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File 140025650613.jpg - (51.10KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m6ugytTXlt1ryh2u0o1_500[1].jpg )
14290 No. 14290
Someone said that to aim good as scout you should slide your target through your crosshair by strafing left and right. Not moving mouse a lot. And when target matches - just clicking, not extra-sharp-turboreaction-hyperactive-mousemovements.

When I try to play this way I can't hit almost anyone - time the target passes through cross is wa-a-ay too little. So if I'm ever doing a good shot it's only because I'm yanking mouse left or right before shot.

So - I see target passing (it's to late to press fire) - then I estimate where target would be next 30ms, then I actually yanking crosshair to that point - then - shooting. If all done well the target getting hit.

But my reslts are still unimpressive, especially for myself. And I'm getting mentally and physically tired after using this style. Kinda brainstrain, heartbeating. How do I improve aiming? If you're coming just to say "Practice-Pr...-Brr..-Blurp"... C'mon, no need for truisms.

I wish there is some scout lesson, captured in 60FPS and shown slow-mo. With hand movements synchronised in a bottom of a screen.
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>> No. 14291
To the topic.
My early mistake was that I inertially continued running towards target, forgetting that I'd better strafe at some distance without pressing "W" at all.

So, how do you aim? Describe plz the whole sequence like I did.
>> No. 14292
i main scout and i would say im pretty competent as i get in the top 5 of the scoreboard in most games, im also very focused on team support.
i do exactly that, strafe left and right and click when a target is within the crosshairs. i dont just run though, jumping left and right helps as well.
also, if you seem to be up against a better scout/player, jumping over their head to kind of confuse them for a second can land you a good headshot from above, if you practice this enough.
also, and this is very crucial to me, i only use my stock scattergun. the other scatterguns give you such a small clip which also minimizes how much damage you do within a certain time-frame. with the stock scattergun, theres a higher chance of landing a hit in less time. its simply better to spend less time idling while you reload, i dont care how fast you can reload.

i also use sandman frequently. i land a ton of hits with it. you're already really fast, and you can easily outsmart other players with speed and double jump alone. when you get good at landing hits with the sandman, you outplay them as well. it's also extremely helpful team support if you bonk a heavy that is terrorizing your team. when i say land a hit with sandman, i dont mean melee, i mean the alt fire.
best of luck to you. just keep practicing. when you're focused on team support as scout rather than getting kills lone wolf style, you get better faster.
>> No. 14293
I'd say it's the case with all classes that you can (and should) supplement your mouse movement with keyboard movement for aiming, but it's especially true of Scout because it's such a spazzy class. You need the leg up in control or else you're going to have a real hard time.

About your timing issue... remember that using strafing to help aim doesn't means that you neglect your mouse. You should still be following your target and compensating for your own movement while you strafe. After all, the point of strafing is to help you make more precise adjustments to your aim, not to completely override the need for tracking. If you find that your target is moving too fast for you, then you should be tracking ahead of them to compensate. If I may, I'll harken back to the tired old analogy of watching cars pass on the highway: If you're standing stationary on the roadside, they really zoom past, but if you're driving a car in the slow lane, they don't overtake you quite as quickly even though they're moving just as fast. Because velocity is relative and shit. Basically, you've got to utilise your tracking to make your crosshair the slow car instead of the stationary bystander.
>> No. 14294
I think that if you going to enhance scout skills you'd also enhance skills of any other class even further. Almost any: don't think it will help much with sniper and demoman.
>> No. 14295
Stuff that seems helped me a lot is understanding that accuracy is prior to fancy evasions and hops.

And strict scheme of improvement:
0. Retreat more often, lol
1. Mouse accuracy (Shoot seldom but more precise)
2. Evasive strafing and enemy interaction (that differs from class to class ofcource)
3. Tactics and teamwork
>> No. 14296
What score u got here http://aim400kg.ru/train/?a=pr&ln=en
>> No. 14297
File 140041266683.png - (46.70KB , 260x194 , ReflexTesterScores.png )
Not the OP or really in need of help in this regard, but rather as an ex-competitive Scout/Heavy player for our old team, that was quite fun (and a nice ego boost), considering that I got these scores just now and I'm incredibly tired due to it being 4:30 in the morning. With diminished reaction time like this, my regular is probably even better! At any rate, a good semi-pro baseline to compare to, perhaps.
>> No. 14299
Not a good score, sry. Good means 0.20x
>> No. 14300
If you're hopped up on coke or have a computer that counts slow, maybe. Mean reaction time for college-age individuals is about 190 ms for visual stimulus tests like this, then double it for making a movement (like a click) on top of that. Got 0.24x now that I'm awake proper, so I'd say that's pretty decent.

Either way, TF2 isn't a game that's blindly waiting and reacting like this is (unless you're playing Sniper), predicting your enemy's movement and tracking them is far more important than having lightning reactions. I'd suggest a better "click-the-ball trainer" in this regard would be something where the player places their mouse in the center of the screen, then the ball appears moving around erratically in a different place on screen each time. It would much more accurately represent the snap-to-target motion required to get shots on your enemies, and allow it to be practiced outside of the game. Got anything like that?
>> No. 14302
To clarify: I do not approve vanity, that's why I'm typing what I'm typing as answer to you.

Why should it be exactly "doubled" and not "oneandhalfed" for example? So, your 1st paragraph is complete bla-bla, sry. Look at scores list afterall.

About second paragraph - there is a lot of exercises on this site. In particular, exactly that one that you've described. You should look more attentively.

>> No. 14305
Yes, vanity. Because nobody should never feel good for doing better at something than they expected. Clearly my post was intended to hijack the thread and make people praise my amazing feat of skill, rather than attempt to provide a point of comparison for the other user whilst providing background as to why my score is what it is. Sod off.

And yes, I do see the "prizes" list. It's set extremely low, potentially even impossible without either cheating, or attempting to blindly click just before it changes so that you get lucky. Why would the website put fair scoring up when it hands out reward "money" for it? Making it artificially low is in their interest, to keep stubborn people coming back for more and spending more time looking at their advertisements. And if you were talking about the "Rating" section, congratulations for pointing to an online scoreboard. Because online scoreboards never get cheated. Cheat Engine has clearly never been used to artificially slow down Flash Player before. I'm sure every name up there is legitimately reacting faster than even mentally possible for about half the (tested) population in the study I checked, on top of having to make a physical motion of any time required, half-again or doubled or whatever way tickles your fancy and doesn't make you complain over a difference of literally milliseconds. A difference that is almost imperceptible and entirely obfuscated by in-game latency anyway. A player with 80 ping has far more leeway with reaction time than a player with 240, after all.

If there's a better test that describes exactly what I was asking for, why not just link it? Instead we get you being a douche, with no help for OP. Lovely. http://aim400kg.ru/train/?a=fa&ln=en was the closest thing I saw to what I described, but it doesn't really work as a Scout trainer due to the target disappearing on its own instead of waiting until the player clicks it. Kind of hard to improve at target snapping when you have to already be at a skillful baseline to even score a point, y'know?
>> No. 14307
Short Version:
120hz monitor + coffee = Platinum Scout

Long Version:
I am a Sniper main, but I am also a pretty good Scout. I find that you play different hitscan classes, you'll help yourself become better at your main. Don't play your main all the time, as you will burn yourself out. Take a break, play another class, then come back to your main and shred some ass.

I also own a 120hz monitor and I'm a caffeine addict. I've also been playing in the competitive scene since 2010.

Oh yeah, you want the lowest lerp possible to help you with hitscan. Add this to your autoexec.cfg file:

cl_cmdrate 66
cl_interp 0.0152
cl_interp_ratio 1
cl_lagcompensation 1
cl_pred_optimize 2
cl_smooth 0
cl_smoothtime 0.01
cl_updaterate 66
rate 60000

If you don't have an autoexec.cfg file, then make one and place it in your /cfg/ folder.
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