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File 130786702173.png - (826.59KB , 1352x1012 , mlptf2red-(n1298702218970).png )
1590 US No. 1590 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is there no pony thread in this here section? Lets have some ponies

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>> US No. 1599
I love the almost inherent association between Homestuck and Ponyfags.

I really don't understand the correlation between the two.
>> US No. 1600
Hah nice. Sometimes I think it would be easy if people would have like "serial killer" on their forehead. It would appear after their third kill or something.
>> US No. 1601
Ain't happening, folks. Bad enough MLP images are everywhere on this site right now. Just like with Homestuck, take it somewhere else.

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