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File 131574007487.jpg - (70.21KB , 318x178 , knockoff_everything.jpg )
8849 No. 8849
Last time, on Final Combat... http://tf2chan.net/dis/res/5743.html

There's a new official page up at http://fc.duowan.com, let's see how long this one takes before it gets region banned.

(And it looks like all of our guesses were way off: there's only 5 classes so far, each of them having 2 alternate skins.)

Watch this space for translations--the devs have finally spoken up about all of the accusations that the game is a TF2 ripoff.
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>> No. 12208

How to get stuff in Final Combat:
1. Complete goals as listed in the game tab
2. Redeem points earned in game modes
3. Exchange with awards earned in game modes
4. Randomly gained in the VIP box. (Not sure how to become a VIP yet, can't find the info.)

Yup, you can also use real-world money to buy yourself points, too. 1 renminbi (approximately 16 cents as of this post) buys 100 FC points.
>> No. 12218
Accessing this from Auckland, New Zealand and have been following this when I was vacationing in Hong Kong. So Hong Kong and New Zealand proxies should work.

I also read Chinese, if that helps. Anything more specific you guys want me to look up for you guys?
>> No. 12224

Would you be able to proofread the translations I did? I tried to stay as faithful to the original text as possible, but I did take some liberties.
>> No. 12240

Drama in the FC fandom! It's time to ask the developers questions again, and the complainers have all popped out of the woodwork.

I may do a full translation of the comments later, but so far, the majority of complaints seem to be directed around how buggy and unbalanced everything is, and how slow Xunlei is to address those issues.

Ah, the delicious, delicious schadenfreude.
>> No. 12298
  lol. I mean lolicon. I mean The Medical.
>> No. 12308

TL;DR: Final Combat is horrific, I'm sorry I even learned what this was, and I might find a way to crack/play it even though it's region locked (just like I do with MapleSEA (European Maplestory) just so I can bitch about it further. Gamemakers need to stop charging for integral parts of the game and they need to stop adding parts that you have to pay for to outclass your peers in said games, especially MMORPG/MMOFPS, because it fucking ruins everything and it's disgusting that they're making so much goddamn money off of us and not putting it into better gameplay, for the games we do spend money on.

When I'm not playing TF2/the 53590509x other shooters I play, Maplestory is another game I sometimes embark into.

It used to be, before Nexon bought out Wizet, that the items you bought were either purely cosmetic (clothes and make-up, hair, etc) or just pet items, like something to pick up money/items when you killed an enemy.

But now, there are some classes where you have the choice to either buy the skill or learn it yourself (though I'm almost certain that for a few of them you have to buy the skills).

I used to think that Valve was greedy as fuck (ten dollars for a hat wtf?) but when I thought about it in the long run, their items are also purely cosmetic until you start fucking with abilities/crafting etc, excluding weapons and shit, of course.

However, this is bullshit, on this 'Final Combat' excuse for a TF2 ripoff. I'd gladly pay ten bucks for a hat etc, 30 for a bundle than actually having to spend money for integral parts of the game (rocket jumping, etc).

So in the end, kudos, Valve. You have managed to make a great game that doesn't require spending money every month to play, unless you really want to.

I logged into Maplestory earlier, and the items I bought last about 3 months. Some are permanent, but you have to catch the promotions. For three months, for about... 4 dollars and 80 cents, you get the pet items, 9-15 dollars for a permanent pet (you don't have to buy it again). Unfortunately, the game is now hideously unbalanced because of the stat items/cubes/etc you can buy and is kind of unenjoyable after the first hour.

The saddest part about all of this is that people love these games, but the gamemakers are so money hungry (let's face it, for a lot of games that offer items you have to PAY for to get hideously huge bonuses that unbalance the games) that they charge you for integral shit, things that should be either included already or gotten rid of, and then we get the shitty product in return.

Where does all our money go? Not into better servers, not into better updates that makes shit run adequately. I'm betting it all goes into people's pockets.

Even though the Medic class is horrific, she is kind of cute. Too bad the female's legs would break the moment they got on the combat field and tried to run for more than five seconds.
>> No. 12466
>>implying that Western countries aren't misogynistic.
>> No. 12519

New game mode, survivors vs. infected, involving some sort of helicopter evacuation!

Part one has already expired, so I don't know if it's sticking around or not. We'll see in a week or so, I guess.
>> No. 12520
We could start making comparisons to Left4Dead, but really, dozens of games have already done the same: Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, and several other titles who've made the zombie horde their dead zombified horse to beat.

Still, at least they're branching out.
>> No. 12661
A page I found later that I haven't bothered to translate yet, the new skins for the Zombie Apocalypse update: http://fc.xunlei.com/zt/qiusheng/taozhuang.html?u06id=13415414767209155746
>> No. 12722
Finally getting around to translating the flavor text for the new reskins. Usual disclaimer about translation quality goes here.

Rocket alt: Bomber Lief
*Former star player of the American league football team "the Bombers". After the league [collapsed] during the economic crisis, he continued to wear the Bombers' team uniform in public.

Fatman alt: Martial Artist Darren
*Big-name [Hollywood] martial artist [stunt] coordinator, he has no inhibitions, loves a good fight, and has many scars as a result. The one that he's most proud of is the injury on his nose, reportedly broken during a fight with a tiger, and is still bandaged to this day.

Striker alt: Pirate Mike
*The head of an English gang, he's plotted several international incidents that shocked [even] the FBI. In his down time, he likes to follow the latest gossip, and is a well-known playboy. Catch phrase: "You're too weak for the likes of me!"

Sniper alt: Steely-Gazed Jessica
*Of mixed English and French descent, she is the queen of the nightclubs. Principled, with an angelic face and devilish figure, she's captivated countless men with her steely gaze. Her motto: "In vogue? Whatever I wear ''becomes'' in vogue."

Firebat alt: Skateboarding Jason
*Legendary X-games expert, he specializes in bikes and skateboards, and he [also] likes sticking up for the little guy. Whenever he makes an appearance, he delights [his audience] with the newest fashions and craziest tricks.

Medic(al) alt: Energetic Eire
*An adorable sporty loli (translator note: yes, they're actually using the term "loli"), she is quirky and mischievous, just a little bit stubborn, and the darling of her weird "uncles".
>> No. 12723
Oops, I goofed on a translation. Mike isn't a pirate, he's a "naster thief".
>> No. 12756
Hey guys, I just came back from a little 6 years long stay in China, and I got the chance to play this pile of shit for the past few months.
I've seen some people mention the shop system in that game: Yes, you DO have to pay all the time to get better stats, like more life, more damage, etc, and they go away after a while. So, much like in every single context in China, the more money you give the better the service.
Now, on to the game itself.
It's the most pathetic, half-assed ripoff I've ever played (and trust me, they have ripoffs for every game that's famous). When I say half-assed, I mean it, because they really put no effort whatsoever into making it a little more original. You've seen the videos, you know what I'm talking about. The character design is pretty much identical, except for the 2 female characters (the sniper's tits have jigglebones and she has some really kinky and revealing skins you can buy - Funny for a country so stuck up when it comes to sex that they had to ban every single source of porn).
The striker (not the scout - the scout is yet another upcoming class) is a gigantic pile of shit. He's the generic FPS guy, he runs a little faster than other classes, can aim with the iron sight, and his headshots do more damage. His grenades are utterly useless, and his weapons are not any better. He feels so out of place.
The Soldier... Well he's the soldier/fireman. Nothing different except the lack of rocketjump. His Buff Banner has been replaced with a drum, which works exactly the same way.
The Pyro needs to be nerfed big time. His attack is powerful, the range is ridiculously long (especially with those hitboxes I shall talk about), and the flames are blinding. If a pyro gets close to you, you know you're fucked.
The demoman is absent, because they probably are trying to find which colors to repaint his skin with.
The Heavy is exactly the same, but with a baby's milk bottle instead of the sandwich. He CAN JUMP WHEN SPINNING AND SHOOTING, so he's a fucking lightning bolt shooting everything in sight. He's simply the god of the game just because of this. Seriously, I ended up with ridiculously high scores. He's just a really easy to use acrobat Heavy Weapons Guy. But again, the hit detection is awful, so when you hit, instead of having each bullet recorded, it goes by waves of 5 or something. It's hard to explain, but basicly instead of going 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it goes 5 5 5. Like a slow gear. It feels clunky.
The engineer isn't present yet, because they're probably trying to find a way to suck their own dicks.
The medic is the sorriest of the whole bunch. She's a medic, but with a crossbow that won't even heal instead of a syringe gun for some fucking reason. But it deals enough damage to not be called a pile of shit. The medigun... wow... the fucking medigun... Not only does it look like fucking NOTHING - no, more like a 3 year old drew a gun, and xunlei's boss, being his dad, forced his subordinates to put it in the game - but it is THE ABSOLUTE WORSE HEALING METHOD I'VE EVER LAID MY HANDS UPON. IT IS SO PATHETIC only capslock can be used to describe it. It takes forever for it to lock on its target. It usually fucks up and gets a seizure. And when it locks on, the range is tiny, and the beam barely bends. Try to not just hug your target's back, and you won't manage to heal much. Speaking of which, it BARELY HEALS. It is so fucking slow you had better wait for the wounds to heal themselves by natural means. And when you finally manage to get an ubercharge (here cleverly called ubercharge, but in Chinese, so big difference, amirite?), you right click, and you get to live the 5 least impressive seconds of your life. The uber looks exactly the same as in TF2, but without the same effects that let you FEEL ubered, and man is it short. You right click, and almost immediately your target is back to normal. It is just saddening. It's a tease. It is so short you can almost hear the gun say that has never happened to him before. But it's ok because Chinese people never play Medic anyway, nor as a team either.
And the sniper... Ah...
She's a sniper. But her SMG is the scout and engi's pistol (like, exactly the same). She sucks because when you aim, the mouse doesn't get reduced sensivity. So you end up missing all the time because the hit detection fucking sucks, and your aiming cross keeps on flying all over the place. But as I said, she has rocking tits on which they obviously spent a LOT of time.
And of course the Spy isn't here yet, they're probably wondering if he shouldn't be Mexican and named the "Observing Butterfly" or something like that.
Now, the game has almost all of TF2's game modes: KOTH, CP, PL, some kind of Arena but with team points combined, knife fights, but they almost always take place on the same reskinned version of koth_harvest (they got like 3-4 versions of that map). No CTF. Oh, and they have the giant robot fight.
Yeah, giant robot fight. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Well guess what, they managed to fuck it up. Playing as the robot is fun, you're just an awesome killing machine. But the humans don't get a head start, so those who spawn next to the robot basically wait for the end of the round right from the beginning. Which brings me to my main complaint: There are 2 spots in which you can not die as a human. In one of them it is possible to die, but it takes both luck and time. In the other spot, you get health and ammo, and as long as you're not fucking retarded, you can make a round last for a loooong time, if not forever. You just can't die there. If the robot attacks from one side, move to the other side of the door, and by the time he tries to walk around the building, you're long gone.
Other than that, it's pretty straightforward, kinda fun during the first couple of games. But it quickly becomes boring.
I forgot to mention the game contains no violence whatsoever, because of censorship in China. You know, anything that's remotely violent becomes child-friendly. In an online gaming system where only adults can play, by registering their IDs. Pretty funny.
And again, the hit detection is fucking awful.
The shop, well I've already covered that: You pay you win. You can also buy some fuck-ugly accessories, or, again, hot clothes for the sniper.
The game is full of bugs, it's really unbalanced, you can see it was rushed because they didn't want to lose potential Chinese customers once TF2 became free.
Ooooh important point I'm throwing in here that I remembered before posting this: The voice acting.
Basicly, it's awful. The voices sound awkward, and they usually share some voice samples. And the voices are activated by yourself, no automatic "thank you" or "stand on point" or shit like that. They sound like any other Chinese voice overs: The chick that does the voice for every single Chinese dub ever, the "tough dumbass", and the young guy. they're hard to differentiate, but sound like shit anyway.
But I'll be honest with you guys, there were 2 positive points:
The first one is the colors. They didn't have a theme for the game, nor a backstory to fit that theme, AND they didn't do all the "easy to spot, easy to identify" procedure Valve did when designing the classes and world so that everything is clear, BUT they used bright, happy colors most of the time. Sometimes the screen was just an unintelligible mess because of that, but I didn't look THAT bad (the models were awful, but the colorful environment was ok).
The second good point was the menu's music. An upbeat, rock-ish music, that sounds quite nice.
But that's it.
If you have any questions, ask away. But just know that the game is a gigantic, steaming pile of shit. It's literally just an inferior Team Fortress 2, and playing it just fueled my rage, for Chinese companies truly have no shame.
>> No. 12757
Oh, I forgot to mention, the clown pyro has a face that we can see. No mystery whatsoever, just an average dude.
>> No. 12758
We really are reaching when we list terrible an unclear art directions as a plus.
>> No. 12763
I know this is a bit off topic as to what you people are discussing. Remember when they put in a boss mode in this game where you fight a giant robot? I'm just finding it really ironic considering how TF2 is now getting a similiar game mode in the MvM update.
>> No. 12772
The only similarity here is the robot theme.
In FC, a player gets picked to become the one and only giant robot.
In TF2, apparently it's only humans vs a lot of bots.
>> No. 12773
I don't understand. TF2 is available in China, and it's free, and it's a superior game to Final Combat. Given the choice between TF2 and FC, <I>WHY</i> are Chinese gamers choosing to pay to play an inferior game?
>> No. 12774

I forgot who said it or where it was said, but wasn't it more difficult to get TF2 in China? Due to government censorship and etc?
>> No. 12775
Yes, TF2 is available AND free in China, but it's not popular because they have no real source of video game information in Chinese (like IGN or the many video game websites on the web). They just get to play new games by seeing ads in other games and their websites.
But recently we've unable to use the Steam community and store, so I'm suspecting a Steam ban to promote Chinese companies. As I've mentioned before, there's a shitty Chinese ripoff of every popular game, and they want their gamers to give their money to China. That, plus the anti-west propaganda, and you've got brainless sheep giving money to crooks (again, like any context in China).
When I played Team Fortress 2, there were about 10-15 Chinese servers, and about 100 Korean ones (that usually lagged less, but the gamers were too hardcore), and when I played Final Combat, I was completely disgusted to see a shitton of players.
A lot of Chinese gamers tried to complain and defend TF2, but they quickly got their posts and accounts deleted (Chinese Internet in a nutshell), and if you try to type 军团要塞2 (TF2) in the chat, you get a bunch of ***** instead. Censoring it like that makes it even more obvious that they fucking KNOW what they're doing is shameless.
But since there are pretty much no copyright laws in China, you can do whatever you want. Copy your classmate's essay? Whatever. Copy an electronic device and sell it? Sure. Download torrents like a motherfucker? Cool. Rip a game off and claim the idea to be yours? Fine.
All we can do is watch with rage, while China keeps on believing the West is after poor rittre China.
To prove that copyright don't mean shit in China, know that on their main search engine Baidu, AND on the official Chinese version of Google, there's an MP3 section, where you can download any song you want, for free, and efficiently.
Same goes for movies and TV shows, if you use the Video section, and know how to find the right stuff.
But you can't use those functions outside China.
>> No. 12776
Also, I gave myself a name to be sure you guys can see my posts.
Also, hi, I'm new to this board, but I've owned TF2 since November 2007.
>> No. 12861
Problem is we had Freak fortress/Saxton hale mode which could be similar thing
>> No. 12919
We could always have a "canon" version of this added, one that's not a fan mod. I'd love to play Vs. Saxton Hale or maybe Freak Fortress, but I can never find a server that's playing it.
>> No. 13130

Playing very fast and loose with translations as usual.

Coming 9/20
* Clan system - band together to...uh...raise levels in Clan-ing!
* Firing range minigame - shoot carboard cutouts of your enemies to earn fabulous prizes!
* Smelting - craft your unused weapons into materials for better upgrades!

And, of course, yet another round of new skins:
* One-Eyed Rudy (Rocket) - First mate of the famous pirate ship N-ONE, he's experienced countless challenges and achieved limitless glory. He joined the Final Combat team to add to his legend. The older brother of the Pirate Captain.
* Boxer Southern Bo-Tai (Fatman) - Despite his unusually ferocious boxing skills, he has missed the opportunity to face the world championship heavyweight belt holder three times in a row, and is jokingly called "Southern Bo-Tai" was a result. He joined the Final Combat team to hone his skills in hopes of seizing back the crown someday!
* Captain NB (Striker) - The captain of the American air show team "Nasty Bobcats" [translator's note: the literal name of the team is "Furious Leopards (or Panthers)", but I had to make the team logo acronym fit]. The large letters "NB" on his uniform is the team logo, so everyone just calls him "Captain NB".
* Phantom Sasha (Sniper) - Her dazzling hairdo and sharp gaze is proof of her cold-bloodedness, she is the "shadow assassin" of some Mexican "underground resistance group". "Her weapon is ruthlessness, her trademark is to kill with a single shot."
* Birdman Beta (Firebat) - Because of his bird-beaked mask, others mistakenly think that Beta is a withdrawn and wretched person, always lost in his own world. But his heart beats firey red, very very HOT!
* Baby Needle (Medic) - Because her father, a world-famous pharmacist, taught her how to make antidotes, she knows them better than the back of her hand. Because of her natural charms, she's known as "Baby Needle". She's a very popular member of the Final Combat team, because whoever she's with gets to live a little longer!
>> No. 13131
In Soviet China, Sniper uses Sasha?
>> No. 13132

The more I read about this game, the more it sounds like some awful fanfic

You know what? I bet it is an awful fanfic. I bet the guy in charge was like "No one likes my tf2 fanfic, they keep saying my OC's are just the main characters with different hats. Well I'll show them! I'll make my own tf2! With blackjack! and hookers!"
>> No. 13141

I think I just came.
>> No. 13195
There is an upcoming PvE mode (I thought Zombie Apocalypse was it, but I guess something else is about to happen).


The teaser is that an ominous looking spacecraft has appeared in Earth orbit.

There's no apparent release date for the content yet.
>> No. 13200
Zombies? How uncreative. Wait... isn't there going to be a Black Ops zombie game coming soon? Please don't tell me they're rippping that off, too...
>> No. 13201

There's already a game mode where you can fight back hordes of zombies. The official page is currently teasing yet another PvE mode of some kind.
>> No. 13202
Promotional video of the new game mode - http://fc.xunlei.com/zt/zhanjian/?u06id=13487665960730420979

Huh, first person bullet hell. Interesting.

New skins and weapons (again) - http://fc.xunlei.com/c/1348742773633.shtml?u06id=13487665960730420979

The flavor text for the new game mode is that it's 2012 and the prophesied end of the world is nigh and aliens are attacking.

(Also, massive geological upheaval at Yellowstone Park reveals an ancient weapon that the two teams fight over.)

Flavor text for new character designs (dear God, that Nurse reskin is so wrong in so many ways)...

(As usual, I took extreme liberty in the translations, but I swear I am not making anything up.)

* God-hand Johnson (Rocket alt) - Originally a gangster thug, he was heartlessly abandoned by his original gang when he suffered a debilitating injury in his arms during a mission. Having hit bottom, he discovered a pair of bracers that, when worn, allowed him to push past his original limits. Disillusioned with the underworld, Johnson used his powers to completely break from his past and has since become a secret vigilante for justice, vowing to fight evil to the bitter end.
* Vampire Duke [translator note: the name "Duke", not the title] (Striker alt) - From a prominent family of Earls, tall, dark, and handsome, he became a vampire in order to save his girlfriend from being cursed by a witch who had a secret crush on him, and is now eternally doomed to be loveless. Always bears a countenance of sorrow and yet still bears an air of mystery about him that draws countless gazes. Always seen to carry a glass of mysterious red liquid--but perhaps what he drinks isn't blood but centuries of solitude and loneliness.
* Polaris Nancy (Sniper alt) - Half Japanese-American, she joined the Yamaguchi yakuza clan with her father at a young age and now is near the top, managing most of Tokyo's entertainment outlets. Having seen violence and death since a young age, she gives off an attitude different from anyone around her. Wild, sexy, and absolutely cold, she is an infamous Mafia Princess with a taste for blood. But wherever she appears, men are captivated by her and rendered helpless.
* Dragon Rider Kayang (Fatman alt) - he wears heavy armor shaped like a fiery dragon, speaks in an ancient language, has the skills of the warriors of old, and proudly bears the crest of the Urca [translator note: ???] Dragon, a crest unique to ancient dragon-slayers. This mysterious man from the times of legend calls himself Dragon Rider Kayang; ruthless, bloodthirsty, and passionate about his firepower, he cares for nothing except battle.
* Mastermind Shana (Nurse alt) - Korean-American and from a well-to-do family, though adorable on the outside, she's an unrepentant prankster. Having hosted on famous TV shows as a child, she is not shy in wearing outrageous [translator note: the original literally calls it "nosebleed inducing"] outfits and is a total party animal as well as a huntress of the unusual. Because she's an expert in all sorts of esoteric knowledge, the think-tanks of the Final Combat armies come to her for advice. Her motto: "Stupid grown-ups!"
* Jester Rossi (Firebat alt) - though he wears a jester costume, he is actually a serial killer who has never failed to kill his victims. An expert in all sorts of tricks, the police have no clues of this killer except for the joker playing card he leaves at the scene of his crimes due to how well-versed he is. Despite all of this, many people have claimed to have heard mournful sobbing from the areas where he is reputed to live. What sort of secrets does he hide beneath that mask? Perhaps no one will ever know.
>> No. 13204
The maps and weapons remind me of Ratchet and Clank for some reason.
>> No. 13206

Is it just me or is this looking less and less like TF2 and more and more like Perfect World Online or some MMO shit?
>> No. 13210

Thought of better translations:
"God-hand" -> "Divine Fist"
"Dragon Rider" -> "Dragon Knight"

Carry on.
>> No. 13239
What's funny is, they're ripping off Counter-Strike Online (A Korean remake of CS 1.6, but approved by Valve, that the Chinese then stole and made money from).
In CSO, you get to play against zombies, exactly like in that trailer.
They're ripping off a ripoff of a remake of an old game. Wow.
>> No. 13358

Firebat Diary

Today is Halloween. You've found a yellowed diary by the side of the snow-piled road. There's only five pages in this diary, recording the account and feelings of a circus clown who joined the Final Combat squad [as it happened] elevn years ago.

Now, people call him "the King of Flames", but at the time, he was just a clown who wasn't all that funny.

December 24, 1999

The Evil Circus

Silent Night, [Holy Night], I've burnt up the boss' circus troupe.

It's not that I've gotten bored with playing the fool, even if I'm not a good enough clown, or my limbs are a bit stiff, my expressions are too wooden, or my juggling is bad.

But I cannot bear the seed of evil quitly spreading in this troupe--evil is infectious, you know.

Good thing I'm pretty good at playing with fire.

I used the flamethrower that I made myself to torch that evil circus. Pretendingn I was like a movie hero, I took the kitty wandering with me, [but] I wasn't sure where I was going.

Let's fire! [sic] Boss, shall we play with fire?

December 25, 1999

The choice between red and blue

It was my plan from the beginning to join the Final Combat squad, but they've already split into red and blue camps; how should I choose between them? I've never been in such a dilemma.

Passionate red, deep blue. Reason versus emotion. Cool calm versus hot blood. [To be] on the big state, controlling what is known? Or [to be] the unseen hand behind the scenes, manipulating the rules?

Actually, for a clown, making a choice is always easy. I said to myself: "let's make it a coin toss!"

December 26, 1999

Meeting the Rocker

In the Final Combat squad, I met a fellow who also liked to play with fire.

He used to be a rock and roll singer, likes all things metal, making a scene, and pulling pranks.

I don't think he likes me very much. In his eyes, whether it be in skills related to performance or fire, I must be like a relic of the last century. He likes to show off his new songs, his electric guitar, and his advanced flamethrower. But every once in a while, he can't hide his curiosity, and asks me to perform some tricks for him.

I know that we're not so different.

December 28, 1999

The Fat Unregistered [Vendor]

As the snow fell, it reminded me of the masterpiece "It's Snowing" by the famous clown Sifara Prunei [translator's note: as far as I can tell, this guy doesn't exist, so I just transliterated the name the best I could] of Moscow. [The show] is without dialogue; [he] just mimes [the whole thing] in a yellow skiing outfit and duck-shaped shoes.

Today, a chubby fishmonger joined our team. Even with the machine gun in hand, he still looks like the unregistered vendor [that he was].

A firefighter, a fish seller, a rock-and-roll singer...this group is as ridiculous as Sifara's shows...but I like it.

December 31, 1999

Going on the Road

On the last day of the 20th, I got my first mission as a member of the Final Combat squad, requiring me and my friends to start on a distant journey.

It's said that before Humans were on the Earth, there was a highly advanced civilization of beings. The technology they left behind is still centuries beyond modern man. We have to find these ancient yet advanced technological treasures before the other camp does.

Maybe we might enter some Egyptian Pharo's temple, or some old Arabic city along the Mediterranean, or even meet some giant war machine powered by an ancient, mysterious energy.

Who knows? At any rate, my flamethrower is all filled up.
>> No. 13383
For you masochists out there:


"FC School", hosted by a lady who talks like a 5 year old girl. I'm not going to bother translating a single word she says because I don't hate myself that much.
>> No. 13414
Happy Turkey Day! FC now* (as of Nov 20, 2012) has a crafting system (called "Synthesize"). New weapons are made via blueprints, etcetera and so forth.

>> No. 13626
http://fc.xunlei.com/c/1358998926363.shtml?u06id=13509352028511359366 - "What to do with failed strengthening shards"??? What? Crafting can fail, and you have to buy another blueprint to salvage the remains?

Great, now I'm mad at video games again...

In other news: http://fc.xunlei.com/zt/parasiteeve/list.shtml?linkid=0&u06id=13509352028511359366

Update to the zombie apocalypse mode, "Parasite Eve", adding a PvP mode where humans can play the infected now (I guess before it was just all AI zombies). New maps, new weapons, Chinese New Year themed outfits and hats, you know the drill.

One cool thing out of this update - http://img.fc.xunlei.com/zt/parasiteeve/wuqi_01.jpg - the Firebat gets an electric guitar! (Valve modding community, steal this idea and submit it for TF2 ASAP! It's only fair!)
>> No. 13699

Oh, hey, an update shipped while I wasn't paying attention. (As always, my translations might be suspect, but I'm doing the best I can here.)

* Mayan altar (infection mode only)
* Qingyuan mansion

New skins:
* DJ Place (Rocket alt) - [He is] the king of underground entertainment and a nightclub DJ, as well as an ardent fan of Elvis, [he is] skilled in making outdated clothes look trendy. He's also a gifted singer and comedian, his unique hosting style earning a fandom of [people] from all ages. His off-stage demeanor is completely different, so silent that it's surprising.
* Mechanized Armor Arnold (Fatman alt) - A hardcore cosplayer and a huge machine enthusiast, he instantly developed an interest in [studying] the mechanical monstrosity that is a strong enemy of the Final Combat teams as soon as it made its appearance. After a long period of data-gathering on the machine [known as] BOSS, he was at long last able to make his own mechanized exoskeleton in imitation of BOSS's infrastructure. However, because his data is not yet compete, the exoskeleton remains in perpetual beta.
* Pirate Katarina (Sniper alt) - The captain of the ''Mysterious Skull'', [she is] the queen of the pirates. A legendary figure of both great strength and nobility as well as stunning beauty, it is rumored that the god of the sea coveted after her and cursed her to be loveless for life when she rejected him, and so any man who dares to meet her gaze straight on dies immediately afterwards. Perhaps only she knows the loneliness and fragility she feels as a result of this.
* Bruce Lee Fanboy Louis (Striker alt) - Half Chinese, half American, [he] is a well known martial artist who has been deeply influnced by Bruce Lee from a young age, [and as a result] has a strong sense of justice as well as a sense of humor. Though he is an expert in Kung Fu, he is not by any means old fashioned like the traditional pugilists, [but] is instead open-minded and a trend-chaser, fond of going to upscale clubs dressed in his own line of clothes. As a result, he is mistaken for a playboy by many.
* Fugitive Wayne (Firebat alt) - Though dressed like a felon, he escaped from prison long ago. A comedian imprisoned for killing his innocent audience members with his props, he then successfully broke out using his wits. Arrogant, anti-social, picky, and yet brilliant, perhaps he elects to remain in his prison stripes despite escaping to prison as a means of taunting the justice system.
* Little Red Hatted Alice (Nurse alt) - This clever little Lolita [translator note: their words, not mine!] is the daughter of Pandora Village's chieftain. Born with the ability to see into people's hearts, she loves to help others and is beloved by the villagers [as a result]. It's said that when she puts on her magical red hat she gains a mystical power and transforms into a magical girl capable of fighting the forces of evil and protecting the homeland that she loves.

New hats:
* Thunderous roar hat
* Steel metal combat helm
* Dragon straw hat
* Venus flytrap hat
* Deep sea queen hat
* Magician's rabbit-[eared] hat

Man, this game is so screaming for fan-fic. The backstory and character biographies revealed so far hint at a very disturbing dark side that the bright, cheery art direction obfuscates.

(Captcha says "ngloodns cannot", don't be such a downer, man!)
>> No. 13775
File 136645831644.jpg - (75.09KB , 747x630 , atleastitsnotatf2ripoffthistime.jpg )
A new class has debuted in game: the Engineer


Her name is Caroline, she's a high school student who lost her parents and her left arm in a car accident that turned out to be an assassination attempt, and now she builds machines to go after the organization that destroyed her family.

There's no other information on the page itself, and I still don't want to install the game on my computer to find out whether more details exist.
>> No. 13776
The high-school part is annoying (why are geniuses in asian games, especially female ones, always high-school students?), but I have to admit, I like her design A LOT.

Unlike that female Sniper and Medic, this female Engineer actually looks like she means business and could conceivably kick ass. I especially love her shoes, and her hairdo with the braid that looks like she has short hair is both cool and practical.

Pretty much my only complaint (beside the whole "rip-off" thing, that is) is that her real arm and legs look excessively thin, she needs some muscle definition.
>> No. 13777

she has the same body type as the sniper and looks like a bad sc-fi character

theres nothing interesting or unique about her silhouette. She looks like every generic concept art ever
>> No. 13779
File 136651281038.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , hm.gif )
This game...

I just want to know why is one leg bare? I mean, what purpose does that serve, unless she has a weapon strapped there or concealed in her shoe?

Oh, look at me, asking logical character design questions of Final Combat.
>> No. 13781

If you say that the design sucks, then we can agree we disagree, since I do like it and we can't argue taste.

But she most definitely doesn't have the same body type as the Sniper.


Notice how it doesn't look like the Sniper's arm could snap like a twig.

And I imagine the bare leg has the same purpose of hats and cosmetic items in general, it's just a stylistic choice. Personally, I like the asymmetry.
>> No. 13782
She's not a good design by any stretch of the imagination, but at least they got the 'feasible activewear' part right, and they even managed to avoid making her stripperific, which puts her miles ahead of most female video game characters. Now if only she wasn't an uninspired and unconvincing knockoff of every female class ever...

(I think 13777 was referring to the Final Combat Sniper, who, I would agree, does have pretty much the exact same build.)
>> No. 13783
I think 13777 was referring to the Final Combat Sniper, who, I would agree, does have pretty much the exact same build

Ah, my mistake. I have nothing positive to say about that character (stripperific outfit, dumb poses, and her Meet The video is so poorly-made they have her shoot her own teammates), so I wasn't thinking of her at all.
>> No. 13784

She's not a good design by any stretch of the imagination, but at least they got the 'feasible activewear' part right, and they even managed to avoid making her stripperific, which puts her miles ahead of most female video game characters

thats like comparing dog shit to cat shit. Sure, cat shit is smaller, and in a catbox for easy cleaning, but it's still shit.


If you say that the design sucks, then we can agree we disagree, since I do like it and we can't argue taste.

No, we can argue taste! This is a thread! Thats what it was made for!


Of course I was talking about final combat sniper
>> No. 13811

Meet the "Mechanism". (I'm assuming the final English name will either be "Mechanic" or "Engineer", the Chinese name is "Engineer".) She's around 22 years old (but the bio still calls her a "high school student"), stands about 169 cm (5' 2" ish), blah blah blah.

* Automated sentry (placed via the device in her hands as seen in the picture)
* Shotgun
* Wrench
* Ammunition backpack that provides 20% extra ammo for the sentry
>> No. 14015
So uh, what would it take to actually play this thing? I have the Philippine version installed but it keeps giving me some apex protection error. Was only able to take a few screenshots one night now it won't launch.

Any ideas?
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