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File 134470894050.png - (315.02KB , 1800x1200 , medicnervous.png )
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Well I'be been lurking for about 2 or 3 years and thought it's time to share some arts.
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>> No. 6488
File 134498686238.gif - (494.09KB , 260x146 , tumblr_m7822rHXCx1qkprai.gif )

>> No. 6519

aaaaaaahh wow those are pretty dang kawaii, please keep it up!
>> No. 6532
File 134540491932.png - (342.41KB , 811x781 , spy.png )
And here's something less cute. I hate the captcha

File 134455173776.png - (45.39KB , 834x614 , domomon.png )
7813 No. 7813 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Hey there TF2chan, after a year long art slump, this is the first picture I have managed to complete. Any crits at all would be wonderful, I'm slowly getting my rhythm back for art but I know have a ton of work to do.
>> No. 7814
I don't have much to say at the moment other than praise for the shading; I'd like to see more, though.

File 134492503579.png - (226.91KB , 800x746 , 398589.png )
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dicks everywhere, etc
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>> No. 6499
good good post more please
>> No. 6502
i drew the shit bird B)
>> No. 6762
File 135625754071.jpg - (89.25KB , 420x420 , tumblr_m86gs5ECNS1ro74x3o6_500.jpg )
to the person who reverse image searched my steam avatar to find this thread:

when you meet someone new on the internet, realize that they are not obligated to share any amount of personal information with you. they are not obligated to share their name, gender, or city. they are not obligated to tell you why they won’t share this information.

trying to dig up information on the person, such as ip address, e-mail, websites, social networking accounts, is intrusive and creepy. “But I’m nosy!” is not a viable excuse by any standard.

File 13429013287.png - (648.39KB , 2317x1200 , Scoot.png )
6419 No. 6419 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm sorry, I have no clue what I'm doing. First time on a Chan, so... yeah.

It seems Indigo_X is already doing this, so I hope I'm not being rude or nuthin'.

I'll draw basically whatever, as long as it's
1.) TF2 related (duh,)
2.) Not porn.

Here's a sample of my terrible art.
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>> No. 6485
File 13449767292.png - (898.08KB , 1375x1534 , Demoman.png )

GUESS WHO GOT A NEW (kind of cheap) SCANNER!

Also, trying out shading for the first time in FOREVER. How does it look?
>> No. 6494
Thank you so much for taking my request! And that's good news about your scanner. what do you draw things with?

Wow I thought I had more Demoman reaction pics wtf i spent like ten minutes searching
>> No. 6500

I draw the picture on white paper w/ a ballpoint pen, then enhance the lines and color it in GIMP (a lot like Photoshop, but free.)

File 13433257201.png - (1.90MB , 1319x1064 , soldier sure why not.png )
6425 No. 6425 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i guess i will post this
probably will be banhammer'd sooner or later gotta art it while i can

have i mentioned how much i love soldier because i really love him
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>> No. 6458
ACTUALLY how about about requests. That would be grand.
(Ideas are hard to come up with)
>> No. 6459
File 134435559396.png - (640.33KB , 660x532 , datchesthair.png )
Here's a very simple redline. Included is a side view of Solly's head.

As far as ideas go, here's some stuff that have been percolating in my head but I am too lazy haven't got around to drawing:
- golf day
- classes as a baseball team
- the travails of being Medic
>> No. 6486
I dunno shit about redlining - sorry, bro

File 133633747658.jpg - (216.03KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_m3kf9aW0oH1qerqaco1_1280.jpg )
7815 No. 7815 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I made a thing yesterday and I realized I have no idea how to draw. Awesome.
This was meant to be from a low perspective but I didn't manage to convey that very well. Tips? Tricks? References? Redlines? Be brutal, I can take it. I just want to get better.
Also I apologize for the crappy phone photo, I don't have a working scanner right now.
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>> No. 7823
File 134230164788.jpg - (152.88KB , 900x1200 , 100_3939.jpg )
This took me a disgustingly long time oh god but here's my most recent version of this
Changed a lot, including turning that arm around, which took me longer than it should have to realize why it wasn't looking right. Right now I'm having trouble getting the mask to look even remotely plausible, and his left foot may or may not be able to bend like that.
Tear it to shreds, luvs!
>> No. 7824
Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

First, let's look at Pyro's head straight on and break it down into basic shapes. It's made of a half of a sphere for the head, a tapered cone for the mouth, and three cylinders (the eyes and the filter).

Now, the "camera" is aiming upwards at Pyro's head, so it's time for some extreme foreshortening. What I drew was very approximate, using an actual prop to help with the how it's supposed to look because I suck at imagining 3-D space, so I suggest you redo this step yourself.

I played around with some 1-point perspective, but I found that it warped the Pyro's head to the point of being unrecognizable. It's up to you if you want to take that step. There's plenty of tutorials on how to do 1-point perspective.

Same goes for the rest of the body. As a whole, Pyro is rather pear-shaped, but for the same of simplicity start by breaking the body down into boxes, the limbs into cylinders, and the hands and feet into boxes.

The other comments that I made the last time about the composition, the body proportions, and the details still apply.
>> No. 7825
File 134435506798.jpg - (127.34KB , 794x644 , shapes.jpg )
Whoops, hit send too fast.

This was supposed to be the accompanying picture with my wall of words. Hope it helps.

File 134206874873.png - (186.07KB , 685x585 , sniprar.png )
6399 No. 6399 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I did.
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>> No. 6408
File 134221328123.png - (252.72KB , 1084x1084 , snog lines.png )
And here's the lines if you feel so inclined as to colour them in yourself~
>> No. 6414
Oh my god I love everything about everything. Please post more!
>> No. 6421
File 134320558136.png - (277.15KB , 715x796 , hellohellohello.png )

Here's just... um, this started out being my new steam avatar, then I started turning into a full fledged picture, then started listening to pink floyd.

I'm really not sure what to think about this one guys

File 132366142745.jpg - (136.82KB , 965x1186 , tf-demomignola.jpg )
5777 No. 5777 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
My old thread seems to be sailing off into the great beyond, so here's a new one.

I drew this for Demoman December, then realized that I really hated the way his boots looked, so I touched it up and here it is again. Dice!
55 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6417
Well, I like it a lot! Can it be your official style from now on? Please?
>> No. 6418
Reminds me a bit of Trevor Goodchild from Aeon Flux, which, now that I think of it, is perfect for Medic. Your comic/cartoon styled art is really gorgeous.
>> No. 6420
The way Medic's mouth sticks out looks weird. But otherwise I love the style and the coloring of this!

File 134209963125.png - (1.21MB , 432x2932 , TF2_Meme_by_CelebrenIthil.png )
6403 No. 6403 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm trying to find one artist's version of the old Titan-Gurl TF2 meme. It has this GORGEOUS red-headed Spy. I thought I had it saved to my hard drive, but apparently not. Not sure about who the artist was, possibly Baru, but I could be wrong. If anyone has it, please share! Thank you!
>> No. 6409
This isn't really the place for this kind of thing.

File 134071157726.jpg - (68.51KB , 698x544 , uguumedicdesu.jpg )
7753 No. 7753 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I've decided to step out of lurking for a while to politely ask for redlines on medic and heavy here (especially the hands, fabric folds and arms), and also maybe some help with color theory.

I think I went way out of the gamut I picked, or perhaps I just have to gather the wits to unify the skintones with the other colors.
it probably would've helped to resolve the drawing completely before coloring it, womp womp
I wanted a warmer color setting in comparison to the original screenshots taken from MaxofS2D's one vid that I directly ripped off because I love this video with all of my being used for reference.

Thanks for your time. I'm so sorry for rambling!

I pray I'll get the hang of letting work be finished, though. This is far from it, but maybe I'll get better with managing this problem with a little more self-discipline.
>> No. 7754
File 134071174181.jpg - (47.56KB , 701x534 , uguumedicdesu.jpg )
now, with slightly less eye raping transparency
>> No. 7755
File 134127254876.jpg - (68.97KB , 701x534 , Proud Asian Medic.jpg )
Looking pretty good, actually.

His near arm was short. Elbows are level with the waistline when the arms are hanging freely.
You had some weird perspective making Medic's face look flat, which in turn made him look Asian. Remember, there is foreshortening on faces, too.
The hands look pretty good for hands floating around by themselves, but I really can't speak for how well they're interacting with the thingamabob he's holding onto, because the thingamabob in question isn't finished enough for me be able to figure out its shape. Once you finish up shading the thingamabob, you might want to run it through Workshop again to see what we think then.

You're actually doing pretty good with the fabric. You just need to be a little more careful about identifying sources of pressure on the fabric, such as the stiffness of the class patch, the pull of the buttonholes against the buttons, or his medipack straps pressing against his body and pinning down the coat. Just little things like that make the difference between fabric that "doesn't look wrong," and fabric that "looks perfect."

Your colour will look a lot better once you get some big old, shamelessly blue-tinted shadows onto Medic's skin and shirt. I think you'll get even more stunning results if you take the hue contrast in your lighting even further, making the highlights even more red-white, and the shadows even more blue.

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