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File 150299138949.jpg - (131.55KB , 1024x828 , 94933d.jpg )
14767 No. 14767
In the off chance someone sees this and responds, I wanna ask. What are your best Chan memories?

My best is the first time I played on the Circlejerk. The map was Rats_Tequila_b01, and I had such a blast playing with everyone that I continued to come back to the Chan. I think that if I didn't have such a fondness for that memory, I would have never stuck around. I would have never read Lessons, or Owl's Spyro stories, or discovered Makani or Lintu's art.

I continue to search for servers hosting that map whenever I get on, because I just have such great memories of playing with you all.
>> No. 14768
Just the general moments of playing with people like Perrydotto and crew, regardless of what server we were on. I was even lucky enough to meet Perry in person a few times and would have happily done the same with all my old friends at one point.

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