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File 139623625419.png - (1.44MB , 2208x3023 , Pestilence.png )
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first time poster. plague doctor medic is good for the soul.
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>> No. 8665
File 142656090786.jpg - (48.49KB , 786x1017 , drip_by_heavyartillerybot-d88efk6.jpg )
-hopes im posting right-
>> No. 8666
That block shaded, no contours thing you did there is working so hard.
>> No. 8823
gorgeous work. I love these dark, muted tones.

File 143297473089.png - (72.94KB , 790x978 , fully_charged__by_flappytehdolphin-d8m88ik.png )
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Some Medic fanart I drew a while back.
>> No. 8735
Have you drawn anything more recently? I'd like to see that. Looks pretty cute and stylized overall; my main comments are on the relatively low resolution and how medic's left hip looks a bit, erm, nonexistent. Granted you can sometimes take liberties with a more cartoony style, but understanding some anatomical basics beforehand definitely helps on the believeability front. :D

File 14255961933.jpg - (91.49KB , 758x1053 , g_day__by_plushabilities-d8jde5b.jpg )
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So uh plushies, you guys make them?

I'm working on a set of the whole RED team+ Miss Pauling and Merasmus. So far Spy, Sniper, Medic, and Engineer are done. I'll post Spy here when I can get a better pic but here's the rest of them for now.
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>> No. 8673
File 142706369436.jpg - (613.09KB , 1123x1745 , Ka-BOOM.jpg )
So far Engineer and Demoman are the only ones with the mixed wire gauges in their armatures. I think it'll be the standard for the rest.
>> No. 8674
File 142706374838.jpg - (266.67KB , 956x1280 , Oh Merde.jpg )
And lastly, new photo of Spy.

Sadly the intel is back in New Jersey but I guess that's all the better for BLU team.
>> No. 8732
These are super awesome and well done holy cow, I could and would cuddle that sentry

File 133663950162.png - (500.02KB , 636x900 , toomuchkritz.png )
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Ahhh I've been scared of posting here again, I don't even know why! But I love everything I see here in the fanart section, and I'd like to contribute.

Warning there will be stupidly style shit.
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>> No. 8694
Can I say that your art is bloody amazing?
because it is
God damn if it is
Could you draw a trippy version of the heavy munching his sandwich?
>> No. 8695
Again, go ask them on their blog. They haven't posted here in ages. I also believe they only take commissions.
>> No. 8697
Here's the link to that for anyone looking, since it's not in this thread yet.

File 14269396234.png - (243.23KB , 952x900 , likely story!.png )
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I'll make a thread here because I'm feeling nostalgic for this place and I actually do want this place to thrive again.
>> No. 8671
Where did the Dellmond thing come from? I've seen it in other places before, but I always figured Dell was short for, well, Dell.

I like this, btw. I'd like to see the finished version, so I can critique a little better.

File 141669383287.png - (1.19MB , 1500x1071 , gabe3.png )
8617 No. 8617 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
gaben is love, gaben is life
>> No. 8618
That be some next-gen Animorphs business right there
>> No. 8641
now this is what I came here to see!!

File 135822873742.jpg - (238.60KB , 777x713 , hatersgonhate.jpg )
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Figured I'd mann up and actually start an art thread here, instead of just passively lurking.
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>> No. 8355
If anyone here is being rude, it's you. Saying something looks weird, even on a practice doodle, isn't a bad thing to do. In fact, it's helpful, especially if you can explain why it looks weird. People here, as a general rule of thumb, enjoy critique so they can improve. For example:

The Spy here looks great to me. The only thing that I can really say is it looks like he doesn't have pupils, which when sitting next to others that do, looks off.
The Soldier, while overall looks nice, I still can't get past the weird, dark splotches where his other eye should be. I get there wasn't a whole lot of room there, but it just stands out, especially since the dark-colored splotches are right up against his much more lightly colored nose. The contrast is a bit jarring, to me.
The Sniper is the one that I think looks the strangest. Though I really like the way his glasses are colored, that's great. It's just the way his eyes in particular are positioned, it gives me the feeling that I'm looking at a plastic doll. I think part of it is also the completely neutral, blank expression. With the other two here, Spy looks sort of pensive, Soldier looks bored, but Sniper doesn't appear to have any emotion at all. I think he would look a bit better if his eyes were just slightly more closed, like half-lidded, to make him look like he was bored or tired instead of the blank, doll-like face.

So please, don't try to pick a fight when someone says something less than positive about someone else's artwork. If anything, >>8313 is trying to help "the picasso in our fandom," as you put it, to get even better. Isn't that a good thing?
>> No. 8543
Desole, your art will always have a place in my heart because I am mad digging your painting style.
>> No. 8640
always found it super weird how desole only draws/paints spy and rarely ever draws the other classes or actually anything original at all. with skill like that its surprising. or she probably just isn't showing her original art which would be weird.

and when they do draw/paint anything else they either fail miserably or the person looks like spy, again.

ive just never seen an artist this talented who latches on to one character from one fandom and now has gotten so used to drawing that one character that they suck at depicting anyone or anything else.

File 142090874143.png - (114.09KB , 520x390 , Engie clocks a scout.png )
8628 No. 8628 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Okay then, first time posting on this site ever. I've been lurking here for a long time now, and now that I'm finally posting something, I don't really know what to say. So I won't say much, then.

Let's just start out with a doodle for now, I guess.
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>> No. 8637
File 142180969015.png - (141.65KB , 520x390 , TF2CHAN.png )
Haven't been posting in a while, so here's a doodle from doodle or die I thought you guys would appreciate. Stay frosty.

Tempted to make a thread on the AMERICAN fanart board, but Imma wait a bit until I'm pleased with my grasp of human anatomy.
>> No. 8638
I laffed. To be honest, I've never really thought what any of the mercs would think if they stumbled upon porn honouring them. Interesting food for thought, mhmm..

Good stuff, by the way! I was going to ask if you've put time in with life drawing? Sounds dry as balls, I know, but while your linework is decent and you obviously have a good sense of transferring imagined poses and expressions to paper, a lot of your forms seem a little... warped? Doing some form studies, playing more with colour and shading, and experimenting with different styles of depicting shadows (eg: hatched lines vs colour blocking vs smooth gradients) will help you convincingly depict solid forms, even when doing simple lineart.

Hope that helps, and glad to have some fresh blood around here. Keep it up!
>> No. 8639
File 142182571615.jpg - (35.95KB , 366x478 , tumblr_inline_mp1djfQnEz1qz4rgp.jpg )

Thank you very much. I'll try the form & shading practices and such.

Funny thing is, I used to do life drawing and practice realism long ago. Don't know what happened, could be due to the fact that the environment I was in wasn't the most encouraging type. I still couldn't color at all back then, though, so that hasn't changed.

I'm very glad I was given a crit, though. Made my night, tbh. Will try to make my work a little less warped.

File 13832525042.png - (147.18KB , 800x503 , costyumes.png )
8309 No. 8309 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
happy halloween
also i nutted up and made an art thread here
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>> No. 8597
File 141412243887.png - (1.08MB , 1954x1796 , engiefixes.png )
first post in this thread since getting a new tablet!!!
i drew engie recently and as usual it was weird in many places. the original is on the right and the fixes are on the left.
what i fixed was his ear was too far down and away from his head, i also shortened his legs.
>> No. 8601
File 141429432632.png - (585.86KB , 1500x2100 , dffdsmallres.png )
>> No. 8604
File 141464735351.png - (515.50KB , 1460x1502 , happyhalloweenmedikc.png )
Scream Fortress is live tonight, so I had to draw something.

File 131103820390.png - (264.08KB , 770x560 , solardeathray.png )
3990 No. 3990 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Old name, new drawings.
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>> No. 6359
The engineer strumming his guitar out in the desert at night with his umbreon sleeping nearby
>> No. 6361
this is your art?
This has been my netbook background for ages! (The thing is white so it really fits well together)
>> No. 6373
I had "Medic and the Devil" as my background for months, then I had >>5797 as my background for months; then I realized they were drawn by the same person.

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