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File 13154806256.jpg - (35.40KB , 470x340 , Sexy Kangaroo.jpg )
8798 No. 8798
"All Anal on the Western Front"
"Kid Vegas Watch Me Camp, Bitch"
"Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy"
"Anal Fireball" - had to throw one in there for the Pyro fans...
"1001 Ways to Eat my Jizz: Biscuits and Gravy Edition"
"Schindler's Fist"
"Crocodile Done Me"
"Three Men and a Barbie"
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>> No. 8800
File 131549240223.jpg - (114.02KB , 1024x768 , 128936143424.jpg )
Dear god.

>> No. 8805
i can only imagine what that entails......
>> No. 8809

Dog and her Bone (Your mum, my Dick)
The Summer of 69ing
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Willy Wanka and HIS Chocolate Factory
Your mom, the movie
18 going on 69
Blowing up asses
There's a Black Man in my Wife's Ass (Medic, is that you?)
Assino Royale
German Whorefare
Sandwich of Love
Willy Wanker and His Fudge Packing Factory (yes, there were two of these "gems"!)
Savign Ryan's Privates (and two of these, too)
Weapons of Ass Destruction
>> No. 8833
File 131563935947.png - (114.96KB , 484x317 , totorolaugh.png )
>>Your Mom, The Movie as a legit porn title

I saw a screenshot of an online porn video called Gay Sex With Hats On. PRETTY MUCH.
>> No. 8834
"Tea Bagger Vance"
"Free My Willy"
"American Booty"
"Field of Wet Dreams"
"Die Hard-on"
"A Few Hard Men"
"The Three Fuckateers"
"Full Latex Jacket"
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of BOOM BOOM" (obviously, starring Demoman)
"XXX Men"
"The Bone Molester"
"Porn on the 4th of July" (Starring Solly)
"Waiting to XXX Hale" (We knew Saxton was gonna show up sooner or later!)
"Done in 60 Seconds"
"One Blew Another in the Cuckoo's Nest" (Or the Sniper's Nest)
"The Dirty Dozen Inches"
"Much Ado About Fucking" (as n00bs to this site learn)
"KY-19 The Analmaker"
"Black Cock Down" (Another Demoman production)
"Full Metal Jackoff"
"Children of the Cornhole" (Especially on the RED bases)
"Why Things Burn" (another one for Pyro Lovers)
"Fat the Bald and the Ugly" (Yeah, one for Heavy!)
"Das Butt" (Medic!)
"Das Booty" (MEDIC!)
"Horny With a Chance of My Balls"
"Hung Wankenstein" (MEDIC!!)
"Schlong Blade"
"Eating Ryan's Privates" (That makes 3 parodies of that now)
"The Queer Hunter" (Calling Mr. Mundy!)
>> No. 8835
I think Heavy's pretty damn attractive, actually, but that's just me.
>> No. 8838
File 131569324754.png - (141.81KB , 425x239 , heavysexy.png )

It isn't just you.
>> No. 8839

Sorry, that was supposed to be a joke. I don't think he's exactly fat, either. Yeah, he has a Sandvich belly (not sure you can call it a beer belly when he drinks Peach Bellinis), but he's not a pudgeball. He just carries his extra weight in his belly... and muscles.

Personally, not so attracted, but that probably has more to do with my reaction to that line "What Was dat, Sandwich? Kill them all? (laughter) Good idea!" Funny, yes, but kinda frightening.
>> No. 8840
thirded. come to think of it, i find all of the classes attractive.
>> No. 8841
File 131569806217.jpg - (80.15KB , 900x600 , listening_for____something__by_contorted4life-d46p.jpg )

I was planning on doing a calendar (personal for me) with the art I have been commissioning from KG Bigelow. I have reference pics of real guys for the characters and everything (well, Solly and Engie and Medic were unreferenced), but I have my ones for Scout and Heavy ready. This one is Scout. (Dat Ass!)
>> No. 8842
File 131569818780.jpg - (192.64KB , 469x700 , mystical_muscle_growth_water_by_greysonfurrington-.jpg )
and this one was/is Heavy (I dunno, I may go with the one she already did, or something else).
>> No. 8843
File 131569835848.jpg - (178.44KB , 436x600 , Masked_Thug_by_jacobmott.jpg )
And this one was going to be Heavy's Dick. Yes, I posted it elsewhere in another thread.
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