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File 129981795658.png - (174.12KB , 475x1092 , ZippyMakesBadArt.png )
7375 No. 7375 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
OH HI I DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE. Want to see something terrible? Yes? Okay.

Hello workshop. I hope I don't make you a significantly worse place by posting here. I will try not to fizzle your eyes out. The key word being "try". And if people are interested, I could perhaps take some requests. In the interest of improving.
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>> No. 7403
I'm making embarrassing noises over how cute I find this.

Oh, Spy! Shoo now, Sniper is knitting! You'll ruin his lovely scarf, you naughty thing.
>> No. 7404
File 131467894413.png - (964.65KB , 872x1144 , CloseKnitColour.png )
Here goes, my first fully coloured piece on TF2chan. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best with colour, still working on colour theory and all that. I'm particularly unsure about the background. I definitely want something abstract and simple that won't distract too much from the foreground. I've dicked around with it a lot, specific suggestions would be appreciated, unless you guys think it looks okay. I've been staring at it so long I'm not sure anymore.

Shucks, thanks! Just realized I'd been reading your fanfiction without realizing you were the one who posted in my thread. I admire your work as well, loved your piece about sawmill.
>> No. 7405
A) Yay, colour! (I liked it a lot in b&w, but I never don't love Sniper's sunburned nose... plus, the bright yellow of the scarf is so cheerful...)

B) Aw, thanks!

File 131466511353.jpg - (360.61KB , 1200x1100 , d47edt7.jpg )
4608 No. 4608 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Found this the other day, someone else who does plushies and way way cheaper! http://masterplanner.Sparkledog Central.com/
(they're bigger too!)
>> No. 4609
Aww they even have a gunslinger on the engi! And a mini sentry

File 131461010260.jpg - (22.92KB , 154x328 , BeeApron.jpg )
7406 No. 7406 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I don't even know, man.
>> No. 7407

This was supposed to be a reply to my thread, and the 'reply to thread' button thingy didn't register, and now I feel like an enormous idiot.

Really sorry about this!

File 13124262028.jpg - (69.43KB , 586x930 , 0.jpg )
7408 No. 7408 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Putting this up for chop while I waffle over how fancy a colouring job I want to give it and whether I should have gone with a more dramatic angle.
For the technically-obsessed, the pistol he's holding was not based off of any in-game model.
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>> No. 7422
I hope that thing up his ass is a buttplug and not...something else. Maybe it'll be more apparent in the colored version.
>> No. 7423

If it wasn't a dildo, it would be the most gravity-defying turd in the history of mankind.
>> No. 7424
File 131459338547.jpg - (155.70KB , 2141x879 , tf-hoovypractice.jpg )
Not actually looking for crit, but felt like posting these bust sketches of the Heavy that I'd done. I used model shots for reference, the weird light drawings were traces I did for the sake of being able to more easily gauge the proportions of his enormous head.

File 131379704242.png - (320.76KB , 814x692 , spytrainer.png )
7425 No. 7425 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am not sure if my last thread was deleted due to me spamming but I will try better this time...for now, enjoy this Pokemon/TF2 Crossover I drew for my brother.

Please feel free to give me crits and requests.
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>> No. 7433
Understood. Maybe it is because I have recently started to draw things in this fandom, but it will probably take time for me to I guess have a more acceptable style of art to post here.

I'll just stay low again then. Feel free to delete this thread.
>> No. 7434
Okay, what the fuck is this nonsense we're spewing here? "Acceptable" style of art?

If you want to keep drawing like this it's perfectly fine so long as you apply some of the critique you recieve. I don't honestly see anything wrong with drawing cartoonishly, and as >>2556 said there are already several artists on this site posting in less realistic styles. If you'd like to get better and improve as you seem to want to, we have this board, /workshop/, for a reason. Staying low will not get you the critique you'd need to improve, especially if you "stay low" on DA where you will recieve nothing but asspats. I encourage you to keep posting here, and I also encourage >>2553 to stop posting until they read >>1366 and learn from it.

The only "style" of art we outright hate here is drawing the characters as though they were anime characters with massive eyes and no nose. What I see here is nothing of the sort, so don't drop it as though it's that bad. Take some time to focus on the distinctive facial and bodily features of each class (such as their noses, jaw shape, silhouettes, etc.) and you will grow better, faster.
>> No. 7436
Will I regret getting into this? No, no I will not.
Ky, I really like your style, the warmup had nice movement, especially for a sitting pose; and while I preach no "accepted" style of art since everyone has their own style, I advise taking into account at the noses. Many of the classes have convex noses (Scout and Engie are the two exceptions), so that would be something worth looking at.

Really, even if the nose thing doesn't work out, capturing the body language of the subject says a lot about that character anyway, and you seem to be pretty good at that. It's always good to have flow in a drawing.

Should you feel that you want to move to a more realistic style or proportioning/anatomy, I would recommend checking out this thread: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/res/22.html and looking at reference photos for poses and the relationship between body parts: how they move, length comparisons, etc.

Long story short, everything Ashe said. Derp.
Also, keep drawing and posting, Ky; don't be so hard on yourself.

File 13144341271.png - (732.73KB , 673x2088 , scoot.png )
7437 No. 7437 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
hello um um! first time posting on a chan of any kind (aside from some generic "wow i love your art!" comments on other artists' threads sgfjghjkf) and i'm really nervous! but i think this section is really cool and i would love some help with this disaster of a wip i'm struggling with right now...

the first thing is just to show you the overall picture so you can see what's going on. ignore the confusing bs in the background, i'm not sure what's going on there yet, haha! i feel like something is bad with scout's body?? looking at it i know his feet are way too small, but like, something else feels off with the body too? i can't place my finger on it. something with the hips and shoulders i think.

the coloring is what is troubling me most though. i NEVER do lineless so i thought i'd try to challenge myself, and ugh. it's frustrating me so badly. i just don't get how digital painting works at all... so then i caved and added lines which you see there at the bottom. not sure if i should keep them? keep trying to lineless? do a mix of both?! (ps not done with the shading on his bandages)

i'm just an indecisive mess about this whole thing and it's really frustrating me! s-so if someone could point me in the right direction, i would give you all the virtual smooches! thank you very much, and i'm sorry if i did anything wrong, i'm new to this stuff ´—`
>> No. 7438
I'm guessing the finger on his mouth is his index finger, which would make the right hand have six fingers. Otherwise, it's his thumb, which would be a really too long thumb.
>> No. 7439
.... h-holy shit, how did i miscount fingers. WOW, ME. this is why we don't draw late at night! thank you very much for catching that sghlsfhgjkfhfk!

File 131235844155.png - (250.19KB , 1534x1084 , 333333.png )
4223 No. 4223 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I figure I'll come out of hiding and post some of my art.
This is a work in progress. Before you ask, yes, Medic and Scout are floating. It'll make more or less sense when I add the background. It's what happens when I listen to Voodeux for hours straight.
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>> No. 4584
File 131443832261.png - (165.65KB , 960x1280 , engiesomethingoranotehr.png )
Thanks you guys!
Here is a.. well, a result of a very odd livestream.
>> No. 4585
Invader Zim styled Engineer? Day has been made.
>> No. 4588
That is fucking AWESOME. Thank you for making my life, Prae.

File 131348110296.png - (251.09KB , 898x768 , tf2 -- sunset scout.png )
7440 No. 7440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so i've lurked here for a while and am now getting up the courage to post stuff. feel free to have at it, i really like crits and you guys definately know your stuff.

i'll post this one first since it's still a work in progress and i want to know what sort of things i should change before i finish it up. obviously legs and a background are factors, but aside from that, what should i change? my style is sort of at an in-between place right now as i try to go less animu (which of course is totally lost on me drawing scout hurr) so i'm trying to learn more about face shapes and anatomy especially. also i have no clue what to do with his legs in this pose.
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7446
Okay. My bad. What I mean to say was: do you think you know enough about human anatomy to start doing redlines for other people?
>> No. 7447
File 131393430145.png - (368.01KB , 898x768 , 131348110296.png )
Loved the pose, but I thought I could add somethings you could improve upon.

Anything you can't read, or I forgot to add more detail to if the red-line does not speak for itself be sure to reply with areas I skimmed out on and or is illegible.

Study more of Scout's face and some general facial structure. Also hands seem to be rather stiff and you can use the posemaniacs "Hands for Drawing" section and pick your preferred hand for reference. If you can't find specific hand? Use your own hands then (I used my own hands for the hands in this picture).

As for the pose, you chose a hard one. Even I had to look for reference for this one. Keep at it and you should do fine.
>> No. 7448
File 13144330538.jpg - (243.47KB , 1339x1395 , tf2 -- solly vs demo WIP2.jpg )
oh hey, so that's where this went! i thought it got deleted or something. awesome!

ooh thank you! the redlines help a lot. i've been having issues with giving people horsefaces lately, so the slight movement of his mouth/nose gives me a better idea of how to position them. also holy shit that website is boss and i'm going to spin that torso around while going WHEEE to amuse myself now.

i actually came here to post this picture. i started it on a whim and kept going with it because i liked the concept and soldier's face. having a hell of a time with demo's pose, though. dynamic poses are hard. any crits would be greatly appreciated! sorry, it's really REALLY sketchy. that probably hard to pick apart, but any input would be awesome!

apologies in advance if this is like a quadruple post, having issues with filesize here.

File 13143104426.jpg - (505.91KB , 2000x2000 , demojump.jpg )
7449 No. 7449 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Trying out a more painterly style, still struggliong to get the hang of shading and such. Any tips or critiques would be appreciated :)
>> No. 7450
Is that supposed to be an Ullapool Caber he's holding?
Since, uh, it looks kind of like a leek.
>> No. 7451
Oh god, can't unsee. Better fix that, haha ;)

Derpy leek cabers aside, any thoughts on the shading?

File 131425458481.png - (3.82KB , 96x96 , _1313955013_910.png )
7452 No. 7452 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I dunno if this is even going to fit in here but I'm thinking of knitting some TF2 themed blankets and I'm having trouble getting down how I want them to look. Would you guys please look at what I have drawn out and tell me what you think? Does anyone have tips for doing circles on a grid? I seem to be hurpin' and derpin' my way through it :/. Also, I'm going to be doing them in red and blu I guess whatever people want and WHATEV is the symbol. Again, sorry if this doesn't belong here.
>> No. 7453
File 13142547163.jpg - (23.42KB , 595x451 , WHATEV.jpg )
AAACK! sorry, wrong picture.

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