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File 130747161025.jpg - (8.26KB , 305x251 , heylookbuddyimasingfag.jpg )
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Was waiting for my old thread to reappear but that don't look like it's gonna happen, oh well! To reintroduce myself, I'm Hamsters and I write TF2 filk and other geeky things like that. All my songs are avalable to download for free at the following link.


To get people back in the tf2channing mood I wrote a new song. A few actually. They'll float in gradually.

The first is a HelmetPart Song I promised a million years ago. Very simple, and like most of my stuff a little melancholy. Took me a while to think of an angle to approach them since I'm not really a fan.


Lets get this chan rockin' again!
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>> No. 5576
File 13214216662.png - (671.62KB , 1430x1443 , Hamters Jawtacular CD2.png )
So, I've been listening to your music quite a bit recently, and I wanted to make a little something should it be put on a cd someday.

yeah it's cheaply done, but I want the idea out there.
>> No. 5577

Haha! Fantastic! :D I have about three or so songs planned, who knows when I'll get to them, I definitely intend to make cd/booklet art.... But this gives me an idea... if anyone else wanted to do that for me they could email me about it? I'd totally write a song for anyone willing to make cover art/design a cover for the CD compilation. :)
>> No. 8352
does anyone know if hamsters is still writing tf2 songs?

File 131966898674.jpg - (120.92KB , 800x1062 , medic.jpg )
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Hey, guys.
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>> No. 6796

Funny, these don't look anything like Steadman's art to me.

Closer to Egon Schiele if anything.
>> No. 8346
File 138466153063.jpg - (941.20KB , 864x1169 , snoipah web.jpg )
I colored your Sniper, hope you don't mind, I just couldn't help myself...
>> No. 8353
File 138567384727.jpg - (17.42KB , 460x276 , 2008_0506_images_000updike.jpg )
or Joe Ciardiello's caricatures! (left) Love 'em.

File 138364305195.jpg - (15.79KB , 251x356 , scrap3012.jpg )
8318 No. 8318 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just working on improving the arts, help redline/constructive criticism?
>> No. 8319
File 138364434323.jpg - (69.47KB , 500x700 , scrap3013.jpg )
it's past midnight. stupid sketch and try again in the morning.
>> No. 8327
Dat smile

I can see what you're doing with your style, but the one thing that is amiss would be lack of characteristic features - in this case, Medic's manry jaw and Spy's largeish shnoz.

Unfortunately I am out of the country and therefore unable to draw you a redline. Hopefully someone else can explain better otherwise you'll have to wait until I get home in another week

Do keep it up. Try some studies of the merc's heads, focusing on their prominent features, to help with your style!
>> No. 8336
File 138409861419.jpg - (99.22KB , 475x356 , red line.jpg )
They're looking good so far. I hope this helps

File 138102400865.jpg - (602.94KB , 1181x457 , prelimtitlething.jpg )
8281 No. 8281 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Artists, writers, and SFM aficionados! We've got a Halloween themed community project going on, and would love to have everyone take part!

Signups are open until October 19th, submissions due October 26th, project releases October 31st

Interested? Info and rules here: >>/dis/14088
>> No. 8290
Just a reminder that sign ups close this Saturday (the 19th)! Final submissions aren't due until Sat 26th

There's still plenty of room left in this thing! Only 11 people have signed up so far (4 of which already submitted), so come get your spook on y'all
>> No. 8307
Friendly reminder that final submissions are due midnight Saturday October 26th EST! That's just over 24 hours left to go!

For up-to-date character and submission counts, check this post: >>/dis/14117

File 138013329334.png - (228.81KB , 1000x630 , mrmundy.png )
8261 No. 8261 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
whipped this up while waiting for class to start. is this chan dead yet
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>> No. 8269
her? also good idea
>> No. 8278
File 138099736865.jpg - (63.48KB , 1494x947 , watchyourback.jpg )
Couple of things:

1) I'm of the opinion that there's a bit too much artistic license when it comes to the lighting. (But then, I'm a huge lighting nerd and I love diffused light through a window, so.)

2) This looks like a dude in a costume, a prop owl, and a prop gun, not the Sniper. Included in my redlines are references for the Sniper in profile (it looks like you gave him a mullet, so I went to the wiki and grabbed a screenshot of Your Worst Nightmare), the relative size of the rifle to Sniper and how he holds it, and of Owliscious.

3) On that note, Sniper's missing a lot of crucial details that help us identify him: his underbite, his head profile, his one glove on his left hand (lefty Snipers have the glove on the right hand), the little window on said glove, the piss-colored glasses, etc. These are things that should be faithful to the original regardless of style.

4) Snipers arms lack proper musculature and the placement of the elbow seems too high in relation to his arm (this may be because the lighting has obscured where his elbow is). The place where his sleeves are rolled up also conflict slightly with the angle of the arm (unless, again, there's something going on with an unseen armpit, but in my opinion there's not enough visual information there for me to conclude that).
>> No. 8305
you see, im very, very lazy.

File 13813832683.png - (769.95KB , 837x768 , wow.png )
8283 No. 8283 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I found this tf2 halloween comic here: http://pyroween.tf2mods.net/, I thought it was official its a fan comic 0_0
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>> No. 8285
This goes in /dumps/, not here. /fanart/ is for stuff you have drawn yourself.
>> No. 8286
Ok thanks, how do I delete this
>> No. 8287
If you still have the password from when you posted it, you can re-enter the password on the thread, and click the delete button.

File 138092018950.jpg - (459.63KB , 1298x1500 , thepalehorse.jpg )
8271 No. 8271 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been looking for a redline on this drawing here. I'm mainly having trouble with the engineers legs, but feel free to point out anything else that looks wonky.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8280
File 138099859153.jpg - (77.83KB , 1201x1244 , bigdamnhero.jpg )
Oops, forgot to include the picture as well as One More Thing:

* The Engineer's overall straps are slightly angled. I've exaggerated said angle in the redline, so I suggest you look at references for a more accurate depiction.
>> No. 8282
File 138112375260.jpg - (534.86KB , 1400x1320 , thepalehorse2.jpg )
here's the newer version. Thanks for the advice, the legs look better now. I completely fucked up the frontier justice though and I may have to redo it, oh well. Will post the final when I get done.
>> No. 8300
Oh, much better! I would say that Engie's legs look a bit chunky here (he has teeny tiny chicken legs). And I'm pretty sure the attachment to the Frontier Justice is a battery/crit? pack, as opposed to a scope. You could still get away with the reflection even after changing it to a battery pack/whatever it is - just have the reflection more distorted or less crisp.

Sorry I still haven't come through with a redline for you, yet. I've got a lot on my plate and next to no time to sit down and draw... my apologies, I'll get there one day (if you still need help by that point) orz

File 137680659081.jpg - (146.18KB , 500x375 , community_image_1375200529.jpg )
8215 No. 8215 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Oh man. I posted art here one long-ass time ago, under a different name, and was too intimidated to really do anything. I joke that TF2 is the only reason I know how to draw jawlines, let alone people (my normal fare is animals), but I fear it's true. I've recently fallen back in love with everything the design of this game has to offer, and I'm determined to make people feel natural when I draw them. So, before this thing gets too sappy, here's a quick computin' Pyro!
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8227
You all are TOO NICE!

Doo- Thanks so much! Hope I can continue to please.
Mawaru- the Pyro doodle ended up with notes numbering in the hundreds on Dumblr (for some reason), so that was probably it. You'd be able to find my proper internet name and everything! I am so. So fandom shy and I've never been able to articulate why.
Dot- Heeeh, yes, any future art will have more attention paid to the character models. I fully admit that both of these were rather spur of the moment. Will definitely work on that, thanks!

I'm really, truly hoping to produce some TF2-related sketches soon. I just picked up a part time job on top of my other art-related responsibilities, so art funtime has been very scarce lately.
>> No. 8270
File 138086110434.jpg - (271.20KB , 800x544 , tf2_dumbs2.jpg )
Unexpectedly busy! Someday I'll draw bodies! This is also the only Sniper face I've ever been pleased with, woo hoo.
>> No. 8275
Hot damn. The style and texture on these are lovely.

File 137945774610.png - (1.25MB , 1022x887 , tf2_spookyscaryhalloweenbosses.png )
8254 No. 8254 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Namefagging finally.

Drew some Halloween bosses, because I'm really looking forward to the event this year. Merasmus is probably my favorite.

(Captcha: Seer cycloth. We have both a Seer and Cyclopsth here, yep.)
>> No. 8255
(Ah crap, misfire post. Feel free to delete it, I'll repost in the proper thread.)
>> No. 8265
You won't be able to repost without deleting the post/image first.

Here's the copypasta on how to delete a post from the FAQ page:
>10. Can I delete my own posts?
>Yes. Check the box near your post, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click delete. You can delete the file only if you want, just check the "file only" button. Please note that it is necessary to set a password in the password field when making a post in order to be allowed to delete a post.

If you haven't cleared your cookies and/or just made the post, it's okay if you didn't set a password at the time of posting. It should work.

But as a rule of thumb, try to use a password when making a post!
>> No. 8267
Agh, I didn't, and now it won't let me delete this one. I'll remember that next time.

File 137977707229.jpg - (117.21KB , 662x739 , teamtime.jpg )
8257 No. 8257 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just passing buy, raping old memes on the go

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