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File 155650869560.jpg - (44.29KB , 500x328 , bear.jpg )
14771 No. 14771
Is anyone still here?
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>> No. 14772
>> No. 14773
holy shit posting is fixed
>> No. 14774
It’s alive!
>> No. 14775
How is this the only recent thread on this entire site.
>> No. 14776
File 155768311167.png - (93.69KB , 250x316 , Soilder's Requiem.png )
nope chan is dead besides on /gay/ and /offtopic/. i think we might be able to revive this chan via steam discussion, le reddit, the other chans that are out there(a.k.a 4chan and 8chan), and youtube but that's about it. and now what soldier has to say for the chan.
"You were real good son, maybe even the best."
>> No. 14779
  yup still here
>> No. 14780
File 155912875053.png - (1.06MB , 780x780 , ldk4andrfsxy.png )
How to stay motivated while job hunting

>> No. 14781
posting on a dead chan
this place is pretty cool
>> No. 14782
File 156161187760.jpg - (35.11KB , 407x407 , 1551001429387.jpg )
I'm actually new here.
>> No. 14783
wouldn't be dead if the owner updated it so it worked with recaptcha
>> No. 14784
post cp and see mods come to life
>> No. 14785
File 156436718935.jpg - (285.15KB , 894x893 , crygineer.jpg )
It's funny coming across this thread after not having checked the chan for years. I was pretty active on here back in 2011. Remember when we did the oekaki collaboration comics and drew stuff on doodleordie. Those were good times.

TF2 didn't die, but this chan sadly did :[
Now it's just an archive of gay porn and teenage memories.
>> No. 14792
i had no idea this place existed until someone on tf2g mentioned it
tell me of your memories oh old ones
>> No. 14793
>> No. 14794
Kill yourself 4gagger
>> No. 14795
File 157978076272.jpg - (103.66KB , 500x500 , red plum has mind blown.jpg )
Miss you maggots.
The fact anyone's lurking in 2020 besides this sad fuck yours truly is amazing tbh. Godspeed.

There are too many to recount, the post-singularity era will be upon us by the time oldfag story time is over.
>> No. 14796
>> No. 14798
Miss you.
>> No. 14800
>> No. 14803
>> No. 14814
Hell yeah brother
>> No. 14820
bumping for teh lulz
>> No. 14821
First 2021 post

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