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File 135068632079.jpg - (103.66KB , 600x404 , medic and gary.jpg )
6689 No. 6689 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
am i really the first one to think of this?
>> No. 6692
ohohoh. I get it. Gary and Bird.
>> No. 6694
I don't get it. But it's a nice sketch, anyway.
>> No. 6696

It's a Superjail reference.

File 131096012461.jpg - (331.45KB , 720x800 , Don__t_pray_to_this_god_by_Mad_Hatters_Hat.jpg )
3959 No. 3959 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
after some long hard thinking, I'm gonna start posting here again

let's start this off with an old favorite of mine
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>> No. 6683
I love this thread. So hard.
>> No. 6690
Boovy. I lost it.
>> No. 6691
They sound like Pokemon names, I love it.

File 135052691648.png - (799.78KB , 1008x720 , Medic.png )
8104 No. 8104 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Yeah so I'm not quite stating that I'm an amazing artist or anything or a major PS master, but, hey, I just want feedback, kay? Good, Passable, bad, whatever. Any criticisms are welcome! Thanks.
>> No. 8105
Did you trace this from Medic's pose from the selection screen?
>> No. 8106
Traced look aside, the shading on his boots is opposite how it is on Medic's pants, and it's pretty much nonexistent on his coat.
>> No. 8107
No but I used it for reference. It's probably note-worthy that I used my mouse for this and I'll keep using my Tablet once I get a pen that isn't 2 Crescaunt Rolls held together with prit-stick.

File 135028280293.png - (266.42KB , 800x600 , SpyvsMedic_sketch1.png )
8108 No. 8108 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey y'all,
I recently podcasted my first attempt at a more serious TF2 art piece, and now I have a mostly completed sketch. Before I go about cleaning it up, I would like some feedback on the sketch.
If you see any anatomical derps or posing issues, please bring it to my attention.

I will be livestreaming the rest of the process this Wednesday, Oct 17th at 9 PM (Central) if anyone wants to watch and/or give critique.

Thank you.

File 132192345772.gif - (487.38KB , 400x386 , 769081503_2071385.gif )
5632 No. 5632 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I just recently found out that I am GLORIOUSLY talented at the rigorous art of Blingeeing shit up. While I am not the best Blingee Artist out there, I am MOST DEDICATED to honing my talents, and hopefully with many years of studying this thrilling art, I might be blessed enough to have my name put in the Blingee Books of Fame and Glitter.

So, I ask you, my fellow Channers, to send me your requests so that I may beautify it with sparkles and Snoop Doggs as FAR as the eye can see!

Because this thread is too retarded to warrant its own thread in /afanart/, I'm willing to accept nsfw requests, too, as long as they have the spoiler image on!

Mods, if this is too retarded to belong here, feel free to lock it, but I just thought it would be a funny idea.

The image above was my first ever work! It could be improved, but for a first try, I think I did pretty dang swell for myself!
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>> No. 6674
I'm so delighted, I can't. Ah!
>> No. 6675
Dude, that tiara. That. Bird.
Welcome back.
>> No. 6676
Thank you for the enthusiastic response! Got any requests, anyone?

Keep in mind, the smaller the file, the better the Blingee comes out. (Compare the Sniper one with the Vagineers).

File 132724450048.jpg - (600.71KB , 1800x1800 , handheart.jpg )
5945 No. 5945 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
First time making a thread. I have no idea how it works. So. This should be interesting.

Anyways. I think the difference in the sizes of their hands is adorable.
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>> No. 6671
File 134889482822.png - (798.94KB , 888x825 , gesdrwfregsewfd copy.png )
otp forever
>> No. 6672
blargh I want that other spy/engie thing I drew in here but I accidentally put it in a new thread dammit
>> No. 6673
File 134889551667.png - (518.63KB , 1053x772 , asdrfgsrtserd copy.png )
fixed it i suppose yay

File 134793121921.png - (435.49KB , 450x799 , scoodle123.png )
6638 No. 6638 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I just got a trial version of photoshop and I've been dicking around with it. Took an older (really shitty) sketch I posted here a while ago and doctored it up a bit. Hopefully it's somewhat presentable now.
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>> No. 6656
Oops, my bad! I was remembering for the expressionless face.

But my original comment about smiles mostly being in the eyes still holds. Scout's eyes are in a neutral-ish position, which is why his expression looks insincere. (Consult your screencap to see what I mean.)

As far as shading goes, feel free to experiment with Photoshop's other blend modes--if you are going to use Photoshop, might as well take advantage of all of its tools.

Otherwise, I suggest you try Painter Classic. It's a program that mimics real media. It obviously doesn't have as many photo-manipulation tools, but it still supports layers, blend modes, and a few other goodies.
>> No. 6658
File 13484421623.png - (448.40KB , 450x799 , scoodle123 copy.png )
He's just lost in thought, that's all. :) Subtle fixes, not even sure if noticeable or even improved. Thanks for all your help!
>> No. 6659
Have to say, it's been pretty cool to see the development of this picture over time!

File 134776857034.png - (116.64KB , 578x464 , boomheadshot.png )
8109 No. 8109 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Headshot. (Boss man said to post here.)
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>> No. 8117
File 134834057649.png - (165.76KB , 890x669 , empirelovewip2.png )

>> No. 8118

It still looks weird. Where's the horizon line and the vanishing point?
>> No. 8119
File 134836795828.png - (200.61KB , 890x669 , foreshortening.png )
Here are some lines based on my best guess of how the lines should be looking.

No. 7774 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I started this doodle today and I don't know what to do about Medic's chin and forehead.
I want it to be prominent and manly, but it's like...not good.
Anyone have suggestions what I could do to make him look more like the Medic?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7776
You didn't "start a doodle." You traced a guy sitting and then you traced Medic's head on top of it, and then you wondered why the face looks wrong. That's just what happens when you don't have skills of your own.
If you want to post some things you've drawn yourself, I'm sure that people here would be glad to help you. It doesn't matter if it's bad--you've got to start somewhere. But you can't expect to improve your drawings if you don't actually draw.
>> No. 7777
And people wonder why so many are afraid to post here...
>> No. 7778
File 134810284524.jpg - (312.61KB , 1043x1043 , 134791895981.jpg )
Here, have some redlines and comments, too. First, general ones:
- Start by blocking out the general pose with a stick figure. There's no such thing as art springing fully formed without doodly roughs and planning lines.
- Think about how an object is shaped three-dimensionally. Use references--ones that you can actually inspect in person (instead of just a picture) are best.
- The human body has some fairly well-defined proportions and ratios. Most people fall within one standard deviation of the average. The style of TF2 gives our characters monstrously huge hands and slight overbites, but otherwise they're pretty much normal.

Comments in specific:
- The neck is off-center, even with the original neck hole of the sweater. (I also prefer smaller neck holes, so I redlined it, but that's your choice to make.)
- The arms are too small. The distance marked "A" is the width of the Medics shoulders as suggested by your picture.
- The hands look weird to me. I'm right handed, but when I cross my fingers it's my left index finger that is on top. Also, the shape of his fingers look wrong. Trying my hands around a cup (as I assumed that to be the average girth of a dove), I found that my fingers barely crossed. Of course, Medic has much bigger hands than I do, but the way the picture has it still doesn't make sense given that he's cupping a rather fragile bird in his hands.
- The seat of the bench should be at an angle rather than viewed straight on. If you imagine a "camera" focused on the Medic's face, that means relative to it, the bench seat is lower than that, so there should be a slight angle to it.
- His elbows should have better definition, since it's a joint.
- His feet, while the right size, look too dainty. This might mostly be an opinion thing.
- Reference, reference, reference those doves. The dove in flight especially should look much more dynamic.

File 131406858866.jpg - (234.74KB , 1284x1228 , Image0012.jpg )
7779 No. 7779 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So a long time ago I posted on TF2Chan and you guys told me to go out and draw better anatomically and I did. I thank you all so much for that push that led me to go beyond animu. (It was horrible, believe me I know...)

So have a crazy Medic and let the crits begin. I know I should not red-line before you guys can have a chance to rip it apart, but I knew somethings were wrong or needed more attention. I bet there are more things wrong with it.

I hope to draw more and get better. Thank you in advance for Red-lines and Critiques.
23 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7803
File 134334426168.jpg - (443.08KB , 624x1463 , Whutmedic.jpg )
Still have lots to learn about colouring. Just a tester.
>> No. 7804

I hope this doesn't seem rude; I'm not really good at writing criticism, but I thought I'd give it a shot since I can identify the anatomical problems with this picture. The hands are too small, especially on Heavy. They look stiff and doll-like, and the fingers emerge in a straight line, as though the bones of the hand are all identical in length. You drew the knuckles more naturally, which is a good start- here is a good reference that shows how the fingers should appear. http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128943909736.jpg
As well, the appearance of Medic's torso is kind of wonky. He's not waifish, but his chest is narrower than it appears here. If he's standing contrapposto, the only thing suggesting it is the crease lower down his flank, and it really just looks like he put on weight.

That said, aside from the oddly narrow end of Medic's jaw, the faces are promising. You just need to give their anatomy a bit of fixing up.
>> No. 7805
File 134789538329.jpg - (342.33KB , 733x1185 , Redmedicderprunningshitlines.jpg )
Rude? No. Thank you for the critique. When it comes to the issue with the proportions I am still very uncomfortable with exaggerating their arms and hands their rather memorable of having.
As for poses being rather stiff, my art is rather tense still, hopefully working on that in future pieces. More fluidity is needed in my work.
As for Medic's body, I just took notice it to it as you commented upon it. Hopefully in future pictures I try to steer away from that body type with him. Or just over all awkward anatomy with him. Yup and his jaw was something that was weirdly intentional, but that's just me being stupid with faces.
Thank you again for the critique, I took it to heart even though my response was REALLY delayed.

Have another Medic picture because yeah... Medic.

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