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File 138638996052.jpg - (32.28KB , 173x240 , holiday cheers.jpg )
14184 No. 14184
It's that time of year again, folks! Our annual Secret Santa Exchange is back to get all you creatives out of the woodwork and put a smile on everyone's face.

All participants will create one drawing, short story, or SFM/Gmod poster to fulfil their giftee's request, and in turn receive something from their Secret Santa.

Due to the short notice on this year's event, some rules have been modified to make this as smooth a ride as possible for everyone involved.

Previous years' gifts:
Art: >>/afanart/4540
Stories: >>/afanfic/14058

Art: >>/dis/11026
Stories: >>/afanfic/9426

How it'll work (aka rules):
Works should be to your usual standard of quality. Fic, art, SFM and Gmod are all allowed.
Only one of your prompts will be fulfilled. There is no limit on how many prompts you can include, but please try to keep them to a reasonable number.
You must supply a minimum of two prompts. If including OCs and NSFW in one prompt, you must provide a minimum of three prompts (see the OCs and genderbends rule below)
Only one of your prompts will be fulfilled. There is no limit on how many prompts you can include, but please try to keep them to a reasonable number.
• If requesting anything NSFW, you must supply at least one SFW prompt to provide flexibility for your Secret Santa.
OCs, genderbends, and femclasses are allowed HOWEVER you must also supply canon prompts. Combining OCs and NSFW in a prompt? Then you must supply at least one canon NSFW prompt and one canon SFW prompt. That means three prompts.
No furries or animal hybrids, with the exception of Tentaspy.
Keep things otherwise canon.
Please do not sign on unless you are willing to see your contribution through to the end. Those facing emergency situations are excused. Assignments and exams are NOT emergencies. If you don’t think you can make the deadline, send an email or leave a comment ASAP.


One drawing equivalent to your usual standard of completed work, coloured or greyscale (must be finished beyond a sketch/line art). Gmod and SFM are allowed, but please make sure the image is of high artistic quality. You can add your username and/or a link to your personal online space in the final submission e-mail if you don’t want your gift to be anonymous.

One finished short story of at least 1000 words. Please have it beta-read/run through a spell-checker before submission. Use BB Codes for style changes: [i*] and [/i*] for italics, [b*] and [/b*] for bold, [u*] and [/u*] for underlined, [s*] and [/s*] for strike-through, remove the *s. Stories must be submitted as a .txt file or a Word 2007-compatible document. The full content of the document will be posted, so only include your username and/or a link to your personal online space if you don’t want your gift to be anonymous.

Please don’t upload your Secret Santa gift to other galleries/sites before December 25; it’s supposed to be a surprise.


To sign up for the Secret Santa Exchange, you need a working e-mail address (I’m the only one who’ll see it, so please use one you frequently check). Fill out this form and send it to heyitsmawaru@gmail.com with ‘Secret Santa’ in the subject line:

Name: Your username or a random name to identify you if you prefer to stay anonymous. I need this to give you your gift, so please don’t write ‘anon’.
Prompts: You may supply as many prompts as you wish, but please be reasonable with OC/femclass prompts. For every OC/femclass and NSFW prompt, remember to supply a canon SFW alternative. For each prompt, please use the following template:
- Prompt #:
Rating: Either 'Not Safe For Work', ‘Safe For Work’ or ‘All Ratings’. ‘Safe For Work’ means no explicit sex or gore. If you put ‘All Ratings’ the final rating will be at the discretion of your Secret Santa.
Description: Character(s)/pairing/moresome and what you want them to be doing. Your prompt must fit in a single scene or frame, so keep it short.

For example:
- Prompt 1:
Rating: NSFW
Description: My OC X exploring Soldier's body. Please see attached for what my OC looks like.

- Prompt 2:
Rating: All ratings
Description: Medic conducting a thorough examination of Soldier's body.

- Prompt 3:
Rating: SFW
Description: Medic and Solly on an adventure.

If there are things you absolutely cannot draw/write because of triggers, please include these in your e-mail. Concessions cannot be made in regards to favourite pairings or kinks since the prompts will be randomly assigned, but you’ll have full artistic liberty in your interpretation of your giftee’s prompt.

If anyone wants to help with covering any unfulfilled requests, that would be much appreciated. Please let me know in your email if you can lend a hand should it be needed!


Sign-up: Wed December 11th, 11:59 PM PST.
Prompt send-out: Thurs December 12th.
Gift submission: Mon December 23rd, 11:59 PM PST.
Gift sharing: Wed December 25th.

If you don’t think you can make the deadline, send an email to heyitsmawaru@gmail.com or leave a comment ASAP.


Please post them in this thread or send an e-mail.
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>> No. 14185
Sorry, forgot to add this:

If requesting OCs, you will have to provide a visual example of the character.
Do not supply a written description, that just adds an extra level of difficulty and complication we're trying to avoid.

I am excite, can't wait to see what you guys come up with
>> No. 14188
So if we want to sign up, the emails are sent to your personal address, right? Or is there like a separate email address for submissions?
>> No. 14190
You got it! The personal email it is (even though I rarely use this email address for anything anyway). I figured it was fine since that's what we had last year
>> No. 14191
I'm signing up this year, yup.
>> No. 14192
Are you getting a lot of sign ups?

Also why is this rule:

Only one of your prompts will be fulfilled.

posted twice?
>> No. 14193
We've got 15 people so far! Far more than I was expecting by this point... You are all amazing.

Also lol, formatting error. I decided to reorder the rules at one stage but accidentally duplicated that one, my bad
>> No. 14194
Oh, mawaru, I think I forgot to include this in my email, but my order of preference for receiving gifts is NSFW fic, SFW fic, NSFW art, and SFW art. So I'd like best to receive NSFW fic, but I'll certainly be thrilled to get SFW art, too, even though it's at the bottom of my list.
But I still can't draw for shit, so just don't ask me to do that.
>> No. 14196
Prompts have been mailed out! Check your emails, guys.

Gifts are due Mon December 23rd, 11:59 PM PST.

Please, please, please let me know at least 24 hours before the deadline if you're not going to be able to make it. Thanks to time conversions I just found out I will be spending my xmas eve finalising gifts for posting, so any prompt abandonment will leave maw in quite the pickle.

Best of luck to all of you, and have fun!
>> No. 14197
I'll volunteer for a last-minute stand-in if someone fails to submit something. I didn't have time to properly sign up again.
>> No. 14198
File 138753243695.jpg - (142.20KB , 467x700 , tumblr_lcten9frfm1qz9dz7o1_500.jpg )
My prompt is completed and I submitted it.

I can't wait until Crimbus.
>> No. 14199
It's hard filling prompts when you have to stop and fap every so often to your own writing.

What? Vain? Me? Never...
>> No. 14200
Didja still want to sign up? I could ask around to see if anyone is keen (though they will probably know who their giftee is after reading this).

Thanking you! We've got 3 submissions in so far, hurrah.

Oho, dis gon be good.
>> No. 14201
I still gotta finish my drawing for another SS and see how much time I have left after this. But ideally, yeah.
>> No. 14202
I am not going to be able to fulfill it this year, I must confess.

I just got some very bad news about the health of a close family member, and my headspace is just not going to work for ficcing.

I'm sorry. Mawaru, I've emailed you.
>> No. 14208
File 138777936512.gif - (867.47KB , 285x493 , happyPyro.gif )
Who's ready for some awesome gifts come Christmas? I know I am, muhahaha! All submitted and ready for the explosion of awesome!
>> No. 14215
A'ight, things are wrapping up and the day is almost upon us. So goshdarned excited, the day can't come any faster.

A few people have made their cases for extensions, so a couple of gifts will arrive late. I'll still put everything I have on hand up on the day, rather than delaying everyone's gifts waiting for the last few to arrive. The remainder will be put up when I receive them.

Still haven't heard from a couple of you guys, and it's past deadline now. If you're reading this, have signed up but haven't yet submitted, please check your email! I need to know ASAP if I have to get other people to pick up abandoned prompts. Even just letting me know you'll be late will give me peace of mind.

Everyone who has already submitted, thank you for being awesome! Now go relax and enjoy your holiday
>> No. 14216
I can't wait! So excited! I almost typed a smiley face!

How many are you missing, anyway, mawaru, just out of curiosity? And will you let those people know, on the day of, if their gift is going to be late? Just so they're not left wondering.
>> No. 14217
I'm still up for submitting something in place of those who can't be contacted. Even if I get nothing in return.
>> No. 14218
Was missing 3, but since posting I have received them and/or confirmation of their delay. I've emailed those who are waiting on their gifts so they know.

So.. that means there aren't any orphaned prompts at the moment, but thank you for the offer medacris!

To keep with Smissmassy spirit, since you seemed so keen and have been a regular for so long, I'm happy to take on one of your prompts but you'll have to wait a while for me to get to you. That alright with you? Hit me up via email yo (it's in the field, if it hasn't been peppered enough throughout this whole thread lel)

>> No. 14221
File 138797644853.jpg - (30.89KB , 172x240 , pyrosurprise.jpg )
Gifts are up! Go enjoy your pressies, guys:

Arts: >>/afanart/5705
Fics: >>/afanfic/15803

Well done everyone who contributed! You're stellar people and I love you all
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