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File 147380771044.jpg - (28.24KB , 500x320 , 600.jpg )
14758 No. 14758
"The Lessons" is never going to be finished and I never got the chance to read the original fic, which I assume was scrubbed from the internet once he started writing 2.0

This chan is dying and he'll never finish it, in part because of that.

I still think about it, sometimes.
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>> No. 14759
File 147416001742.jpg - (118.41KB , 564x698 , 09559a8828a10caa5a81dd4fc214f517.jpg )
I don't understand what this is about tbh.
>> No. 14760
Anon, who is "he?" What is "The Lessons?"
>> No. 14761

I see we have some lurkers who aren't oldfags.

Dr. Tanner's The Lessons. Right here: http://tf2chan.net/fanfic/res/4588.html

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