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File 132192093678.png - (198.96KB , 480x640 , おいしい!11 21 11.png )
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Err... I don't even know how to color or do lineart. But there's a lot of people around here that seem to be gods at it, so I thought I could (perhaps) get some tips. Made in Autodesk Sketchbook in case anyone is wondering.
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>> No. 7687

Completely untrained eye here, but he looks a little pasty. Also look at the torso/leg proportion. There's a size chart/grid somewhere on the wiki.
>> No. 7688
>>3003 I did think the skin was too unshadowed and kinda bland, but I completely missed the leg thing. Thank you!
>> No. 7689
File 132218533875.png - (528.83KB , 1280x762 , smexymedicfixed (hopefully).png )
Hmm, I fiddled around in PS for a little bit, hopefully this is better? I've noticed drawing on a non-white surface (especially gray) helps with having a better perception of the colors... I'm not sure why. Maybe my eyes are retarded....

I think the reason the legs looked weird was because of the boots and how the pants are tucked into them, kinda threw me off. I probably made it even worse! :s

File 13075966661.jpg - (138.12KB , 1000x750 , color palette smoke.jpg )
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all i draw are medics aren't i cool
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>> No. 4336
File 131294273286.png - (82.45KB , 522x647 , fronk.png )
trying to get down fronk's silhouette
>> No. 4847
File 131664989476.png - (260.93KB , 800x720 , floating head color practice.png )
>> No. 4848
Oh, man, your coloring is always so beautiful.

File 132138068858.jpg - (1.02MB , 1200x1600 , cap.jpg )
7690 No. 7690 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys I drew a medic in this kinda way:

I know it sucks but quantity over quality, amirite?

File 130879472094.jpg - (263.31KB , 800x547 , scout.jpg )
3522 No. 3522 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
it's been a while
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>> No. 5548
File 132105972748.jpg - (215.35KB , 500x1026 , ma_Imhome.jpg )
my thread is still here!! ahh

looking back... it makes me realize how much scout I draw...

I figured respawn malfunctioned and shit happened. :O
>> No. 5550
This is heartbreaking and beautiful.
>> No. 5556
Ow. I don't think I've ever felt so bad for a scout before. Really beautiful, emotional picture.

File 132079997746.jpg - (938.77KB , 1227x1485 , img047.jpg )
7656 No. 7656 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a while now, but I'm pretty darn new to drawing TF2 fanart.

I normally draw in anime style, though I've been trying lately to expand my horizons and draw in a more cartoony style.

This is also on my DA.
>> No. 7657
Well, I'd be lying if I said I find nothing appealing/cute about this, but that's just me.

However, there are some obvious signs that you've been drawing anime for a long time. The large foreheads (especially on Heavy), a bit of sameface (most notably between Medic and Demoman, a little with Engineer), the noses (all very similar in how they're drawn) and the eyes. Please note I'm not talking about the chibified sniper, tentaspy and scout or the spycrab in these observations. http://tf2chan.net/resources/src/131560962494.jpg Please refer to this picture for reference on how the characters' faces look from various angles. Note that: not all of them have similar noses, either in prominence or curvature; they have differing jaw structures; very few of them have prominent foreheads. My point is: bear in mind the characters designs when drawing them, it goes a long way to gaining the respect of people on this chan and, frankly, is a pretty fun way to learn how to draw different types of facial features.

Anyway, that all having been said, you mentioned how you were interested in drawing in a more cartoony style; I'll take that to mean, "it can't really be called animu". In which case I would reccomend drawing from photographs (or preferably life) for a while in order to learn how things actually look, rather than drawing an idealized animu representation over and over again. Learning from life can also help you see traits that would be more fun to exaggerate in various ways (noses and ears, for example). This is the heart of caricature, and, as I'm sure you've heard, you relaly cannot start breaking rules (be it facial structure, anatomy, whatever) and drawing idealized, exaggerated or what-have-you pictures until you learn how the body works visually. Otherweise you'll never improve and will continue to draw the same, idealized, generic, mediocre, anime-esque pictures. As someone who was once a huge anime fan and is still trying to unlearn some of the shortcuts I fell into during that time, beleive me when I say that learning (or relearning) the basics o
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>> No. 7658

Yup, I've been drawing anime for close to 10 years, even though I've been learning to draw other things while in college. Not that I want to give it up completely, but it is about time I started to draw more in other styles.

I think I did word that pretty badly, actually. I mean, I look at a lot of the stuff I see on here (FluroKnife and yang, just as a couple of examples) and think "DAMN, I'd like to draw like that!"

I appreciate the advice and the reference you provided. I shall work hard so I can post more stuff soon.

File 132102470528.jpg - (432.62KB , 1045x818 , sniperlarva.jpg )
5536 No. 5536 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey I'm pretty much new here so...I need to learn how things go down in this place so please excuse my accidental rule breaking in the beginning.

About 90% of my drawings are barely referenced from anything (noticeable especially with anatomy.) But this one I decided to do something new with, using SDK for facial reference, and going for a lineless painting style.
Might do more if people are interested in these kind of things (not usually the style I go for, I usually rely on cartoony styles)

I don't know how many people that tend to go for a disney/pixar like TF2 style.

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>> No. 5544
oh derp, I even commented on something you made. My memory is horrible. I'm Darkelf Mairead there.
>> No. 5546
Adorable. (I am a big fan of the Disney-esque style, so I'd love to see more of that)
>> No. 5547
It looks fantastic on expansion, but from the thumbnail I thought his face was a little lopsided due to the shading.

File 131872622123.png - (1.02MB , 678x972 , leetledoktor.png )
5119 No. 5119 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I think it's been about what.. 2 years since i last made a thread here. Haven't been able to draw much lately and it makes me rage. I usually smoke a bunch of pot, chill and draw when this problem occurs, but nowadays i just find myself smoking a bunch of pot and not producing anything. This must be stopped!

You nigs got any ideas for me?
Heck, if you have some uncoloured pictures or something i'd be glad to practice my digital painting on them/colour them for you. I just need something to focus on.

All i can draw at the moment are small faggot block-head people. Picture related. Should i post my old stuff from way back or just keep it all new?
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>> No. 5493
Hah at least this guy still has flesh. Poor spy...
>> No. 5514
Sweet jaeusus that is incredibly disturbing, heartbreaking and upsetting all in one. Probably because I have a thing about this sort of situation. But still. Eauh.
>> No. 5540
File 132103177695.png - (322.56KB , 567x793 , Fuckingumbrellas.png )
yeahh.. It was supposed to be sort of funny when i first started drawing, but now it's just sort of sad and disturbing.

Here's a derpy fat Pyro in raincoat to make up for my horribleness.

File 131900896024.jpg - (562.41KB , 552x900 , BURDS.jpg )
5171 No. 5171 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
FFF k so im new to the game, well the last two weeks and its pretty much a huge ball of awesome, so Heres my fanart thread! I love Medic guhuhu
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>> No. 5506
File 132077462759.gif - (349.55KB , 500x344 , tumblr_lkqkmho48j1qjwivxo1_500.gif )
First I thought "meh, should have been sandvich", but then:

>with or without nuts
>The Medic's face
>cue attached gif


Only one point of critique: Pay more attention to how Soldier looks. You didn't really include his main facial features (e.g. shape of the head and GIANT manry chin). Look more at that and it's neat!
>> No. 5509

I'm gonna steal that second-panel Medic and keep him for myself. It's derpdorable: the perfect combination of adorable and derp.
>> No. 5512
I love the way you draw Scout faces. Actually, I've always really liked your art. It's so expressive.

And anyone who makes Spongebob references out of context is okay with me.

File 130465348287.jpg - (1.57MB , 1504x2387 , nottimcolor.jpg )
3022 No. 3022 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Delurking. I sure hope no one kills me for this.

credit to OwlTiem
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>> No. 5245

I very much approve. Heavy, expound to me upon your choice of reading material there.
>> No. 5434
File 132038548734.jpg - (199.91KB , 500x900 , er.jpg )
>> No. 5484

Glasses Hoovy is the intelligent Hoovy.

File 131006373283.jpg - (150.34KB , 887x550 , Come-along.jpg )
7659 No. 7659 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I was originally going to post this first picture of mine into /fanart/ but decided against that because of the fact it is still unfinished, and won't be for some time.

>Posting something that I know should work instead.

In the meantime however, I've been working on a giant Team Fortess 2 sketch dump. Some portions of it where posted in /fanart/, but the thread was deleted and then restarted by someone else. I don't know why, but that's in the past and I don't really care about that anymore.

I really do love this chan and I want to be able to contribute some of my love to it. Props to all the great people already here!

PS:I've tried to post this thread so many times now I've lost count because it fatally errors on me. Probably because my original picture's file size was too large. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 14592 bytes) in /usr/home/tf2chan/public_html/inc/func/posts.php on line 82
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7662

I really hope that image codes from photobucket work here. Otherwise this is going to be another failed post. If it does, then you guys will finally be able to see what I was originally trying to post here as the first image.
>> No. 7663
File 13205455284.jpg - (96.21KB , 256x300 , RED Demon Pyro-Small.jpg )
I think I know why I was getting the fatal errors when trying to upload to the chan before. It was the file's dimensions, not the actual file weight/size in bytes.

Anyways, I know that Halloween is over an done but here's my demon Pyro for you all.
>> No. 7664
File 132054650817.jpg - (430.88KB , 1680x1050 , Both Sides Lead to Darkness.jpg )
One last upload, hopefully it doesn't fatal error.

I did both a BLU and RED demon Pyro, but once I saw them without colour, they looked like really cool busts that you might see in the basement of Mann Manor or some such place. Anyways, I made it wallpaper size if anyone wants to use it.

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