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File 131621285655.jpg - (23.25KB , 400x300 , cocktail.jpg )
8923 No. 8923
Just what the title says. I don't know how many of you drink, but a friend and I were trying to come up with some ideas and wanted to see what TF2chan could come up with.

So let's share ideas? Any kind of clue what an alcoholic Atomic Bonk would taste like? Or maybe a Jarate drink?
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>> No. 8925
Dunno much about alcohol, it fuxes with my meds but something bright red or blue called Uber-something would be cool. How about a Mad Milk Mudslide?
>> No. 8927
File 131621932166.jpg - (11.20KB , 215x310 , BudLight.jpg )
>Jarate drink
>> No. 8928
File 131622132655.jpg - (192.65KB , 800x1831 , corona-3.jpg )
dDon't you mean this?
>> No. 8929
while not exclusively TF2, The Drunken Moogle has some great cocktails that are deliciously valve-related

>> No. 8933
Just call it the ubermensch. It could either be a bright red or birght neon blue and served in a stein.

As for a Jarate themed drink, do something like >>8928 but served in a mason jar.

Mad milk would be easy enough, just use something white. Im not too incredibly familiar with drink mixing, so I wouldnt know how to do that.

A Pyro drink would have sparklers in it, a Demo drink would be extremely alcoholic or just scrumpy, a Heavy drink would be a huge glass of vodka, Engie drink would be something with a kick (a sentry theme?), Soldier drink would be overly patriotic (themed glasses and everything), a spy drink would be either blue or red and small (frilly froo-froo french drink).

That's nine drinks. If you wanted, make something purple and girlish for the Administrator and something extremely mannish for Saxton.
>> No. 8934
My friend made something probably akin to an alcoholic Bonk drink, once.

I think it had Red Bull, vodka, and that blue flavoring they put in snow cones.

All I remember is that he drank it with a silly straw. Don't let your friends mix drinks when they're already sloshed. I mean, it's hilarious, but you're probably going to be on trial for assisted homocide of their organs later on.
>> No. 8935
Completely forgot about Bonk! I did. Do this, but maybe use Monster Energy drinks for more fruity flavors, since you might want to offer both Cherry Fission and Blutoniun Berry flavors. Might even skip out completely on the alcohol bit and just make it the most hyped-up caffeinated drink you can manage without killing anybody.

And serving whatever the Mad Milk drink would be in an old fashioned glass milk bottle would be pretty cool.
>> No. 8940
I once made a drink called a "Flaming Sinner" for a Brimstone story I wrote. It was Goldschlager, red hots and a few hits of hot sauce. And you can set it on fire before you drink it.

It would make the perfect Pyro drink. Hot, in both senses of the word.
>> No. 8948
File 131639082995.jpg - (312.20KB , 425x384 , bumwine.jpg )
Jarate would be a mason jar full of warm Thunderbird Fortified Wine.
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