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No. 5168
  Now we've got the tools for it and all, why don't we have a Replay thread separate from the video thread, where we may bump up our views to get the achievements celebrate our twenty second captures of snatched glory/embarrassing demise?

I was the Engie in this one.
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>> No. 5439
  Second attempt. I was the Heavy.
>> No. 5449
Can you guys help me out i just need a hundred views :D

>> No. 5451
  Killing people near their spawn room is always risky - Ubercharge or not. I was the Medic in this one.
>> No. 5469
  My entry. I don't know if I was making an ad for a 60s cop show or what.
>> No. 5470
File 130561996852.jpg - (22.24KB , 462x354 , UMad.jpg )
>> No. 5471

Herp, would help if I included my link.

>> No. 5472
You have the same abilities as OMFGNinja

You can make the entire entire enemy team blind and stupid
>> No. 5479
  a Scoot is fine too :3c
>> No. 5484
  Welp, here's my replay
>> No. 5485
>> No. 5487
  Mini demodemo fail

sorry for posting it a secound time, but i had a little problem with Sony Music on youtube...
>> No. 5488
  This must be the umpteenth chainstab vidya but at least it's with femspy
>> No. 5495
  Not really my main replay, but it's the first video I've done that I've put the bare minimum of effort into.
>> No. 5513
  My pride hurt more than my body, but I still had to laugh.
>> No. 5515
youtube vidya postan
>> No. 5523
>> No. 5524
Some of videos were amusing, thanks for watching mine now, I hope I get that fucking hat now.
>> No. 5528
>> No. 5533
It's time to vote - good luck!
Happy Rapture!


Blog entry: http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=5514&p=1
>> No. 5538
Won't let me log in :/ I log in, and it takes me back to sign in.
>> No. 5539
>>5538 You aren't alone.

From: http://forums.steamgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=22529782

>When you are on the steam program go to "News" then to "TF2 Offical Blog" located on the right bottom of "channels". Click the blog and then click the "click here" from the recent blog post. This should automatically sign you in.
>> No. 5540
My hero <3
>> No. 5541
  My first replay. A (very) little bit of sentry walking.
>> No. 5588
  Fucking derp.
>> No. 5590
what's make me a bad demoman?
>> No. 5623

That camera hat is pretty cool
>> No. 5647
  Fail. Died six feet from the little healing cabinet thing. First vid.
>> No. 5655
  I'm just gonna leave this here..
>> No. 5661
>> No. 5663

>> No. 5664
  Yay! My buddy Dave and other members of our TF2 Server (The Boneyard) made this one! It won Best Original Soundtrack!
>> No. 5665
Congrats! I definitely voted for it.

Sage for no contribution.
>> No. 5701
  Right behind you
>> No. 5702
  I was the lucky pyro.
>> No. 5742
  May as well put up the Thank You Video I did for KritzKast
>> No. 5802
  How hard is it to fix facestabs and failstabs? I mean really. Here is one working in my favour.
>> No. 5803
  Then working against me, less than half a second later. This one really boggled my mind.
>> No. 5877
  only 100 views left to get the achiv and the hat...
help? :<
>> No. 5882
Says you only have 24 views for me...
>> No. 5884

the views from ALL my replays count to the achievement and the hat... right? :|
>> No. 5901

Oh dear, I don't think it works that way. The achievement says get 1000 views on a movie, not a channel.

And take my dang friend invite on youtube!

In other news, here's a pubfrag video I made
>> No. 6802
  Kinda wish I made this one before the saxxy awards. Oh well
>> No. 7140
Please sir and or madam, what sexual acts must I perform on your person so that I may acquire the name or download of the chiptune used in that video?

Also, have some oblivious spying.
>> No. 7166
>> No. 7183
Sabrepulse - White Tiger

I shall wait in ze bunk
>> No. 7187
  i thought i had some dramatic camera angles

i was wrong
>> No. 7221
  Bastard sneaked up on me
>> No. 7236
  stab stab stab
>> No. 10034
  I know this thread is hella old, but I figured that it would be best to post here rather than make a new thread.

So, uhm, yeah. Robots. From the future.
>> No. 10051

Oh man, I actually couldn't stop myself laughing at the slow-mo ending. It needs a techno remix.

On a similar note, have some resounding nom. (It's old, and I forgot to post it when it happened. Totally unplanned, too)
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