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File 129462513390.png - (189.84KB , 480x599 , 480px-SafenSound.png )
2760 No. 2760
In the interests of music being awesome, TF2 being awesome, and two great tastes usually tasting great together.

Share the songs that soundtrack your TF2 world. Anything you associate with a character, a pairing, a canon (or, hell, a fanfic) event, anything like that.


1. Any song is fine- consider this a sort of musical headcanon- but be prepared to back it up. You want to, for some ungodly reason, associate a Justin Beiber song with Heavy? You better say why.

2. Share the wealth! If the song's on YouTube, link it in your post. If not, upload it so people can give it a listen.

3. Posting all of the lyrics to the song, if any, isn't necessary- if you want to share lyrics, choose the most relevant bits.

Have fun, and may everybody's iPod get a little bit fuller.
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>> No. 2763
Through the Fire and Flames fits pretty well with Pyro for obvious reasons.

Strangers by The Kinks also fits with the Sniper/Spy pairing. Listen to it and you'll see why. Unless you're the one who pairs them like some teenage highschool fags.
>> No. 2764
  The backstabbers- it makes sense to me.
>> No. 2766
  This song is NotTim in my head. And thus Spy in general.

Because NotTim is BLU in my head. I don't recall noting his actual team, if it was ever specified.
>> No. 2770
  I get this stuck in my head every time an enemy demo decapitates me.
>> No. 2771
  Because I am a dirty racist and accordions make me think of Spy.

Also because I love DeVotchKa.
>> No. 2772
It actually is NotTim. In a beautiful beautiful way.

Vid related: my Heavy/Medic song. I will never understand why this was a B-side.
>> No. 2774
  Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest

This is a Helmet Party song. I keep picturing a Solly POV but it could work either way, given the song's sound. Genderflip where appropriate.
>> No. 2775
"You better get ready to die"
- you can replace the "black and white" part with "RED and BLU", and you get the perfect song for every match.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnOLvkaeq1E - since for some rason it doesn't want to embed, here's a link to it!
>> No. 2779
...Wow. Thank you for suggesting that song. It really inspired me to do some more fanart of NotTim. It's just the perfect song.
>> No. 2785
This is eternally my Heavy/Medic song (linked because it won't embed)

>> No. 2787
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7CxpnbmKWzU?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/7CxpnbmKWzU?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

Always reminded me of Solly and Demo bromance.

And just in case the embed doesn't work, here's the direct link.

>> No. 2788
  I feel this would be one of Scouts favorite songs.
>> No. 2790
  I subscribe to the "Engineer is a quiet, amiable, and good-natured sociopath" school of thought, so this happy threatening jangly guitar song seems like a song he might know how to play.
>> No. 2792
  Wow, a ton of good music in here already!

Now I've kinda come to associate The Knife's Heartbeats with crossfaction Sniper/Spy, and I don't even like that pairing. I just find the lyrics fitting.

Edit:(second) captcha: fochit. Just about what I say it refuses to post the first time.
>> No. 2797
  One for Soldier, going along the ever-cheerful notion that he's living a lie in regards to ACTUALLY being a soldier at all. Listen while reading his part of the WAR comic for maximum effect.

"There is fiction in the space between/You and reality..."

Can be interpreted as being from Demo's POV, for extra dramatics.
>> No. 2798
i dont know what is about this song
it just makes me think'a demoman tryin' to get his team to listen to a bit'a his own music [ scottish origin of the song]

plus it's so upbeat and brassy it just feels like demo
>> No. 2801
1. "Back In The USSR" - The Beatles (Self-explanatory.)
2. "Big Time" - Peter Gabriel ("My belly's getting bigger than my bank account...", going from a small town and hitting it big time)

1. "Help!" - The Beatles (Medic call spammers)
2. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" - The Beatles (The Kritz, could double as a Heavy song about Sasha)
3. "Mandy Goes To Med School" - Dresden Dolls (Doctor who doesn't play by the rules, sexual undertones)
4. Most Voltaire songs, because he's also a classy, morbid mofo who plays violin.

1. "Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads (The French, mainly)

1. "Irish Whiskey" - Cherry Poppin' Daddies (Ignore the title, the rest of the lyrics work...it's about hard work, being pushed to the edge of your patience, but friends always sticking by you and getting drunk together)

A lot of Muse songs for the military feel.
>> No. 2803
<object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/YlBnJ0egT_4?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/YlBnJ0egT_4?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="390"></embed></object>

Hopefully embed will work... This song always reminds me of Solly, possibly Scout or the entire team too.
>> No. 2811
Ne Me Quitter Pas - Regina Spektor (at least, my version is her)
Re: Vos Cerveaux - Jonathan Coulton (less because it's applicable, more because every time I listen to Vos Cerveaux I sing the words to Your Brains and I don't know shut up it makes me think of Spy)
The Only Way To My Heart - Foxy Shazam

Oh and Good Time as previously mentioned but that's specifically NotTim

I was only 19 - Redgum
Take Me Out (mostly the intro, derp) - Franz Ferdinand

One Four Five - Cat Empire (I know it's super un-canon for the Doctor to turn, give a grin, reach into his bag, but instead of an injection get a record with a tag that says "Listen to this daily with hip shaking and such things", and even more so for him to put the record ON, grab a mic, and start to sing. Shut up and listen to the song.)

Apres Moi - Regina Spektor

Glorious Way - Slightly Left Of Centre (I will be amazed if anyone's heard of this band. I love my obscure music, but this is ridiculous. Embedded for great justice)
The Man They Call Jayne - Firefly (derp derp derp)

All The Stars in Texas - Ludo


Count Me Out - Foxy Shazam (mooooostly for the line "boy comes home from school to find his Mama cryin', looks into her eyes so blue.)

Rotten Town - Ludo
What You Don't Know - Jonatha Brooke
>> No. 2812
  Also thought about What A Fucking Lovely Day by Stephen Merrit for Medic. Having fun doing evil.
>> No. 2814
  >One Four Five - Cat Empire
This is my new favourite song. I love this thread. So many new bands I need to investigate!

Okay, now for some of my own:

Pyro: Hilf Mir - Rammstein. I don't actually like this song that much (compared to every other Rammstein song, at least), but it's pretty much Pyro's theme song. Bonus: everyone gets to argue about whether the word "Kleid" in this context means "dress" or just clothes in general.

Engie: (Is This The Way To) Amarillo - Tony Christie. It's got Texas in it. Q.E.D. Also in my head Engie sings like somewhere between Tony and Nick Cave. Also also, I freakin' love this song.

Heavy: The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel. It's about a boxer. That's pretty much it, to be honest. It's just a nice song.

Spy: See Me In Shadow - Delain. Just hit me as I was flicking through my TF2 playlist (gloriously named "Music to Gib Maggots By"). Kind of fits with the idea of a Spy never revealing anything about his life prior to joining RED/BLU. Possibly from the perspective of a romantic partner?

Medic: Doctor to My Disease - Jethro Tull. Specifically, Medic/someone, from the perspective of the someone. Especially the bits "You can probe a little, push that knife around." and "Do you have to break my engine
so you can fix it up again?".

And some general ones:
Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits. Fairly obvious. Embedded Northern Kings cover because it's badass and everything is better covered by the godfathers of Finnish metal. Plus, the line "We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms." can contain bonus cross-faction bromance of some sort.

"We Didn't Start The Fire" - BIlly Joel. Based on the idea that the current team isn't the first, and that this war has been going on waaaay longer. Okay, so the time period covered is a little off, but never mind.
>> No. 2815
  Soldier's theme song right here:
Sabaton - Screaming Eagles

It's about fighting nazis in Bastogne all alone. The song even emphasizes on the "alone" part. Also, the title.
>> No. 2830
...Where he says "Tougher than the rest" ...it sounds like "Tougher than the REDs."
>> No. 2841
  Scout singing this while on his sanvich stealing escapades has been firmly lodged in my mind every single time I hear this song.

The reprise also fits him as well.
>> No. 2847
Hah, I can totally see this.

I might as well... I just see a normal fight from RED and BLU. Ratcliffe is EASILY BLU Soldier. Powhatan is RED Sniper.
" Their skin's a hellish red, They're only good when dead." Come on, tell me that's NOT something a good American Solly would say about RED. Haha!
>> No. 2848
  Rammstein - Mann gegen Mann ("Man against man")

The true spirit of TF2 summarised in a single song and music video. Warning - Video contain plenty of exposed flesh.
Translated lyrics: http://www.affenknecht.com/lyrics.php?sekce=mann-gegen-mann&l=en
>> No. 2849
  One for Sniper/Scout, from Scout's POV

Underneath it All (Zebrahead Cover) - No Doubt

I also Think Zebrahead's cover of Jenny from the Block is very fitting for Scout...If a little contextually inaccurate

Most songs by The Offspring remind me fiercely of Scout as well.
>> No. 2853
  I like to think of this as a sort of song you hear during the epilogue of TF2, where everyone's contracts have finally reached the end of their term and them parting ways.

You see them leave one by one, some leaving together, others alone.
They leave driving their cars, boarding their trains; giving their last goodbyes, hugs, and handshakes before going back home and to their families.

And as they're finally leaving the war behind them, despite all the times where they would love nothing more than to strangle each other, they look back at the camaraderie they shared with fondness.

... yeah, please forgive me for the saccharine drenched drivel.
>> No. 2889
  Someone made a really badass machinima (that i can't find anymore) in the vein of Ignis Solus to this track and it got me to look up the album. The whole thing is cheesy but great; sounds a lot like De-Phazz and it's all this electronic bongo-orchestra hit fest that I envision every TF2 game is set to.

I have NO clue why I haven't been micspamming it yet, but I certainly will start now. There's even a song called "Tango for a Spy"
>> No. 2901

I pretty much almost shed a tear.
>> No. 2907
  I think this is pretty damn appropriate, really.

Plus I have this awesome music video all planned out in my head because I'm a loser like that.
>> No. 2967
  >>2907 All my love for reccing a Janelle Monae song. Good taste my friend.

Arctic Monkeys - Balaclava

For spy, as the title suggests. My favorite song for him. It's frantic and action packed as well so, double your pleasure.
>> No. 2968
  I feel like this is a perfect summary of how a Spy would treat women.
>> No. 2980
  Whenever I play on a server that has Medieval Mode active, this song always comes to mind
>> No. 2988
Another song for NotTim. So many fit him and they all make me bawl.

(Linked, again, because it refuses to embed)
>> No. 3050
  Nearly anything by The Fratellis makes me feel 'Scout'.
I could pair fem!Scout and regular Scout back in Boston by way of 'Whistle for the Choir'

In the little animation that runs with it in my head, she beats him up at bars a lot... and even though she's a 'Silly (fuckin') girl' he remains dumbfounded by her and keeps trying to get her attention.
>> No. 3070
  This will never stop reminding me of Spy, in the best possible way. Seriously. Imagine him singing it. I dare you.
>> No. 3086
Demoman: Misirlou- Dick Dale & the Del Tones (I don't really have much reason for this besides that it sounds like it'd be fun to blow stuff up with this in the background)
Hadrian's Wall- Robert W. Smith (For its Celtic influences)
Friggin' in the Riggin'- The Sex Pistols (I'm not sure how this happened)
Deep River- Paul Robeson (I imagine Demo as pretty strongly, though privately, religious)

Engineer- Bad, Bad Leroy Brown- Jim Croce (This and most of his others because they seem like the sort of things he'd sit around a campfire and play)
It Ain't Me, Babe- Johnny Cash
Anyone Else But You- The Moldy Peaches (somebody drew him and Soldier singing this together once. the Johnny Cash song, too)

Heavy: Prosschai- Artie Shaw (another Heavy/Medic song, I think somebody already posted this though)

Medic: Innsbruck, Ich muss dich lassen- Henreich Issac (It seems like a perfect song for a sad Heavy/Medic fanwork, with there are tons of on here by thew way. Jesus you people is depressing.)

Pyro: Maxwell's Silver Hammer- The Beatles (though he carries an axe instead)

Scout: Adventure of a Lifetime- Two Steps From Hell (No idea)

Sniper: Home Among the Gum Trees- John Williamson (for obvious reasons)
Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson
Maid With the Flaxen Hair- Richard Stoltzman
Waltzing Matilda- Slim Dusty
Paranoid Eyes- Pink Floyd (think someone posted this, too)

Soldier: Veteran of the Psychic Wars- Blue Oyster Cult (Even if he refuses to acknowledge it)
Who Are the Brain Police?- Frank Zappa

Spy: Nightmare- Artie Shaw (One of the many actors who portrayed James Bond said he listened to this song to get in the mood of his character. I've associated it with Spy since before I knew about TF2, I think.)
>> No. 3088
  Stripped by Depeche Mode. This is a Medic song to me. You could interpret it a couple of different ways - literally, full of bonesaws and of lots of crazy hallucinogenic drugs... or you could take the liberty and just figure he's trying to get to know someone. By, y'know. Picking them apart very thoroughly. I figure it fits.
>> No. 3108
Spy: I'll Be Gone- Mario Basanov Vidis ft. Jazzu (I imagine this fits him when he'd have to leave a lady friend- for her own safety, of course)

Medic: Strangelove- Depeche Mode (for the good 'ole sadomasochistic feel)
>> No. 3114
  Engineer + Pyro song post homewrecker removin' sappers
>> No. 3117
  If that one scene in 'Respawn of the Dead'... YOU know the one... didn't already make you cry your eyeballs out, try reading it and the subsequent scenes again to this song. You're welcome.
>> No. 3119

Speaking of Respawn, I keep listening to this during Soldier and Medic's fight, though I think it fits a lot better if you completely disregard the lyrics (I didn't even know what they meant 'till I found this vid, as I didn't want to post an anime music video for this song.)
>> No. 3125

This is actually amazing. Like, the best beautiful combination of songs I've ever heard. Ever.
>> No. 3161

Interesting how they're both Rammstein songs.

I wish I could remember the songs I was listening to while writing both of those parts. I know there were other parts where I had the same song on loop just to get in a certain mood.
>> No. 3346
  I like this song for Spy. Even Sniper/Spy works well with this.
>> No. 3359
  But you're feeling so bad 'cause you know
That the spies hide out in every corner
But you can't touch them no
'Cause they're all spies


Basically every pubserver ever
>> No. 3369
  Sniper + Viaduct or Coldfront = this song.

Based on an actual sniper in WW2 who had a confirmed kill count of 505, and that's just with his sniper rifle. He had another 200 or so with his SMG.
>> No. 3371
  Demo has sex to this. That is all.

Gimme gimme fuel for my fire
Just a little spark of desire
For her delight
I'll serve dynamite tonight
>> No. 3382
  Awesome song that basically defines the insanity the Chan puts the TF2 guys through on a regular basis.

"Where the pixelated doctors moan..."
>> No. 3383
  Another Spy song, I seem to have a lot of them. Though there are elements of Pyro/Spy (of all things).

"It's just a shadow, baby, it can't come to life, but it's the shadows baby, they're quickest with the knife."
>> No. 3385
Before the board went kablooie, I mentioned in the old 'dreams' thread that I had a very nice one once of this video... this one right here... with some nice Medic on Medic action. And now I can't unsee it. Nor do I really want to.

Here's the link as the imbed is being retarded.
>> No. 3416
  Speaks for itself.
>> No. 3417

My bro jeffian showed me this, and before I even knew it came from the chan I immediately said "Why does this remind me of Medic?"

Gotta be the gloves.
>> No. 3468
  One fun one for Soldier, I kinda wanna make a video to it.
>> No. 3485
  Blessthefall - With Eyes Wide Shut

It's completely fanon that Engineer has a daughter, but every time I listen to this, that is what it reminds me of. I think I read somewhere the writer wrote it about his own daughter while on tour.
>> No. 3493
<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zSAJ0l4OBHM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Makes me think of Sniper. That is all.

In case embed doesn't work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSAJ0l4OBHM
>> No. 3525
  Inexplicably, every time I hear this song I think of the Civillian, prancing around the ballroom of his mansion (you know he has one).
>> No. 3526
Bro you put the code in the URL (after the =) into the Embed box.
>> No. 3530

Little music to solve practical problems to.
>> No. 3540
  Also, this reminds me strongly of Cat Bountry's With Apologies to Harlan Ellison.
>> No. 3542

Going to be honest.

This sounds way too hopeful.
>> No. 3545
  Yeeeeeeeah. I think WAtHE goes a little more something like this.

Bonus gutpunch if you've seen the movie 'The Mist', which had a real Cat Bountry ending in and of itself.
>> No. 3553
  Recently started listening to this and I can't help but envision it as Medic playing his violin to this song.

Also, I suppose this could be a great song to TeratoMarty's "The Kiss" fanfic, that is if it sounds like something that would match up with the feel of the story, especially towards the end of the song as it builds up for a big finish. You be the judge.

and in case it didn't embed = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPaGE24vpio
>> No. 3554
Yeah, I suppose you're right, now I listen to it again. It just made my think of it because both your fic and that song always brought be damn close to tears, and the lyrics seemed to fit.

Well, anyway, here I have yet another song.
It's probably a horrible cliche to relate a Rammstein song to Medic, but they're one of my favourite bands, and once I got I hold of this one's English translation, holy fuck does it fit bro.
>> No. 3556
This was exactly what I thought when I first heard this song. I'm sure it IS a horrible cliche but if the delicious German fits...

Vid related: erm, I dunno, it reminds me of Heavy? Being suitably Russian and mad and violent. Also, I'm convinced Heavy is a bit of a romantic under all those muscles.
>> No. 3600
  The original doesn't interest me in the slightest.
This one though, specifically combined with reading the first appearance of Spycho in The Nucleus Incident CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT
>> No. 3661
  Also, for your mansex soundtrack needs look no further than Judas Priest. I swear, half of their songs are about rough/creepy/manly/kinky fucking.

Embed song is Heavy Duty. Others I DEFINITELY recommend are

- Delivering the Goods
- Come and get it
- Private Property
- Love bites
- Burnin' up
- Eat me alive
- A Touch of Evil
- Love you to Death
- Evil Fantasies

Look these up on Youtube and your lyrics site of choice; you won't be disappointed.
>> No. 3833
  Bumping this with probably the most fitting song for either Sniper/Spy or Spy/Scout Ma.
>> No. 3952
  Whelp, you done pissed Engie off.

He ain't gonna holler at you much, though. Maybe give you the evil eye a bit, but he won't make no mention of it.

What he's gonna do is brew him some good strong black joe an' pull an all nighter in his workshop. Play a little Cash, maybe sing along a bit when he feels like it's relevant, but mostly he'll be building.

He'll be building something that'll make you wish you weren't never born, son. You're gonna be sorry you ever crossed him.

And THAT is why you should beware the nice ones.

Ahem. So anyway, have some Man in Black.
>> No. 4060
  Scout topped by Sniper.
>> No. 4073

I've listened to that song dozens of times, and I don't know how I hadn't realized it before, wow.

Here's a simple one that reminds me of Scout.
>> No. 4170
>> No. 4260
  I thought this song went perfect with the whole TF2 universe. So perfect i put together a small video just for shits and giggles using the trailers.
Enjoy maggots!
>> No. 4299
  Frühling in Paris by Rammstein

It Reminds me of Red Spy and Scout's Mom. Even if the Lyrics are in German I still can see Spy singing them (Maybe in French?)

I'm Posting a Fan Reorchestrated version because I think it fits more

Here are the Lyrics if anyone cares http://herzeleid.com/en/lyrics/liebe_ist_fuer_alle_da/fruehling_in_paris
>> No. 4351
  A song by an Australian rock band about 'taking care' of people. For money.
I think you know where this is going.
>> No. 4459
<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wAJaiudd_QM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Meat Loaf - Peace On Earth

The style and tone remind me of Scout the most strongly, but I can see this fitting for the team as a whole or any particular individual: the song's point of view is a soldier tired of the war he's fighting with no hope for an end or attention from higher forces, and lines like "I don't wanna be an end/For someone else's dirty hand" are really appropriate given the backstory.
>> No. 4602
  Finally a song that fits my personal Sniper/Spy headcanon perfectly- A hopelessly in love Sniper, a Spy who just will not commit. (And yes, Scootma is the other woman, and therefore the 'her' in the song.)
>> No. 4603
  I still think this is the idea Sniper/Spy song. A little retro, a little funky, very playful and sadistic.
>> No. 4620
  Just made a connection with this one.

Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly.

Makes me think of Demoman. I know it's an Irish band, and he's Scottish, but it still makes me think it's the type of song he'd tear up to. Constantly mentions eyes, and death and such.
I really like the bit at the end though "No colour left but black and white." For me, it ties into the RED vs BLU conflict, but it also evokes the notion of skin colour.
...I really need to get out of the English Program.
>> No. 4632
  I find these lyrics fitting to Sniper/Spy after they had a fight, and then from Spy's POV.
>> No. 4694
  This song's all about being a foot-soldier fighting in a never-ending war for reasons nobody's sure of in a place where your death is a matter of 'when' instead of 'if'. It's awesome music to listen to when playing.

Also the fact that it's being backed by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra is pretty cool.
>> No. 4774
  "You're the Voice" by John Farnham

A friend of mine found this song and said that the whole feel of it made her think of Sniper. She couldn't explain why when I asked. Then I listened to it. We still can't place it, but it's perfect.
>> No. 4778
  A song about overthetop manliness. 'nuff said.

(Here are the lyrics translated by yours truly because derp, the song is in German)

Die Ärzte
Ein Mann

Petting just ain't my thing
Are we in a zoo or what?
I'm the best at plumbing
And at everything else of course

I'm a man!
I'll wash my socks whenever
Taking over the world
Just because I can
I'm a man!

Charismatic, cultivated
And tattooed on the hip
I'll show it if you bow down before me
You'll go nuts when you see it

I'm a man!
I'll give you an overdose of fun
Got a lot hung on me
Take a look
I'm a man!

Subtle like a tank
Sensitive like a highway

I'm a man!
More dangerous than Jackie Chan
So please, touch me with caution
You're fascinated by me
I got you in my hand
Because I'm so interesting
Even though just by sheer chance
I got more luck than wits
>> No. 4786
UNF. Depeche Mode always wins.

link here since the youtube embedder is being difficult: http://youtu.be/NcmNlu4FX_E

I always loved Rammstein's super extended cover of this song. I thought I was the only one who liked picturing Medic singing along to the song while shirtless
>> No. 4805
  "What A Shame" - Shinedown

Sniper or Spy. They both smoke and seclude themselves.
>> No. 4834
File 13032729587.jpg - (907.50KB , 1920x1200 , Rock_Band_TF2.jpg )
if you listen closely @ 0:07 and 1:40 you can hear Soldier laughing, and at 2:04 you can hear Engie howling, imo.

my headcanon says everyone from TF2 plays this song together every weekend. They use gascans and Demopan's head for drums cause they want to be Rastifarians
>> No. 4917
Gosh, I actually have an iTunes playlist with songs I play when I think of TF2. First one is from a celtic folk-rock group named Steeleye Span, and it's for the Spy.

"Following Me" Which appears not to exist on the Web. I has a sad. But here are some of the lyrics-
Look in his eyes, this man, he'll tell you nothing
You'll have to do what he says if you
Look in his eyes, this man, it's no use running
I know I mustn't look back at him

(Somebody's following, following me)
I feel his breath on the back of my hair
(Somebody's following, following me)
And there's fear in the air

Other Spy songs on my list include "Secret Agent Man", "Spy Hard" by Weird Al Yankovic, "Smooth Operator" by Sade, "Mr. Mistoffles" from Cats, "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin and "Words" from the Erotica Album by Madonna.

Songs for the Engineer- "Handy Man" by James Taylor, "Tuff Enuff" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and "Sweet Baby James" also by James Taylor

Songs for the Pyro "Dicso Inferno" (the chorus of which includes them singing "Burn, baby, burn!", "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen, "Hot Hot Hot" by Buster Poindexter, "Light My Fire" by the Doors and "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor

Demoman songs- "The Scotsman" by Brian Bowers, off the Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Album. It's about a scotsman in a kilt who gets blotto at a bar, passes out on the side of the street and is discovered by two young women who peer under his kilt to see what Scotsmen really do wear under there, then leave a blue silk ribbon tied around what they see. The last line "Och, lad, I dunno where you been, but I see you won first prize!" slays me every time I hear it.

Solly Songs- "It Makes a Fellow Proud to be a Soldier" by Tom Lehrer, "The Hunting Song" (Ditto), "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath and "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.

Medic- "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer, "Der Komissar" by Falco, "Mad World" the version by Gary John Jules, And "Where I Want to Be" from the play "Chess".

Scout- "Carry On, Wayward Son" by Kansas, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, "Running Down a Dream" by Tom Petty, "Mungojerry and Rumpleteazer" (about Both Scouts) and the Title Theme from "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis (because it was a movie about running).

Sniper Songs- "Down Under" by Men at Work, "Eye in the Sky" by the Alan Parsons Project, "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" by Massive Attack, and "Pax Deorum" by Enya, the lyrics of which translate to: Father in Heaven, God bless us..
Father in Heaven, God bless me
Believe that each day which breaks is your last.
Believe that each day which breaks is your last.

Most of the others are not class specific. "Nobody's Side" from Chess, "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath, "I Hate Mondays", "I Hold Your Hand in Mine" by Tom Lehrer, for all those hand gibs, "War" by Edwin Starr, "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood, "Cursuum Perficio" and Ebudae" by Enya, "Freak on a Leash" by Korn, "Gimme the Prize" by Queen, "Hey Pachuco" by the Royal Crown Revue, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, "New Religion" and "Ordinary Day" by Duran Duran, "Song for Adam" by Jackson Browne, and "It's a Mistake" by Men at Work.
>> No. 4922
Christ on a bike, a Span song I haven't heard? I am ashamed. Where do I hand in my Folk Nerd Badge?
On the subject of folk music, I think this is the appropriate thread to mention that I always think of Solly when I listen to any song involving a nameless soldier, which, given what soldiers tend to get up to in folk music, is pretty damn hilarious.
Vid related: Cold Haily Windy Night has a guy known only as "the soldier" who knocks up some girl and buggers off the next morning. Couldn't find the Steeleye Span version, just this very odd yet intriguing... thing that has a sitar and those Indian drums.
>> No. 4923

It's from "Tempted and Tried". The Album art has a fox on the cover.
>> No. 4924
Following Me is on itunes at least.
>> No. 4935
  Oh, jeez. If this isn't a Scout song I don't know what is.
>> No. 4937
  Every time I hear this song I think of Tentaspy with like Engie. IDK I'm not that big on Tentaspy shipping but this is what it reminds me of.
>> No. 4938
  I think of the Administrator when I hear this.
>> No. 4944
  One for Shovel, believe it or not. Imagine it whispering this into Solly's head.

...don't fret, precious, i'm here, step away from the window, go back to sleep, safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils, see they don't give a fuck about you like I do...

Yes, I'm creeped out too.
>> No. 4949
  Just recently, I realised how damn Sniper-appropriate this song is. It's Aussie and has wee in it. I mean come on.
>> No. 5418

I can't listen to this without thinking that, as imagined by Valve's brass section, it isn't the perfect theme for Meet the Medic.
>> No. 5421
>> No. 5428
  This song makes me think of crossfaction Sniper/Spy. There was a fic I read recently that I think it really relates to... I think it's called Stolen Kisses? I can't remember, and of course I didn't bookmark it.

The odds are against us right now
And the stakes are getting higher and higher
Still you talk, of dreaming
About all the things we could do
If I placed all my bets on you
And you placed all your bets on me
They're shooting to kill around here
But I know thats not keeping you away from my home
>> No. 5435
Wow, I love this idea.
>> No. 5569
  Yeeeeeah...this is for Snipes.

A lot of Tim Minchin is, actually. For me, anyway.
E.g. Angry (feet)
Rock'n'roll Nerd
>> No. 5783
  Again, a German song, but it just fits way too well!

This one is about general friendship and best bros. Works for the entire team as a whole as much as for specific pairings or friends. Translated the lyrics for your enjoyment!

Freunde by Die Toten Hosen

At the age of 15 we sprayed slogans on the wall
That none of us could quite understand
At 20 we were against it, whatever it was right now
Important was being together and always going head first

Life had its own ways and rarely went as expected
But we never made all those compromises with each other
We'd lie for each other, even in front of God if need be
We've never brought it up but we stick to our word

All because we are friends.
Because we are friends.

Some have died, others left long ago
But we here always survived everything
We are not like the others even if no others exist
We vow that the best lies still ahead
The years have left their marks - You can see them without doubt
We wouldn't put it quite like that because we are friends

We fight and we make up
Because we are still friends.
We're always there, even without reason
Because we are still friends.

And again a year has passed by
And again my glass is empty
And again some more wrinkles
And also a tattoo more
Some love has been worth it sometime
Will we ever change?

When we lose, we support each other - All because we are friends.
The world out there, we don't give a shit - All because we are friends.
We stay, we win - Because we are still friends.
Nothing will ever defeat us - Because we are friends.
>> No. 5801
I'm into Die Toten Hosen now. :3
>> No. 5914

>Medic- "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer

Well, judging from these past couple of weeks, I think we can all agree it fits even better now.
>> No. 9162
(It's still okay to post in this thread, right? Let me know if it's not.)

Don't THINK anyone posted this. Let me know if I've made a gross oversight.

This is so Scout that it hurts. Doesn't help that I can clearly imagine him dancing to it.

>> No. 9164
Beatles-specific edition:

Heavy: "Back In The USSR", "Cry Baby Cry", "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"
Medic: "Help!" "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (Maxwell Edision, majoring in medicine...)
Spy: "Michelle"
Engineer: "As My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Entire team: "With A Little Help From My Friends"
>> No. 9199

Spy: "Your Mother Should Know"

Sniper: "I've Just Seen a Face", "The Fool on the Hill"

Aside from Beatles:

Heavy: "Moskau" (YEEEAAAAAH), "Rasputin"

Spy: "Who Are You?"

Sniper: "I Can See For Miles", "Won't Get Fooled Again" ('cause he's always getting shanked by Spy, lulz).

>> No. 9210
DeVotchKa, YES. They might already litter my Spy playlist... just a little...


I hadn't listened to Regina Spektor's Ne Me Quitte Pas before... I was kind of disappointed when it wasn't a Brel cover... but it is cute.

Here's Sting doing the Brel song, since I brought it up:

(PS, do not bother with an English version of this song, the translation is horrible, there's no poetry and it changes the meaning)

And this...:

That's one of the only severed head songs I have, so... It was better than 'With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm', in terms of Fridge Head Spy.

And I don't have a link for it, but Tom Petty's 'Don't Come Around Here No More' is one of my Sniper/Spy songs. (in my mind, I have choreographed a modern dance knife fight to it, but it's unlikely that I'll be involved again with a theatre troup doing a show where something like that would have a place...)
>> No. 9227
  For Spy: "Your Mama" by Kennedy

I started laughing when I heard the opening verse. The rest of the song isn't very related unless you stretch it, but I thought the chorus was quite apt. (Link in case embed doesn't work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHa81UKTamk)
>> No. 9237
I totally have themed playlists, depending on what I'm writing. For example, the latest bit of "Nightmares" over on /fanfic/, I was listening to this. On repeat. Almost the whole time.

But as far as songs specifically for the characters, still working on finding them all. Especially since I've given myself the challenge of trying to find music specifically from around the right decade.
>> No. 9238
Electric Six's "Naked Pictures Of Your Mother" is also a perfect Spy song.

Not just because of the title, but because it's about a government man taking said photographs.
>> No. 9241

embedding won't work for me, but this is my Spy/Scout song. Specifically RED spy and BLU scout.
>> No. 9250
Kriminaltango by The Deadfly Ensemble.


This song reminds me of Medic for some reason.

Also, I want to dance to it.
>> No. 9280
  Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! At The Disco.

I first thought of Scout when I heard this, with the beats at the beginning and especially the part 'may your feet serve you well, and the rest be sent to Hell'. Then I thought about it being a general theme for Harvest as well.
>> No. 9340

This makes me think of Demoknights with the Eyelander.

"Off with your head
Dance 'til you're dead
Heads will roll, heads will roll, heads will roll
On the floor"
>> No. 9444
"The Cave" by Mumford and Sons for Engineer, speaking to either Soldier or Sniper. I guess it could be Engineer narrating about anyone really, but a lot of the lyrics remind me specifically about Solly. Also, Sniper's VA plays the banjo, so I keep seeing this epic acoustic guitair!Engie vs. banjo!Sniper duet in my head.

"I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin is my personal anthem for Soldier.

"Paperthin Hymn" by Anberlin for Medic/Heavy, because it's such a depressing song and reminds me way too much about Cat Bountry's Respawn.

"Fleurs Du Mal" by Sarah Brightman for BLU Scout's Mama/RED Spy. It could be from Scout’s Mother narrating about Spy, and about how absolutely messed up their relationship is.

"Devour" by Shinedown for RED and BLU narrating about the Announcer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZWeloubAk

“Pretty Handsome Awkward” by The Used for RED Scout vs. BLU Scout. I imagine the two of them having a serious rivalry in my headcanon, and I feel like this song in particular would suit how they feel about one another.

I have an entire playlist for TF2 on my iPod, but this is all I’ll post for now.
>> No. 9498
Marry me for this.
>> No. 10946
I think "Cadence" by Anberlin fits Pyro. The lyrics, "Hold me here til I sleep. If I burn I burn for you." and "Burning, like Joan of Arc. To see you, just to feel you." makes me think about Pyro dying for the team or a team mate.

(Fuu-Embed won't work.)

>> No. 10980
Blu team's theme: 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor- Never Alone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7xSWv56Sik

^The theme for the underdog, together until the last bullet is fired

Red Team's Theme: Fatal Morgana- Attention

^I tend to always think of the singer as the ingame announcer. The song is also rather forboding and eeriee, kind of how I think of Red

Scout's theme: Fist- Muscle Gun (1993 Remix)

^In your face and reeking of "Let's Bust Sum Ass!"

Medic's Theme: Adriano Celentano- Prisencolinensinainciusol

^Despite the song being of Italian origin and the in game character being German, I always found it very amusing picturing Medic in place of Adriano in the music video
>> No. 10993
  This song has eaten into my brain as a medic song. It's sung by a woman and it's geared that it'd someone singing TO medic...so imagine it as a principle thing instead of one of the mercs actually singing it themselves. Can be medic with any character, but I like to imagine my two medics as it's SO them, fulfilling their long since unfulfilled physical (and emotional) needs. Also really catchy if you like dance-pop.
>> No. 10994
Stupid chan, I forget the coded letters and it makes me retype the whole thing.
Sorry for the long post, but I'd like to put my two cents in here...

I struggled to find songs that weren't already suggested for these guys. Most of you have pretty good taste and know what these guys are like. Most of my list is Queen, to counter your Beatles.

Scout: For some reason, most of The Offspring's greatest hits remind me in some way of Scout. I always imagined him to like punk instead of rap.
"Pretty Fly for a White Guy," "Original Prankster," and "You're gonna go far kid" are the most fitting, IMO.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhXq7loxx0 There's even a TF2 amv for it.

Pyro: Nonsence songs like "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" and "I am the Walrus"
My headcannon makes Pyro the kind of guy who listems to anything that doesn't make sense, or is at least odd.

Heavy: I agree with most of the Heavy songs, he does strike me as a Beatles fan. I think that the old heavy (John Henry) would have "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" as his song.

Olga Mannlova: "Sweet Transvestite" (I can't beleive no one suggested this yet)

Engineer: "I'm in love with my car" by queen. This song is about the passion of a car affectionado, not an autopheliac, BTW. I imagine Dell has the same passion for his sentrys as John Harris (Subject of the song) has for his cars.

Medic: I always thought he would like the theme of the song "Fat bottomed girls" because you know, he likes Heavy. And Heavy doesn't exactly have an hourglass figure.
Shut up this is my headcannon
I imagine Medic likes anything upbeat but not rock.

Sniper: "Another one bites the dust" by Queen. I really can't beleive no one thought of this one, seriously.
"Sleeping on the sidewalk" also reminds me of Sniper, although he's tecnically not homeless.

Spy: "Clap for the wolfman" Spy as 'the wolf man.' He isn't a disk jockey, but he does get lots of 'that.' Scout could easily be the singer, with all his romantic fails.

I hope all these links are right, I might have mixed one or two up. Bear with me.
>> No. 11148
  AWOLNation- Sail!

Soldier song. Dear lord is it ever a Soldier song.
>> No. 11236
Spy's ladykiller song
>> No. 11242
  This song for Soldier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4cDUp61PNI
>> No. 11256
  This is my official Degroot Keep music. I envision hailstorms of Snipers' arrows and an epic clash of Demoknights to this.
>> No. 11978
This is the Scoutma/Spy song. It fits so well it's almost uncanny.

And this is Spy/Sentry, hahaha. Not even kidding:

This is the perfect song for a Fem!Scout. Well, it's a female vocalist so I like it for Fem!Scout, but I guess it works for Scout generally:

And I suppose you have a right to find a string quartet performing an instrumental version of an Evanescence song objectionable, but it works for Medic, honestly:

"I'm gonna beat ya like a rented mule." I guess some people are into that, right? This song is for all the people who wouldn't mind being Engie's rented mule:

For no good reason in particular, I've been told "Sex Bomb" is a Medic/Heavy song.

(All these songs are shamelessly stolen from my buttface Steam friends.)
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