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File 130021219722.jpg - (78.70KB , 707x578 , itsbaru - WE ARE TEAMU desu.jpg )
4044 No. 4044
I remember a thread about this before the crash.

Best times playing tf2

I was playing with a friend of mine one night, He was a medic and i was an engineer. It was only us in the attic on the first map in payload. My gun was merrily beeping away, when an uber heavy pops his head up to try and take my gun. He succeeded in getting my gun, but my medic had gotten an uber during this and i wrenched the heavy and medic. Couldn't stop laughing that we both managed to survive, but it was cut short when a few of the heavy's teammates decided to storm the attic.
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>> No. 4046
I was waiting for people to join a server during halloween so I could get some masks. One other person was playing, and we started talking. It's a lot of fun playing with him. I feel quite lucky that that happened, as I don't talk when I'm playing tf2 otherwise so that was a rare occurance.

Another time was playing 1v1 with my bro Minium and killing them again and again by being sneaky with a mini-sentry. Hehe.
>> No. 4047
Oh, you beat me to it, I was thinking about starting a new thread for these stories. :)

Situation 1: Badlands, I manage to stay alive for almost whole match as a Medic, we've the last point to cap. Opposite team had a lvl 3 sentry on the left side of the point room, and I've lost my pocket Soldier and was left alone on top of the stairs. They were occupied with a Scout and a Demoman, and when their Engie turned his back against the point, I managed to jump down, sneak past the sentry (with only few points of damage from it), and stand with my back against the left side of the point. Managed to cap it, of course, and everyone went either 'wow' or 'lol' on both sides.

Situation 2: happened today. Was playing on the Facepunch server, and we went to Degroot. They had some of the players from European Thunder on the RED team, but I kept owning them as a Sniper. Anyway. We lost one of the matches, and I was standing on the upper part of the castle, ready to face my doom, when I decided to taunt with my bow. Enemy Demoman was approaching me, and I managed to kill him with post-fail arrow stab. He went 'oh wow, I didn't know that it could happen!' and laughed for some time about that. Also people in the chat went 'owned' and 'lol' yet again.
>> No. 4049
At a LAN party with Boyfriend, Little Brother & a whole bunch of Little Brother's Friends. There's only 8 of us in a room, all sitting around a big table, so we can hear very clearly what everyone else is saying.

Little Brother's on RED, I'm on BLU with Boyfriend.

Suddenly Brother gives me a sly look and says
>GUYS. Hey guys. Everyone go spy.

I squint at him.


I warn him that the SpyCrab is not endangered in this country and we will have no qualms about exterminating the pests.


We put the smackdown on them.

Next round, my entire team goes Medic.

>> No. 4074
First time playing TF2, running around 2fort as a Scout half-shouting to myself "What do I do where do I go OHCRAP THEY'RE SHOOTING ME WITH GUNS"

20 minutes later I have 3 dominations and about half of the enemy team actively hunting me as Heavies, with about 3 Snipers covering the bridge.

I think the whole street could hear my cackling madman impression as I ran across the bridge with the intel and dodging almost everything, still not being sure about how the hell it had all happened. And that was the best I'd ever played, it's all gone downhill from there.
>> No. 4087
I had a really good one awhile back and thought of this thread. Glad someone brought it back.

I wound up on an Australian server. I...yeah, I don't really know how servers work, I don't game much, I just look for the map that I want and find an empty one, didn't realize it was Australian. Anyway.

One guy on our team took charge. Not in a bossy way, just encouraging everyone, giving suggestions and strategy, very nice and friendly. Every so often, he'd shout "What's going to work?" And everyone else would respond, "Teamwork!" Very tongue-in-cheek, but real sweet. When there wasn't any helpful strategy to be given, we were given encouragement like, "Shoot them! Put bullets into them and make them sad!"

We stuck together across a couple of rounds, and after every victory there were cheers and shouts of, "Hooray! Teamwork! Ice cream and high fives for everyone!" "I don't want ice cream." "Well, then, you can have a high five." "I want the highest five of all!"

Basically, it was adorable and friendly and fun. No pressure, but not just derping around acting like morons (which can also be fun, granted)--we played a good game on both sides and worked together, and it left me with warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.

What's going to work? Teamwork!
>> No. 4090
That is so cute my teeth hurt.

My personal stories of niceness generally revolve around playing Medic, which is a pretty thankless task so when I do it well it does leave a nice fuzzy feeling.
Once, when I'd just started playing, I was on a 2fort server (I think it was Clan of Doom, they're all really nice) and was startled to discover that some people actually bother to thank their Medics. Not only that, but one of our Demos, who I'd been kicking buttock with, got autobalanced to the evil REDs and promply blew me up. He then chatted "Sorry, doc.". It was so sweet.

Also, I hopped on a random 24h server on Monday after about 3 weeks of not playing (hooray university internet) and went with RED Medic. Proceeded to kick and bite my way up the scoreboard in a truly glorious match where I played better than I have ever played, popped 11 übercharges in one life, got a new high score and managed to stay alive almost 18 minutes. It was generally awesome and I don't think I'll be repeating it any time soon.

Oh, and there was one time I went Heavy with a Medic friend on Gravel Pit. So many leetle dead men.
>> No. 4094
I play on my PS3, because my poor hard-dumb-by laptop is useless as fuck at playing anything online, so generally I'm against people that are either amazing or useless and there tends to be a lot of Weighted Companion Snipers. You have no idea my joy whenever I find an enemy Sniper actually /in/ our base and doing a fantastic job of slaughtering us.

I tend to play Medic because I like the constant health regen and just generally the weapons.

I was in 2fort, had just respawned after being horribly gibbed when I hear that the enemy has our intel, okay, normal enough. So I leg it to the sewers where the arrow is pointing to find a Sniper duo -one with the kukri, the other with the machine gun- with our intel and doing a fine job of taking down our Engineer and his nest. I chased one down with the syringe gun and bonesawed the other to death.

Never have I cackled so hard. I love battle Medic-ing.
>> No. 4106
All my good stories are as Pyro because I love to see all the destruction I leave in my wake.

Once, I was at Sawmill for Capture the Flag and somehow managed to get on the other team's side of the map. I was in that one little building with the little bottle of health in it. You know the one? Well, I spent, like, the entire round running up and getting a bunch of people from behind, then backing up into my corner for health again. For some reason, they never made any significant effort to stop me. A Scout would run in, but that was no problem. I had, like, five dominations at once and felt like such a BAMF.

Also, I was on Coldfront the other day and saw Kaz was my Medic. I'm not in groups and shit so I was all "WOAH, I KNOW YOU. YOU ARE A MAGICAL ARTIST AND NOW YOU'RE HELPING ME KICK SOME BLU ASS. I AM SO HAPPY."
>> No. 4109
was playing with a friend of mine, during a payload map, since that's ALL i seem to play. I don't remember what it is called, but its the on w here the engies usually build on a roof.
ANYWAY, me and me Buddie were medic chaining it up. We both managed to get off one uber each, but the enemy had retreated far enough away and i hadn't been able to finish off my next uber, My friend died fighting, and i had been chased by a soldier. I was at the first point and i escaped through the large doorway to the roof. The soldier stopped chasing me for one reason or another.
My Buddie asked where i was, told him i had gotten lost. I ended up going to the first point and took out their teleporters with my needle gun.
>> No. 4114
File 130044732883.jpg - (29.41KB , 600x340 , 1292057360023-(n1292475595998).jpg )
This was way back when my Skype group was actually fun and we were (dare I say it) an actual team.

>We all join a pub server
>Turns out to be a clan server, so they stack against us
>Like we care! For once all of us (7+) are on the same team!
>We each pick different classes
>We steamroll the hell out of them
>"Dream team?" "DREMTEM" - And repeat for the entire night

During this time we kept calling out to each other stuff like, "Spy behind you! Here, dude, I'll build a dispenser for you. Quick! Take this sandvich! Wait up for a sec, I'll put you out."

Our Sniper went out of his way to put us out, our Demoman killed himself to take out the folks that were after us, and our Heavy always tossed a sandvich our way.
I was playing as Scout and they kept saying stuff like, "Oh, let Steve take care of their Sniper. Steve can cover us. etc."

It felt... right, you know? It just felt good to be part of this team and it felt awesome when we won that entire night.
I feel dumb for this since I doubt anyone in the group even remembers this night or thought it to be this amazing, but screw it.
That was the best TF2 match ever.
>> No. 4116
Oh yeah, add to this every time your Engie thanks you over the mic for removing a sapper. And when you're on fire, and your Heavy gives you a Sandvich and yells 'Medic!', or when you're the one giving out the Sandvich and getting a 'thank you' in return.
Stuff like this makes me go ':3'.
>> No. 4117

Sigh. I have never had an experience like that, but it sounds like so much fun. The most I ever got out of warning teammates of things or saying thanks was being made fun of for sounding like a "sexy old Asian man" (I am a girl). Yeah, I don't even know. Anyways, I am extremely jelly.
>> No. 4119
I feel so bad that I can't thank people or talk to my team. I have no mic and typing takes too long. :c I usually thank them out loud anyway, but no one can hear.

Just know that that Pyro with the stupidly long name appreciates you.
>> No. 4126
File 130047843063.png - (169.03KB , 472x391 , 129791324244.png )
This is the sort of stuff that makes me want to actually join a team.
>> No. 4131
I try and play with my RL friends whenever I can. Most of them will join the opposite team for some competitive fun, but one always makes sure we're on the same team.

Then we proceed to AWESOME TEAMWORK and usually hog the top two slots of the scoreboard, spamming 'Thanks!' at each other.

In general, any time someone shows gratitude for heals is nice.
>> No. 4196

Having an actual team is one of the things that makes the game the best..

I play on a 6v6 team, and been with them for a couple months now, we have too much funtiems to even get started on. They do so many things to make me smile.

One of the most fun times we've had was during an ESEA match on Yukon, I found a cool spot to hide behind on the last point where I couldn't be sniped (the big tan rock next to the bridge) and sat there, complaining about being bored because all I was doing was healing my pocket Soldier who I couldn't even see. (We communicate on Mumble as a team) Our demoman came over with my pocket soldier and they started hopping in circles/taunting in front of me. I was like wat, get back in position. But then I lol'd.

I was really sick and miserable that day too, made me feel much better. We won the match then went off to play pictionary together.
>> No. 4227
File 130101339517.jpg - (196.79KB , 1366x768 , 2011-03-21_00002.jpg )
My clan UGC highlander team being all cute. This all started in the clan pub. One of the guys I know decided to impersonate my boyfriend (who is not in the clan) naming himself "Kessel, Serain's boyfriend". Then we got "Serain's mom" "Serain's creepy uncle" "Serain's cousin twice removed" "Serain's other guy", etc. A few days later, pre-match, they all spontaneously decided to rename themselves, it was adorable.

Cookies for breakfast eventually renamed himself to "Serain's pokemon" and during the pre-match sound-off, it was all:

"Serain's ass slave, ready?" "Ready"
"Serain's mother, ready?" "Ready."
"Serain's pokemon, ready?" "Re- I mean, pikachu!"

Had us in tears laughing.
>> No. 4298
File 130135726238.jpg - (45.14KB , 255x247 , Pooh_Shepard_1926.jpg )
So last night I'm playing this FF server, and the admin (I think at least) initiated a vote for storytime. We vote yes so he muted everyone but himself and read us two chapters of Winnie the Pooh while we were slaughtering each other. He did voices and everything! Totally made my night. Made me feel like a little kid again.
>> No. 4317
That's amazing. Wish I had been there.
>> No. 4343

That sounds like the most amazing server ever, and I am jealous of you all. Sounds beautiful.
>> No. 4363
That sounds epic.
Reminds me of what two of my friends did not long ago. We're all English majors, and huge Beckett fans, so during one match (which I regrettably missed, owing to a fucking residence meeting), they acted out most of the whole first act from Waiting for Godot.
Unfortunately, they were playing with a bunch of...well, what Scout would be if he existed in the real world. Didn't go over very well with them.
>> No. 5017
So i played today on this niffty nice english server from my favlist. Because the guys have all this fancy blimey english accent there if they speak. (Which i find amusing and cute and just nice.) But i have sometimes lags or this times delay. Anyway. So to play Sniper there is a lot harder. But this is not the point.
The most highlight for me was as i died. And i wish i had made a screenshot of it. Because i got HEADSHOOTED and BACKSTABBED to the same time. Good time to play Sniper? It definitly was.
>> No. 5103
I joined this one weird 24/7 nighttime server (I think the map is doublecross?) and this guy was speaking really fast in spectator like a sports commentator and was giving play-by-plays of everything that happened in-game. I'm guessing the two people that were admins didn't care and everyone was having fun. Later in the night they guy stopped commentating and had a trivia contest and he gave people free items. Everyone was super nice and no one was pissed off he was taking up a game spot to derp.
>> No. 5105
was it a nighteam server? I play those a lot. Many of the people are great, others are assholes. Mainly a few of the ones who have a premium account and like to brag about how many kills they have with all their extra perks. Do you remember the guy's name?
>> No. 5265

I went to go look it up again. It was a Free Frag Network Server and the map was called Doublecross (that's where the night part was from, sorry)
>> No. 5433
>Kid joins server, says he's 8 years old over mic
>Everyone instantly rages, one guy readies his graphic Smurf Porn micspam
>Kid is stuttering a little
>Has adorable lisp
>Isnt being obnoxious
>Everyone d'aaaawwwws at the adorable things he says
>Porn is averted
>New favorite person on server

He even used adorable little non-curses, and had one of those adorable little kid voices.
"I'll get you...you...y-you sucker, you!"

We even made it a point to not let him know what the spam we were going to play really was.
"It was just really terrible music."
>> No. 5437
Awww! There's proof that not all young boys are annoying. And it's nice of you to not try to break his brain.
>> No. 5463
Similar thing on the mantrain once... kinda.

Kid enters the server, very polite, starts saying hello, how is everyone and stuff. Big, bad, evil Nyx asks how old he is, then tells him he has to leave when it turns out he is under 18 (I forget the exact age).

Heres where it turns. Instead of throwing some hissy fit or sayin "Fuck you" and spammin hate, the kid simply goes, the the smallest, saddest voice "Oh... ok, goodbye :(" and leaves, no questions asked.

I then spend the next ten minutes telling the tale of the small child whom's spirit Nyx just obliterated, I shall now tell the tale of our small hero.

Jimmy never knew love, he didn't have parents, or friends, but he had heard of friendship, of being happy by making those around him happy, and that was all he wanted. Little orphan Jimmy worked hard, saving every penny he could so that he could one day afford the means to have friends, via the internet and the game TF2. His foster parents were mean, never buying him anything. So after a couple of years of saving any piece of currency he could get his poor little hands on, one day Jimmy bought his very own PC and a copy of TF2, and although the PC was old and worn out which made the game near impossible to play, he didn't care, so long as he could talk to someone, anyone, who would like him for him.

Giddy with excitement, he loaded up the game. Only one server appeared in the server list, the only one his dial up connection would connect to. The Mantrain. He sat in silence as he watched the loading bar creep slowly along, finally getting into the server where he could already hear the voices of his soon to be friends! Not wanting too waste another second, his shaking finger pressed down his mic key as he stammered "Hello there, its nice to meet you, how are y..."

Alas, Jimmy never got to finish what he was saying as one Nyx cut him off with an evil cackle, turning her attention to the small, innocent child "You are not old enough to be here!" she cried into the mic "Begone thee who shall never have friends! Leave now, and never contact us again"

Dejected, crushed and with every dream he ever had having been shattered by the evil and careless Nyx, all Jimmy could do was stutter an apology as tears threatened to roll out his eyes. His hand shaking, he was forced to tear the power plug from the wall, unable to manually close the game itself, his hands were so steady. In doing so, the PC fried its circuits and would never work again, damning Jimmy to a life of solitude. He cried then, curled up in a ball on his bed, staring at the wreckage that was his PC, the one thing he had worked so hard for, everything he had ever wanted now broken, shattered, because of one uncaring admin.

>> No. 5465
File 130559795680.png - (23.38KB , 206x205 , 1234543543655.png )
>> No. 5467
Wow such a sad story haha. Poor Nyx.
>> No. 5468
File 130561405387.gif - (37.57KB , 380x240 , deal-with-it.gif )
There are not enough deal w/ it images in the world for this post.
>> No. 5475
I hate you all.
>> No. 5800
Half of the Mantrain singing butchering Bohemian Rhapsody over mic. It was hilarious - My ears are still bleeding in the best way possible.

Also later that day, I gave out a pile of gifts. Cue happiness and some brotastic micspams. Then I was gifted a Teddy Roosebelt by someone as a sign of appreciation for my generosity. I felt so fuzzy inside you don't even know. The Mantrain is full of wonderful people!
>> No. 5880
>Playing a unnice round of TF2. Everyone makes fun of us girls.
>Meh i´m leaving now. It´s not fun if ALMOST everyone is drunk and beeing a jerk there.
>Joining trading server
>Trading a random weapon against item i don´t need
> Trading 6 weapons with Scrap Bank
> Dies while trading
> After trade is finished: YOU FOUND A NEW HAT!
> Obtained Pyro Chef hat

... No words. Just no words.
>> No. 5891
Theyll only make fun of you if you make a big deal out of being a grrrrlg4m3r
>> No. 5892
Eh not always. Sometimes they will if they're bored or assholes and just hear you speak once. Hasn't happened a lot to but did a few times. I spokes once in voice chat and some guy asked me why I wasn't in the kitchen. After that, every time I tried to alert the team to a spy or something verbally he'd interrupt me with "FUCK YOU". Kinda childish. I laughed though, it was so pathetic.
>> No. 5908
have you ever actually played a video game
because this is kind of not true at all in my experience on the vast majority of public servers

A PERSON WHOSE VOICE SOUNDS FEMALE: *insert actual useful and relevant-to-the-game information being given over mic*

happens alllllll the fucking time
don't fucking victim-blame
>> No. 5909

WOAH GUYS! Calm down. It wasn´t even THIS important that i had a unnice server round before. I just wanted to say what happened before i joined the trading server and that i was pretty annoyed to this point of time.

The main meaning was:

Now i can go in the kitchen and make something awesome as pyro. Like cooking people.
Hmmm, people.
>> No. 5912
Though it ain't the same, I can kinda understand the whole sexism thing most lassies go through. Being Scottish, I will either get one of three responses. The first is someone sayin they love my accent and they try to get me to talk more, the second is someone making a big deal of not understanding me, sarcastically shouting "What was that? I can nae hear ye" in a Scotty from Star Trek voice over mic, or those that start puttin on a fake British accent and starts going "Ye wan't chips mate? How 'bout a crumpet and tea?"

Though once there was a guy who only targeted my accent when he died whilst I was healing him. It wasn't even like I could do anything, he waddled his fat heavy ass over a strip of stickies and proceeded to mouth of about how shit I was when he was blown to meaty bits, I didn't even have uber at the time. He ended up with a lengthy ban from one of the admin's who proceeded to tell me "You can talk all you want hun ;)" but by that point, I was in too much of a foul mood, and I tend to clam up most of the time if Im angry.
>> No. 5913
>someone sayin they love my accent and they try to get me to talk more.

That's totally me. I love that accent!
>> No. 5918
That one I don't mind, and thank you.
>> No. 5929
I play on XBOX and I like to grief. Either I'm labeled as a 12 year old boy or a gay man. Usually I just keep getting called a little boy, one guy wouldn't believe I was a girl when I was griefing.
>> No. 5938

I usually play a pocket medic for a friend, even though I'm a mother hen medic and therefor not that great of a pocket as i get distracted by my other teammates trying to keep their spleens inside their bodies. He had gone pyro so i gave him my backburner as he decided that we were going to go pro pyroing. Even though he kept running out of ammo, since he never stopped M1+W the second her saw an enemy, we spent the next 4 rounds at the top of the score board.

during this time, we accumulated a respect-less rubber glove, which he gave to me to wear for when we switched, a name tag and a description tag which i used on our communal back-burner.

we had way too much fun with this.
>> No. 5993
File 130863801176.jpg - (32.21KB , 250x250 , constanza taking a shit.jpg )
>> No. 6012
File 130868296976.png - (795.55KB , 1024x768 , Brofist Sniper Heavy.png )
Yesterday on the Mantrain. Gifts, mic conversations, embarrassing but still fun duels with Donny, all that good stuff.

TF2chan is known as such an hatefilled community, but I don't see it. All I see are some awesome bros who you can spend some hours playing crazy mercenaries with.
>> No. 6064
>> No. 6091
zubat, emoticons are heavily frowned upon here. Besides, this is a good times thread, not bitch about things thread.

I was playing on my usual server, And I'm trying to play demo. i am a shitty demo. I have bad aim, I cannot sticky jump to save my life, infarct it usually ends it, and i cannot get over how slow he is, compared to the medic, which i usually play.

My buddy joined the game, and he is an excellent medic. and he decides that he is gonna pocket me, even though i can't play demo.

I am a terrible pocket. I'm one of those kamakazi players and i get bad tunnel vision when i play a class besides medic. Even though he kept dying with me, he still stuck with me.
At one point, he managed to live long enough to get an uber. this is in the first part of goldrush, we rushed the attic where a sentry nest was with a few enemies. I managed to take out the sentry nest and half the players up there.

I died, but it was the best feeling in the world when i saw the scrap flying. and my friend had managed to live.

Feels good to have awesome friends
>> No. 6095
I played since a long time again Medic. (Because Ninjaneer yeah, babe. My class, my love, my curse.) Anyway. Payload. Goldrush. Last piece of the way. As i and a other medic healed a Heavy on our team while the enemy attacked us i charged him. Unfortunatly we didn´t get all of them. So as our team attacked and pushed a cart one Demo came after us medics. My medic college deployed his kritz too late, so that my beloved heavy went into thousand little gibs before he could kill the enemy. And the demo came straight at us. I followed my trained medic instinct, ran backwards took out the Blutsauger and shoot at him. My medic college followed HIS trained instinct and deployed the kritz which he still had on the next person. Which was me.
It gives nothing more satisfiying than to pump a demomen full of kritzneedles.
As the kritz wore of and i thought: Nice now all the soldiers and heavies and co will kill us... the cart was pushed on the last point.
Ãœber. Kritz. Victory.
>> No. 6134
I love it when playing as Medic and you get the miracle Uber that lights your team's darkest hour JUST in time.
Makes me feel like a goddamn superhero.
>> No. 6139
I see nothing wrong in using emoticons unless I'm spamming them but house rules.

Anyways a good time was when my team decided to go all Scout and just run around calling out for Medic and swinging our bats. We actually won this way for 5 consecutive rounds but after the fifth I left.
>> No. 6150
All I can remember is this one time I went Medic during an Arena Mode match (my favorite class to play, anyhow), and I was pocketing this Heavy that was really, REALLY good to me. I mean, the dude watched my back, and gave me Sandviches if I was low on health, and everything. One time, I was even trying to talk, but kept getting interrupted, and he was all, "HEY. HEY, GUYS. How about we shut up and let _________ talk, huh?" Which was the nicest thing ever, but I just wanted to say something stupid like a pun or something. I can't remember. Some stupid joke.

So, anyways, it's getting pretty late in the match, and we're still hanging in there. When suddenly we round a corner and there's another, already wound-up heavy, and he tore my dude to shreds. I think he forgot about me because he wound down again and was running to go get some ammo or to find his Medic or something.

I just randomly go battle Medic (which is something I NEVER do because I just fail so hard at it) and rush up to him and am all, "DON'T YOU TOUCH MY HEAVY, YOU PHAT PHUKKEEEEEEEEER" and Ubersaw him to the face.

I expected to die promptly.

Instead, I got an unexpected crit, and that Heavy went down like a sack of potatoes. And my Heavy was so proud of me! He was all, "Attaboy! You don't mess with me and MY Medic!"

Best day ever, plz.
>> No. 6517
File 130892621436.jpg - (497.20KB , 1867x1400 , 12605677866.jpg )
Nyx, hear my proclamation. soon I shall return to mantrain and rape you for the injustice you've caused.

Sex rape. Anal sex rape.
>> No. 6540
I've been part of communities where people assume the exact same thing, and honestly? The people in the snarky, 'hatefilled' communities are some of the nicest, coolest people around.

More relevant to the topic, I once joined a server where the admin was doing 'themed' fights. My favorite of them was the taunt-only battle in Dustbowl. I couldn't stop laughing.

I also always have a great time in medieval mode. There was one time where I got incredibly lucky and killed five others ganging up on me as a Medic. Good times.
>> No. 6550
oh jeeze, just got done playing with a friend. I had crafted him the new heavy weapon and he was have fun with it. Around the second around after he started using it, He found the solemn vow.

We spent the next several rounds trying to get kills with the damn thing. Each switching every few rounds.

Out of the 4 rounds i think, we killed MAYBE 10 players.
>> No. 6577
A couple of 20+ minute defensive holdouts on the final point of dustbowl, usually I help out by spy-checking and blowing ubers off of the bridge or sticky-trapping the point.
It's always satisfying to win after all that.

Also, when harvest event came out, about a month after I started playing.
First time I really got the hang of playing sniper. But demo-spamming the point from the roofs was great too.
I'm usually glued to TF2 for the duration of the Halloween events now.
>> No. 6578
Cute thing from recently. My little brother who is 7 years old was playing the game and he speaks broken English. So he was asking people through the microphone about things and to help him and everyone was being nice and no trolling the fuck out of him. It was positively adorable.

(How do I convey things correctly in English.. -n-)
>> No. 6865
Prop hunt is always great for not serious but tense fun, especially when you're on the team that has to hide.
It's amazing how creative some people are in finding hiding places, how daring others are when sneaking to other places while the seekers' backs are turned, and how there are those who can choose the worst possible spot and still get away with it.
And all the while you're talking to your fellow hiders mostly complaining good naturedly about the prop you're stuck with, egging the seekers on, and cheering for the survivors after you've been found.
>> No. 6866
I hate when I end up as a tree. Can't fucking see a thing.

Oddly enough, my friend lost the round, because she didn't think to look for me in my own spawn room.
Kinda got stuck.
>> No. 6891
at least as a tree you don't stand out with other trees.
Try trying to survive as a cow or a house sometime.

Oh, killing Saxton Hale with the Sandman's baseball. Best Saxton Hale vs round ever.
>> No. 6893
Haha, there was this one dude who was like an icebox trolley thing. He just stood on a roof the whole game and no one had ever found him. And I was a crate and just stood in the corner and literally had the whole team just pass me.
>> No. 6896
which is hilarious because "obvious" props are usually the first to get checked.
stuff like boxes and small props are both a blessing and a curse.
But if you can manage to be a box on top of another box in the middle of the map where EVERYONE can see you, and manage to survive any suspicion, you feel like you're on top of the world.
>> No. 6897
We were playing on the maze map and there was a guy who was a palm tree and the whole time he just jumped around the map yet somehow never got killed.
>> No. 6907
So i have a not so feminine voice... and if i talk in TF2 some guys think i am a dude.

But i am okay with this, because i don´t care about them...

Anyway today was this one guy there. And he just complained and bitched and all. I didn´t have the strength to just kick him, because i didn´t want to misuse my admin rights again.

And he said:
>So you like that faggot?
I couldn´t resist the temptation.
My answer?
>So yeah i like this. I like cocks.
>._. I don´t understand... explain this to me.
> Yeah, i like cocks. This is natural. Got a problem?

I just love the reaction of some guys, if you say: YES I LIKE COCKS! Got a problem? Get´s them everytime.
(I´m sorry if someone find this offending. I´m truly sorry and apologies in advance.)
>> No. 6914
Ah I love playing with trolls. Awhile back someone randomly says (all in text) "Chessolin likes dick!" I'm sitting there eating a donut so I said "I also like donuts" "That's cause you're a fat whore" "But it's sooo worth it nom nom"
Later he says "you're all zit faced virgins who live with their parents." So I just said "Well you got me there!" It's true, I don't care. He got bored and left. I thought it was all funny.
>> No. 6930
It's rather funny when you've got guys picking for fights and you end up frustrating them with your lack of care/not so hidden amusement.
>> No. 6931
This just happened now. This guy in Prophunt, was the last one left and the whole other team was alive and somehow he managed to kill literally everyone as a tree.
>> No. 6947
File 130953718886.jpg - (140.94KB , 568x761 , 12562517922.jpg )
Warm and fuzzy feelings forever! So I'm still new, but I am kicking some major ass with Medic. I can keep my whole team alive for hours, so not to brag, but I'm pretty awesome at the heals. Plus I've finally got thehang of pushing G to switch to my gun and I can take of my self if I see a Spy coming up to my Heavy or Engine. Everyone calling Medic! and I come rushing over and totally save their butts (unless it's a raging Demoman with a sword, then we all die together) and during the other team raid everyone over the chat "Protect ze Doktor!!" "Save the Medic!" "Don't worry Doc! We got you."
Mfw my team loves me.
>> No. 6949
Unfortunately, even after a year or so of playing, I haven't found a server where I've made any friends or not gotten insulted if I decide to play Pyro or Medic (even by my own teammates, who have actually told the other team to please kill me), or just plain sucked. Or my team refuses to work together. Or I try to get to know them and they ignore me.

I love the universe and the characters, but this is my first FPS ever. And this along with my social anxiety is just killing my interest in it. I want to be able to have fun.
>> No. 6952
I like to make a minimum of friendship within a server for fun and usually about 24 slots within each time it is populated and try to be useful with medic and maybe chatting with as little as possible with a question about the subject they are talking about or make a joke.
If maybe late at night or in the afternoon, I suggest you join our servers(The Maintrain), I'm sure you will fit right in with no problems
>> No. 6953
The problem was, I'd play Medic, and I consider myself halfway decent at Medic, but every time I tried to heal them, they'd run off or switch to Equalizer. They simply didn't want a Medic at all on the server, and both teams were talking about how weak they were and only good for killing.

I wasn't off-topic when I did speak, it's just that it was very clique-y. Anyone new was left out.

I'll try. Thank you so much! Is everyone ridiculously good there?
>> No. 6954
Your team doesn't want a medic? People I play with always ask someone to switch cause we end up with like 10 pyros and spies and no one to heal. You playing with some jerks I tell you what!
>> No. 6956
The medic is generally not taken unless you want to win, many soldiers and want the kills and demoman too and of course then they lose, they insult the team because they are useless blah blah blah (this happens to me especially in 32slot's server). The doctor should be used as a fellow with a bit of brain, the game becomes fun, then the number of assists which increases steadily

>Is everyone ridiculously good there?
>> No. 6961
I can't play on that server then, sorry. I won't stand a chance.
>> No. 6968
Followed a buddy to a server, we stayed on for about an hour. By the end of it, both of us were just derping around, me as a heavy and him as my medic, when this new medic attaches himself to me.

The new medic starts talking, he sounds like he is about 12 or 14 years old, and tells me that I'm obviously a good player since im sitting at the top of the score board. The little guy seems new so I spend the next hour or so answering his questions and teaching him little tricks I picked up, which is admittedly not much, but a little does help. The kid was so adorable. he wasn't being overly annoying and was trying to actually help the team and used his mic sensibly.

Gah left me with warm fuzzies for a bit since the little guy was having so much fun playing this awesome game
>> No. 6995
Eh, I'm a mediocre player and the few times I was there, I had a good time. Granted, half of those times we were derping around, but I find derping gives me time to learn how to move around as whatever class I'm playing and dick around with the controls in general.

Also, I got lost in the Hallway of Death map once. You can't possibly be a worse player than that.
>> No. 7002
Anon, I think you're me! Like. Good God, I just suck phenomenally and irreparably at this game, even with 50 hours under my belt. And anxiety really doesn't help...but things do get better! Just the other day I was playing with a group of people who were actually communicating, and I rushed in (as pyro) and extinguished a few burning teammates who were capping the final point. We won, and one of the guys thanked me for saving them and I WAS SO HAPPY THAT DAY.
>> No. 7025
Oh don´t be bothered. I mean it took some months until i came into my steam/servergroup. It mostly was coincidents that i even became freind with them and all. Still i know myself some players from servers, which don´t talk with me or ignore me, even as i played with them my whole Tf2 carrer and had sometimes a little chat. This happens, but don´t feel bad about it.

Anyway i found Demomans new charging target. So what is the natural process of it? Yessss, change class to demoknight. Badlands King of the Hills map comes than and it was glorious. I love the outfit of my Demoman and just running around with my fellow friend/Demoknight taking heads and heads and laughing about Demomans Lines (There can be ONLY ONE!) and not to SUCK at this class made my night.
>> No. 7267
>joining server because someon outta my friends list invites me
> i try to be become nice to people which i barely know and just add me as friend to know me better
> that´s the sense of all this socialing thing
> going on server landing on the opposite attacking team blue
> go medic with medicgun
> fighting until 5 minutes or so left. My team is stuck
> have a über ready, suddendly conterattack of red
> two pyros after me, one flametrower and one freaking backburner
> deploy it to save myself and a few of my teammembers
> heal people and my mediccollege
> Get sued over the chat. I´m a noob, because i übered the enemy spy
> Tell him i didn´t look for a spy (was there really a spy?) but was concentraded on the pyros which wanted to cook me alive. Because a thing called "war" happens.
> Apologies (but still smile by it)
> I´m still a noob
> All the while over the chat i got a über ready again.
> Heavy comes along
> Jumping down with him. Knocking out the two sentries/dispenser the engies and one soldier
> Take capture the point until like 90% before i die
> It was just a piece of cake for my team than

While all others said things over the chat like: We are great or good game i silently smiled in myself. Me and the heavy knew which part we had in this.
>> No. 7366

Just this video says it all.

I'd embed it, but the chan won't let me, durp.
>> No. 7367
Last night I joined into my regular server, an endless (no cap limit) CTF on 2Fort Egypt, and figured Id build an engie base im my usual spot.

Dispenser in a little room in the enemy intel, a sentry blocking that little room's entrance, and a teleporter exit in a sunroof only reachable through rocket jumping.

Then came the Pro Pyro.
Try as I may to kill him, he wouldnt die. he stayed right out of range of my sentry, from accross the room, and never missed a beat on reflecting it's rockets back at me. I couldnt leave my cubby-hole, he was deadly at aiming those things.

Then, came my team's Pyro.
I watched as the Pro Pyro reflected my sentry's rockets directly back at my things, and my savior reflected them right back to him. And then he reflected them, again.

Then the rockets hit the ground.
The next five minutes was me using my wrangler to shoot rockets so the Pyros could have their impromptu dodgeball game until a passing soldier stuck up on Pro Pyro.

It was maybe my favorite moment in TF2 in a long time.
>> No. 7549
>"Hey sister! My friend Heather loves TF2 too. You should talk to her."
>Joins server with her
>"So did you just get TF2, Ginger, or do you just not play very often?"
>later: Three dominations and MVP of the server.
>> No. 7623
File 13111954435.jpg - (88.62KB , 750x600 , 13006625008.jpg )
Just got back from playing a few rounds with a regular on the Chan called Donny. We made an awesome Heavy\Medic pair in Dustbowl. Can't remember much else about what happened, but it was great fun. Until my mom and lag came and ruined the fun.
>> No. 7734
There was once. It was, what a few days after I bought the game and decided to go Medic. I was like "Okay, I can do this," then in the game I was like "HOLY SHIT, HOW DO I DO THIS?! GARH?! PANIC!" and decided to tag along after the Heavy.

We both ended in respawn at some point, and I feared it was my fault (being new, and feeling n00by and all) and started apologizing and shit, and he just said on the mic: "No worry. Medeec ees credit to Team!" in Heavy accent. I swear, I melted right then and there.

Another time with a lucky moment. I was Medic (YAY), and I was fast thinking that day (unbelievable, I know) and made an uber before round start. I tagged along after a Heavy, but before I could use the uber at the proper time, my Heavy died. "Fuck, what do we do, what do we do?! PANIC!" Spotting a Soldier, instasprint, and deploy.
...the amount of owning that happened afterwards cannot be descriped in mere words.
>> No. 7764
File 131134849241.jpg - (74.22KB , 422x310 , Thank you Soldier.jpg )
>That awesome moment when you have tons of fun on an official Valve server, help and praise people, give out orders when needed, your team wins as a result and two players even thank you for it later.

Pubservers can be so fucking sweet, oh wow! The team player Solly inside me feels all fuzzy and happy.
>> No. 7829
The moment when, after not being able to do anything at all, and just getting spawnkilled, the team pulls it together. Medic Ubercharges the Heavy, and the soldier's buff banner kicks in. Suddenly, the other team just falls apart, and it's wonderful.
>> No. 7840
Ahh, I love it when I play as engineer and two or three people go engineer and we do a sentry party, with everyone helping upgrade and protect the sentries, so we win every time. It's amazing because we don't talk to eachother, we just know what to do. It's an amazing feeling to protect someone else's sentry from spies. Plus, we set up dispensers and everyone on our team goes and hides behind our defenses when they are hurt. It's amazing.
>> No. 7842
last night, i was playing on a pub server (plr_hightower) and our team was full of absolute newbs. they were simply inexperienced, but we were still losing. i was a pyro, burning enemies left and right, trying to push the cart (not my job but i'm trying to help carry the team here.) all of a sudden, this guy joins and he starts trying to get my team of clusterfuck to actually work together. he gives out friendly commands like, "soldier, take out the sentry! scout, help me push the cart! demo is a spy!" and he was all like "good job guys, we can do it!" everyone listened to him and even though he was the only one on mic, it was one of the only TEAM fortress 2 games i've played yet. we ended up getting our shit together and winning even though we were about several points behind the other team before he joined that round. we all piled on top of each other on the cart (all 10-12 of us) so the other team couldn't take us down while we reached the final terminus. the sheer teamwork that was involved in that round is what this game is really all about. sadly, i don't see it nearly enough.
>> No. 7879
So, after Team Gee went down in dustbowl I decided to do a lobby match the following day (today). Luckily, there was still one or two dustbowls up for fallout practice, both teams rolled out as bein pretty even skill wise and I went what I was last night, testing some of the stuff I did in the match to see how it worked again.

I. Tore. Shit. Up. I don't know if it was just the team clicking or the waves we went in, it was almost identical to how Team Gee rolled out but this time it all worked. Our sniper was pretty boss as well, counter snipering at a groovy rate as well as takin out key targets and my early solo mini pushes to panic and maybe gett a weakening blow went of without a hitch, wrecking their medic over and over and even getting the drop on their sentry, which would immediately be followed by the rest of the team to distract everyone else or push em back.

It was just a boost to see it click with great ease this time around I suppose.
>> No. 7883
So was playing attack/defend on a map I dont remember the name of. On defense so I was pybroing it up. Spychechecking, deflecting rockets, protecting the point, shooting flares at snipers etc.
Suddendly a Ubered Heavy Medic pair come around the corner! Time to airblast them and get murdered! (for the team)
Puff, Puff, back around the corner. I'm about to die........ WHEN UBER OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!
I burnup the heavy and chase the medic back to their front lines. Two Sentry nests are there to greet me. Shit. Burn the one engie and am about halfway done with one sentry when uber wears off.
Completely obliterate their front lines and push back all the way to their spawn.
I don't say much in games but I made a point to say how awesome the Medics were
>> No. 7999
I joined this server for a while and my team couldn't get their shit together, there were too many engies and snipers, so I went Medic to help the few offensive players. I was MVP a lot until we switched maps to cp granary, but I capped all the points and won 3 rounds in a row without dying. On one of the rounds I capped the last point myself, and someone said "Solo Medic cap ftw" so I felt pretty awesome for that. It was nice to actually be essential in a team and acknowledged for it too.
And, I love playing on the Mantrain, even if I'm not that good or funny (If I'm in a good enough mood I can delude myself to think I am).
>> No. 8017
I always thank medics when they go out of their way to heal me (especially when I'm being stupid, I never call for medics, stupid me). Anyway.

But anyway, I was playing as medic once and on the chat, someone asks for a force-a-nature.

I had one that I had gotten in a trade, but I had never used since I barely play scout. So I traded him the force for something (can't remember what, but it was useful). He thanked me happily and immediately spammed Scout.

After that he'd voluntarily run around me and spycheck as I was following the lumbering hoovies. When he got autobalanced I saw his name pop up in the kill corner and we joked back and forth about how many kills he was getting with the new gun.

Needless to say I was happy the force was in capable hands. I even hit a scout milestone a couple days later and acquired a new one.
>> No. 8022
Today I was watching my little brother play without any prompting his team was made entirely of Medics and one Heavy. It was brilliant to watch because they'd all heal each other and pop Ubers at staggered times.
>> No. 8361
I was having a very shit day and decided to wind down with some TF2 to blow off some steam. I had played a few games badly, but then I joined a team and whilst playing Sniper a Heavy with a silly hat on came up to me and kept blocking my view by bobbing up and down. They made me lol which made me feel better.
>> No. 8362
I've converted my brother to the way of death tag in funny hats. He and I have pretty much completely opposite playstyles, so we're either complementing each other when on the same team or always getting each other killed as enemies. It's a blast to be in a game where both of us can enjoy ourselves.
>> No. 8363
Not so much a nice time as an eerie one, but still kind of noteworthy.

When I joined the server, there was a handful of other people already playing. By the time a round on Viaduct started, all of them had disconnected at once-- not just afk, I mean there was no one. So I'm wandering around in an empty frozen landscape. It was tranquil and lovely but kind of weird, and I kept waiting for someone to pop out of nowhere and kill me.

The one time I play as Heavy, and there's absolutely nobody to shoot... Still, I did get to enjoy all the pretty detail/effort put into the environment, since I'm usually too busy trying to kill/survive to really take it all in.
>> No. 8366
From tonight:

>Guy being an asshole over chat because I'm not some magical god-like player that headshots a scout from 500 feet the second I get online.
>Admin bans him.
>I get my first domination about an hour later.

It made me feel kinda special is all.
>> No. 8367
Playing 5Gorge, first time playing, have no idea what the goal is (what is capping?) and as a Scoot, I stand on one of the checkpoints, admiring the cap bar. I cap that SOB all by myself and no one came in the room to attack me. Holy mother.
Playing Capture the Flag late at night. Totally killing and playing well as a Pyro on Coldfront, Harvest, Egypt. I get an MVP for the first time and land myself in 3rd place (usually, I'm at the bottom).
At Nucleus, I'm 'sniping' as a Soldier from one of the vantage point, Spy comes in an tries to stab me. I kill him with my Shovel. Twice.
Also, everytime I've done a successful Spycheck (I'm naturally paranoid)
I racked up so many hits on Turbine when spies attempt to get to my Engies
>> No. 8370
I was at 2fort in a pubserver. I managed to somehow climb to the top of the scoreboard. I'm still new to tf2 (around 50 hours), so it was pretty cool. Then it ended with my first ever stalemate and I killed someone with fencing. Felt good.
>> No. 8403
Deleted my past comment cause it had an emoticon in it. Sorry, I just got so excited that I got caught up in the heat. Won't happen again.

Anyway, the reason why I was so happy was because I just played TF2 with four of my in-real-life buddies. It was the first time that I've played with so many of my friends, and it was really fun. They're all really good players too, so I could rack up my kill assists while being their Medic. It makes it all the sweeter when you save them as well; one of my friends was going as Spy but she got discovered in enemy territory. So happens that I happened to be crossing the area while ubering the Soldier. What happens is that I get knocked back by enemy rockets, so my medigun beam can't connect with the Soldier. Seeing as he died, I switched my uber to my friend Spy to help her get out. Although I died, she lived to stab another day. It felt really good to have teamwork in Team Fortress 2 for once, instead of having people yell at me for trying to encourage them to work together with me.
>> No. 8529
File 13141766909.jpg - (1.28KB , 70x70 , GleeKitten.jpg )
Played a couple rounds of balloon race for the first time. My face was like this cat. Not only was it ridiculously fun, everyone on the server seemed to be getting along nicely, I got an item drop, and I did some successful sniping.

It's weird, to both be filled with the milk of human kindness and be shooting people in the head at the same time, but that's how I felt.

Well, I guess I also felt filled with the milk of human kindness while I was playing Medic, and since I tend to only heal folks and not go on a killing spree of my own, that works...

Anyway, it was the most fun ever until my Internet connection cut out on me... but yeah. Sometimes a good round just makes me want to hug the whole world.
>> No. 8562
File 131427170373.jpg - (105.17KB , 1024x768 , I have seen the face of GOD.jpg )
I was running around with a buddy of mine who was playing a spy when we found out that most of the blu team was demos. They were just standing around in one corner of neucleus chatting it up so he walked in the middle of them and typed out Demomen. Then he just kind of walked away and took point. I started giggling like an ass.
>> No. 8568
This may not seem remarkable like the ones I've read, but a couple of weeks ago when I was playing Sniper, I was going through a tunnel to get to the payload cart (on BLU). As I was walking through, I saw a RED Spy cloak and the only gun with me was the sniper rifle. So I start shooting at where he cloaked, but he appears next to me. Well, it must have been a lucky day for me because I shot the fourth time, and that Spy went down. Has anyone else shot someone close range with a sniper rifle?
>> No. 8580
Me and two Medics on the other team were derping around, playing ring around the spy, blinding everyone with the Meet The Medic Taunt, jump rope and whatnot. They then go to an area I didn't know how to get to so they tell me how. I have some trouble at first but finally manage to get up there, I felt so proud. The two medics start spamming the cheers and positive calls. It was beautiful, I shed a lone tear.

Then we had some fun bonesaw fights.
>> No. 8651
Saxton hale mod on badlands and it was my turn. some demo fag got his medic to overheal him so he could bomb jump up to a lamp post and put stickys over the point while being out of reach. i approached the point, crouched and faced his direction. Jumped at the EXACT right moment, goomba stomped his ass. The entire server rofl'd
>> No. 8652
definitely sounds like something saxton hale would do.
>> No. 8653
So you jumped off -his- stickies and landed on his head?
>> No. 8660
File 131477960163.jpg - (27.81KB , 555x445 , glee.jpg )
At friends house playing Tf2 even though he claims fandom ruined it for him.
>Make fun of him for above.

Get a turn, play as Spy and run across map in disguise. Get behind enemy cart
>Entire enemy team standing in a straight line
>Get 9 backstabs in a row

Also kicked from server because they were all 12 and began screaming haxxorz, slurs and the kitchen sink.
At least we got a huge kick out of it.
>> No. 8695
Just held the point for TWENTY minutes. No idea how we managed it, but we did. BLU didn't even manage to get the first point, although they did come close a few times. And I only died three times as the Medic, so I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment.
>> No. 9182
> Playing on server with much of my friends.
> Getting interrupted to trade a hat... Cappers Capo
> Happy Birthday to me (unfortunate not in a wrap, because i want that everyone knows who gave it to me. It´s a birthday present people should know where it comes from. Ahh yes. Eternal Gratitude now to this person.)
> Running around for the rest of the matches as Heavy showing off my new hat
> Steamrolling with a other Heavy the opposite team getting called HeavyNoob
> Ohh the rage
>> No. 9187
Okay, this isn't so much fun, as it is funny, but I'll post it anyway.

A friend and I were playing airblast volleyball with one of the BLU Scouts, who is also our friend. We were laughing in the mics, having a great time. Next thing I know, Scooty's stuck to the wall by an arrow.
I don't even know why, but we just FREAKED out, and started overdramatically weeping into the mic, and calling the Sniper a murderer and stuff. And the Scout came back and we freaked out, and killed him repeatedly, calling him a zombie.

It's fun being silly.
>> No. 9195
Helped a scout kill a heavy charging in through our base when we were the only ones in the area. They were all "DAMN wtf nice shot!" and I was all bashful and proud.
>> No. 9609
File 131920886185.png - (421.36KB , 634x1098 , TPH_Pyro.png )
Had 3 refined metal but was saving up to craft Bonk Boy mask.
Sister cajoles me into crafting for a random hat, but I'm hesitant because one of my metal was untradable, and I wouldn't be able to give away a sucky hat.
Eventually I gave in and with baited breath, crafted the little fucker.
"You have just crafted Towering Pillar of Hats"

I love/hate the random hat craft, it's like gambling/ trying for the lotto.
>> No. 9654
Okay, three quick stories.

First time I logged on the Mantrain, somebody was playing the orchestrated Phoenix Wright soundtrack. My best friend had just moved to Japan, and she was a huge fan of the series. So I felt happy and homesick at the same time. (I never seem to be on when everybody's on the Mantrain. Is there is a good time, in CST, for me to visit?)

Next--I firmly believe that you are playing Medic correctly when you haven't killed anybody and people are yelling over the mike about you. Let's say I had a little Harvest event where somebody raged at me for an abundance of consecutive ubers. My patient was a happy little Russian.

Third--one time, this gal and I held the basement of 2fort up for 49 minutes. It was probably some serious turtling, but I'd like to think of it more as a square dance. Two engies, a system of teleporters that made loops to and fro, two of every animal. Ya know. I think what especially made that round fun was that we had a Spy that kept riding our teleporters every time he was trying to sap them. He ended up with a wrench in his face. A lot. The only thing that broke the stalemate was our Scout getting two steals towards the last five minutes and winning the match.
>> No. 10128
While I was first getting into TF2, I met someone who was ALSO new to the game, and over the course of a year and a half we've become very close friends.

She's also the one helping me through the end of a very bad relationship that' been going on for four years.

Fuck yeah, Valve.
>> No. 14790
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