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File 134462730899.png - (34.49KB , 199x187 , clayhoovy.png )
8001 No. 8001 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
These all need work, so they're getting posted here.

First time posting art in years. You might remember me from Fire!crotch Pyro and something about Dickflowers in bloom.
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>> No. 8004
File 13446275707.jpg - (49.19KB , 640x480 , 0801121809.jpg )
Untrimmed page.
>> No. 8005
Your portraits look really good: you seem to have a pretty good idea of how to structure faces, though the individualization on Soldier and elf(?)Medic could use work, I suppose.
I can't really leave any solid concrit on the full body Scout sketch other than that the leg closest to the veiwer seems to be placed a little too far forward in respect to his torso, and that his hips start just a tad too low (I think). I'll compile some references and attempt a redline if you'd like.
Anyway, all that said, I like what you have here so far and I'd really like to see more.
>> No. 8006
File 135853908782.jpg - (38.97KB , 640x480 , 0801121806.jpg )
I forgot I had made this thread, oops!

I'd love a redline, actually. This is gonna sound stupid, but after three years of taking life drawing classes, drawing without a model is a bit... difficult I suppose.

Medic is an elf because I am a fag or something and I crossed it over with WoW. Pic Related, it's an Undead Pyro

File 135433940944.png - (452.53KB , 600x748 , DapperDemoV2s.png )
6743 No. 6743 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
KICHI attempts to use TF2chan. First finished Demo painting.
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>> No. 6758
I agree about that lovely warm color scheme! I also wish to extend birdfeet's critique, however, to human anatomy.
I'll just be general and brief. As far as I can tell, your proportions and even your perspective are pretty good. It's the structure that needs tightening up. The "how-this-part-connects-to-this-part" aspect of anatomy, basically.

Keep it up yo
>> No. 6759
Ah alright very cool! I'll be sure to practice "connecting" anatomy more, thanks very much friend
>> No. 6764
File 135639656211.png - (545.53KB , 720x741 , PyroSmissmassSmall.png )
Merry Smissmass everybody!

File 134196508925.jpg - (857.69KB , 900x2048 , medicplush.jpg )
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I used to come here a while back. I started sewing a lot back then and I'm doing nothing but sewing now. Well, I said I would make a medic plush and here it is.
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>> No. 6584

I actually have commissions open right now if you're interested. As for the rest of the classes, I'm thinking either pyro or heavy. I want to make them all special specific patterns so they would indeed take a lot of time. There's a link to my devfart in the second post. Note me there or tumblr if you're interested.
>> No. 6660
File 134879887562.jpg - (625.67KB , 1527x2211 , IMG_2011.jpg )
I did another one as a commission. Took less time than the medic due to detail plus I used the same head and leg pattern.
>> No. 6760
Great work ! It's truly amazing !

Hope to see more ;)

File 135184690120.png - (43.44KB , 194x153 , tf2gifts.png )
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Calling all artists and writers! The TF2chan Secret Santa Exchange is now open for sign-up. Sign-up ends on November 27th.

Please go here for more information: http://tf2chan.net/dis/res/13331.html
>> No. 6738

If you want to participate but haven’t signed up yet, please do so now! Last chance is the day after tomorrow.
>> No. 6740

If you have signed up but haven’t received an e-mail from me in return, your participation may not have been registered! Post a comment to the thread in /dis/ and resubmit your prompt ASAP.

>> No. 6742
ALL PROMPTS HAVE NOW BEEN MAILED OUT. If you have not received your prompt for the Secret Santa, or if for some reason you find yourself unable to fill your giftee’s request, please contact me ASAP so we can find a solution!

The deadline for e-mailing me your gift is December 24th at 23:59/11:59 PM GMT. However, if possible, please submit your gift ahead of the deadline so I’ll have time to organise everyone’s contributions before the 25th.

File 132008252240.jpg - (786.19KB , 1494x1094 , TF2_c02p01.jpg )
5382 No. 5382 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello hello, I made a couple of pseudocomics based on true stories as practice - I haven't drawn anything in quite a long time, and it's been even longer since I used Photoshop.

I was pretty much listening to one song the entire time I did this first one, so have a link: http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=yNhlcNFSiMo
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>> No. 5705
File 132269488021.gif - (331.93KB , 448x223 , TF2_medicman.gif )
I thank the recession
for this gift of time
which I have squandered.

>> No. 5756
File 13234430243.jpg - (178.65KB , 600x480 , TF2_hitit.jpg )
"I'd hit it."


"Ya, I know, right?"

"-with a [stick]."


"You have no taste, do you know that? None whatsoever."
>> No. 6739
Thank you for sharing these delightful tails of pure tomfoolery. It has made the world a better place.

File 134993280651.png - (1.15MB , 1000x750 , brody_2fort_001.png )
6678 No. 6678 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey y'all,
I'm taking a shot at drawing some TF2 in a more serious image than I've previously done. 'More serious' here having the meaning of it's not a chibi or a SpyCrab. I would really appreciate some feedback on this drawing, so I will be livestreaming on October 11th at 9 PM (Central Time).
For anyone who would like to give me some critique while I work on it, point out any derps I happen to make, or to just watch, feel free to come by.
My Livestream is http://www.livestream.com/WF1187?t=839808
Thank you.
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>> No. 6721
1) The face is a minor problem compared to my other beef, that of body language. There's no tension in this pic at all. Please, please, please do a Spy/Medic fight to the death more justice than this.
2) Any long-running series in any drawn medium, art evolution aside, has this thing called "Being On Model". Sometimes, it's okay to exaggerate for the sake of a quick animated sequence or a single panel wild take, but in general staying as close as possible to the character as designed is Serious Business. Mickey Mouse, for example, is such an iconic character that his animators have had to redraw cels from scratch just for getting his ears wrong.
3) Even considering the way that their heads are positioned, Spy and Medic don't have the same size eyes and their mouths kind of stretched to one side. I used to do that in my own art so much that my characters looked like they're having a stroke. In comparison, you're art is positively realistic in comparison. I don't know about the other people giving you their opinions, but I am not making a value judgement on your style, just pointing out a possible shortcoming in it.
>> No. 6731
Personally I rather like the body language. It make me think that in the rush of a fast-paced battle, the Spy ran up behind the Medic, catching him quite off his guard. (Medic somewhere between shock and confusion, and spy looks like he's in the middle of rushing from one place to another) Not exactly a struggle or "fight to the death" type scenario. Also my first immediate impression was that I love spy's expression. Whether people like the exaggeration of expression, or if it looks real or not, idk, but my first impression what that is was great.

The only thing I'd have to bring up (hate to bring up something new, but...) is that the blade doesn't quite look like it does in game. (I main spy and see that thing so stinking much) It's more correct in the very first one where Spy is reaching around the Medic.

Overall, I very much like.
>> No. 6734
It honestly isn't what I'd define as a 'fight.' A fight more or less entails an active struggle between two parties. This is more of Spy doing what he does best, which is sneaking up and taking a victim by surprise. Like the recent poster said. I do have a part 2 to this image planned, perhaps it'll be more along the lines of the fight to the death justice hoped for.
Yes, I'm aware of what on-model means. I got a degree in animation earlier this year, so I spent the past 4 1/2 years learning about the whole nine yards. However, even with maintaining model specifics, there will always, always be flukes because artists and animators will have variations in their methods. 3D can avoid this because the model is pretty much set. Shoot, half the time the characters in the official TF2 comics don't look like the characters in the game *cough Medic cough*. I could go into an entire rant about being on-model, but that's...unnecessary.
As for the mouths, I tried altering the smile and it just looked really strange every way I did it. So I went with the least strange-looking. Otherwise, when they fixed the face poser in GMod (as much as GMod can fix a face poser), that's about how it looked at that angle. I just stretched the smile even further than the model would go without Spy's cheeks extending beyond his ears.

On the knife: it's about the same as the first image, all I did was turn it sideways. I realizaed that the sharp end of the blade wasn't even touching Medic's throat while laying flat like that, so I had to re-angle it to be more threatening. Weapons are something I'm still working on though. (Dat Medigun...URGH)

Thank y'all for the critiques, they have been helpful. This one is currently fully inked and I'm gonna start coloring it soon.

File 13175752774.jpg - (220.01KB , 828x694 , helmetteddy.jpg )
4967 No. 4967 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I've seen a lot of my art posted on the dumps board, so I thought maybe it is time for me to join here and post something myself. I hope things will go well, and that you enjoy my art!

Here have some sweet helmet party.
141 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6657
The Corvine is pleased. Continue.
>> No. 6712
Just wanted to drop by and tell you how amazing you are. I especially love your Sniper and Helmet Party stuff.

I thank you for making these unbelievably awesome art.
>> No. 6733
File 135345143276.jpg - (400.92KB , 741x888 , sniperbun2.jpg )
>>6712 Thank you!
I realized I haven't been here in a while... Sorry I don't have much to post here since most of my drawings are either of my oc's and/or nsfw. I hope you like cute snipers though!

File 135331983275.jpg - (380.73KB , 1390x900 , MerasNick or Skull party.jpg )
6730 No. 6730 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone on Y!Gallery said I should post it here..so here it is.

>> No. 6732
File 135337379951.jpg - (687.60KB , 1764x1343 , skulls.jpg )
It's...cute, I guess?

1) Composition: The cropping is very odd, since you're suggesting that the skulls themselves have expression. While the way you have it does suggest a very cramped, trapped feeling, you can also suggest that with a background (by, say, having the background of the picture be a closet or something).
2) Head/torso/limb proportion: Even taking into consideration your style, the proportions do not look "right" in my opinion. (And by "right" I don't necessarily mean "factually correct", but "makes sense".)
3) Face proportions: TF2's men have Manry Manjaws of Manriness. Faces should clearly, well, face forward, with the rest of it tapering off to the sides, like a box.
4) Proper shading techniques: Either keep it flat (since that is also a style) or utilize proper technique to suggest the volume of the object. Even today's super low-budget animated series has at least 3 shades: the base color, the highlight, and the shadow. But for better definition, I suggest a 5+ shade coloring method: dark/black outline, base color, a medium shadow, a deep shadow, and one or two levels of highlighting.

File 135222642339.jpg - (261.11KB , 916x825 , 2222.jpg )
6710 No. 6710 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I illustrate and press my own pinback buttons so then this happened

I sell them on my etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/113934800/team-fortress-2-classes-button-set

File 135124390486.png - (1.33MB , 825x1275 , colour small.png )
6698 No. 6698 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I haven't been on here in a while and my old thread is buried so here's a new one.

Let's start it off with some Zombie!Medic. Happy Halloween everyone.
>> No. 6704
and what a great start to the new thread!

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