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File 128918485359.jpg - (38.49KB , 400x387 , mtv-trl-logo.jpg )
24 No. 24
All requests for them pretty pictures go here.

1. No flaming, save for where flaming is due (MPREG I'm looking at you)
2. Only post your request once. No incessant pestering for your request to be fulfilled.
3. Keep porny requests/request fulfillments to the Adult Fanart thread.
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>> No. 6533
File 134540789169.jpg - (673.09KB , 1000x800 , sad scoot.jpg )
>> No. 6534
Oh that is so good! Good job! :)
>> No. 6538

>> No. 6551
Medic as a single dad, with young twin girls. maybe it's take-your-daughter-to-work-day.

I'm bored and off my medication. That's the only way I can come up with something that ridiculous.
>> No. 6552
Can I see Pyro in Pyroland having a grand old time hanging out with Peacock from Skullgirls? Really, I just wanna see Peacock interacting with multiple classes, but Pyro is funniest to me.
>> No. 6553
Okay, have any of you guys seen the film Dead Heat? Didn't think so.

Anyway, there's like...a reanimating machine in it, and when i saw it it became the head canon for what the respawning machine looks like.

I wanna see a class of your choice in this machine, being respawned. Maybe in pain.

-RoG- from I-Mockery.com made a gif in his review of the movie. Please feel free to use for reference. Artistic liberties will be given bonus points.
>> No. 6561
At least two people in the Headcanons thread want to see Saxton Hale being BFFs with Phil Ken Sebben.

Dear TF2chan, make this happen.
>> No. 6562
miss pauling pegging heavy

im counting on you guys
>> No. 6570
Okay, as we all know, RED stands for Reliable Excavation and Demolition. Knowing that, I'd like to see some of the classes actually doing some excavating work. Digging, mining, etc.
>> No. 6573
File 134562305429.jpg - (79.88KB , 691x385 , TF2-peg.jpg )
>> No. 6581
File 134576777675.png - (40.75KB , 375x343 , Dohoho.png )
>> No. 6594
Okay, this is probably among the sillier requests. (Actually it's probably nothing near those)
Well, you see, in my apartment we have a light switch that under no circumstances should be turned off, because it powers the TV and if it shuts off the TV power then we have to reprogram it all over again and it's just a hassle. I wanted to put an amusing sign over the switch to point out this problem and ask people not to touch the switch.

Right now, it's a picture of Uncle Sam saying "I want YOU to leave this switch alone" but I kinda want something TF2-ish. Maybe Soldier or something. It's okay if you guys don't wanna do it, i'm just bored.
>> No. 6601
Oh man, this was my request! Thank you so much.

I love these, too. Re-Animator's a great movie, and I can totally see where Valve homaged it in Meet The Medic.

Little Jack is probably my favorite comics-only character, and Pauling/Heavy always made me smile because of my size kink.
>> No. 6603
Okay, it's a lil' odd. But you know, this request is a bit of an outtake from Meet the Medic, where when he stands up to put Heavy's heart up to the medigun he smacks his head on it. Story of my life.
>> No. 6606
File 134656548721.jpg - (76.35KB , 700x490 , TF2-digging.jpg )
>> No. 6607
Yay! New best friend.
>> No. 6697
Can I see Medic admiring skeletons with Temperance "Bones" Brennan? And meanwhile Booth and Soldier are looking on like "what the hell are they doing"
>> No. 6701
As a Bones fan. Yes. Yes please!
>> No. 6702
Alternatively, an older Medic working at the Jeffersonian and discussing his medical conquests with a stunned Squintern of your choice. Or Angela; that's funny too.
>> No. 6703
Medic murdering Nazis, preferrably while wearing a Star of David necklace around his neck. The more guro, the better.

This is the only TF2 fanart I will ever need.
>> No. 6705
I want to see Scout not giving a crap about gravity.
>> No. 6706
>> No. 6713
You most certainly may! Is it alright if it's in gray-scale? Coloring isn't a strength.
>> No. 6724
Fat spy crying himself to sleep.
>> No. 6749
Does anyone happen to have that pic of Heavy drinking tea with a sweater on?
>> No. 6761
I wanna see Soldier staring down Supernanny.
>> No. 6767
File 135702437142.png - (467.34KB , 1000x1000 , supernanny.png )
They have reached and impasse.
>> No. 6780
So in last night's dream, Medic was singing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables. I think you know where this is going.
>> No. 6781
someone's going to the naughty corner.
Nice work!
>> No. 6793
If we're gonna request Les Miserables stuff (Les Fortresse?) I wanna see someone draw art of Spy while listening to "Do you hear the people sing." Whatever you come up with. Either that or him singing it. Or maybe him saying Javert's lines from "One Day More."
>> No. 6797
Whatever you guys come up with based on the caption "I left you alone for FIVE MINUTES."
>> No. 6827
Could somebody draw Engie riding a Harley w/ Solly riding bitch?
>> No. 6832
I would like to see Medic have Seder (with someone?)
>> No. 8120
Can I see Brock Samson strangling a Spy and not looking phased about it at all? (Read: Brock being Brock)
>> No. 8172
anyone know of fan arr of alex gaskarth and jack barakat of all time low? They're a, in my opinion, mediocre pop punk band.
>> No. 8178
This is for Team Fortress 2 fanart only.
>> No. 8239
File 137863559332.jpg - (396.84KB , 586x922 , operatio_radicalis_by_monmercenaire-d5zaz02.jpg )
Hello, dear TF2chan! I've been wondering about what happened to the artist monmercenaire. They seem to have disappeared from the internet.. But I'm in love with their art, it's so very beautiful. Everytime I stumble upon something they did I'm in awe. But my internet research didn't result in anything. Does anybody know what happened or if they started anew with a new username or something? Also, posting artworks by this artist would make me very happy!
>> No. 8240
1. This board is for people to post their own artwork. /dumps/ is for posting other peoples' work.
2. It's (unfortunately) safe to assume that 9/10ths of the artists and fanfic writers from that "era" of TF2 have moved on and are no longer doing TF2 art (or in some cases, video game art/fanart in general). At least, that's what seems to be the case with many other artists I was a fan of when I joined. Or they only ever did the one drawing and that was it.
>> No. 8465
File 139798723179.jpg - (40.82KB , 604x443 , language of backstabbing dicks.jpg )
spy saying omlette du fromage and the rest of the team swooning
>> No. 8470
i recently found out that milk and jarate count as "wet" for the Neon crit bonus. can someone draw a pyroshark wielding a mad milk? thanks!
>> No. 8486
Unfortunately, anthro art is kind of frowned upon around here.

I don't have much of an issue with it, but if I did it, I don't think I'd be able to post it here.
>> No. 8545
File 140512357229.png - (357.18KB , 1356x809 , c5e6dd859c906566d0d58035074b65a7.png )
I actually want to get around to finishing this sometime.
>> No. 8547
Heavy is usually kawaii as all hell, but doubly so here.
>> No. 8712
File 143415793877.png - (161.25KB , 740x561 , Spoiler Picture.png )

That was fun!
>> No. 8721
File 143487839394.png - (575.84KB , 620x2631 , afterwards scene.png )
>> No. 8728
File 143512580281.gif - (299.96KB , 480x311 , anigif_enhanced-25423-1409873818-9.gif )
>> No. 8733
File 143518429914.png - (50.71KB , 728x787 , you done good kid.png )
>> No. 8743
File 143547716982.gif - (189.88KB , 300x165 , Me+too+yo+_71164dce588af8c6d2a701cc076aa312.gif )
>> No. 8959
>> No. 8960
Why do people keep responding to posts from 2012.
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