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File 131679454257.png - (203.83KB , 700x509 , 1298743382885.png )
8986 No. 8986

Neat looking new micspam program for tf2. Haven't tried it myself but apparently it shows you what song you have selected and such in the HUD(something I really wanted for hldj) and allows you to spam even on servers that don't allow it.
Not that I'd do that last part....
>> No. 8991
okay after 50 min of rage for configuration and everything it's work.
It's amazing.
HJDJ is much more easier to work (with tf2dj you must download one program, then change the mic input from windowed AND Steam and the mp3 selection is much more easier to look but this work on ALL servers. GLORIOUS
>> No. 8998
Okay guys and gals, i have a problem. I tried it and i did everything described in the video. One problem? After i set in window media player to Line 1 i can´t hear anything. Maybe it´s because i use a headset rather than normal speakers (i don´t have some.) So can someone help please?
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