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File 131371793591.jpg - (57.21KB , 640x582 , 127373893465.jpg )
8416 No. 8416

We finally got the metal fed shotgun!
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>> No. 8417
That Sniper Rifle looks mighty powerful. I'm not sure how much of a significant downside tracer rounds are going to be, but it'll look pretty at least. And wow, that Revolver...might actually be a competitor to the Enforcer. Wouldn't have thought that possible.

I'm not sure how much I like scary robo-Engie.
>> No. 8418
File 131371846161.png - (457.21KB , 665x496 , Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 6_32_37 PM.png )
I really like the new Engineer weapons but WOW some of them are pretty hideous! Especially that Nano-Balaclava thing. I'd love to try out the new Engineer arm, though. Looks neat.
>> No. 8420
This update, I approve.

I approve doubly so because of the fact that there are finally no solly items and there finally ARE engie items.
>> No. 8421
All Engineers fans do your happy dance, Engineer got a promo! I like the Widowmaker as it will be a very valuable weapon in the Engineer's arsenal. Spy's new weapon will possibly force more spys to be strict Sentry destroyers. You get a guaranteed crit for every sapped building. Great if your a spy running away from a pissed off Engineer. Engi's Short Circuit could also be used to stop rockets going at their sentry. So it's Solider proof now! Sniper's The Machina is pretty good if your the kind of sniper to like to hit Heavy/Medic pairs. The bullet may even award a double head shot if your aim is right.
>> No. 8422
These seem nice! But um, not to sound stupid, what does "uses metal for ammo" mean? I mean don't they all? I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding the Widowmaker (but in my defense, I have a hell of a sleep-hangover right now)
>> No. 8423
..Wow, some of these things are super-ugly. Really not fitting for TF2, at the very least. I mean, some of the items are useful, I particularly like the Engineer stuff and the Sniper rifle? And the design of Heavy's robot arm and stuff is cool?

But...augh, I try to be positive about TF2's new promo items but the art design really is suffering from items like this. They really don't feel fitting at all. I know it's F2P and promo items keep the game alive and I'm sure I'll get used to it blah blah blah but I'm finally starting to get weary of all this. The art design ain't what it used to be.
>> No. 8424
They mean the 200 metal he has for building.
>> No. 8426
oh derp, of course. I made me a few of these weapons. I don't usually get excited about new stuff but I could use a few of these.
>> No. 8429
Engineer looks so angry that he's so happy that he's finally got some items, like "YOU FUCKERS THINK THIS AWESOME SHIT IS GONNA PLACATE ME SOMEHOW"
>> No. 8430
>> No. 8431
i really expect them to update the sniper rifle and put some malus on it, right now it sounds too powerful. It's a vanilla rifle with +15% damage :/
>> No. 8432

This puts an awesome scene in my head.

Engie busts into a boardroom at Valve's office, new weapons in/on hand screaming "Ya'll have still incurred my wrath, you've only made my job slightly easier!" and then he proceeds to murderin
>> No. 8433
File 13137411149.gif - (33.39KB , 200x160 , EXCITED PLZ.gif )
I saw Engineer.

I seriously made a sound that was half mouse-being-squished-to-death, half joygasm.

I don't even care what he has. I'm sorry but I really don't.


>> No. 8435
How does he use his pistol with no fingers on his right hand?
>> No. 8437
Uhh, isn't this new Short Circuit a secondary weapon? As in, it replaces the pistol?

Personally, I'm a fan of everything about these weapons except the art style... It seems there are a lot of us whiners who think everything new and non-traditional is ruining teh artz.
>> No. 8438
These things look a tad too futuristic for my taste - It certainly breaks with the goofy crazy technology we've seen before.

Generally speaking though, these could be mighty fun. And Engie finally got something. Rejoice! That pistol thing looks damn cool, I must admit.
>> No. 8439
I was on the edge about getting Deus Ex 3, but damn, these items are pushing me over it.

I'm getting a bit worried about the effect TF2 has on me.
>> No. 8440
File 131375865363.gif - (72.52KB , 335x680 , party pyro.gif )
Jesus, this is glorious.
>> No. 8443
Best Promotional Update ever(for me ofc)
>> No. 8444
File 131376839083.jpg - (51.20KB , 720x480 , downunder_066.jpg )
>> No. 8445
Engie items = yes. Hell yes. I don't even play him much and I'm excited. Would have liked something Medic-specific as a promo, but I ask that with every promo.

Deus Ex = ehhh. Wasn't aware of the series as a kid and have never played it. Dunno whether to be excited or not.
>> No. 8450
Welp, that was a let down.

Engy weapons consume FAR too much metal to warrant practical use, and you may as well forget about ever spy checkin again if you want to be able to repair your shit. Also, that lil gun for engy only does 5 damage per shot, which costs 35 metal to fire AND is close range only. Really? Really valve?
>> No. 8460
They could buff it later.
>> No. 8472
File 131389745861.png - (85.29KB , 518x318 , jackdissapoint.png )
All of my renamed items are now just called the first letter of whatever they were renamed.

I'm extremely irritated.
>> No. 8473
However anyone may feel about these weapons' balance, this is still introducing weapons with new concepts, especially those engie weapons.

What I'm curious about is what slot the Short Circuit will fill and how the animations would work. The secondary? If so, then how will engie hold a wrench? I'm assuming that it's a prosthetic just like the gunslinger.

Also, though one might complain that these items don't fit with TF2's original atmosphere of the 1950s, it only makes it that much easier for enterprising modders to reskin more of TF2 into a futuristic sci-fi shooter.
>> No. 8770
Not exactly update per se, but apparently the spiral sallet's an all class hat now?
>> No. 8812

I think it was supposed to be from Day 1 according to the official wiki.
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