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File 132052854173.png - (42.94KB , 250x137 , RED_Crusader\'s_Crossbow.png )
9981 No. 9981
Have a bit of a problem here.

A friend of mine found a strange crusader's crossbow and gave it to me. I managed to rack up 27 kills with the thing, but it's name hasn't changed. Right now it should be at scarecly lethal.
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>> No. 9985
Have you actually been checking it's name in the backpack?

I didn't even notice my flamethrower's latest name-changes until I checked, since they disabled that annoying popup that happened every time someone's weapon leveled up.
>> No. 9993
File 132055751863.jpg - (762.53KB , 1024x768 , Koala.jpg )
You are both in violation of apostrophe abuse.
Koala is not pleased.

Also, try linking your backpack so we can see.
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