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No. 6271
  Meet the Medic.

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>> No. 6531
File 130893971084.jpg - (39.92KB , 550x228 , Oookaay.jpg )

After seeing it like hundred times already i finaly figured out why I feel so familiar with the I HAVE NO IDEA!. Valve, i saw what you did there. It´s so obvious, but still i needed my time to figure it out.

I feel ashamed.

(And now one reason more why i can´t unsee my TF2 Ghostbuster/King Kong AU.)
>> No. 6532
I was wondering that the whole time - who the heck did his operation? Maybe he got Heavy to stand there and help him out. Because. Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 6536
maybe Blue Medic did Red medic's operation on the account that Blu team also gets the blueprints for the medigun?
Assuming he's going to be supervised by Pauling.
>> No. 6537
File 130894255699.jpg - (13.84KB , 624x356 , L4dpg37.jpg )

Oh I didn't even catch that, thanks for pointing the Ghostbusters nod. Though, did anyone else get a sort of Sam Rami vibe from the camera work?
>> No. 6538
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saw this. Really glad. Felt very old for a bit there.
>> No. 6539
File 130894475189.jpg - (145.16KB , 432x288 , maturin.jpg )
if Stephen Maturin could operate on himself Medic could operate on himself
>> No. 6542
This needs more attention.
>> No. 6543
You just made this sailorfag very happy, anon.
>> No. 6548
I have a urgend question now:

HOW THE HECK CAN I GET THESE SOUNDFILES OF THE VIDEO!? I mean the soundtrack is so great i need it as ringtone.
>> No. 6549
>> No. 6551
Jesus christ. <3 I know what direction my Medic is taking now.

>> No. 6553
File 130895431446.png - (76.99KB , 1024x768 , 130334857872.png )
I came back just to comment on this.

I love this. I love Valve. I love you. I love bugshit insane medic. I love blu spy in medic's fridge. I love that pidgeon/dove/whatever it was. I love you. I love everything.
>> No. 6554
boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada
>> No. 6555
It doesn't matter how many times I watch this, that urgently whispered "no they don't" floors me every time.


Guard Dog.


I figured he was just messing around and finding chords. I do that a lot when I've gotta wait for a map to load (my guitar's near my computer) and I don't want to put the effort into playing a real song.

But I am all for it either way. I love twangy acoustic guitar. Music for this is a must.


I was wondering. Man, now I can see him with his chest cavity opened, high as a kite and giggling to himself while a very uncomfortable Heavy assists.
>> No. 6556

Am I the only one curious about what a Loch Ness Hamster is, and how its heart ended up in Medic's fridge?
>> No. 6559
Anyone else watch Heavy's face right after Medic says, "That's how I lost my medical license" ? Because that is hilarious.
>> No. 6567
Somebody write this. Please?


I think Engineer was playing the acoustic version of the background music. Which, by the way, was awesome, especially when he was looking over the battlefield right before healing everyone. I need it, Valve. Now.
>> No. 6568
Impressed that all the porn writers for the Medic pretty much got it right. Disturbed that all the porn writers for the Medic pretty much got it right. Annoyed that I can't tell anyone of this discovery, lest they find out I read TF2 porn.
>> No. 6569
  Robin Atkin-Downes doing some VA work for Meet The Medic.

>> No. 6571
File 130897037513.jpg - (23.84KB , 300x400 , stephen-colbert-2-0808-lg.jpg )
Medic's personality was reminding me of someone. I finally realized who
>> No. 6572
I'm pretty sure that Medic would have another Medic and possibly an Engineer to place the ubercore into his heart.

I hope that this brings more Medic/Engineer bro times.
>> No. 6574
Judging by the video, it wouldn't take a genius to cut open someone, rip our their heart, jab something in it (then replace it when it explodes), and shove it back in again.
>> No. 6586
File 130898360480.jpg - (15.31KB , 280x210 , lolwat.jpg )
Those birds made me think of this guy...
>> No. 6587
File 130898430684.gif - (231.04KB , 200x161 , Mind BLOWN.gif )
So... Wait. Archimedes is the real mastermind?!

...... Whoa...
>> No. 6588
File 130898483333.png - (161.95KB , 778x569 , archimedes is a very good plumber.png )
The worst part about drawing this is that I actually took the time to look up references for the snorkel and toilet. I took more time researching this picture than most of my other pictures.
No regrets.
>> No. 6589
File 130898604357.png - (237.98KB , 401x492 , 6664.png )
>> No. 6590
File 130898670859.gif - (126.88KB , 500x743 , What\'s going on in this thread Engie.gif )
Internet is over, everyone, you can go home.
>> No. 6591
File 13089878404.gif - (599.98KB , 184x181 , Houseboogie.gif )
Aw jeez. He operated on himself House-style. What next, Doktor?
>> No. 6592
This is getting more and more plausible by the day.
>> No. 6593
Glad to be not the only one at noticing this.
The first days I started playing TF2 I always had this preference for the medic because he reminded me of Egon Spengler so much.
>> No. 6605
I want to see a Misc Item for the Medic that mounts the Spy's head on his shoulder(or maybe backpack)
>> No. 6610
its still in his damn hand if you watch it closely
>> No. 6611
i am actually kinda mad becaus the medic got a full 4 minutes to himself, while the first 6 classes only got a minute and a half of insight.
>> No. 6615
I love you.
>> No. 6620


>> No. 6621
Well, I hope that after the "Meet the..." shorts they will do miscellaneous shorts with the team members interacting together, like you know, daily life and episodes in the battlefield, seasonal greetings, and so on.
Please Valve, make this real.
>> No. 6622
File 130901427220.png - (69.18KB , 400x400 , 129791115170.png )
>> No. 6624
File 130901520885.jpg - (41.62KB , 280x282 , tearsofjoy.jpg )
Oh god yes. That would be amazing.

also why is my Captcha in Hebrew
>> No. 6626
Oh god I really hope they do this. Maybe five or ten minute things like the late two 'Meet the-'s.
>> No. 6633
Considering that this video reminded me how very much I wish there were a TF2 series (y'know, just three five-minute shorts of various wackiness)...yeah, I'd be okay with that.

Well, the first few videos they didn't really know how crazy it was going to be. Makes sense that they get longer and better as they do more of them.

BTW, Medic pinching Heavy's cheek while saying "don't be such a baby" is my new favorite thing. It's so beautifully condescending yet friendly.
>> No. 6639
Okay, I didn't want to make a new thread for this, so I'm just gonna go ahead and ask a random question concerning the Quickfix - why is it when I right click to Uber, no Uber happens and instead my Ubercharge starts going back to 0%? Anyone else getting this?
>> No. 6644
because it doesn't uber. It increases your healing speed
>> No. 6649
You know, spy's head didn't look like he was in pain so much as bored. Like "just kill me so I can respawn and have a body again. There's nothing to do but smoke and it smells like old meat in here." I like how he can talk and breathe with no lungs hehe.
>> No. 6676
I especially love that he's saying "don't be a baby" to Heavy of all people, whose range of insults is pretty much various iterations of "baby-man"
>> No. 6755
is it kinda weird that the shots of Heavy's open guts grossed me out, considering how much violence is in the rest of the game?
>> No. 6759
Did anyone else notice that, from watching how Archimedes moved inside Heavy (dipping his head under and up), he was using him as a bird bath?
>> No. 6775
Do you have any caps of Pyro, high-res or otherwise?
>> No. 6835

>> No. 7001
File 130958244513.png - (214.59KB , 408x497 , 241543903.png )
I had to.
>> No. 7735

i laughed so hard i cried OMG.
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