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File 128924967674.png - (6.17KB , 176x101 , AtteroDominatusBitches.png )
84 No. 84
Show off your named items, boys and gals!

I start with something I really really had to do. Because Swedish Power Metal rocks. The song in question (the title means something along the lines of "Swift Victory") is about the Allies invading Berlin. Fits, imo.

Now it's your turn!
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>> No. 3651
File 129859524574.png - (9.04KB , 208x181 , problemsleuth.png )
>> No. 3690
I am uncreative. I named minigun Sasha, and brass beast Ludmilla. Sasha was obvious, but Ludmilla just came because I thought all the miniguns should be named.
>> No. 3693
Ludmilla was actually the name of the unreleased healing Minigun, I think. According to the Wiki.

I have two named items, but they're both references to RP's, so I won't post them here.
>> No. 3732
File 129890507348.png - (6.99KB , 158x164 , nazimask.png )
Obvious name is obvious.
>> No. 3738
You mean Cubone's Mother's Skull

>> No. 3821
File 129933246390.png - (125.91KB , 690x698 , Painted_Hound_Dog_5885A2.png )
Even though Tf2 is filled with weeaboos, I haven't this combination anywhere:

Hound Dog + Team Spirit + Join the BLU team + Renamed so that it refers to Franky from One Piece

Might also work with Color similar to Slate. I'm too poor to test it :(
>> No. 3825

...I was just about to hunt down a Hounddog and do that.
>> No. 3949
My friend did that.
>> No. 3990
File 129998148928.png - (56.94KB , 638x451 , Magi.png )
I can't believe that nobody thought of this earlier...

Description will be: "Magikarp used splash, IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!"
>> No. 4080
File 130031950382.jpg - (243.02KB , 1440x720 , blackridermedicloadout.jpg )
I finally finished my Black Rider Medic.

It is stupid how proud I am of this little guy.
>> No. 4640
File 130257823956.png - (18.81KB , 251x138 , bostonbasher_renamed.png )
So yeah, I finally get a name tag, and I use it to make a fairly obvious reference that I suspect other people might have thought of, too. For a class that isn't even one of my most played, no less.

...nope, still can't get myself to regret this.
>> No. 4650
File 130264678729.jpg - (60.04KB , 837x557 , omch.jpg )
This was my only hat random drop.
>> No. 4651
I love it, but why not for the Sun on a Stick?
>> No. 4652

1. I've had this name/item combination in mind since before the Sun-On-A-Stick came out

2. Don't really care much for the Sun-On-A-Stick, to be honest. I'd probably end up crafting/trading it if I got it, so why bother wasting a name tag?

...I'm going to get this question in-game a lot, aren't I?
>> No. 4653
File 13026537635.jpg - (81.57KB , 1440x900 , 2011-04-02_00001.jpg )

You'll regret it if you ever actually try to use the thing.

My effort.
>> No. 4654

My sister's been laughing hysterically over this since it was mentioned a few days ago.
>> No. 4655
When did I mention it before? And thanks, I put hard work into making that shitty lame hat the best it can be!
>> No. 4656

It was somewhere around here, I'm sure. I do not think such a thing could be forgotten...

I need to start shaking people I know down for unwanted medic items so I can make myself a hat-o-healing.
>> No. 4672
File 130278645690.jpg - (11.56KB , 344x311 , 1914.jpg )
Everybody jelly.
>> No. 4754
File 13029251856.png - (95.26KB , 803x420 , yep.png )
>> No. 4755
File 130292676945.gif - (458.47KB , 500x282 , miniongrin.gif )
Possibly my favorite renames ever.
>> No. 4939
File 130385913051.jpg - (157.11KB , 1000x457 , gribblesniper.jpg )
I finished my Gribble Sniper. I...I love him.
>> No. 4940
Awesome! That made my night.
>> No. 4950
My bro got a hold of a description tag for his Coupe D'saster painted with "the color of a businessman's trousers" (the pale yellow paint)

It's description is now "There will be HELL TOUPEE!!". I think it compliments the default name very well.
>> No. 5021
File 130419589657.png - (21.91KB , 218x198 , Untitled-1.png )
>> No. 5022
I don't have a reaction image to convey my hardy laughter.
>> No. 5033
File 130422862448.jpg - (50.16KB , 730x647 , crossbow.jpg )
My favorite and beloved. Derp.
>> No. 5058
File 130427478431.jpg - (357.97KB , 1748x999 , Waffennamen.jpg )
Yeah. So this is my proud collection so far. And yes, i was the anon in the past who said his Vintage Übersaw had this name. Because eternal Headcanon is Medic is a fan of them. It´s just a band which are part of my youth and i love to hear their songs sometimes.

Halali= A german salute of hunters on the grave of a good hunterfriend or by killing prey.
Do it with style.

Medigun= Because some people forget it by teleporters. And it´s darn funny.

And thanks to TF2chan i needed to call my Gunslinger this. (Original i wanted to take the english Quote of Tweety and Nanny as they say: Pow! *something here in english here* as Silvester get´s it in the face. But didn´t found the english translation. Still it´s warm, delicious Apple Pie. If ya understand...

Engineer taunt in English= Yippy Kay Yay ho.
Engineer taunt in German = Yippy Kay Yay, Schweinebacke.
Engineer taunt translated back again, to quote this famous movie= Yippy Kay Yay, motherhubbard! I believe i need to change the description for this.

Killjoy= Kudos, to who can think of where i took this. You and me could be best friends forever.

Sugar [long name]= Every single time i hear this song i need to think on Sniper.
And it has somehow creepy Sniper in there to from the lines. (Not to mention my secret fantasie about Sniper playing a bassguitar. He would ROCK.)
>> No. 5059
Oh man, I love the Comedian Harmonists. Props to you.
>> No. 5081
File 130441267426.png - (106.19KB , 578x920 , AITEMU.png )
oh right i forgot to post this here oops
>> No. 5208
File 130475966847.png - (86.50KB , 587x480 , Purple.png )
I am silly and unoriginal
>> No. 5299
Sitting there playing medic and humming "Zydrate Anatomy" and suddenly realized; why haven't I put these two together?? Can't find my pics. My Ubersaw is described as "Happiness IS a warm scalpel." My medigun is called "Chessolin's Zydrate Gun" and the desc is "And when the gun goes off, it sparks and you're ready for surgery, surgery."
>> No. 5356
File 130522485794.png - (26.44KB , 432x223 , femme_fatal.png )
Making a theme for Pyro, the "Femme Fatal" and I need help naming the rest of Pyro's stuff, I plan on naming the Axtinguisher "Malicious Mariticide" or the "Maid of Horror". Also open to suggestions for other themes for other classes.
>> No. 5506
hey, i think you killed my ass last night
>> No. 5543
I have a friend who goes by Merill and Shelly, oddly enough.
>> No. 5603
When I am deprived of sleep, I mix up my words - especially the vowel sounds. Combine this with a last-minute assignment on lasers, and now I have a Kritzkrieg called 'Erbium Derped Fibre Laser'.
>> No. 5785
File 130821260113.jpg - (86.09KB , 1280x720 , 2011-04-28_00001.jpg )
>mein kleine Gruene Kaktus


I still haven't come up with a good name for the Amputator.
>> No. 5796
File 130826943151.png - (35.82KB , 454x347 , items and shit.png )
I shouldn't be allowed to name weapons.
>> No. 8920
File 131619564668.jpg - (253.24KB , 1600x900 , loadout.jpg )
My immensely clever loadout, updated. My sister made me do the rename on her Ullapool Caber.
>> No. 8936
File 131624160492.jpg - (5.60KB , 274x184 , Meat.jpg )
I will wind up using this rename on a Scout weapon even though I don't play him often either... but then I'd have to add a description like 'I swear I saw a young boy down in the gutter, he was starting to foam in the heat'...

I... I think I'm going to wind up on a renaming/describing spree...
>> No. 8944
I thought about Scout when I heard that line too, but I was playing tf2 while listening to that song. Kept thinking of RedSpy and Scoutma (but Redspy respawns at the end so it's ok). Meatloaf rocks :D
>> No. 8955
I will admit, 'there's a man in the shadow with a gun in his eye and a blade shining oh so bright' totally makes me think 'Spy!'.
>> No. 8958
I believe I mentioned somewhere on the chan I called my Bazaar Bargain Achmed the Dead Terrorist...if I still have a description tag, who want's me to put "Silence, I'll Kill You!"?
>> No. 8959
File 131646770740.png - (24.95KB , 620x186 , DICKSEVERYWHERE.png )
I accidentally.
>> No. 8965
>> No. 9016
File 131705342679.jpg - (150.78KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-09-26_00013.jpg )
I'll be surprised if someone gets this.
>> No. 9040

Wasn't Simo Heyha the sniper most feared by the Soviets during the Winter war? The white death?
The man who had his enemy do everything possible to be rid of him?

Have some little known history, comerades! http://ar.to/2010/08/red-blood-white-snow
>> No. 9076
Although there's still one more reference, but you probably need to be a /k/ommando to get it.
>> No. 9332
And my Dead Ringer now has the description 'I don't know who you are, what you do, where you go when you're not around'. (It was almost 'You got the kind of eyes that do more than see', but...)

Of course, I never really play as Spy, so I never really use it, but it was worth it to me.
>> No. 9879
File 132005652762.png - (540.20KB , 1280x800 , falloutengie.png )
Haberdashery. Haberdashery never changes.
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