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File 131622586329.jpg - (27.06KB , 530x290 , hatcontest825.jpg )
8931 No. 8931
Between the hats, misc. items, and weapon variations, has anybody gotten to thinking of their mercs as completely different characters? For instance, my Heavy (large luchador, purity fist, brass beast, warrior's spirit) has morphed into a cybernetic Russian luchador who serves a puppet of the soviet state, my scout (Mann Co. cap, Shortstop, pistol) is a no-nonsense professional merc, and my pyro (hoodie, detonator, degreaser, powerjack) is some kinda feral mutant who only fights with weapons constructed with junkyard refuse.

Who else does this? Any particularly entertaining alterations out there?
>> No. 8938
When I play the game, I'm pretty much fulfilling my shameless self insertion fantasies, and I also see my teammates as all OCs. The actual canon classes are probably playing in some Top Tier Super Serious Competitive League (though they may occasionally come down to play with us plebs for the lulz).
>> No. 8943
This is how I see it, too, more or less.

My Pyro (Gibus, Stockbroker's Tie) is a quiet guy who happens to like dressing up as if he were sophisticated and my Demoman (Scotch Bonnet/Ullapool/LnL) worked with the police at some point defusing crowds when they get too rowdy at those riots; that's how he lost his eye.
>> No. 8961
I do the reverse: create an OC, dress up like them in-game.

I was just RP'ing my Soldier, who wears the Grenadier's Softcap, and checked the Valve Store...they made two real-life versions. I need.
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