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File 141810714489.jpg - (755.06KB , 1920x1080 , EOTL.jpg )
14360 No. 14360
Talk amongst yourselves about this fan made update.

I wasn't hyped about this short at all so I think it was pretty decent overall.

>Valve queerbaiting this hard
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>> No. 14361
Huehue bromance

Personally, I dig it. Wasn't buying into the hype either, which is probably why I'm so impressed by the video - no hyped up rumours to muddy my expectations. The models and finish were spot on, some scenes had me on the edge of my seat. Just a bit sad about dat medic faec at the end, a few weirdly clipping shadows and some ever-so-slightly-off animation in parts. But really, can't complain, would watch again, yadda yadda

Now the whole shit with their map getting rejected on the grounds of it being "too complicated"? For fuck's sake, Volvo. When was the last time we had a community map made official? And need I bring up the clusterfuck of horror that is navigating tc_hydro and rd_asteroid? The lack of weapons doesn't make it any better, but that may be due to hyped up rumours again as I'm not sure if it was ever outright confirmed.

Urgh. I feel sorry for the EotL team, I really do. Still, excellent job with the vid and items!
>> No. 14362
The map wasn't confusing to play, it was just kind of... well... shit. I think 'too confusing' is valvespeak for 'we regret inviting you guys to do this since you cannot create content of a high enough quality for us to associate our name with'. In all fairness, in my plebeian opinion the problem lay in the the layout of YM's side of the map, the FrOzEn side was decent enough, but then again it feels like he joined to bail out the project.

It was clear that everything was being delayed by the map and eventually valve had to pull the plug on the project and sort out any changes to the update page layout and other related media before release. From what I know the animation was complete a long time ago, it's a shame McV had to deal with this map fiasco; the added delays led to cancerous hype that hurt the legacy of his animation.

Shit like this is why TF2 is dead. No more community updates please, they don't work. I wish they would leave well enough alone and let this game die off slowly with what dignity it still has.

There's already a plethora of great TF2 content for us to nostalgia over for many years to come, we can stop shitting it up with more cosmetic second life garbage items and poorly executed fumblr circlejerk updates.
>> No. 14363
It's not dead. Dead would be if we stopped getting updates altogether. Dead would be a lack of merchandise. Dead would be if they ended the plot, and never continued beyond that.

IDK if it's queerbaiting, us looking for gay where it actually isn't there, or just making a "oh haha, totally not gay" joke so homophobic dudebros don't boycott.
>> No. 14364

TF2 is dead in the sense that the spirit of the game is no longer evolving, the community is stagnant and elitist and so called 'community updates' are marred by things like the GIVE ME MORE BURGER MONEY duck diaries and HERE IS 50 OF THE SAME HATS BUT METAL cosmetic spam.

If the game was still alive, updates would have things like new mechanics, new game modes and new maps. Not ducks and conga lines.

Don't even get me started on all the second life cosmetics. When this game launched it was unique and beautiful, I don't know what it is now.

Of course, I'm wrong though because reasons. I'll just go check my privilege because its wrong to disagree with the crowd and have an opinion, as evidenced by my being vote banned from a server I played on for years. All because I dared to say I felt the update was lackluster.

Also, bread.
>> No. 14365
You're playing on the wrong servers, then. That's your problem. Not the game itself.

And they're able to put young, struggling artists through college and work on multiple games simultaneously. So I like that.
>> No. 14366
File 141834316746.gif - (1.71MB , 320x180 , u want moar community updates.gif )
You're no more right or wrong than anyone else. Your opinion on what makes for a living vs dead game differs from others', though – and that's why statements like "TF2 is dead" rub people the wrong way.

So, TF2 is dead to you because Valve has been increasingly starving the community for decent content updates? I agree, it's total balls when compared to the updates we had in the past. Personally, I miss those intense ARGs that got the whole community involved, even if towards the end it devolved into an elitist circlejerk solving the ARG on their own and closing off community participation... but I digress.

Most of the community badly wants new maps to sink their teeth into and toys to play with and game modes to shake up the meta. Community updates just don't bring that, and that stems from Valve still maintaining standards over what they think passes for quality content. The problem is a lot of their current standards differ from the community's, hence why their fans are in uproar – community wants actual gaming content, Valve thinks we just want more items to play dress-up. Maybe Valve has lost sight of what it means to have fun in a game (lack of real gaming content, excessive or unneeded nerfs, unbalanced weapons, lack of effort to rectify actual issues), maybe it's because they only run a skeleton crew for the game now, or maybe it's because their tastes in what they want out of TF2 have changed. Whatever the reason, the handling of TF2 these days certainly isn't what it used to be, and with every step they change it more to their tastes, more oldfags jump ship.

Not trying to be a downer here. Actually, I believe it's times like these that are most crucial to the health of a game and its community. It really is the perfect chance to contact Valve, protest what they're doing, and make some actual suggestions about the direction you want it to go. Whining here, on fumblr, amongst your friends.. none of that is going to do anything (although whining on reddit seemed to do the trick. RIP sticky nerf). Write Valve an email or start a poll or petition to show them the community is alive, and they want some pretty specific things. If they don't respond to that, then you can declare the game you once loved 'dead'.

I do like me some conga though. Partner taunts may be technically useless but I'll be damned if they're not some of the most fun little additions since Demo's squeaky-butt taunt
>> No. 14367
  Oh, and before I forget:
Last night, I watched this little documentary on the development of Snowplow.

It seems Valve had some pretty strong criticisms about the game mode from the start, which were not fully incorporated during development. The whole time I watched, it really felt like the devs were clinging so tightly to their idea/their baby, no matter if it was working or not, that it became a case of polishing a turd. Rather than a full overhaul, you ended up with this mashup of existing game modes that weren't working together. So yes - “too complex” most likely was code for “not up to snuff.”

To be honest, Valve brought this shit down on themselves. Either they didn't know how to give proper critique, or they were too nice about it, but it doesn't excuse them from teasing and prolonging content and axing it in the end. Such a colossal waste of the devs' time and effort, and the community's hope. Hopefully they learn from this and don't go supporting something before it fucking exists because that worked out reeeeeeal great for their PR.

I still don't know why they didn't just turn it into a map competition but hey, I'm nothing but a no-name pleb so what do I know about maintaining your community
>> No. 14368
There are butthurt communist college students on nearly every server. I don't worry about it though, there are still good servers around that will accept my disgusting, white male privilege fueled pessimism (aka reality).

The most logical response I've heard to my flat out claims that the game is dead. I thank you for not considering we wrong just because we feel differently. That said, I still feel that the game is dead and past bringing back. I am, as you say, an oldfag.

I can't put it any better than 'polishing a turd'. There are so many good maps being worked on by great mappers that deserve to be in the game but this wasn't one of them.

I admit that it is 'my opinion' that the game is dead, but I'm entitled to it. What is not opinion however, is that this update was a royal screw-job for McV and besides the SFM connected to it, was BAD in a factual, concrete sense.
>> No. 14369
1. Being white and male doesn't make you inherently right. Or wrong, for that matter. I just think you're getting angry over the fact that the game hasn't been static, and that things change eventually. Change is inevitable. Change is good. I was wrong to blame you and the servers you go on (although some are shittier than others). Believe it or not, I was actually trying to cheer you up and make you happy, not argue with you.

2. I'm a college grad, not butthurt, and vehemently pro-Capitalist. I look forward to getting a nice paycheck from people who like my work. Everyone has a skill, and deserves to get paid for it.
>> No. 14370
Can we stick to the main topic of this thread and leave the race/gender/priviledge/social justice bullshit talks on dumblr?

No one wants to hear about anyone's personal life. Everyone has problems, but leave them at your doorstep.

Let's get back to TF2.
>> No. 14371
Hey, the other anon mentioned it first, with the "straight white privilege" comment. And politics shouldn't be relegated to any one website. But I digress.
>> No. 14372
Regarding the map, I myself have been playing it recently out of curiosity and I have to say, while I'm no pro map tester I know for a fact it is a flawed as fuck map. It has some really awful sentry spots that can mean one team that locks it down with a Pyrbro can be pretty much invincible, it also feels like a lot of the area's are just pointless. Like rooms and little stair wells that really have no reason. On a cosmetic note I feel like it had some really off lighting choices however that could simply be due to it not getting finished.

But yeah, I personally can see why Valve dropped it in the end. It was just the manor that they dropped it in that caused the whole backlash. They just needed to be blunt and tell us what they didn't like, not blame new players.

But yeah, fok it. We'll get over it.
>> No. 14500
Wnowplow sucks i always do bad when im playing that laggy piece of dog shit.
>> No. 14544

So, 'bout that most recent update.

"No, no wait, Merasmus lagged. Do-over!"
"Either I get your soul, or I get my soul! I am all [BLEEP] about souls tonight!"
"I'm in Wizard Heaven. Gandalf's here too. Because he dies in the book. I hope that spoils that for you. Oh, and Harry Potter's here too."

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