portrait is preferred and will get the most display space, but landscape images can be accepted too.
Resolution: 72dpi minimum
Colour space: RGB
File types accepted: JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD. If your image is too large to be emailed directly, contact ghostfort.subs@gmail.com to sort out an alternative before the submission deadline.
You can sign your work, but please refrain from excessively large, obnoxious and/or out-of-place watermarks (you will be credited on your page anyway)
NOTE: As you can see this project calls for screen-use specs, since a print quality version of the PDF would be too large for distribution. If this project takes off, maybe one day we can have a printable PDF version so you can make your own copy.

Word count: 500 words minimum, 1200 words maximum
Have your work beta’d and spellchecked before final submission!

Graphic designers wanting to help with layout
All help is greatly appreciated! However, the following is required as a minimum if you would like to help out:
- Sound knowledge of the Adobe Suite (specifically InDesign and Photoshop)
- Experience with typesetting. You need to know what leading and kerning is, and how to do it properly.
- Working copy of InDesign CS4 or higher. CS5 is preferred.
- Experience with packaging InDesign files for distribution, or at least how to export a high-res PDF through the program
Contact ghostfort.subs@gmail.com if you’re interested in lending a hand!
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>> No. 14089
File 13806363667.jpg - (1.03MB , 2400x1800 , mockup-72.jpg )
And here's a super quick mockup of what a spread might look like.

Suggestions, questions, nay saying? Leave a comment!
>> No. 14090

Ohman, this looks really cool! Two questions:

How flexible is the word limit for fics, and can we post ideas for stories/pictures/SFM posters, in case people who don't want to/can't contribute want to contribute ideas instead?
>> No. 14092
Yay, a nibble!

>word limit
How about we make 2200 the absolute hard limit?
The sample spread was a bit above 500, and the font can't go any smaller or it will be illegible. This means a 2200 word limit will get you 4 whole pages to yourself!

>suggestions and ideas
Of course, do share! I'm a bit stumped for fic ideas, personally, so they would be much appreciated
>> No. 14093
I'm debating doing some kind of journal-type entry, like:

October 29, 1968

Today some scary shit happened.

October 30, 1968

More scary shit.

October 31, 1968

The scariest shit yet

Etc. Obviously the entries are just examples of how it would be formatted. Thoughts?

Out of curiosity, would it be possible to throw a few bloodstains on the pages when they're edited?
>> No. 14094
Oh man, that sounds great! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

>requesting graphic effects and/or styling
Little requests like splatters and stains or torn pages are fine to ask for, but it all depends on time restraints and workload. At this point, I'm the only designer (halp!), and will work on submissions as they come in.

First come, first served would be the way to go!
>> No. 14095
Kay, I'm done already.

I am amazed at what I can accomplish when I sit down and have virtually nothing else to do.

Only issue is A: It's 1640 words, but the bigger issue is B: With my current formatting, it's 11 pages long.
Now, I don't exactly know how we can fiddle around with it, but I'm sure there's a way to make it fit properly. It's just a very linear sort of piece, and a lot of 'lines' are only two or three words.

I feel like, for the most part, it'd be fine to format it almost like receipt paper, if that's doable. I can send it off, along with my sign-up info, if you think that's something we can work with.
>> No. 14096
Iz you are a fucking legend and I love you

Send it through with your info and we'll sort it out from there. I thiiiink I know what you mean, and have some ideas of how to present it, but I can't be sure until I see the whole thing.

So yeah. Let 'er rip!
>> No. 14097
I'm up for it. Mawaru, I'll email you ASAP.
>> No. 14098
i'm totally on board with this, i'll shoot you an email by the end of the day.
>> No. 14099
I might be interested, I just need to see if I can think up something to commit to.
>> No. 14100
.. and other general things that weren't clear and/or have changed since the original post:

Hard word limit is now 2000. This'll get you up to 4 pages if laid out similar to the text on the mockup page: >>14089

Everyone is welcome. It became apparent there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about this project, so to repeat: Everyone is welcome, from any community, and there is no judgement as to who can get in or not. Let's all celebrate the game that brings us together and have fun

The only people who can't/won't get in are:
- people who miss the sign up deadline on Oct 19th
- people who submit work that's against the rules
- if I get totally swamped with submissions and can’t handle it on my own. Currently I’m the only designer and think I can handle about 40-50 pages worth of stuff so if I get much more than that, I’ll put out a submissions freeze.
--- If I put out a freeze I will let everyone know and the people who have already submitted to that point will be included.

Right now I can work on pieces as they come through, so the earlier the better!

Super excited to see you guys are keen. Can't wait to see what y'all come up with
>> No. 14101
if you get swamped with submissions, I'm sure there may be people willing to help you (myself included). I would much rather help out than exclude people. the bigger the community project, the better.
>> No. 14102
Sorry for the spam to all the boards, everyone. It dawned on me that not everyone here visits /dis/ nor the front page.

Thanks man, that means a lot. I'll know by the signup deadline how much to expect and if it is a lot, a post calling for help will be made.

So far, the few people who have signed up with art/SFM have offered to rough up the images themselves which is a MASSIVE help so thanks guys
>> No. 14104
File 138112017833.jpg - (386.12KB , 700x1080 , samples.jpg )
Just here with some clarification to an issue that has some people confused.


A PAGE is a single portrait 1200 x 1800 pixels page.

A SPREAD is a combination of two pages, side by side. This is how the end result will be presented.

This means that each spread will measure 2400 x 1800 pixels.
[NOTE: The final document dimensions may be subject to change, depending on how large in file size it gets. I don't think anyone wants to sit through a 200MB+ download on the day)

The image attached should illustrate this nice and clearly.

A single art/sfm submission will get one full PAGE (not spread). Artists/SFM'ers can have 2 submissions. This means you can either have two single pieces (one page each, displayed side-by-side or split up on request), or a single combined submission (one whole spread). Artists illustrating to fic will have their work split up to accompany each fic by default.

The max word limit for a single written submission is 2000 words. This will equate to roughly 4 PAGES (2 spreads) of text only per submission. A writer can have 2 written submissions.

It may seem as though the writers are getting much more space here, but we have two reasons for that:
• A polished written piece takes more space to paint the same picture as visually represented (artwork/sfm) pieces do.
• Writers have been grossly under-represented in fan collaborations up to this point, and limiting them to two pages max (like artists are) would have been detrimental to the quality of the project.
I understand these reasons are debatable. However, they were concluded from direct consultation with some writers contributing to the project, my own experiences as a writer and artist, and general observation of how other projects have been run thus far.

Hopefully this doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers, but I feel this is the fairest way to proceed from this point.

[NOTE: Once the project is finished, I would appreciate feedback on issues to take into account for next year. Next time, we may try working with page limits instead. orz]
>> No. 14105
Are existing fics/art/etc allowed to be submitted, or does it have to be specifically written for the compilation?
>> No. 14106
New submissions, please!
That seems to be standard fare for other projects so I'll stick to that. Plus it gives people something to look forward to in the final product!

Sorry if that wasn't clear.. Egh
Another crucial point I didn't consider when I made the original post /facepalm
>> No. 14107
I'm going to try and write up a couple of stories before the 19th. If any are salvageable, I'll submit them.
>> No. 14110
Thought some of you might appreciate a character and submission-type count so far:

Scout 3
Soldier 0
Pyro 1
Demo 3
Heavy 1
Engineer 4
Medic 1
Sniper 0
Spy 3
ambiguous 1

Submission types
Fic 10
Art 4

Fics are in the lead! Who'da thunk it? Also nice to see Demo getting a bit of love.
>> No. 14111
Just a reminder that sign ups close this Saturday (the 19th)! Final submissions aren't due until Sat 26th

There's still plenty of room left in this thing! Only 11 people have signed up so far (4 of which already submitted), so come get your spook on y'all
>> No. 14113
File 138201237847.jpg - (416.04KB , 992x1119 , _TEASER-ghostfort_it-idnt.jpg )
Have a couple of teasers to see how things are coming along...
>> No. 14114
File 138201242965.jpg - (271.94KB , 992x857 , _TEASER-ghostfort_petitecreme.jpg )
And another one
>> No. 14117
Friendly reminder that final submissions are due midnight Saturday October 26th EST! That's just over 24 hours left to go!

So far the confirmed (read: submitted) counts are:

Scout 6
Soldier 1
Pyro 4
Demo 5
Heavy 5
Engineer 2
Medic 4
Sniper 3
Spy 3
ambiguous 2
Admin 0
Pauling 1
Hale 0
* with at least one line of dialogue or prominent involvement

Submission types
Fic 6
Art 3

Final submission counts, if all submissions come through, could potentially be:
Fic 10
Art 5

Not long left now!
>> No. 14118
So has everything arrived? I can't wait to see what it becomes!
>> No. 14119
Not quite yet, only about 3 people left to submit. Some others have pulled through with second submissions, as well, which is why the submission counts keep changing.

What is most impressive is that the overall quality for each submission is fantastic - well done all of you!
>> No. 14120
I would have liked to do something for this, but I had a ton of homework and people telling me "You have to draw something for me, give it to me in less than a week", and I couldn't get anything done in time. I'm sorry.
>> No. 14121

No worries. If I'm not mistaken, there will be other projects in the future that you should be able to participate in. Thanks so much for putting this together, Mawaru!
>> No. 14122
No worries! A lot of people are in the same boat as you, with other life commitments and schooling and whatnot. Not to mention how short notice the project was this year (sorry everyone)

Next year, we'll have signups and submissions start a few months beforehand. And definitely give the designers more than a few days to put it all together... orz

But yes, as >>14121 mentioned, we have the TF2chan secret santa coming up (...right guys? We better be having that this year). And there's always the potential for other collab and jam projects in the future!

If you have any ideas, you could dump them in this thread: >>/dis/14063
>> No. 14123
Like anon >>14120, I would have loved to participate in this project, but I just didn’t have the time. Next year, I hope?

>we have the TF2chan secret santa coming up (...right guys? We better be having that this year)

I’m not sure what the status is for the TF2 Secret Santa this year. I hosted it last year, but it was a lot more work than I’d expected and I sort of felt I’d inadvertently bullied some people into participating by promoting the event on LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTR, or else people were just generally unhappy with the prompts they’d received despite my best efforts to avoid assigning triggering requests, or they didn’t like the pairing options, or they felt their gifts weren’t as expected, or maybe I didn’t do my job properly as a host, I don’t know; but the net result was most of the participants not even bothering to post a thank-you note to their own Secret Santa and a general air of indifference towards the whole thing, and it’s not like TF2chan has become more lively since then. I’m not sure how people feel about it now? If someone else wants to host the TF2 Secret Santa this year, I’d be happy to participate and lend a hand if necessary, but I’m not sure I’m up for the footwork of hosting it myself.
>> No. 14127
Yes, last year's Secret Santa was a little strange. The person doing my gift had forgotten/not sent in anything, so I had a pretty big letdown before someone took over my prompt (Still grateful for that)
>> No. 14131
IT IS DONE. Just nailing out some issues with getting the PDF uploaded. Sit tight, good buddies.
>> No. 14132
File 138320159272.jpg - (1.36MB , 960x1440 , ghost stories from teufort1.jpg )
GHOST STORIES FROM TEUFORT glorious compiled edition
ZIP file contains the compiled PDF version for all your ordered viewing, text-selectin' needs. If you find any of the fonts particularly unreadable, text is selectable and can be copied out.

Download via Dropbox:

Please don't repost, upload or otherwise redistribute the PDF or the JPG versions elsewhere. The original contributors will decide where and how they would like to share their work, and there will be a teaser post made to the Tumbles should you want to share that.

There's also a little something hidden away in the document. I'm sure some of you might get a kick out of figuring it out...

JPG dump commencing now!
>> No. 14133
File 138320165625.jpg - (1.44MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort2.jpg )
>> No. 14134
File 138320171991.jpg - (1.55MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort3.jpg )
>> No. 14135
File 138320183372.jpg - (1.10MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort4.jpg )
>> No. 14136
File 13832019373.jpg - (1.45MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort5.jpg )
>> No. 14137
File 138320202391.jpg - (1.70MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort6.jpg )
>> No. 14138
File 138320208115.jpg - (1.27MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort7.jpg )
>> No. 14139
File 138320214040.jpg - (1.12MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort8.jpg )
>> No. 14140
File 13832022147.jpg - (1.88MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort9.jpg )
>> No. 14141
File 138320228144.jpg - (1.82MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort10.jpg )
>> No. 14142
File 138320232520.jpg - (1.49MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort11.jpg )
>> No. 14143
File 138320237417.jpg - (1.37MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort12.jpg )
>> No. 14144
File 138320242955.jpg - (1.94MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort13.jpg )
>> No. 14145
File 138320248142.jpg - (1.90MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort14.jpg )
>> No. 14146
File 138320254873.jpg - (1.92MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort15.jpg )
>> No. 14147
File 138320264698.jpg - (1.09MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort16.jpg )
>> No. 14148
File 138320285466.jpg - (1.58MB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort17.jpg )
>> No. 14149
File 138320288842.jpg - (535.16KB , 1920x1440 , ghost stories from teufort18.jpg )
>> No. 14150
File 13832031278.jpg - (1.29MB , 960x1440 , ghost stories from teufort19.jpg )
... and that's it!

Huge thank you to everyone who contributed and helped get the word out, you've all been awesome. It was a pleasure working with y'all.

Now go have a great spoopy Halloween!
>> No. 14151
I'm so happy this turned out so wonderfully! You did such a great job!
>> No. 14152
I really love the demowolf! Great work on that one artist!
>> No. 14154



Also thank you! I was going to write a second story, then decided to do a poster instead.
>> No. 14155
There it is!!!! There it is!!!!!

I'm really happy this came out so well!!! Cheers to the other contributors for their good work!
>> No. 14156
>finds what i think the hidden stuff in the document is
>is in code

>> No. 14157
File 138325827988.gif - (523.20KB , 500x281 , hell yeah.gif )
>> No. 14158
these are all splendidly spooky, thanks to mawaru for putting it together and everyone for contributing such quality writing and visuals in the spirit of the game and of halloween. i do believe i will have trouble sleeping tonight...
>> No. 14159
I feel ya. Any chance of a hint, mawaru? I think I'm getting there, but I have no idea if I'm solving this right.
>> No. 14160
first part of it is casaer cypher. rest of it is either a different offset or an entirely different kind of cypher.
or not coded at all and just gibberish

>> No. 14161
You got it - the 4th shift Caesar cipher is the first step! As for the rest, well.. after the first step....

When in Rome, speak like pigs do...
... or just un-jumble them

>> No. 14210
File 138778800052.jpg - (99.58KB , 415x351 , say it now.jpg )
A signal boost from KrtizKast? Say what now? I'm gobsmacked.

For about 5 mins of shock and horror and overall props to our community, head over to http://www.kritzkast.com/kritzkast-241-family-ghost-stories
Starts around 44:20

I like how I only found out about this now, months later when doing a random search for Makani's pre-crash arts, of all things
>> No. 14211
I'm actually really glad you posted this, too, because they talk about the FemSniper too! Yay! (Briefly, but still. Exposure is exposure).
>> No. 14212
Although I am convinced, now, that one of the guys doing the cast is secretly 8-years-old. "OMG BIG FLOPPY PENISES AND GAY PORN! TEEHEE!"
>> No. 14213
Most heterosexual men and heterosexual-women-who-aren't-into-gay-porn are like that, I've found. They're just sort of confused as to the appeal of it or giggling that it even exists.
>> No. 14214
I can understand initially, but one was going on about the floating dicks for a good five minutes. Encouraged everyone else to go look at them, though. Which is an odd form of friendship.
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