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File 131231436374.jpg - (129.79KB , 485x488 , 1312313631728.jpg )
8057 No. 8057
I don't know if this is the right board, but what servers do you guys regluarly play on?
2F2F mario_kart heree.
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>> No. 8059
[PoE] Garbage Day and the Mantrain.
>> No. 8065
Some nighteam servers, joe.to friendly fire server, Rage* saraya server, sometimes mantrain and GoR's engi power server.
>> No. 8066
Since I found the Union of Polite Gamers, I've only ever gone there and to dodgeball.
>> No. 8885
Every server I go on ever are filled with complete douchebags who are pro, continuously say they would rather be playing Black Ops and NEED to tell me that I am a total F2P even though I bought the game years ago.

Captcha: love. Yeah I wish.
>> No. 8891
if i feel like a serious play, i'll play on a PLR server. derping around, i'll go on an idle or surf server.
for plr, i frequent No Heroes, or a low-ping Valve server if i don't feel quite on my game. for derping, I frequent LowLagFrag, AlphaOmega, and AoxBox.
>> No. 8892
File 131594487844.jpg - (58.88KB , 382x440 , ghostgang.jpg )
My server is The Boneyard.


I set it up with the creator of Dead Winter and a lot of webcomics folks frequent it. We have SRS PLAY nights as well as a derp night on Sundays called Awkward Boners.

I also love Luigi's Trading Post because I like finding new items to dress up my murder dollies.
>> No. 8893
I mostly play at Lokalen. All vanilla servers and the average skill level is OK.
>> No. 8894
Regular 2f2f (always have, always will), and various Pony servers when 2f2f is feeling dull.
>> No. 8917
UNF server. The people are friendly and I just like orange maps. EHG Trading Server is a close second (derping around and chatting with the locals) is a close second and AO Clan Battery Acid in third. I rarely get bored of the main three, but when I am I visit some niche servers such as the Sepulchritude and Touhou Fortress servers
>> No. 8919
My personal favorite server is Halolz.com's "Gentleman Heavy's Fancy Fedora Time". The only irritation I've found with it is that it's password-protected now and the password is under regular rotation, so it's usually a good idea to check their Steam group page before trying to log on.
>> No. 9006
oh man, i laughed way harder than i should have at OP's pic
>> No. 9009
I mainly play on the Labcoat Gamers servers or the Lordkat Mafia server.

I'll jump on mantrain whenever it's active too. It's pretty much the only custom map server I have right now. :[
(well, aside from cock and balls and brbuninstalling red version, though I'm muted on both due to them both automatically muting micspammers even though you can disable that now.)

You best switch to the ones we recommend here in this thread. Labcoat Gamers is generally pretty chill.
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