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File 131073672131.png - (64.23KB , 250x200 , 250px-Shortstop.png )
7440 No. 7440
Hello, I recently started playing the game about 2 or 3 weeks ago (so far I've clocked in about 44.7 hours, 11.5 of which were devoted to offline training), but I still feel pretty damn useless when compared to my teammates mostly due to the fact that I just flat out suck at modern day FPS to begin with.

I'm not bad, per say, but I get infuriated when I get taken down by snipers and spies out of fucking nowhere and when I get gangraped by Pyros.

So, Tips, Encouragement, anything that you're willing to dish out, even F2P distain and how it's "KILLING THE GAME"

Also, top 3 most used characters:

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>> No. 7441
Well for Engineer, build a sentry in a spot that catches people by surprise. Make sure they can't be sniped or blown up by snipers and soldiers from a distance. Putting them around corners is useful. I love watching scouts run past and get shot down.

I suck at Scout, but I know you have to keep moving. Try bouncing around your target, I know that annoys the hell out of me when the other team's scout does that.

Pyro is basically easy. Practicing airblast is always good. Spycheck people by hitting them with your flamethrower. If your teammate suddenly goes up in flames, it's a spy, kill it. Then flame the area a bit in case he's a dead ringer.
>> No. 7443
File 13107393523.png - (1.64KB , 100x100 , circle_the_wagons.png )
You've done the offline training? That makes you at least two times more qualified than CoD kiddies. Sure you're a newbie, but all newbies are useless at first, it's part of being new.

Engie is a lot about knowing what's where in a map, and picking the right spot to place your stuff depending on what class is being spammed the most at the moment. Spies *should* be taking you out out of nowhere if they're good, it's what they do. They stab you then break your precious, precious toys. If you're feeling gutsy try some creative placements, set up where you don't think they'll anticipate you. Moving your sentry is a good tactic if it's relatively safe to do so, otherwise you're a big, juicy "KILL ME" sign.

It's not a matter of if, but when you'll lose your set up. How long it lasts is dependent on your choice of camping space and if your team gives a rat's ass about your base/you. The latter is very important, and completely random when playing on a public server that doesn't have any team cohesiveness. You can be the ever vigilant guard Engineer, but one man can only protect against so many threats before you look at your base and decide that the ship is going down, and you don't want to go with it.

I hope all that made sense, and apologies if I was all over the place.
>> No. 7444
File 131073972147.jpg - (616.36KB , 750x1500 , 128970078742.jpg )
I usually play Pyro, and I'll agree with whats been said here.

Though, to add to it, always be mindful of your flamethrower's reach. It's not very far, and you will hear a distinctive burning sound when it's hitting your target. Running backwards and flaming will increase the reach somewhat, and it very useful if you're being chased by another flaming Pyro or if you're forced to retreat in close quarters.

If you come up against a Medic using a syringe gun, and you aren't close enough for flames, run. He's probably using the Blutsauger (it heals him as he does damage) and you wont be able to take the bastard down. Scouts are also your worst enemy. They both move faster than you without the Attendant, and even then Scout is still faster.

I recommend using the shotgun rather than the flaregun, assuming you have that, since you're still new. Practice with the flaregun is always good, but it's not a very practical weapon when it comes to those out-of-range Scouts and Medics.

And, for the love of God, practice your airblasting! If you're retreating from a Soldier or a Demo, or you're defending an Engie nest, it's extremely helpful! hell, if you turn a corner and find a Heavy standing there, you could airblast him away to buy yourself time to make a run back to whence you came!

Backburner is a situational weapon. It's very good, yes, but you only get 4 airblasts per full ammo. Degreaser or normal flamethrower is better for a beginning Pyro, anyway.

You dont have a lot of health, but you do have a fair amount. You will die very easily on your own, if you're not careful. Hit and run if in the enemy base or against a stronger opponent, if you come up on a Sniper you should be fine (but don't get cocky, his kukri can still hit you hard). Always know when to run, half health is about the time.

Always check for Spies. Always.
If you're healing at a dispenser, spam that flame in a circle until you're done there and move on. Give everyone you pass a puff of flame.

Axetinguisher is good if you use Degreaser (fast weapon switch for the crit bonus on burning players), the Rake is best for melee fights, and the Homewrecker is what to go with if you don't plan to melee and there's an Engie on your team.

Be careful, be paranoid, be prepared.
>> No. 7445
I realize that seems a bit defeatist when it comes to facing up a Spy as an Engineer. Being paranoid is a good thing as Engie, it keeps your back un-knifed. Check everyone that even comes near you unless you have a gaggle of teammates who have your back. If a Spy saps your stuff, try to kill him first before unsapping your stuff.
>> No. 7446
Hey, new meat! I've been where you were before, and I'm still on the long road towards not sucking myself, so here's some of the things I've had to learn:

1) Know how to navigate the maps with your eyes closed. As you keep playing, you'll start getting for a feel for where Snipers like to camp, where Engineers build nests, where Spies lurk, where Demoman lay sticky traps...etc. Some maps in particular have very common offensive or defensive tricks to them that will result in curb stompage if you don't defend against them. (If you want a detailed map-by-map breakdown, shoot me an email with the subject [TF2 Help] and I'll teal deer my experiences at you.)
2) Communicate with your team via mike whenever possible or team chat in a pinch. If you're playing near the front lines, send back word about what sort of resistance to expect. If you're being hounded by a persistent Dead Ringer Spy, tell your team's Pyro so they know to come by. And so on. Above all, ALWAYS thank your Medic whenever you get healed.
3) Watch gameplay videos to learn from the masters. Those who have been at this game a really long time have figured out all sorts of devious tricks. Do this for both the classes you play a lot so you can be better at it, and classes you don't play so you know what things to look out for.
4) Always be at least somewhat cognizant of what's going on, especially as an Engineer--the ability to move your team to the front lines and defend lesser-traveled paths becomes more important the bigger the map is. If you're on 5-point CP and your team's just made a capture, move the gear up as soon as possible--I tend to do Teleporters first, then Sentries and Dispensers, but this isn't an ironclad rule. If there are multiple Engineers, help them build and Spycheck, even if you haven't made your own nest yet--better to have one really well defended Level 3 then a couple of Level 1s while everyone stands there twiddling their thumbs waiting for metal. If a Medic is ready to push with an uber, follow behind to add supporting fire--or, if it's the enemy that has an uber, shoot the class being ubered into the sky with an airblast or well-timed explosion and reduce their effectiveness.

Oh, and this should really go without saying, but don't advertise your trade every five seconds if nobody's in the mood to trade. Just ask nicely at the beginning and end of the round, and if there are no takers this time, wait to the next round. Or go to a dedicated trade server.
5) Every time you die (and you will die--a lot), take it in stride. Learn from your death. If you have to take a deep breath and count to ten, do that. If you have to ragequit, do that too.
6) Have fun. I like to call TF2 "death tag" because that's precisely what it is. I staunchly believe it's entirely possible to enjoy oneself at any level of play.
>> No. 7447
The Pyro player here. Hit me up on steam if you want any help just practicing or whatever.

Anyways, here's some videos I watched when I first started getting really into TF2. I think this guy's videos are some of the better ones.

Pyro how-to:

Engie how-to:

Scout how-to:
>> No. 7449
As a Pyro, please be the team player and extinguish your flaming teammates.
You don't know how many times I've seen a bunch of Pyros standing there useless while their teammates go up in flames.

Use your airblast to push away stickybombs and Ubered pairs.
If you're lucky you can confuse the Uber team long enough so that their uber runs out or even better, separate them and thus breaking their uber.
>> No. 7451
File 131074162125.jpg - (12.48KB , 300x217 , 300px-BLU.jpg )
>I suck at Scout, but I know you have to keep moving.

The only reason I still keep using Scout is because I'm infatuated with "The Shortstop". Most of my offline training was devoted to playing as him, but once I decided to start challenging real world players, he just became deadweight.

>Engie is a lot about knowing what's where in a map, and picking the right spot to place your stuff

My favorite place to put a sentry is on Dustbowl in front of the second control point on the ledge right in front of the stairway. The sentry has a complete overview of the area to the point where nothing can sneak past it, well, except for a cloaked spy o'course
>> No. 7452
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, so that's what it does

I kept thinking it sprayed gasoline for some reason
>> No. 7455
You can also redirect rockets with the airblast, although that takes a bit of practice with timing.

Actually you can redirect a lot of things with airblast.
Grenades, stickybombs, rockets, sentry rockets (but not bullets unfortunately), baseballs, flares, arrows, and jarate.
But I wouldn't suggest grenades, because they don't blast back very far and they will minicrit you if you're too close.
>> No. 7458
>Above all, ALWAYS thank your Medic whenever you get healed.

Good god, there is not enough THIS in the world. You have no idea how much more inclined to heal you I become if people say thank you. Like, running-halfway-across-the-map inclined.

Another defensive Engie tip: enemies can't walk through your buildings, but you and your teammates can, so use your dispenser to block off doorways, like the top of the spiral ramp in 2fort.

Look out for ways to take advantage of the environment as a Pyro - airblast people off bridges or into saws or other hazards.

Finally, don't be put off by the douchenozzles who make fun of your failure. No-one is born a champ at TF2, we all sucked at one point. In the case of yours truly, the sucking hasn't really stopped.
>> No. 7460
It should. That'd be awesome.

On a sidenote, as someone who's not played in a while, this thread is a good refresher course.
>> No. 7463
Fellow newbie here.

Whenever playing as Pyro and finding yourself in a 1 vs. 1 with another Pyro, get out of the range of their flamethrower (airblast does wonders), switch to your shotgun and shoot away. From my experience, most players won't attempt to do the same, and even if they do, you should already have gotten a couple of hits in. They should go down quickly as long as you keep out of the range of their flamethrower.

This goes for all classes and it's not exactly an advanced strategy (I mean c'mon it's obvious) but from my experience most Pyros seem to ignore this rule completely and just charge head-on into an enemy Pyro without a second thought. Even at low health. Even when the enemy has the Backburner equipped. Use range to your advantage against these people.

Also, spycheck everyone. EVERYONE. Spycheck the corner behind the Snipers who are standing around in a large herd (stupid stupid stupid). Spycheck the Engie's buildings. Spycheck the Medic-Heavy duo's backs. SPYCHECK
>> No. 7467
I'm not new but I'm that great at the game so heres some hints.

As an Engineer don't be afraid to explore spots sure your sentry gets destroyed but you can build a new one real quick.

As Pyro remember you have other weapons don't concentrate soley on the flame thrower. Try to catch enemies sneaking around and try to ambush people. Another useful thing is to take down Heavy Medic pairs.

As Scout keep running and circle your enemy. Pick off sentries from afar and help your team if you have MadMilk. Run with your team for a bit don't try to solo all the time.
>> No. 7471
>If you come up against a Medic using a syringe gun, and you aren't close enough for flames, run. He's probably using the Blutsauger (it heals him as he does damage) and you wont be able to take the bastard down.

Oh god, I love when pyros run at me! Suckers!

Also yes, flame everyone. It just becomes habit. I passed two sniper in ctf_well once on my team. One was standing, one crouching, both looking out the window. Flamed them out of habit, BOTH caught fire. There were some sneaky, sneaky spies on that night.
>> No. 7472
File 131076915718.jpg - (72.48KB , 200x200 , tf2_engie.jpg )
Oh yeah, I always ALWAYS go out of my way to thank them, because they're basically putting their lives on the line for me in good faith

This is also why I play as an Engineer more often than not because of the valuable assest that is the Dispenser and so the Medic doesn't have to worry with me as much.
>> No. 7477
There are far too many things for me to put here, for every class and every weapon. I am a jack of all trades though, not great with any single class, but decent with them all, so if ye need any training or have a question, let me know here and Ill be a coach for ya.
>> No. 7482
Don't focus on helping your team. Only person you should help is the medic healing you! Get lots of numbers for yourself! Look at the scoreboard a lot! Make sure you are top number there! Check out your kill/death ratio lots! The people who get invited to best teams are not the ones with the dispenser or the pain train! It's the one with the biggest number! The world is ruthless! Be ruthless too! That is the only way you will be respected!
>> No. 7484
Any good tips on how not to be a W+M1 Soldier? Strategies for Black Box or Direct Hit? I don't like vanilla Rocket Launcher.
>> No. 7489
I'd love some coaching/training user name is f2p_cancer
>> No. 7490
Two very differing weapons I can assure you that much. As a beginner, you will find yourself in a lot of situations where it is hard to get a bead on an opponent. One of the first things with soldier and his rockets is prediction, seein where the enemy is going and firing a rocket at where they will be, not where they are.

Depending which one you main, black box or DH, fine tuning your secondary one will prove a bit trickier because you are swiftly changing calculations that are already in your head. BB is a case of aiming a fair bit in front of them if they are a great distance away, where's with DH the speed of the rockets mean you are placing it much closer to them.

Aim at the ground or a near by wall with BB. Its hard to pin point a slow rocket so you hit an obstacle and let the blast radius do the hard work. Aiming at their feet can also pop some people up into the air, leaving you time to launch a second rocket at where they will land. With the DH, it has next to no blast radius to speak of, so launched rockets should be aimed directly at the target.

Also, don't forget you have a back up shotgun which is handy due to the soldier's slow reload time on his launcher and it can do a fair bit of damage up close.

Another must for soldier is having the high ground, due to it giving a +20 to all rocket attacks.much better position to aim from. Pinpoint a bit of ground when you are close to parallel from it can prove very tricky. The higher you are however, the easier it gets to pin point where you want to shoot.

With soldier though, sometimes I find he is the best for analysing ahead and deciding what to do with what I have, I've included a video of me playing on Gravelpit recently, check it.

As for mobility, I want to cover rocket jumping a bit, but Im not sure if yer at that stage yet. Let me know.

Thats not the info ye need to add on steam,ye need yer steam id, but its cool. My steam id is Donstheman, just add me to yer friend's list. Ill come up as Donny.
>> No. 7495
Thanks, that's really helpful. I can rocket jump but I'm not very good at it, don't know if I'm going to use it enough to justify Gunboats and I don't think I'll ever find the Mantreads useful.
>> No. 7496
I want to know how to block people from being able to see my inventory. I have a pair of Earbuds I don't intend to trade with anybody, and it's gotten to the point where I can't even wear them without people spamming me trade requests and getting super butthurt when I don't just hand them over. I've been told there's a site where you can see anyone's inventory, even if you haven't registered an account. Can I opt out of that?
>> No. 7499
Isnt there an option to only recieve trade requests from friends?
>> No. 7500
Make your Steam profile friends-only.

But yeah, random solicitations for trading are annoying as hell.
>> No. 7501
If you don't want people to see your backpack on tf2items.com or tf2b.com just make your steam profile page private or friends only.

(click on community in the steam window, click "edit my profile" then click the settings tab)
>> No. 7503
Rocket jumping will come with time. I was so against it at first cause I felt it wasn't worth about 50hp, but now days, ye can't stop me from hopping about.
>> No. 8034
Oh, something I forgot to mention:
If you have horrible aim (like me), at least turn on the damage display so you know when you're hitting your opponent. Ranged weapons like rockets and grenades have a delay in the time from when they are fired to when they explode, so you have to get a feel for leading your target.

Same goes for when you're playing Sniper--not only do you have to deal with zig-zagging opponents and lag, but the hitbox is a little different from what you expect. (I find it a lot easier to aim for the neck. That way, if I miss, I at least still land a bodyshot.)
>> No. 8041
The real cancer is hipster whining about everything

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