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File 131913783395.png - (274.17KB , 663x741 , Spy_Ghastlier_Gibus.png )
9578 No. 9578
>implying that the gibus isn't [b]the[b] best all-class hat.
seriously though, it's a way underrated hat just because everyone has one.
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>> No. 9579
File 131913814469.png - (277.50KB , 649x584 , Voodoo_Juju.png )
okay, Voodoo Juju would be a contender for the title if weren't for the dumb positioning it has on most classes
>> No. 9589
I keep hoping that someone will rename their Voodoo Juju something referencing Dr. Facilier from Princess and The Frog.

That was my first reaction when I saw it.
>> No. 9590

I was going to do this if I ever got a voodoo juju.
>> No. 9593
File 131916870996.png - (350.97KB , 757x752 , Sniper_juju.png )
OP back here, it only looks good on the following classes because their positioning is decent.
>> No. 9594
File 131916877717.png - (440.89KB , 834x756 , Pyro_juju.png )
>> No. 9595
File 131916888664.png - (482.44KB , 940x747 , Soldier_juju.png )
and Soldier, of course
>> No. 9602
File 131918462479.png - (242.90KB , 442x401 , justdontgive.png )
the clipping...OH GOD the clipping
>> No. 9606
where can i get this hats?
>> No. 9612
File 131921353853.png - (177.70KB , 911x711 , the best all-class hat.png )
The market does not lie, son.
>> No. 9613
how much is that hat on the market nowadays anyhow?
I remember trading for one and it was surprisingly cheap. Like 3 not as nice hats for one (Exquisite Rack, Big Chief, and Conjuror's Cowl). I almost only traded for just 2 but kinda felt bad, I don't think the guy realized just how prized the Bill's hat was.
>> No. 9615

You got a very good deal. Most people use the spreadsheet these days (http://tf2spreadsheet.Bawwspot.com/), and it makes getting bargains or haggling very difficult. According to that Bill's Hat is currently worth 6 keys, which roughly translates as "A fuckload".
>> No. 9616
We should have a hat talk thread. About loadouts and trading and stuff. But no actual trading, that's for the trade thread.

I have a hat story to tell though: Friend was hoping for one of the new hats. Took two extra hats they had, a football helm and a fedora. Smashed them together. He crafted a football helm. He then took that football helm and a hatless sniper and smashed them together. Fedora.
>> No. 9621
I traded a topper and a conjurers cowl (I had two of those) and a refined for a fedora dyed team spirit. Might ahve paid too much, but I love it.
>> No. 9626
fuck the market, it's never constant and full of people trying to rip others off just so they can have 5 buds and never wear them. Hats were meant to be worn, not for people hoard virtual wealth.
btw, last I checked Max's Head is worth more anyways.
>> No. 9628
File 131924396258.jpg - (11.39KB , 249x484 , nohmercygibus.jpg )
OP back here. Since the Manniversary update I've been using itemtest to see how my Noh Mercy would fit with other hats. It clips horribly with most of them but a few did fit well, mainly in how only the horns clipping through making it look at bit more like holes were punched in the brim for them to fit through. These were Party Hat, Paper Hat,Magistrate's Mullet, Janissary Ketche, L'Inspector, Frenchman's Beret and Private Eye. Still, gibus beats them all. I love the way my Spy looks
>> No. 9644
Noh Mercy + Mint green colored big country for Spy is my wet dream. He would look like Scanty from panty and stocking :3
>> No. 9650
File 131930556131.jpg - (8.03KB , 256x256 , 1284954837300.jpg )
>> No. 9670
>fuck the market, it's never constant and full of people trying to rip others off just so they can have 5 buds and never wear them.
Do you honestly think there could ever exist a static market where people didn't try getting the best deal possible?

>btw, last I checked Max's Head is worth more anyways.
Max's is at least 55 keys now. Although if you want to enlarge your epeen get an unusual, they go for way more.
>> No. 9862
File 131995218068.png - (346.02KB , 632x600 , 632px-Ghastlierest_Gibus.png )
OP back here. the new gibus add-on is meh at best. keeping mine the ghastlier style
>> No. 9869
IMHO the only hat better than default for a soldier
>> No. 10016
if this gets in, then it's the best all-class hat
>> No. 10023
For some reason, i expected the "ghastlierest" style to be something special, like a gibus with haunted ghost or a gibus like top hat with fancy halloween decorations and creepy shit, but no... a fucking eye looking from under the lid
>> No. 10049
I think the eye is cute myself.
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