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No. 5868
  A little series on Youtube showcasing other performances and appearances of our beloved mercenary voice actors. It's not complete, sadly, but I liked it anyhow. I hope you do too!

Nathan Vetterlein - The Scout
>> No. 5869
  Gary Schwartz - The Demoman and the Heavy

Woah, he's been on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show quite a bit.
>> No. 5870
  Grant Goodeve - The Engineer

Family Feud and car dealing. Practical problems, hoowhee!
>> No. 5871
  John Patrick Lowrie - The Sniper

Yes, he's been in High School Musical. Yes, he's still awesome!
>> No. 5872
  Rick May - The Soldier

The man who brought us the legendary "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!"

PS: Last video, aww. You can still post more voice actor stuff here, though, and also discuss of course!
>> No. 5873
It disturbs me how much he actually looks like Scout haha.
>> No. 5874
  Oh! He did one for Robin Atkin Downes (Medic) as well.

I knew about some of his roles, Regular Show in particular since I had a mini spaz-attack when I saw his name in the credits, but my God, he's been in a looooot of stuff.
>> No. 5876
I really have an ear for voices, but Robin Atkin Downes is SO hard for me to place. I never really recognize him outside one or two roles, and it's difficult figuring out why.
Still, those are all nice compilations.
>> No. 5879
Derp, must have overlooked it. Don't mind me!

Also, this man's flexibility astounds me. He's in SO MUCH stuff!
>> No. 5889
More roles they've been in:

>>Gary Schwartz: Dr. Eisenberg (Aliens vs. Predator 2, the video game)
>>Grant Goodeve: Dr. Harlan Wade (F.E.A.R.)
>>Robin Atkin Downes: Mumm-Ra (the new Thundercats anime)

Robin is also A COMPLETE TROLL. He put up a "Meet The Medic Voice Test" on his YouTube channel that's completely unrelated. Maybe he's just as pissed as we are.
>> No. 5890
Check the Ethercast channel, there's one for every class and even The Announcer!
>> No. 5894
JPL also did the intro for Total Anhilation

RAD is the Weather Wizard in Brave and the Bold
>> No. 5915
>It's not complete, sadly, but I liked it anyhow

That's actually incorrect. The TF2 Meet the Voice actor series has been finished for a couple of months now, and even includes the Announcer.
>> No. 5916
i think perry meant the videos themselves are dont have everything in them
>> No. 5917
Yup, that I meant. It's still a nice insight however.
>> No. 5919

Oh, yeah. It makes sense though. Some of the actors don't have all of their roles properly documented with video, and some have been in countless things. Namely Robin Atkin Downes, who actually commented on the Medic voice actor video. But yeah, some things just get left out in the interest of time, or there's no good footage of the role.
>> No. 6001
I love that Scout one. He looks, acts and of course sounds like a Scout.
>> No. 6125
The best part is that in the comedy sketch with the job interview, he doubles as the voice of a policeman who's shot outside the window, and yells "MY ARM!" in the Scout voice.
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