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File 134317166218.png - (686.03KB , 900x720 , gettin___dirty_in_the_shower_by_yazora-d510kqx.png )
2901 No. 2901
by Yazora
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>> No. 2904
But that's not Helmet Party.
>> No. 2905
I think you got your terminology wrong.
>> No. 2906
Does this mean, we need to come up with an engie/demo nickname now?
>> No. 2907
>> No. 2908

no no, you can't just combine them You gotta make it a cute nickname or something.

oh my god wait

texan brandy
>> No. 2909
texan brandy, huh? You know? It has a nice ring to it. I like it.
>> No. 2910
File 134341169178.jpg - (93.99KB , 414x600 , Texan Brandy.jpg )
I don't think I'm doing it right....
>> No. 2911

Um, excuse me, but you're doing it perfectly
>> No. 2912
Wait wait, I got a better one...

Tequila Sunrise
>> No. 2913

Tequila is a white, transparent liquor, and sunrises are also light in colour. I don't get it...

I'd just call it Blue Streak & Scrumpy
>> No. 2914
Why don't we call it Sentries & Scrumpy?

Is there a thread to discuss shipping names? Have we transformed this thread into one?
>> No. 2915
Okay, bad idea. How about this one instead?

Honey and Chocolate. well, that's the best I can come up with at the moment.
>> No. 2916
>> No. 2917
What about

"Highland Howdy"

It works for this pair, <i> and </i> sounds like some strange sex act!
>> No. 2918

Ooh, I like that one.
>> No. 3198
don't drop the soap
>> No. 3199
I second(third?) Highland Howdy
>> No. 3353
oooooooooo he droped the soap

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