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File 131654507568.jpg - (96.53KB , 1015x1442 , 044328111231.jpg )
8967 No. 8967
We have a name thread, let's have a general load-out thread. Post your favourite class load-outs, hats and miscellanae.

I'd like to thank the Anon with the creeper steam avatar for making my Sniper a reality.
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>> No. 8969
My Pyro wears a Purple Madame Dixie that I got from a friend for my birthday. The description says "When I am a flame-retardant woman, I shall wear purple" I don't care if it's lame, it amuses me. I use a degreaser with either the axtinguisher or the homewrecker. I also wear the stockbroker's tie and use the female pyro (full suited version). The rest I change around at random.
>> No. 8971
I hope Valve works on that second Misc. slot soon. I really want my cop helmet/cop shades/Sam and Max badge Heavy.

The fact that my Cop Heavy is running around with a mafia gun is funny to me.
>> No. 8972
File 131666042336.jpg - (89.10KB , 1366x768 , 2011-09-21_00001.jpg )
My medic.
>> No. 8974
File 131668198629.png - (129.76KB , 1000x1000 , 1297740629685.png )
>> No. 8977
>> No. 8980
>> No. 8987
File 131680591963.jpg - (152.49KB , 1920x1080 , durrr hurrr vague reference to nazism.jpg )
papers please

i had a renamed medigun but i deleted it when i learned that my patients were unable to tell it apart from a kritz
>> No. 8989
File 131681932929.jpg - (177.66KB , 790x792 , murderdolls.jpg )
I love my murder dolls. Oh, if only I was even remotely competent as Sniper.
>> No. 8994
File 13168570831.jpg - (877.49KB , 1365x1024 , 1296949904944.jpg )
Quick heads up for those who didn't see- in the Beta currently they've added an additional misc. slot, and have FINALLY introduced pre-sets, so you can simply hit a key to change your entire load-out.

Should be good. Massive Tomislav nerf, not so much.
>> No. 8995
File 131685920186.jpg - (12.48KB , 324x178 , coitains.jpg )
had some fun times with that thing, shame it's gonna end up down there with the natascha

oh well
>> No. 8996
I love your Medic for the sole reason that you've got a Tom Waits reference.
>> No. 8997
The whole thing is a Tom Waits reference do ho ho. I call him the Black Rider Medic. Because I'm dumb. The descriptions include lyrics like "Filled with Needles and with Fools," "Dig deep in your heart for the little red glow, we're decomposing as we go," "Hang me in a bottle like a cat, let the crows pick me clean but for my hat," and "And he knew that he'd be ready with a stainless steel machete."
>> No. 9002
Tom Waits reference Medic? Such ladyboners.

Now the world just needs a Nick Cave reference Sniper and... I don't know, somebody to be Leonard Cohen references. And then all my gravelly voiced dreams will have come true.

I have no screenshot at the mo, but my Medic has the Blighted Beak, the Geisha Boy, and a crossbow. He is terrifying. Terrifying and beautiful, like some kind of Kabuki Plague Doctor.

Kabuki Plague Doctors would be a great name for a rock band...
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