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File 132009874667.jpg - (235.49KB , 500x667 , tumblr_ltyacpV0Qt1qdsiemo1_500.jpg )
5396 No. 5396 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My cat Scout dressed up as the Scout this Halloween.
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>> No. 5408
That is the cutest cat ever. And it brings back some delightful memories.

When I was a kid I used to dress up my cat in dolls' clothes and walk around with it in a doll's pram, pretending it was a baby. The cat didn't seem to mind - just fell asleep while I had fun walking around the yard with the pram.
Now I'd probably dress it up as Sniper and put a sign on the pram saying "van"
>> No. 5409
So cute!
>> No. 5410
We need more cosplaying TF2 cats

File 132008478281.jpg - (451.35KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00389-20111031-1757.jpg )
5388 No. 5388 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So every holiday I do something creative. Just now, I made an Archimedes pumpkin.
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>> No. 5390
File 132008488185.jpg - (89.16KB , 800x600 , IMG00391-20111031-1801.jpg )
>> No. 5392
File 132008495711.jpg - (55.64KB , 528x400 , IMG00392-20111031-1803.jpg )
Last one, Happy Halloween guys!
>> No. 5399
It's filthy in there!

That is seriously adorable...

File 131724174560.png - (334.37KB , 1024x683 , French girls.png )
7665 No. 7665 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
His head is too small isn't it? Any other concrit is also welcome- I still have the layers file so I can change it.
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>> No. 7676
File 131810500949.png - (232.40KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )
How about this?
>> No. 7677
File 131839226571.png - (81.61KB , 439x400 , thumbs_up[1].png )
>> No. 7678
File 131992048754.png - (214.07KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )
Snoipahs everywhere.

File 131908639391.jpg - (416.50KB , 900x528 , KeyChains AllInOne.jpg )
5204 No. 5204 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello everyone.

I made some leather keychains I am looking to sell to interested parties and thought this might be a great venue to show people and hear thoughts on them.

They are made to order, but making does not take any long drawn out process.

All classes are available. Not just the four shown here.

If you're interested feel free to check out them here. http://www.etsy.com/listing/84177373/tf2-badge-leather-keychains?ref=pr_shop

I am currently also working on TF2 emblem necklaces, keychains and cellphone charms. I'll put up a pic when they're ready.
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>> No. 5373
The keychains are cut by hand yes with an exacto-knife. Those were some of the earlier one and I have since gotten much better with the knife.

I would have a machine to cut them if I had the budget and space for some sort of factory equipment, but not the case.
>> No. 5374
File 131991908710.jpg - (179.99KB , 589x488 , Tf2Bracelets front2.jpg )
Also, I have since done some new things. Figured I'd throw them up ^_^
First bracelets.
>> No. 5375
File 131991920034.jpg - (370.15KB , 800x656 , TF2 Charms.jpg )
Second, charms.

All in one go so this only gets pushed to the top once. Enjoy.

All available at my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/Leighanief

File 130187979542.png - (167.61KB , 606x500 , tf2-demribs.png )
2780 No. 2780 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Oh hello, I usually lurk here and don't really post but...guess I can start??
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>> No. 5361
File 131984335136.png - (178.19KB , 550x557 , demoeye2.png )
>> No. 5362
I am not normally a huge Demo fan, but this is delicious. Something about that smile.
>> No. 5366
Hrngh... going into cuteness overload... urge to cuddle Pyro rising...

And then I laughed 'til I died. Never stop.

File 131964238565.jpg - (269.12KB , 552x621 , PRPL.jpg )
5311 No. 5311 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Needs more nightmare fuel.
>> No. 5312
Someone needs to teach Solly how to use makeup.
>> No. 5321

No, really, I could have done without--oh... okay, well, I guess since it's already here...
>> No. 5350
File 131972902420.jpg - (163.99KB , 692x748 , What i see with my spy mask on.jpg )
Found this floating around in my folders.

File 131900960148.jpg - (23.79KB , 390x519 , medicwhatever.jpg )
7679 No. 7679 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is the first time I have properly drawn in about three or four years. And it shows. Everything looks hideously stiff and flat, the eyepieces do not line up with his ear, no fabric wrinkles, terrible scanning, little to no speed in pencil strokes, etc. Anyway, I would like some redlining on this little bitch before I finalize the shading/detailing on the body (the lines are just reference), I'm trying to get the Proof of purchase on his head, and failing miserably, also any other mistake tweaked would be nice. The gloves up to the shoulders and the disheveled collar were intentional, it is not an oc but a particular loadout so I decided to take some liberties.

Tl;dr Redline this piece of crap and give me some advice if you feel up to pointing out the myriad mistakes.
>> No. 7680
File 131965977657.png - (337.93KB , 805x519 , Bite\'s Medic Redline 3.png )
I'll be honest, one issue I had when trying to redline this was the fact that I don't really understant what Medic here is doing (with his left arm, right side of the picture, in particular.
As far as critique goes, I do think utilizing guidlines for his face would help to fix a few errors (the placement of his eyes, of course), as well as doing some light sketching where his features would be (the mask is a bit too low, I think, when considering where you placed the rim of the PoP). The shoulders are too narrow; the torso slims down from there, which would give him rather childish proportions. Finally, his arms seem a bit too short. I'm not sure if super-deformed/"chibi" stylization is what you were going for, though.
As far as the clothes go, I'm no expert myself, but (in regards to the Proof of Purchase), I think you might have either made it too tall, or the brim area too small.
I'll try to do some tweaks on the picture to help illustrate my points (when I get a better opportunity to, anyway). In the meantime, I suppose I could share some references I found?
Here are some proportioning guides I found on the chan: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128923662825.jpg and http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128923690764.gif

References of the headgear (Medic-specific): http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/f/fa/Medic_proof_of_purchase.png (note how the brim is right above his brow) and http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/8/88/Blighted_Beak.png

Also found on the chan was this fabric creasing tutorial: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128930670967.jpg . It's not medic's coat, but it should work on about the same level. As I understand, as creases/folds become more affected by gravity (on longer fabrics), creases become longer and more vertical in appearence. Someone feel f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 7681
File 131981276794.gif - (302.39KB , 320x289 , OMGGGGGGG.gif )
Thanks a lot for that, I didn't think anyone would reply. The help is appreciated and I'll try and take it into consideration next time I draw, maybe copy your advice onto my iPhone. I'm not continuing on this particular drawing any more because it feels far too wooden and I now know can do more flighty drawings.

A possible reason for the childish proporions is because I use myself as a model half the time and... well... I'm 4.11 feet tall with a big ass skull and very feminine body. I'm not using this as an excuse, simply a reason. although that doesn't act as a reason for the stubby arms really...
I'll try and focus on making proportions more adult and less... Ew, in the future. probably use some references to get it in my head that I am very abnormal in proportions for a male adult.

You have no idea how appreciative I am for the references, I swear I couldn't find any through shitty phone-google, so I winged it. The crease guide makes me very happy also.

(also, I'm sorry that you don't know what his hand is doing, I couldn't figure that out either, which is bad and in future I'll be sketching out the whole (relevant) figure before doing this sort of thing).

Thank you for wasting some time on me. Really, thank you.

I'll be doing another medic in due time. Hopefully that will be better. Gif related as it was my reaction to your reply. your reply that is a crit. Which is over a paragraph. With reference pictures. Yes.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 131750214547.png - (335.33KB , 1280x233 , tf2weekmeme.png )
7625 No. 7625 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's a fun project for everybody and artists of all skill levels. I figured this would do well in /workshop/ since I expect both adult and non-adult material will be made.

Let's get together and draw the classes as the days fall on them. For example, today is Saturday, so let's draw some TF2 ships or minor characters of the TF2 world!
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>> No. 7653
File 131895102362.jpg - (249.42KB , 657x969 , demo and scrumpy.jpg )
Aw cute! There definitely needs to be more Pyro surrounded by penguins!

Ooh! Steampunk. I have to say the hair pony and collar makes Sniper rather dashing...

< I drew a Demo in a kilt, pose copied from a ref. I think I need to work on my sketches for longer until they look more tight and cleaned-up... but I do like a sketchy concept art style too... is there a happy medium between sketchiness and cleaned-up-ness?
>> No. 7654
File 13191059919.jpg - (389.34KB , 1136x710 , pyro with a bird.jpg )
Pyro + birds = adorable.
>> No. 7655
File 131920752952.jpg - (612.07KB , 1240x775 , scout hopped up on bonk.jpg )
Mind your eyesight, I used some pretty garish colours!

File 131909293258.jpg - (76.53KB , 700x1117 , mijosdetf2.jpg )
7608 No. 7608 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I like anime but i'm interesed to draw a style less animu. For me, it's very difficult to draw different faces. When i was 18 years old,I even drew the typical anime style.
It was very useful this pic http://tf2chan.net/resources/src/131560962494.jpg (uploaded by Rebaccus in /resources/).
emmm... what do you think /workshop/? I am doing well?
(sorry for the engrish)
>> No. 7609
File 131909307142.jpg - (29.64KB , 618x642 , scouttestcolores.jpg )
the same scout, but with colors.
>> No. 7610
File 131912820934.jpg - (134.28KB , 1043x401 , eyes.jpg )
Looking at your pictures, the only thing that makes them look 'anime' to me is the way that you are using an idiosyncratic shape for the characters' eyes. Try to avoid rendering the outline of a person's eye as a perfect 'dimante' shape, and remember that the eye yas a 3-dimensional quality to it that will effect the shape of its outline. This is more a matter of realism and, to a degree, style.

There is something that gives your characters' eyes an unnerving quality. By making the whole of the iris/pupil area visible, you make your characters look stunned and horrified- I've attached a photo of human eyes to give you an idea of what I am talking about. Unless a person's eyes are wide open in shock, the iris should not be totally visible, and should be partly covered by the eyelid.

Your noses could use a little work, but noses are an enormous pain to draw in general, and I think you're off on the right track. You've got a good grasp of the different head shapes of the game's characters, and looking at all of the different reference shots that people have put in /Resources/ should help you.

File 130965740066.png - (1.06MB , 825x1050 , smiths-finished-lowres.png )
3756 No. 3756 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Old thread got eaten I guess? Anyway, finished another one, Medic is next.

Demo is the Rook's Pawn.
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>> No. 3991
medic come back with my heart

I am so in love with that seated pose, and the clothing and the lines

and everything.
>> No. 4963
Medic being the king and Sniper being the queen? Yes please. What a wonderful surprise.

I love the Medic's pose.... simply wonderful.
>> No. 5136


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