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File 144108285635.jpg - (784.63KB , 2048x1536 , sc02pg01.jpg )
14474 No. 14474
so how bout that comic
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>> No. 14475
>> No. 14476
Aaaa I'm so glad Sniper's alive I'm so glad Medic is about to go saw some dudes up I'm so glad the gang is getting back together I'm SO GLAD IT CAME OUT
>> No. 14479
Confession: This comic is the reason I don't ship Medic with Sniper or Classic Heavy. If anyone choked me or called my profession usesless/tried to kill my pet, it'd be grounds for breaking up.
>> No. 14480
It felt too short. I did enjoy it quite a bit, though, but I guess in comparison to the time between the comics, it feels like I'm being teased. Ah, well.

Can't wait for the next update three years from now.
>> No. 14481
i want medic to get the killing blow on classic heavy with every fibre of my being

i thought it was really short too but damn if it didn't deliver some nice shit
>> No. 14485
I'm not sure if this is really much of a spoiler but just to be safe

Spy called Heavy by the wrong name? Unless Heavy's full name is Misha Mikhail.
>> No. 14486
Misha is short for Mikhael.
>> No. 14487

Misha is also the euphemistic/anthropomorphic name Russians use to refer to bears so you don't summon one by accident via calling it by it's real name.
>> No. 14543
File 144639943526.png - (102.84KB , 178x292 , dmpauling.png )

Entire team confirmed for a bunch of fucking nerds.
>> No. 14736
I laughed like a fiend when I read the Heavy v. Pyro comic, especially when Heavy barreled himself through that fence like it weren't no thang.

o/ Somebody at Valve is a Cat Bountry fan! o/
>> No. 14737

Fuck fences, man.

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