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File 130815415388.png - (392.32KB , 1015x651 , rip-off.png )
5743 No. 5743
TF2 rip-off from china.
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>> No. 5744
blatantly copied. yes. without a doubt.

though watching the video it was really funny to see soldier the rocket fight against more normal looking enemies. like tf2 found a portal to counter strike

they have heavy metal Pyro. i kinda want to play just for that
>> No. 5745
Wow. This is even more blatant than that HAVE thing.
>> No. 5746
The animations, the kill feed, everything.

I mean, it's not even like an impersonator or something. They copied the announcer voice files 1:1.

>> No. 5747
this make HAVE looks like an original game.
>> No. 5748
Are they actually making money off of this? Should we tell Valve?
>> No. 5749
File 130816005514.png - (238.13KB , 631x303 , Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 1_41_22 PM.png )
sniper is a woman
scout wears a beret
spy wears a tophat
heavy wears overalls?
pyro is a hard rocker with a guitar
>> No. 5750
just noticed tiny lady next to heavy
>> No. 5751
File 13081606183.jpg - (25.15KB , 400x300 , 125088730334.jpg )
they claimed this game was made by EA, ubisoft, sony, blizzard.
and a guy called Troy Horton who made the tomb raider series was the producer.

someone should go ahead and tell valve.
and i think i deserve a medal.
>> No. 5752
The copyright laws are whack over there in China, man.
Besides, I'm sure if we know Valve probably does, too.

The soldier wearing skinny jeans makes me laugh.
>> No. 5753
>>5743 Wow. I mean WOW: If this doesn´t just PUNCHES the copyright law with the mighty fist of a Saxton Hale! I never thought to see such a thing in my life with my own eyes.

Anyway. Is it wrong from me to wish now a fanfiction with Soldier and his reaction that the "damn red commies" copied TF2? He would get a heartattack...
>> No. 5754
And they are so stupid that copy the game characters and their poses (along with animations and sounds) with maps of another game that literally have nothing to do with each other.
and the last game accused(HAVE ONLINE) it's a nice game and has nothing to do with TF2 (Especially in comparison with this horror)

they steal the announcer's voice too.
>> No. 5755
File 130816252212.jpg - (85.21KB , 1152x864 , 12540601367.jpg )
they just release the site today.
(or yesterday due to time zone)
so i don't think valve knows anything bout this yet.

i demand this.
>> No. 5756
File 13081635223.jpg - (217.84KB , 866x705 , 102132595342.jpg )
Lady Sniper, moments away from taking a fireaxe to the head.
>> No. 5757
So, uh, someone want to try it?
>> No. 5758
Their Scout has a hockey stick and roller blades. I've wanted a hockey stick melee weapon for Scout for ages.

Also this is crazy.
>> No. 5759

I kind of want a fic of Saxton Hale beating the ever-loving fuck out of all the characters in this rip-off, women included. All the while, he'd just be screaming his name.

I pray that they don't have a Saxton Hale rip-off.
>> No. 5760
File 130816760326.jpg - (45.97KB , 380x497 , U MAD Hoovy.jpg )
I second this.

I also want to see fanart of the two teams duking it out - With the originals reigning supreme of course. I want to see that KAWAII DESU HARDCORE BOOBAGE Sniper's reaction when she gets hit with Jarate.
>> No. 5761
I just want to understand the rationale behind turning the Soldier into a Firefighter. Why the hell would a firefighter be using a rocket launcher? It makes no sense!
>> No. 5762
>> No. 5763

Why does this make me want to choke babies? Why??? Seriously, those game companies aren't stupid enough to rip off another game.

Valve needs to get on this right away before it becomes a real problem.
>> No. 5764
File 130816991598.jpg - (216.92KB , 866x458 , rocketfailsample2.jpg )
and then facepunch makes this sweet little thing

i hope to god valve includes it. just to mock this knockoff
>> No. 5765
Haha, already?
Sometimes you are really awesome, Facepunch.
>> No. 5767
File 130817607244.jpg - (232.00KB , 634x374 , 1308145860096_1.jpg )
I second the need for a hockey stick melee for Scout.

The imitation is so obvious, it's pretty amusing actually.
It even looks like they managed to rip off a little from Counter Strike.
>> No. 5768
File 130818120433.jpg - (84.51KB , 400x277 , yourfaggotryisbowlingmeover.jpg )
Oh, wow. I couldn't believe this was real, at first. Wow. Just wow.
>> No. 5769
File 13081815655.jpg - (140.52KB , 604x525 , rocketfailsample3.jpg )
>> No. 5770
File 130818304966.jpg - (85.75KB , 250x341 , 330.jpg )
i want it translated from someone before valve/ea deleted this game
>> No. 5771
File 130818755970.jpg - (94.15KB , 900x638 , cantbeattheoriginal.jpg )

How's this?
>> No. 5772
Agreed. I would love a copy before it goes down. Not that Id pay, though...
>> No. 5773
This is awesome. Is it wrong to think firefighter Soldier is adorable?

I concur with the sentiment that Valve needs to shut this game down and then make items like this to commemorate the most blatant rip-off ever attempted.

It's really kind of beautiful is how bad it is.
>> No. 5774
Done right, though, the prospect of Heavy x tiny Fem!Medic and Glasses!Fem!Sniper sounds pretty boner-inducing.

...I have a massive glasses/height kink.
>> No. 5775
The map in this trailer
Is ripped exactly from Battlefield:Heroes, which is less of a ripoff of TF2 and is actually a joy to play for a day or two. I laughed.
>> No. 5776
...Is that Spy...Dr. Facillier?
>> No. 5777
Glad I'm not the only one who saw this.

Hot damn, I like that comparison.
>> No. 5778
That Medic looks like a Little Sister.
>> No. 5779
Oh you! Doctor Facilier doesn't wear gloves.
>> No. 5780
File 13081977744.png - (379.82KB , 658x534 , finished.png )
>> No. 5781
Hahaha, exactly! You rock!
>> No. 5784
I kind of can't wait for pictures of the other classes to be released, they do look cute.
>> No. 5786
This is brilliant. It needs to be a real hat, not just a replacement skin.
>> No. 5787
Brilliant design!

What Im hoping for, though, is that Valve manages to take this ripoff down, and directly rip the hats/hair off these Chinese models and put them into TF2 as a sort of "fuck you/thanks for doing the work for us!"
>> No. 5788
Facepunch? Awesome? Sorry, that shit just don't compute.
>> No. 5789

has anyone tried this yet?
>> No. 5790
The general populace are a pit of fail, it's true and always has been, but there are a lot of talented modellers and mappers there, too.
>> No. 5791

That's just one of China's more popular bitorrent programs, Xunlei. The game itself doesn't seem to be out yet as far as I can tell.
>> No. 5792
What's really sad is that a lot of people on the message board are all like "why are they accusing this game of being a ripoff /confuse".
>> No. 5794
It's one of those places where you have to dig through a lot of crap to find something awesome. Like fanfiction.net
>> No. 5795
File 130826858160.png - (206.25KB , 509x552 , ssssss.png )
oh my
>> No. 5798
hey guys, the game won't be released until July (from what I read on the forums).

Don't worry, I have a Chinese IP, so if I do get selected into the beta participation you can bet your TF2 stars that I'll get right onto ripping the models and putting them back into TF2.

For the lulz, of course.
>> No. 5804
  Meet the sol- er.. ROCKET
>> No. 5806

Well, I think it's safe to say this game's Medic won't be the one getting Nazi comparisons.

Now we definitely need Soldier vs. Rocket fanart.
>> No. 5807

Soldier would murder them. He would murder them all. With his shovel.
>> No. 5808

That BLU Leader Rocket looks like Soldier and Civilian's drunken love child.
>> No. 5809
Here's a quick translation of the speech:
"The era calls for peace. Only weapons can protect that peace. There can be only one result in this battle, and that is our [ unintelligible ] victory! Charge! Charge! Charge! Final Combat! Who will be the ultimate victor?"

Any other peeps here understand Chinese and can help me suss out what's being said when the bee buzzes into the scene?
>> No. 5810

Oh gott. It´s becoming better and better. I will not play this game myself, but i pretty want to see all OTHER trailers for the classes. Just to laugh about this blatant kick in the nuts of a law called Copyright.

To the trailer. Soldiers nightmare came true. A army of red commies all who look like him... just chinese.
>> No. 5811
Chinese Soldier.

The trailer is at least not a 1:1 ripoff of Meet the Soldier, but it's still blatantly copied crap.
>> No. 5812
I can't hate this. It's too funny.

Also I kinda want the models for gmod, shh
>> No. 5814
I really don't know if Valve could get this pulled despite it being an obvious rip-off and infringement of copyrights. China does things like this often and it's hard to legally resolve it sometimes.

However, this could make a pretty amusing mod.
>> No. 5820
File 130834673856.png - (543.81KB , 1000x1300 , 21lj0if.png )
>> No. 5826
God damn it. I just can't hate this.
That being said, I am legitimately interested and I can't wait until they release the rest. I'm really looking forward to seeing their Medic and Sniper.
>> No. 5842
If Chinese knock-off Meet the Medic is out before the Valve one, I will die laughing.
>> No. 5867
File 130842583340.png - (22.72KB , 395x250 , it definitly didn´t.png )
Ya know, if i think about this more... the only reason they made medic a girl is maybe of the slightly *cough* *cough* homosexuals tones there between him and Heavy. Or it´s just unusual if a not kawai desu girl does heal all the buff guys. Anyway i really want to see more trailers of this... is this wrong of me?
>> No. 5893
My brain says RAGE, but my heart says love... I... I just don't know anymore.
>> No. 5895
On the right end there... is that Dr. Facilier?

Though I have to admit, I quite like the little Medic/Nurse girl. And the Sniper chick.
>> No. 5897
Hey at least they have females in the game hehe. Little medic is little!
>> No. 5905
It's like that off-brand Super Soaker your mom got you for Christmas that one year. It's familiar, somewhat, but more brightly colored to distract you from the fact that its cheap, Chinese, and not what you asked for.
>> No. 5906
>> No. 5910
  Check out this take on the meet the rocket video. I think I like this better. :P
>> No. 5920
File 130857449377.jpg - (449.17KB , 1200x799 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )


TF2 fandom, I will love you forever and ever.
>> No. 5922
File 130857461011.png - (60.77KB , 942x879 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Have another! Chinese ripoff Soldier had it coming, really.
>> No. 5925

I'm so okay with this, it scares me.
>> No. 5927
You wanted fanfiction? I'm writing that fanfiction.

So far, since we don't know if they're changing the voices or whatnot, I'm going to do this:

Soldier- Chinese
Medic- Polish
Heavy- American
Engineer- Japanese
Scout- (I can't decide between Canadian because of the hockey stick, or have him from another side of Boston, but support a different baseball team. Input?)
Demoman- So tempted to make him Irish.
Pyro- Norwegian (to go with that heavy metal theme he seems to have)
Sniper- British
and Spy- Italian.
>> No. 5928

The second pictures does it for me. Because i CAN`T imaginate Rocket now without highpitched Animu voice.

You are aware we are now indirectling supporting this game now?
Pff whatever, solong we have still TF2 porn/crack involved with it i think everything goes.

Keep up the good work guys.
>> No. 5930
I just heard rumor that the creators of this "game" are saying that Valve stole their ideas, that Valve stole their game.

I'm at a loss. I truly am.
>> No. 5931
But... That's like... saying the chicken hatched before the egg was even FERTILIZED...

How are they even going to support that claim?! TF2 came out YEARS before this piece of crap!
>> No. 5932
"Truly it can be said, with most certainty that final combat is above any valve creation. Valve, being threatened by the success of Final Combat, due to it's quality characters, cartoon weapons, and superior map design, elected to steal our hard work, and made the second fortresses of teams in an attempt to force their very sad players to purchase golden unlockables, to open metal boxes.

But, it is a happy day, for soon our original, superior product shall eclipse this lower work utterly."

Someone on the Steam forums translated this from their website (Or their wiki, I can't remember) but this is, by far, the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my entire life.

Obviously, nobody is going to believe them. It just feels like they're trolling now.
>> No. 5933
File 130860448977.png - (22.43KB , 319x302 , Idonteven.png )
... Let me just refer to the picture of Soldier shoving a rocket up Rocket's ass, okay?
>> No. 5934
Damn Valve and their time machine, going foreward in time and stealing from a glorious, wonderful, original Chinese game. Why, they even had the nerve to hire the same voice actress for the announcer! When will their reign of terror end?
>> No. 5935

It will end in Valve Time.

Because they're awesome.
>> No. 5936
File 13086064872.jpg - (50.43KB , 500x373 , 20680617494959922090615.jpg )

omg can't stop laughing
>> No. 5937
>> No. 5939
My theory, Gabe is behind this. Valve created this to troll us and this will lead into the most ridiculous update of all time.
>> No. 5966
Is it a just an accident this surfaces around the time of the Uber update? I think not. This is clearly a teaser for Team Fortress 3.
>> No. 5976
Can I get a link to the thread? As a commie chinese person that translation seems a bit suspicious. Also I have trouble believing anyone can be that stupid.
>> No. 5981
Think that might have been translated from here: http://baike.baidu.com/history/id=21035100

Full (60+ pages!) thread is this one: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1931430
>> No. 6008
The Baidu article indeed claims that Valve are the plagiarists. (They also claim that Final Combat's development team is from the original Tomb Raider and are totally better than Valve, you guys.)
>> No. 6024
I sort of think this too...
>> No. 6030
What if the biggest change having to do with the Uber Update isn't Meet the Medic, but is instead the ability to change your character's clothes? And new weapons based on the Final combat ones, and hats, and an alternate playable female/rocker version of Pyro?
>> No. 6031
If plagiarising is sure to result in flamewars, then you must steal! Sun Tzu said that, and I think he knows a little more about Chinese Game Industries than you do, pal, because he invented them, and then he perfected them so no living man could sue him in the court of honor!

Then he used his lawsuit money to buy two of every bootleg version of a game on Earth! Then, he stacked them into a building and beat the crap out of every single one!

And from that day onward, any time a group of bootlegs are together it's time to SUE!
Unless you're from China!
>> No. 6034
>> No. 6096

Okay... soon as I get home from my vacation, and get a new helmet, I am donning on my Soldier costume and I will memorize these lines and make a "Meet the Plagiarism" video. This will either be a big embarrassment on my part for showing my face, or one big hilarious ensue. That whole rewording just made me laugh off my chair.
>> No. 6116
Soldier using the Disciplinary Action to beat the shit out of Mustache Rocket Fireman Who Is Clearly A NAHTZEE.
>> No. 6155
Oo oo oo oo! Yanno how I silkscreen everything? If I can find decent images of the ripoffs' class logos, I will bootleg the bootlegs.
>> No. 6169
File 130885541376.png - (139.23KB , 246x558 , Spoiler Picture.png )
New class. His walking reminds me of balet dancer for some weird reason. Also rip off from CS? (I haven't played that game)
>> No. 6171
Someone have this dude recreating Black Swan. He looks pseudo-emo enough for the role.
>> No. 6172

it's like if Scout and Leon Kennedy had some sort of love child
>> No. 6173
My thoughts exactly.

He's such a dainty little butterfly~
>> No. 6189
Oh MY GOD. TwoRefined i hope to the gods of Terry Prattchet you see this.

The Striker.

He looks like a bigger slut as Scout. But the irony will be surely, that he is all "Hi sweetheart" and to the end: No, this ass you don´t get so fast you little bunny honey.

And i almost thought the Chinese had something against homosexuals, becaue of the make medic a girl because of heavy thing!
>> No. 6191
Guys I know you're joking but this is venturing a bit into the whole "treating Scout like a girl with a dick" kind of talk we've been trying to banish from the Chan.
>> No. 6195
We're not really talking about Scout - we're talking about madam butterfly over there. Surely there isn't a rule against that?

So I've watched the trailer again since last time, and I know EXACTLY what this guy reminds me of. Anyone familiar with marching band or guard?

.... Myep.
>> No. 6450
Valve: You want to steal our game China? TOO BAD BECAUSE IT'S FREE! *maniacal medic laugh*
>> No. 6527
Just watched the... Scout-thing... ripoff video.
First thing I notice is the Sum41 song in the background.
Why won't you just come up with your own song China?
>> No. 6533
I read in the Chinese Daily, that sex education in China is at home and school underrated, so that the best resource for this is the Internet in china.

I smiled at this, because i just imaginated some chinese giving in Final Combat Fanart... and stumble over Tf2chan.

>> No. 6546
link plz?
>> No. 6576
I had a good laugh.

Still, god damn it, why you still stealin'? At least put some damn effort into it. You're making the hardworking Chinese people look bad, bros. Cut that shit out. Oh homeland, why you so dumb some times.

I will say that in China, I'm pretty sure TF2 didn't reach, so they copied it because the communist system in place is bullshit and doesn't allow fun.
>> No. 6579
instead you get bootleg fun
>> No. 6597
There you go. It's a small song but easily recognizable.
>> No. 6607
I usually hate this kind of bs, but it's fucking China, the poor gaming bastards don't get a quarter the games we do. In the spirit of bringing some semi-fun to communist countries I say let em keep it.
>> No. 6614
Well to be honest: now that the ripoff is in the making and China is somewhat refractary to copyright rules I can agree with you, afterall this won0t surely affect the game of TF2 and its fanbase/players.
But going around claiming that Valve copied them, I can't tolerate this. Apart from the fact that I'm sure they're going to get laughed at because they're basically telling the opposite of the obvious facts.
>> No. 6663
From one of the gameplay demo videos...

The Striker
Nationality: France
Goal: Kill everyone more handsome than me.
>> No. 6682

Are you my clone?
>> No. 6692

It´s like they TRYING to COLLABORATE with TF2 rather than to copy them or make a own game. The more i read of this, it´s like it could be a big fanproject of some sort.

I mean it just begs for it to get porned.

Mister french butterfly? Oh this is too easy for spy. Much to easy. Where is the resistance? The hunt? The challenge?

And i definitly want to see some scout on striker porn. With scout all revolted by the frenchfag, but to the same time recognizing a part of himself in him. This one part he constantly batters up and sends deep down into his subconscious.

Bah, typical me need agains some deep psychological reason and story behind porn.
As wouldn´t it be enough already that i want to see SUCH A THING. Bah.
>> No. 6702
Oh fiddlesticks.
Brb rewriting chapter of FCF.
>> No. 6718
... who the hell is the Striker supposed to be copying anyway? He's got a sniper rifle, grenades, two different pistols, a kukri, a knife, and two semiautos.
I would think the sniper but we already know that lady is supposed to be the sniper. Is he their spy?! He looks like he's from a different game entirely.
>> No. 6719
Is it just me or does Striker seem like a sloppily-made Mary Sue OC?

"I'm sexy. And my weapons are unique. And none can resist my man-beauty. Behold in my glory, TF2 fandom, and dispense your erections at your readiness."

>> No. 6723
Oh god. He does.

.. also, apparently all of his weapons, animations, and sounds are from CSS. So they basically replaced the spy with a counter strike guy. That'll sure be balanced.
>counter strike
... wow they're basically admitting it.
>> No. 6729
I guess they wanted to add the Commando, which was discarded from TF2. Basically, it's the tenth class, and it'd be obviously useless and redundant in a game in which 9 classes have their fixed roles and complement eachother.
>> No. 6731
spy is probably hard to program...
I don't want to do any woooorrkkkk :[
>> No. 6733

...Damn, for all the show of how efficient and dutiful China is supposed to be, their video game making leaves much to be desired.

UNLESS. This is all a clever ploy by disgruntled TF2 fans. Ze plot, eet thickens!
>> No. 6740

Some "backstory" about the Rocket class, very loosely translated:
The Rocket is an alcoholic hidden among the ranks of a firefighting squad who loves to show off and yet at the same time tries to keep a low profile by hiding his eyes behind his helmet. His killer move is to descend from above via the ladder truck. Someone as strong as he is, however, has a weakness secret to everyone: he's allergic to pepper!
>> No. 6748
wtf, pepper. Does it really say that?

Really, pepper?

Jesus christ.


FC launches in 2011. TF2 Launched in 2007. Original TF in '96. Obviously, this is why China banned time-traveling. They didn't want more white people stealing their games, going back in time, and distributing them. It's all a grand conspiracy.
>> No. 6780

Information about the Striker, again very loosely translated:
If we put a label on everyone, then the Striker Captain's would certainly be multi-faceted. In "Final Combat", every job has his own unique personality and way of life, but the Striker Captain absolutely is in a special class of his own. His free spirit and dedication to shooting can be seen from his catch phrase. Now let's unlock the Striker Captain's private life together.

Striker Mini-File
Gender: French Gentleman
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Libra
Age: 27
Catch-Phrase: Eliminate any man more handsome than I!
Likes: Oil paintings and French cuisine.

The Striker Captain is an amiable French gentleman who has both a handsome physique matching his status and a Type O Libra personality that gives him the ability to appeal to all ages. Women young and old all desire to have a "will they or won't they" relationship with him. A man of excellent self esteem, he sees all men more hansome than he to be his greatest enemy, and he's often heard to exclaim: "Eliminate any man more handsome than I!" To describe him as a playboy couldn't be more accurate, and indeed he was infamous in the French Army as such. Actually, the Striker does have his own code of conduct, and hides a soft, delicate side deep within. Deep in his heart he hides [the memory of] a woman; nobody knows who she is, where she is from, or where she is know, but she seems to be the key to the mystery that is the Captain's heart...

Even so, the Captain lives up to his French Army background, and he doesn't treat the battlefield with the least bit of frivolity. As a Striker, he is an offensive player. Having the required agility, as long as he has determined his target, he can rapidly and with great accuracy send kill the enemy, earning him respect beyond that of his peers. Assault rifles, automatic rifles, and grenades are their indispensible weapons; this arrangement makes them suitable for both attack and defense; they strike fear in their enemies especially in mid-to-close range combat. He is always charging ahead of the team, but don't worry, his considerable health, agile movements and balanced damage output gives him a high survival rate; he is an all-rounder on the battlefield.

Yet a man like that also loves good oil paintings and French cuisine, as all exquisite things. A true man on the battlefield and a true gentleman off it; this is the Striker Captain, a man of many faces.
>> No. 6781

Does his skin sparkle in the sun? Because it´s the skin of a murder!


Serious, there need to be a sentence like: And he can fly and shoot rainbows and... i dunno. If he really needs to shoot everyone more handsme than him, than he need to eliminate the whole TF2 team... except pyro. Good luck boy.
>> No. 6792
oh my.. oh my god

Thank you so much for all this translating you're doing, our experience here would be incomplete without you

Regarding the bio itself, I really can't see it as being anything besides tongue-in-cheek. Their stance on plagarism is already unbelievable to the point there's no way that was a serious press release. I'm actually fairly interested in this game now; not so much that I'd, you know, play it, but I am curious to properly see the rest of their classes, especially since there's not much chance of successful legal action.
Besides, let's just stop and think what that description means for our tf2/fc porn project. I think it means many good things.
>> No. 6882
>Type O Libra personality that gives him the ability to appeal to all ages.
>> No. 6883
New theory, Striker either a) wrote his profile
or b) wrote all the profiles.

Also he's a) really insecure and b) probably a virgin.
>> No. 6937
This is my headcanon now
>> No. 6938
"Here lies 'zhe Striker'. He pranced about and died a virgin."
>> No. 7000
File 13095792507.jpg - (80.73KB , 450x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
and then I realised there was nothing I said here that hadn't been said already

have some playboyxscout everybody (not actually nsfw but..... just in case)
>> No. 7069
File 130970773711.png - (436.28KB , 975x675 , 1309705620497.png )
I'm gonna leave this here.
>> No. 7072
I just saw this threat today and thought: man when do they update this? I kinda wanna know more the classes... and just today it occures.
Anyway somehow the site bugs so i can´t see the movie of him. but he looks kinda like a pizza boy. One with cheese and peperoni please.
>> No. 7073

Part of me has just died after seeing this bastard child that is considered the Heavy Weapons Guy.
>> No. 7075
Hello there, Eddie Dombrowski in glasses.
>> No. 7076
Gabe, Heavy and Engie together.... I think Medic's been playing with genetic engineering.
>> No. 7077
The heavy character is actually called 'Fatman'.

Is this basically their way of saying "fuck you" to Gabe Newell? He's even got a big knife.
>> No. 7079

"Yeah, I killed that Scout.... it was fun."
>> No. 7081
woah woah did nobody spot the gangsta john henry heavy in the gameplay videos?
>> No. 7082
File 130972562146.jpg - (416.12KB , 1074x994 , he_just_begs_for_it Kopie.jpg )
Oh man, i love how mcuh the Final Combat classes try to get into a brawl with the Tf2 ones. Just love it.

Anyway, i saw the video today and even if i dig classicmusic fighting scenes... it wasn´t this good.
>> No. 7083
Really? REALLY?
My brother and I were joking about what the Heavy-rip-off was going to be called; he said it would probably be the "Fatman" and I said "there's no way any game would have a character with such a retarded name."
Well... now I don't even know what to say.
>> No. 7084
Lol, I saw that when I clicked on the about page for it. The Chinese name for the class is just 重机枪手 meaning pretty literally "heavy machine gun handler" or "Heavy Weapons Guy" :C

The faces on these characters and this style of humor make my skin craw more than the ripoff factor itself.
>> No. 7089
>> No. 7093
Why does the Fatman's (ugh) cassette player say "Portable Dictator"?
Is this just a bad translation or what?
>> No. 7094
Cause it's China?
>> No. 7098
Guys, click left from the fatman

Next tba is Sniper

I don't think I did, actually. You'll have to enlighten me on which video this was.
>> No. 7099
olol, that "Fatman" kinda looks like Elton John...and i can clearly see a Fatman-reference to the MGS series.

NO, just NO china...
>> No. 7100
...Has anybody reported this to Valve?
Btw, troll harder, China.
>> No. 7102
File 130978589889.png - (107.19KB , 600x338 , Fatman_5.png )
this guy here

demoman and heavies love-child.
>> No. 7104

The flavor text is kind of meh this time, so for now I'll just translate the mini-file...

Gender: Male, nationality unknown
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Age: 35
Catch Phrase: Want to turn into a bee's nest?
Interests: To play with little kids.

(I don't think the intention is to make knockoff Heavy a pedophile. He just really likes children.)
>> No. 7106
exactly. I love kittens but I don't wanna have sex with them lol
>> No. 7107
so that little screaming brat at the end is probably the china-medic?
>> No. 7110


Gawd. No! I hope not. You can´t believe right now which antipathie i develope with this idea.
>> No. 7117
>Who wants to turn into a bee's nest?

what the fuck kind of catch phrase is that?
>> No. 7120
File 130985223155.jpg - (92.34KB , 1024x1233 , The_Pain.jpg )
>> No. 7124

i.e., he's threatening to shoot you full of holes.
>> No. 7134

The only way they could make him even more of a pedophile would be to give him an unmarked van full of candy.
>> No. 7137
Yeah, he's pretty much John Wayne Gacy without the mustache and grease paint.
>> No. 7154
File 131007220763.png - (273.58KB , 955x637 , fc.png )
Just saw this and wondered if it was significant.
>> No. 7181

It's a contest to get an activation code.
>> No. 7294
I can't wait to see if Sniper's knockoff is a sexy yet deadly secretary/librarian.
>> No. 7339
File 131058879462.jpg - (28.75KB , 506x581 , snipingsagoodjobmate.jpg )
Knockoff!Sniper has been introduced, and she indeed is some sort of femme fatale Office Lady.

...man, she looks like the poster girl for What Not To Do For a Genderbend. Both her figure and outfit are hilariously impractical.

But at least the creators were "nice" enough to give her a taser for her melee weapon. She probably needs it, too, to make sure even her teammates keep their hands to themselves.

Flavor text translation (standard disclaimers apply) from http://fc.xunlei.com/c/1310572738387.shtml

To snipe is to launch a sudden attack when your victim least expects it. The Sniper is a supporting-type profession that has high demands on one's individual abilities. So long as you can accomplish peering into the scope, aiming, and exploding heads in one go, then you become the team's most powerful agent of field control and the champ of killers. A job like this can only be described as beautiful. But for the Sniper in Final Combat, how could a singular "beautiful" suffice?

Who says War is a Man's world? There's plenty of heroines, too! In Final Combat, the sexy, beautiful lady Sniper adds beauty to the game's scene (translator's note: the original text literally calls her scenery). Because of them, Final Combat is more romantic, more fascinating, and more attractive!

Lady Snipers have an incomparable advantage over the men: their smaller figures make it easier for them to hide, and combined with their sniper rifles they have astonishing long-range killing power. With this tremendous battlefield suppression ability, they can send a chill up any enemy's spine, making the sniper an indispensable role on the Final Combat team. But whatever you do, don't engage in close combat, because their health and close combat weaponry are severely lacking.

[ The Sniper ] is Final Combat's queen of icy elegance and sexiness; along with a beguiling figure, she also has a demonic lethality and imperious air. A devotee of name brands to the point of insanity, she often fantasizes using her rifle to rapidly eliminate any woman who tries to grab her favorite products the same way she can easily kill any man with a single glance.

Sniper -- Queen
Job Type: Support
Job Qualities: High long-distance killing power; weak mid- and close-range attack power
Difficulty: 4/5
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Libra
Age: Secret
Catch Phrase: I can kill just by looking at you.
Interests: Has a love-hate relationship with name brands.

A fiercely independent AB Libra, she will never bow beneath society's demands over how she lives. Just like a sleeping volcano, she seems tranquil and cold on the surface, but she hides immeasurable strength wisdom beneath that facade. As for her age? An eternal secret!

Firey hot, yet strong and stubborn; beautiful yet deadly; tender, yet coldly calm under pressure...these are Final Combat's lady snipers, an occupation that can't be overlooked! She can kill you with just one glance!
>> No. 7340
Despite being a ripoff, they at least seem to have competent modellers and animators on the team.

As nice as Lady Sniper looks though, she is terribly generic.
>> No. 7342

Girl, those clothes are sooo two sizes too small for you. Although I don't think the original Sniper would mind too much.
>> No. 7343
inb4 someone finds out it's a ripoff from yet another game.
>> No. 7344
The logo on her sleeves in the video are a pair of lips. Wow.

In other news, it looks like Pyro is next on the list.
>> No. 7345
File 131059371423.jpg - (266.48KB , 1057x1001 , der feine unterschied.jpg )
Uhm.. is it just me or does anybody else see, that she somehow looks slightly similiar to a older model of Lara Croft?

But my opinion to her. This outfit. It´s sexy. It´s the typical hot secretary outfit from every movie which stirres such imagies from hot secretaries. But honestly? I could believe she can from a enemy with these shoes, but run with these shoes in a BATTLEFIELD? Even Bruce Darnell would fall like a sack of potatoes than.
And the combination of this outfit and the rifle. I mean do you know how HARD it must be to stand like this without landing on your own butt by a backblast? Surely you know.
But the idea, that she may be a mere secretary of blue or red, who tries to defend the entry of her boss amuses me greatly.
"Sorry, Vicky, i see there comes one of Mr. Hales Employes." BAM! "Okay, i´m back. And did you know what she did than?"

My last words.
Miss Pauling and fem!Sniper in a fight.
Anykind. I believe in Miss Pauling.
>> No. 7347
Is it wrong that I want to see some TF2 Sniper/ FC Sniper porn now? Because I totally do.
>> No. 7348
Do want!
>> No. 7349
Someone do it!
>> No. 7353
Not volunteering because all I can imagine happening is TF-Sniper blurting out that he'd like to pee in FC-Sniper's butt and getting tasered as a result.
>> No. 7354
Eheheheheheh, fucking called it.
I like how her rifle has a plate with "Sniper Rifle" on it.

I approve that motion.
>> No. 7355
Well, they DO keep repeating that one of Tomb Raider's designers or something is on the team - it wouldn't surprise me.

But a fight between Ms. Pauling and... ugh. That fucking secretary wouldn't even be a fight. It might not be too obvious, but Ms. Pauling is pretty strong for someone her size. She was able to pick up The Eyelander without and visible difficulties in the WAR comic, and could pick up that bag of corpse-grade quicklime all by herself in Meet the Director.

Also, we can all assumed she's good with a pistol.

So. Pretty much, if Miss Pauling can get within that fucking secretary's weak "mid to close" range, that woman is fucking dead.

Also, I love how they pretend they're all feminist and "GRL POWER LOL" by being all, "women can fight 2 u gaiz!", and yet they're blatantly sexist by sticking her in an uncomfortable, impractical skin-tight outfit, and basically outright say that she's just something pretty to look at! (Part of the scenery?! WTF?!)

Not to mention that whole thing about her shopping tendencies... Ugh... Ugh.

I am just so disgust right now, u gaiz.
>> No. 7358
After seeing REALLY, REALLY BAD hentai, her proportions aren't that bad in comparison. Give her more practical clothing and I wouldn't have much of an issue with her.
>> No. 7359

I actually want to read THIS more than tf2 sniper/fc sniper.
>> No. 7362
File 131061017467.jpg - (282.00KB , 991x947 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

I tried, but i'm pretty sure I failed.
>> No. 7368
I swear, if more FC/TF2 porn starts circulating around the chan here eventually, I'm leaving. This FC shit pisses me off. So. Much. I mean, come on guys, porn with this shit? Really?
>> No. 7369
File 131062218668.jpg - (16.62KB , 250x250 , costanza.jpg )
>Mad about spoilered porn
>Threaten to leave over it
>Thinking one anon leaving over something so trivial is a big deal and not totally ridiculous

I seriously hope you don't do this.
>> No. 7370
Rule 34: If it exists, porn will be made of it. And the chan is certainly no except. Read through the afanart request thread sometime.

I love the Internet. Just when I think I can't be shocked, someone finds a way to prove me wrong.
>> No. 7377

I take it you didn't like it?
>> No. 7379
File 131065921564.png - (104.79KB , 184x242 , ahahahahahahah.png )

My reaction to this entire thread.
>> No. 7380

This is my head canon now. Lady Sniper is a part-time secretary, but when battle calls, "Brb, I gotta kill a bitch."
>> No. 7381
More stuff on the Fatman at http://fc.xunlei.com/c/1310437359731.shtml

It's basically a bunch of teal deer on Fatman's "day" job: he's a panhandling fishmonger who likes to listen to opera. The little girl at the end of the video is yelling something to the effect of "copper's coming!".
>> No. 7384

>he's a panhandling fishmonger who likes to listen to opera

They just threw a bunch of random words in a blender when they wrote these backgrounds, didn't they?
>> No. 7393
>Interests: To play with little kids.
Something tells me that this is their way to build up some kind of relationship between the Fatman and the (probably)loliMedic in the game.

Also, I've noticed that both the Fatman and the Sniper shoot at their teammates in their videos. It looks kinda pathetic, as they seem to be just shooting anyone no matter if they are "good" or "bad", just shoot and you'll be happy.
>> No. 7404
Is it me or did she team kill the "rocket"? I mean its kinda hard to tell what team she's on lol.
>> No. 7406

Well, she is a crazed gun(wo)man...
>> No. 7410
Yeah, finding kids endearing despite not having your own doesn't make you a pedo.
>> No. 7413

Looks like you can download a demo/open beta (not sure which it is, I just kind of skimmed the page).

I would try it, but I don't have a computer to spare for experimentation in case I get loaded down with spyware.
>> No. 7414
Fatman and (probably)LoligirlMedic porn, when we see her character profile. A MUST.
>> No. 7415
This is hot.
FemSniper's breasts and stomach...sorta look like a face. No offense.
>> No. 7428
so some kid from 4chan got ahold of a beta key.

there's a literal fuckton of images floating around on FP now

>> No. 7429
knockoffery of the rest aside, I kinda like this, probably because I love fem-Snipers in general thanks to Makani's designs. The fact they actually gave her an interesting writeup as well doesn't hurt either.
>> No. 7431
>the female sniper emmits an almost pornographic moan when she pulls off a headshot
>> No. 7432
... now that's news to me.
>> No. 7433
File 131071531518.jpg - (240.06KB , 1014x761 , clownpyro.jpg )
The Pyros in this arent hard rockers after all.

They're, literally, clowns.

>> No. 7434
player styles.
>> No. 7436

What i thought:
> Pyro
> Rocker
> Clown
> Slipknot

This sounds so cool.
>> No. 7442
Oh hell, only thing creepier than a clown is a clown with a flamethrower. (I'm not afraid of clowns really, they just annoy me.)
>> No. 7459

None taken. I noticed it right after I finished drawing it.
>> No. 7461
Is it wrong that I kinda wanna see someone make a mod/voicepack to swap TF2's Sniper with FC's one?
>> No. 7464
...yes it is?
>> No. 7465
Truthfully, I mostly just wanna learn what the "cute Japanese office-lady equivalent to "Wave g'bye to yer head, wankah!" would be.

I just find the idea of headshots being followed by quiet-voiced apologetic remarks to be very funny. "Oh, I'm so sorry, but my bullet just emptied your head!"
>> No. 7466
>> No. 7475
>> No. 7480
File 131079095489.jpg - (32.22KB , 600x399 , Clown\'s Mask.jpg )
FC's Pyro is a clown with a mask wielding a flamethrower.
It's mask looks sorta like one of Slipknot's percussionists' (Shawn "Clown" Crahan,) masks.
Damn, China, you even stole shit from Slipknot.
Although I sorta like Slipknot, (I used to be an over-obssesed Slipknot "maggot,") so this excites me now.
Hahah. Maggot.
>> No. 7601
  Meet the Ladysniper
>> No. 7626
Aww, looks like they've finally wisened up and blocked foreign IPs. (Or at least I'm getting a 403 forbidden.)
>> No. 7788
I REALLY hate to bump this up, but apparently, they have a goddamn video titled, "Meet the Final Combat" that's about 15 minutes long.

They even have the fucking audacity to compare the "differences" between TF2 and Final Combat. What a load of horse-shit.

But the REAL icing on this shit-cake is that they made Pyro into a fucking CLOWN.

Also, they've blocked all IP addresses that are not in China.

For anybody interested in the video, here it is in it's untranslated form (since it hasn't been translated yet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKS_QhtaWIA&feature=youtu.be

I hope Valve sues the fuck out of these assholes.
>> No. 7825

The subtitles should be on now, and I'm confirming that this is not the case. The video was made by a Chinese TF2 fan pointing out what a shitty knockoff FC is.
>> No. 7830
File 131155855166.jpg - (7.05KB , 180x284 , Patrick Pout.jpg )

Well, then I'm still mad that this "game" exists and that Pyro is a fucking clown.

Anybody have any word on whether Valve knows about this or not?
>> No. 7848
  Meet The Pyro!
>> No. 7851

Heh, I actually like this backstory, but this may be because one of the Pyros I played with over in LJRP land had "worked in the circus sideshow" as their headcanon.

And maybe it's just me, but Knockoff!Pyro's ammo backpack looks like TF!Medic's, just without the coils on top.
>> No. 7880
(Wasn't sure if this counts as necroing. Sorry if I should've saged.)

Is this website forbidden for anyone else? I checked it with http://downornot.com/ three or four times and it seems it's blocked everywhere except for China. (I was actually lucky enough to have it tested from Shanghai the first time.) Would try to access the site through a China proxy but it turns out I know absolutely nothing about computers. What's the status from everyone else?
>> No. 7881
Oh, okay, we're autosaging. All goods, I guess.

(Captcha is "were ithatice"! If only there were a few more spacebars.)
>> No. 7882
bumping this thread because this whole debacle is fucking hilarious.
i love chinese knockoffs.
>> No. 7912
I think it's forbidden for everyone. I have a bad feeling it'll be like that permanently.
>> No. 8010
Dammit. I really wanted to check out the website.
>> No. 8105
File 131245180941.jpg - (36.04KB , 608x340 , 2isuj38.jpg )

Anybody with a knowledge of how to use China based proxies can still visit the site.

That's how I'm getting on the site, but the Closed Beta finished on the 1st of August.

The game will be officially released next year last I heard, but there will be a 2nd round of testing (to add the other 4 stolen classes from TF2 I suppose, which include the Demoman, the Scout, the Spy and the Female Medic)
>> No. 8151
>>8105 Keep us updated please? Really wanted to see these other ripoff classes.
>> No. 8199
fuck, I really wanted to see lolikawaii medic chan.
>> No. 8213
Don't mean to raise a thread from the dead, but is this game still around? Or did they give up.
>> No. 8242
>>8213 I think it's still going on; they just blocked the site for anyone outside of China, I think for good.
>> No. 8255
Wonder what's been goin' on with this.

Captcha: your liespern

I don't know why that makes me as uncomfortable as it does, but it does.
>> No. 8278
If anyone here has knowledge on how to use proxies and can access the site...updates on what's going on with the classes and such would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 11983
File 133465134318.png - (212.37KB , 748x532 , Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_26_05 AM.png )
alrighty, apparently china hasn't decided to block of ip addresses from Germany. So after wandering around the main pages I stumbled upon the character page. From what I can tell each character has a clone of themselves, or a skin that looks the same. Since I have no idea what any of this says I'll leave this here for you guys to figure out.
>> No. 11984
File 133465150515.png - (211.31KB , 707x514 , Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_30_03 AM.png )
>> No. 11985
File 13346516627.png - (215.13KB , 719x524 , Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_30_22 AM.png )
more pic's
>> No. 12217
Accessing this from Auckland, New Zealand and have been following this when I was vacationing in Hong Kong. So Hong Kong and New Zealand proxies should work.

I also read Chinese, if that helps. Anything more specific you guys want me to look up for you guys?
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