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File 137581246066.jpg - (1.52MB , 1552x1771 , HILF MIR BITTE.jpg )
8188 No. 8188 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello! I'm back after not playing an ounce of TF2 for years. I missed this Chan.
Here's a piece I squeezed out today. (ps how do I robots?!?!?!)
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>> No. 8241
File 137866495594.jpg - (291.88KB , 731x611 , papierkram überall.jpg )
I diddly done did a doodle.
>> No. 8243

His head looks too big (and not "Medic"-y enough, for lack of a better description) for his body and arms too small.
>> No. 8245
I really like the emotion in this piece. I do get the feeling Medic's completely exhausted, poor guy.

For the redlining, it depends. Some people intentionally don't draw on-model, because they worry about photocopying the canon art too much (I know I do), while others strive for it.

File 137844400587.png - (419.43KB , 863x676 , Sniper 5.png )
8234 No. 8234 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I never posted on here before so here is my first post.
This here is a perspective sketch. I was having issues with the pull back arm and thought I post it on here. I really am open for critique, the more the merrier. I find this helps me learn more with drawing.
>> No. 8236
I'm terrible at perspective, so I'm reluctant to redline on that. What I notice is that the Sniper's proportions are way off even considering the odd angle. GIS the phrase "sniper huntsman" and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.
>> No. 8242
File 137867304370.png - (554.39KB , 920x676 , 137844400587.png )
I'm afraid this is not the best redline-esque thing in the world. I can only really help with the face because I hate perspective with the burning passion of a thousand binary stars.
Hi! Nice to see some new art posted here! In regards to your face you have a good grasp of expression - I like his sneer, the squint of his eye - not to mention the crow's foot is a really nice touch.
His eyebrows are too arched and/or thin. Sniper's eyebrows are quite straight, heavy and forward. I find it hard to see his brows in this picture, which can be a little odd. Don't be afraid to beef them up a bit!
His nostril is too prominent. I say that because I feel his nose should be angled down, but at the same time it looks to be viewed from the side. In reality his nostrils would not really be that visible from a downward angle.
His sunglasses are possibly the main reason why his face looks a little skewiff. His sunglasses are at a different angle to his face. I find it hard to explain but hopefully you can see what I mean in the redline.
I feel his hairline is probably a little too low. With the possible exception to Scout, the rest of the team has a case of receding hairline going on.
Those are my main points to make in regards to his face. My best piece of I advice I can give is to simply use a reference! If you go over to the Resources thread here on TF2Chan there's a whopping great big thread (the first one, I think) full of renders of all the classes. Pay particular attention to their jaws, because pretty much everyone has a Manly Jaw of Manliness.
I hope this is of use to you. This is the first time I've given advice in donkey's years. But please keep drawing! You can only improve from hereon!
>> No. 8244
I can't anatomy, but it looks to me like Sniper should be aiming for the lower-left, but the arrow seems to be raised up a little from where his left hand is, and pointed more down the center. Like, it's not touching anything other than the hand that's holding it, and the tip is just kinda floating there. Which I suppose isn't impossible to hold it like that, but he sure wouldn't hit anything he was trying to aim at like that. If I had to guess based on Sniper's posture, I'd say the arrow should be pointing roughly to the bottom-left corner, maybe even cut off at the end. Based on the arrow's position, I'd say Sniper needs to be facing the "camera" more like the arrow is.

Hope I could help.

File 133953284734.jpg - (1.20MB , 1700x2338 , scan0003.jpg )
6331 No. 6331 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
'Lo all, I do drawings in biro when I'm bored (I'm a law student, so that happens a lot).

Thought I'd dump some of my drawings in case someone was interested.
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>> No. 6348

Don't mind if I do!
>> No. 6357
Whoa nelly, these are awesome. Keep going!
>> No. 8219
These drawings are amazing, it's so nice to see biro being used as a medium, and so successfully too!!

Very well done!

File 137454175884.png - (23.16KB , 500x750 , pyro copy.png )
8174 No. 8174 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I lurk around here plenty so I felt like actually contributing something. I hope I set this up right or don't come of as stupidly sudden... You can critique if you want but it was just a silly doodle I coloured in -shrugs-. Anyway, hope you like!
>> No. 8175
Fuck I love chibi Pyro. Squeeeeeeeee!

File 137273983418.jpg - (74.79KB , 512x512 , medicat.jpg )
8133 No. 8133 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
cause things seem kinda dead. so uhhh. Here's one of the cat sprays I made for myself. Just the same cat in every class but I'll put a random. I could draw different stuff though if anyone shows any interest.
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>> No. 8146

Life drawing skills are essential to learning how to draw cartoons better. A good grasp on shape and form can be a boon to rendering those forms in a more simple and stylized manner while keeping those forms believable.

You talk like somebody who's underage b& and I would advise you to take good advice when it's given to you 'round these here parts. We don't take kindly to the "but it's my style" cop out when we're trying to help you improve.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your move.
>> No. 8148
I'm not actually that young and I do see your point. I'd call it quits here in that I don't have much else where to go tf2 wise. And I do understand life drawings and practicing that kind of thing improves drawing skills. Of course it does. But I do mean it bores me. I'm not a serious artist and this is a hobby. I know I can get a lot better by practicing still lives or doing anatomy sketches but that's a lot of not fun time to invest in something I do in my off time. But all the same I get why people would find my posts immature and annoying. I just would rather keep drawing casual and improve at a slower rate. sorry.
>> No. 8169

After review with the other mods, I realized that I came off as abrasive and confrontational where it was not needed. I apologize for that deeply. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Again, my bad.

File 137274464417.png - (1.24MB , 2624x781 , sbn fiep.png )
8134 No. 8134 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
not looking for a critique, just sharing this strange unrecognizable thing i drew while i was stoned.
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>> No. 8152
heh! sorry, force of habit... and thanks! i know i'm not the best artist- i dont really draw often cause it's just for fun... but i really do like hearing nice words about my art. and sure, i'll do a colored piece for you! it'll give me a chance to show off my line art skills as well, aww yiss
>> No. 8154
File 137331731879.png - (268.22KB , 631x655 , scoutsoldier.png )
ach i know i said i'd do something colored but here have this warm up drawin
>> No. 8165
The head/body ratio proportion is way off on this one, it's really really distracting.

File 137327179782.jpg - (70.17KB , 625x775 , sPDxG.jpg )
8153 No. 8153 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone know who made this?
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>> No. 8159
I remember when Kob would post pics like that one, and then he/she disappeared for a bit, then came back for one final hurrah before announcing their permanent departure. The ones in that URL link are basically all the pics I remember
>> No. 8160
Holy shit, so it's Kob who got me into TF2 in the first place!

Man, I remember seeing a bunch of their stuff dumped in a TF2 thread on /cm/ years back. At the time I'd never heard of TF2, just saved the images because they were beautifully done and moved on. And a year or two later, my then-boyfriend showed me the game and I was like "Oh, so this is what that porn is from!", thus beginning my slow spiral into TF2 obsession and sustained madness... BUT ANYWAY

I owe Kob one.
>> No. 8161
I must admit, he was one of my biggest inspirations when I first got into the tf2 fandom. Would have been nice to have been around while he/she was still active. Or at least to know who they are.

File 13714543934.png - (1.21MB , 1692x1704 , GL Mychael.png )
8122 No. 8122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here, have a TF2/Pokemon crossover spam!
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>> No. 8125
File 137145468095.png - (699.56KB , 1285x1590 , GL Snipe.png )
...it would be a nice excuse...
>> No. 8126
File 137145477633.png - (390.45KB , 1535x922 , Trainer Joey.png )
...my GOD, these were fun!
Answer: because I hate Medic.
>> No. 8127
I like the expressions and poses you have going on for the most part, but your rendering of clothing and cloth seems a bit inconsistent. Scout appears to be a more realistic rendering of clothing wrinkles and bagginess, but the Engineer's overalls look more like some sort of Spandex contraction instead of actual thick denim overalls. I would suggest looking at some photo refernces for that type of fabric, to get a better idea of how it folds and sits on a person.

I would type up more critique, but alas, I've got to go to work.

File 133091130656.jpg - (245.15KB , 862x620 , kickback copy.jpg )
6086 No. 6086 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
At last I have enough offerings to justify starting my own thread.

I'm a bit lost with the TF2 art style (and anatomy and coloring and linework and...), so all concrit is extremely welcome.
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>> No. 6635
Oh, my! I'm loving these.
I feel like the head shape and leg bending anatomy on the goats is slightly off here, but I haven't been able to find a goat being quite that adorable to double check it. (The bitey goat on the right.) Nevertheless, this is heartwarmingly cute and I love it so, so much.

That Soldier! This one gave me a big ol' grin--especially after I noticed his spelling correction and frown emote. A nod to my favorite part of the Decoy map? I'll take it!

The sense of environment, depth, mood, and lighting in these is spectacular! I'm drooling. (Just remember to watch out what order your sky layers are in--those stars would look a little less stark if they were behind your cloud layer.)

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

(And here's where I apologize if I referenced these posts in the wrong way. This is my first attempt at commenting around here.)
>> No. 6693
File 135083918598.jpg - (202.16KB , 563x600 , 30_themes_03_fin.jpg )
30 days otp challenge day three - gaming/watching a movie

First of all, I'm sorry for responding so late - I didn't want to come empty-handed but for various reasons it has taken me ages to come up with something worth posting.

Second - thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply so in depth. The sky layers were indeed accidentally out of order when I started merging my layers and I noticed it too late to do much about it without having to redo major parts of the sky, so I left it as is. (I know, I'm lazy.)
>> No. 8121
heavyxmedics are my FAVORITE! this is no doubt the cutest one. good work and amazing detail!

File 136804721082.jpg - (943.34KB , 1469x1734 , MEDIC.jpg )
6864 No. 6864 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6870
I think you need to revisit the rules. This site encourages constructive criticism. I find Dotchan's comments to be polite, respectful, and very helpful. If you think we need more asspats around here then by all means take it upon yourself to pat some more asses. I'm sure the artists would like that, too.

Amicat, your shading is really erratic. Remember to establish your light source before you shade.
And look at Medic's nose. It's aqualine and points slightly downward.
I do enjoy the softness of the colours, though, I imagine you could bring it together a bit more if you added blue throughout the foreground--for example, in shadows, or in his vest--rather than restricting the selective colouring to the eyes. Selectively coloured eyes are a bit cliche to begin with, but more importantly it isn't really enough to balance the composition.
>> No. 6872
If asspatting is what you'd like to call it, by all means... Just don't tell me to revisit the rules. Dot, no matter what I say, has every right to give crit.

My point is that the crit Dot-chan provided was indeed unsolicited. The style the artist seems to be going for isn't even compatible with the realism tips Dot's giving.

And personally, I'm of the mindset that complimenting the best aspects in a piece leads to the most profound (independent) growth of an artist.
>> No. 6873
Oh Dot, you always take the words right out of my mouth, haha.

Amicat: as Anon said, this is a place for growth and improvement. Crit is given in the hopes it will help you improve, so I hope you take it on board and not see us as arsehats.

Both Dot's and Anon's advice were solid, and leave me with little to comment on without repeating what they've already said. I can, however, give you some pointers in colour use:

This piece is currently lacking in contrast/any visual "pop", leaving Medic quite washed out.
Even in a soft pastel piece there should be use of contrasting colours to catch the eye. Grey is usually used to enhance the vibrancy of other colours - in this case, it's making the blue of the background stand out.. but Medic should be the focus, not the blue background wash! Next time, you could try using grey for the whole piece, and add selective colour to highlight something you want to bring attention to (bloodied hands or equipment, for example).

I sincerely hope you take our advice on board and keep drawing with these notes in mind. You've got potential, and I'd like to see you keep improving.

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