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File 131362655129.jpg - (170.86KB , 331x685 , Pilot_Class_by_michaelfirman.jpg )
8388 No. 8388
obviously the 10th class will likely never exist, unless they do happen to input a VIP protection/escort mode.

but its always fun to dream, etc. so drop some of your ideas about what the tenth class could be... heres mine:

The Scavenger:

>spawns with no weapons and ammo (maybe just a strong pistol.)

>has to get weapons (and in some cases, special equipment) from fallen enemies and teammates.

>has same health as the soldier

>same speed as the sniper

>can use any melee weapon from any class, provided he can scavenge them in-game.
>>some melee weapon effects will not apply to him, some for obvious reasons, and some for balance reasons

>can use any of the scouts primary weapons
>>can use the force a nature to double jump

>can use any of the soldiers rocket launchers
>>cannot rocket jump without taking serious damage

>can use any of the Pyro's flamethrowers at half the ammo capacity, OR he can use a flare gun, NOT both.

>can use the demoman's Grenade launcher as effectively as the demo, cannot place more than 4 stickybombs, Cannot equip BOTH the sticky bomb launcher or grenade launcher.

>can temporarily equip one of the heavy's primary weapons, but can not move with it due to his inferior strength, this allows him to use the minigun exactly where it was dropped by a fallen heavy, making it into something similar to a mounted gun

>can use a heavy's sandwich or other food, one time only until rescavenged.

>can use the Engie's build tool to build either one Lvl 1 dispenser, or one lvl 1 sentry, it cannot be upgraded or repaired by the scavenger or other engies
cannot move the constructions either

>can use the medic's medi-gun with almost the same efficiency as the medic, but cannot uber charge. can also use any of the needle guns, but NOT both

>can use the sniper's huntsman effectively

>can use the Sniper's Sniper rifles, but cannot charge more than halfway

>can use the sniper's SMG as a primary weapon, with a slightly higher chance for crits, considering it was intended to be used as a secondary.

>can use the spy's sapper one time

>can use the spy's revolvers without penalty as a secondary

>can use the Spy's cloak as a primary weapon with reduced cloak time.

>can drink Bonk! to gain the same speed as scout for a temporary time, can only be used once, and is still vulnerable to attack, but can attack with his secondary or melee.

>can use any throwables for the same effect, but can only use it once, unless rescavenged

i think thats pretty much it...
i'm sure theres alot i havent thought out properly and etc. but i think its a pretty good way to start off a thread...
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>> No. 8389
Make him black, and it will be perfect.
>> No. 8390
That's a really clever idea!
>> No. 8392
Hot damn this is awesome. It's so unique! Kudos, bro.

My 10th class is purely self indulgent: The Sailor.
>> No. 8394
Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty awful... in a game like TF2 you need to know almost instantly what a character is capable of/ they can do... Pyro sets you on fire, Engie makes buidings, etc. This guy can do everything so is far too hard to predict and make strategy around, not to mention remembering every weapon he can and cannot use, etc
>> No. 8395
Gonna have to agree here. The rule of thumb for TF2 is to keep things simple. This class is ridiculously complicated.
>> No. 8397
i wasn't really taking it seriously , and more than 2/3rds i made up on the fly while typing it in here.

also, i would like to see a well rounded 10th class that uses some kind of auto rifle... i dont think it would be that out of place in tf2... perhaps a grease gun or something, to keep up with the visual style
>> No. 8408
The scavenger:
Starts out with a pistol with equal power as Spy's except with faster rate of fire. Whenever he kills another player, he automatically get's his weapon. Has same health as Pyro, except a bit slower.
>> No. 8411
Sorry, bro. There's already a tenth class.
Demoknight. Just switch to any shield and the Wee Booties.
>> No. 8413
Rather than allowing him to use most of the weapons in the game, how about he's limited to weapons that are shared between classes like the Pistol or Shotgun?
>> No. 8511
Isn't the civilian technically the 10th class?
>> No. 8527
I'd like to see a legit Civilian like in TFC.
>> No. 8714
Make a knight class and give him all the swords and stuff and get Demoman back to normal.
>> No. 8729
I had an idea once for a tenth class.
I called it "The Duel Weilder" The character had slightly less speed than medic, and a health range similar to Pyro or Demoman.
The dude was some kind of Asian. (Korean or Japanese I think.) But he spoke perfect English and wouldn't understand you if you talked to him with any Asianic language.
He carries two XM8 Automatic rifles as 1st waepons. Two hand guns as secondary. And two Swords as melee. He has no special abilities except that he can cary two weapons at once, and is the shortest member of the team at 5 foot 4. (He could also be from Africa or Jamaca, but I insist that his size remains the same.) He has short cut hair died a bright and flashy red for some odd reason and is in his late 20s or early 30s. (Dreadlocks if he's from Jamaca.)
>> No. 8769
File 131535180964.jpg - (37.47KB , 634x286 , cho.jpg )
i remember that guy ranked up a good score on koth_virginia_tech right?
>> No. 8789
ouch! took me a moment to get that.
>> No. 8797
File 131547339417.jpg - (69.76KB , 540x726 , what_the_fuck_am_i_reading.jpg )
its like i'm on DA looking at OC's that have 0 relation to the art style and look like bishie(? kawaii desu maybe) COD OC instead of anything remotely tf2 related

and no matter how many ways i try to visualize this character i can only picture it drawn on lined paper and colored with crayons
>> No. 8823
Only 10th class I could ever imagine fitting into TF2's gameplay is FiveTail's Auxiliary.
If there were a game mod without health/ammo packs spawning across the maps, and it had a more realistic take to it (implying TF2 can be realistic), I think Auxi could really work in-game.
>> No. 8844
File 131570574117.jpg - (51.15KB , 334x311 , 1296192033381.jpg )
The Civilian from older Team Fortress.
He doesnt have any weapons (except parasol) and low health and he must be guarded to point to point and not to let rival team to kill him, like in "The Hunted"
>> No. 8846
Totally off topic, but please tell me that pic is supposed to be ironic/sarcastic.
>> No. 8847
Not the poster, but you really shouldnt take offense to things so easily. This is the internet, after all. Worse things happen in the world that you should worry about, so dont go derailing threads.

Anyway, back on topic, I like the idea of finding a way to get the Civilian back into the game. Escort missions and such.
>> No. 8855

We do have Escort Missions, sort of, in the form of Payload and Payload Race.
>> No. 8870
Yeah, but it'd be a lot interesting to have the "cart" be able to move around and hide, I think.
>> No. 8887
If im gonna say its not ironic or sarcastic, your propably gonna tell me a cliched story how your brother was lost in the pointless war, maybe? blaa blaa i really care. welcome to internet fella
>> No. 8888
The Scavenger seems to be a bit overpowered than other classes, even if he is a mix of every class with weaker weapons he still seems to be quite overpowered
>> No. 8895
The lawyer. He has the power of litigation.
>> No. 8897
File 131597684146.jpg - (64.00KB , 500x500 , 129004454647071344.jpg )
Now that's scary!
>> No. 8898
I really liked the 'Meet the Dog' proposal. Though I'd feel weird gibbing a dog.
>> No. 8900
As opposed to gibbing people?
I think it'd be a good change of pace. They could even change it so certain servers don't have to use the Dog as a class, to cater toward people who feel overly uncomfortable with it.
>> No. 8901
Let's be fair. I'd been pissed by more humans than dogs. I know more people I'd rather blow up (not that I'd blow up someone) than animals.
>> No. 8946
The Chaplain.

Basically your standard military chaplain, but being the Dungeons and Dragons nerd that I am, giving him some abilities of a Cleric, ie his powers are of a divine origin.

He would probably be of Italian or Irish (apologies for the stereotype) background. Weapons wise, he would have a crucifix, a bible, and holy water, for healing much like the Medic, but he can also have divine assistance such as:
-Smite: says a prayer and a lightning bolt comes down from the sky, obliterating the enemy.

-Plague: enemy is affected by a Biblical disease (could deal mini-crits much like Jarate)

I know this is probably incredibly stupid class, but if anyone could improve on this?
>> No. 8947
I like the idea of a holy man being on the field, but things like lightning bolts and plagues would just stir up trouble among the fanbase.

Maybe he can be more of a boosting class. He could say non-descript prayers over dead bodies from their team, and depending on who is near him, they get a ten second boost or a nerf.
>> No. 8949
And of course holy water would douse any flaming allies...

I think it would grate too much on my sensibilities to have a combat chaplain though...
>> No. 8950
Alright, my friend dreamed this up, and I figured I'd post it for her, because it's somewhat less awful than her usual ideas.

The landminer.

Basically has no weapons. Only a cloak that last twice as long as a Spy's, and recharges when they hold still. High tolerance for blast damage.
Their purpose is to sneak around the field, and plant stealth landmines in the ground that blow up anyone on top of them.

So it's basically a stickyDemo, only you can't see the stickies to avoid/destroy them.

I personally would think this class would be a pain in the ASS to play against, but like I said, it's one of her less-worse ideas, so I figured I'd let her get some feedback.

She also had one that was basically a Scout with a flamethrower, but I just said FUCK NO, because it would be far too OP.
>> No. 8951

Ok, thanks for that input. I just thought it would be a good fit for the team because I read about Francis Sampson, this priest who served as a chaplain during World War II. His story was the basis for Saving Private Ryan, so I thought Hey why not?


>> No. 8952
I would absolutely adore it if that sort of class was put in, though he'd need to be a mixture of most major religions if he was to actually make it in. Dont want to go angering the masses.

He could be a completely supporting class, with no ability to kill or injure people. He could only do the boosts/nerfs and put out fires with holy water. Killing him would weaken you, but leaving him be would hurt your team as a whole.
>> No. 8954

Sampson was actually exactly what I thought of when I read the description. My objection to 'combat chaplain' wasn't an objection to having a chaplain on the battlefield at all, just to having one that dealt damage...

But, I like the idea of a holy man on the field who couldn't kill you, but who hurt you if you killed him...
>> No. 8956

that does sound like a brilliant idea
>> No. 14735
I have an idea for a class: the Artillery.

Weapons: Multi Missile Launcher, Machine Gun, Sledgehammer

The Artillery is heavily armed and armoured, which makes him a walking tank. He is a combination of the Soldier and Demoman, but he uses long range to dispatch his foes just like an actual artillery piece. The Artillery lacks any sidearms and he is very slow, even slower than the Heavy.
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