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File 131947700044.jpg - (397.96KB , 926x562 , landing-page-empty-slices_05.jpg )
9690 No. 9690
There can be only one.. of each class!

Hey guys, ETF2L is starting off another Community Challenge! All weapons are allowed, but set hats are banned, and the season will only last five weeks. Valve will also be handing out in-game rewards to everybody that plays this short season.

If you have a team and are looking for more people, or are searching for a team to join. Then go ahead and post in this thread!

Starting off, I'm kicking Team Mantrain back into gear for the community challenge. Everybody of all skill levels are invited to join this group of friends and channers to have a blast. We're currently looking for a main Pyro, Engineer, Sniper and Spy. And we're looking for plenty of subs for all classes!
>> No. 9691
Being the pyro sounds like so much fun. I check the mantrain server every once in awhile but no one's ever on. I'd like to volunteer.
>> No. 9692
Should gimme somethin to do whilst Gee is recovering. Ill roll as a sub or, if ye desperately need a perma on engy or spy, I could do that.
>> No. 9693
Hey, hey. Alright! Add me on Steam.

We still need a perma Engie and Spy. Pick your poison!
>> No. 9694
Send you a request!
>> No. 9695
i would absolutely love to be on team mantrain but my internet is rather iffy and i don't know if i could stay connected.. but i could be a sub pyro, sniper, or soldier if need be?
>> No. 9696
You may be a sub, and if your internet is as flakey as you say it is, then we'll only have you play in matches if we really to.
>> No. 9697
Team Mantrain is still looking for a main Sniper and Engineer, plus subs for all classes. There's plenty more room in the roster to go!
>> No. 9702
I'm freaking excited.
>> No. 9704
I can't participate. Bummer. Aside from personal bullshit, my PC is still undergoing repairs and Chi needs his computer for college stuff a lot these days, so I'm out. Oh well, I would have been out of practice way too much anyway.

Best of luck, dudes and dudettes!
>> No. 9705
finnaly - I can go as spy or engie.
>> No. 9715
Is everything going to be run on American servers?
I usually get mad lag on anything that isn't European, but I could probably make due.

New to the whole thing, how exactly does this go?
>> No. 9716
ETF2L is European but this league allows players from all over the world as long as they understand the issues it can cause. Taken from the announcement post:
>North Americans and other non-European teams are welcome to participate, providing they are willing to play during European times and on European servers if necessary. We will group regions together as much as possible in order to ease scheduling and avoid server problems.

Since Mantrain is mostly NA, you'll probably have to deal with American times and servers pretty often.
>> No. 9717
>Since Mantrain is mostly NA, you'll probably have to deal with American times and servers pretty often.

What days are the matches usually on? I'd rather not have to get up at ass in the morning when I have work the same day.
>> No. 9720
Am I missing it, or have they not released an official starting date?
>> No. 9724
Matches may be held on both American and Euro servers. However, the league will group all the teams up by region, so more often than not we'll be playing on American servers considering that Team Mantrain is an American team.

Matches may be held any day of the week, since match dates are argued between the two opposing team leaders.

The official start date of matches is November 6th, and recruitment ends October 31st!

Team Mantrain is still looking for six more subs for all classes! MUST HAVE MORE!
>> No. 9725
>Team Mantrain is still looking for six more subs for all classes! MUST HAVE MORE!
I could go as just about anything, as long as you don't place the matches on week days late at (euro) night.

>> No. 9726
I'll sub for Pyro.
Quick question for clarity: Are set hats banned even if you're not using the rest of the set?
>> No. 9727
Okay, Nov 6th. I need to write that down.
>> No. 9728
Set hats are banned, no matter what. You may use the rest of the set, just not the set hat. Also, please add me on Steam!
>> No. 9729
kumori what's ur steam id?
>> No. 9730
Put your cursor over my bold name, it's in the email.
>> No. 9733
Ya'll been added to the roster, looks like we got the ball rolling!

Team Mantrain still has room for three more subs and possibly an Engineer main, and remember, availability and attendence are extremely important. We are an American team, and if you are a Euro that wants to join, you'll more than likely be subject to playing at American hours. Think it thoroughly!
>> No. 9734
I can sub Medic/Engie/Pyro if you need it! And adding you Kumori, just in case you do.
>> No. 9959
This has started up, any idea when we are going to get our match info?

I have a team rostered in div 4B, gonna curbstomp (except Racks on Racks, idk)
>> No. 9960
So I assume there are more than one team on tf2chan

What's everybody's division? 3A chap here, anybody from that division wants to do friendly soldier/demoman/scout/sniper duels while waiting for the tourney?
>> No. 9968
If you're NA I'm curious if you're TP, GG, or ProN because I am familiar with all those teams. We're only in div4 because we wanted some easy, stress-free matches because all of our players have other comp obligations and scrim times won't really match up, but if you wanna scrim I can ask. SteamID is in the email.
>> No. 9970

nah I'm not NA, don't wanna scrim, just single friendly duels with people from my div
>> No. 9998
Ah, that'd be pretty hard to do since it looks like you're fighting NA peeps. I hear scheduling is a bitch. Good luck!

In other news, I've got myself a pretty bitchin' roster.
>> No. 9999

It's actually easier, other Europeans want to scrim during the evening and we're usually out. Matches against Americans make us play in the middle of the night/early morning, and we're more than okay with that, since it's after going out and before work.
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