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File 128918485359.jpg - (38.49KB , 400x387 , mtv-trl-logo.jpg )
24 No. 24
All requests for them pretty pictures go here.

1. No flaming, save for where flaming is due (MPREG I'm looking at you)
2. Only post your request once. No incessant pestering for your request to be fulfilled.
3. Keep porny requests/request fulfillments to the Adult Fanart thread.
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>> No. 40
>>MPREG I'm looking at you

What about that one Cat Bountry fic? Hmm?
>> No. 42
Soldier planting vegetables in a Victory Garden. This is something I really, really need.
>> No. 62
Anything Scout/Heavy related. Could be fluff, could be smut, I'll take whatever ya got.
>> No. 63

If Surrogate fanart is acceptable, then I dare someone to draw a pic of Heavy's swollen breasts dripping milk. *hork*
>> No. 136

...if you feel like making requests that'll SCAR THE REST OF US FOR LIFE, be my guest.
>> No. 168
Very stressed RED Spy being consoled by RED Sniper would make my very lousy week better.
>> No. 194
Sniper up in a tree, taking pictures of some rare and dangerous animal, or maybe Sniper running for his life from said animal.
>> No. 198
I'll take that challenge if that's cool cuz I imagine Sniper's '...Eey, don't worry, mate' face. Any particular style? Cell? Cartoony? Realistic?
>> No. 218

Sweet! Whichever style you're most comfortable with. Thanks!
>> No. 223
File 128936040622.png - (34.15KB , 611x547 , 1289106292372.png )
>> No. 224
File 128936143424.jpg - (114.02KB , 1024x768 , 128114179818.jpg )

... I'm not even sure if I should discourage this or not.
>> No. 240
I would kill for some Scout's Mom/RED Spy fluff <3
>> No. 242

Seconded. Maybe like the both of them dancing in fancy evening wear, or just sitting and holding hands.
>> No. 249
third. It takes two to tango and I would love to see them dance.
>> No. 262
File 128940994975.jpg - (185.69KB , 571x800 , smokeandmirrorssm.jpg )

Request filled. I hope it's what you expected. I can do one with his mask if you'd prefer.
>> No. 263
That is so very adorable. Love your coloring style, and your idea of mask-less spy :)
>> No. 264
That is so very adorable. Love your coloring style, and your idea of mask-less spy :)
>> No. 268
Very nice! I love the colors!
>> No. 271

This is brilliant. I love Scout Ma's sparkly dress and the look of contentment on both of them. Well done and thank you!
>> No. 283
Jane and Tavish reconciling post-WAR.

>> No. 337
Pyro doing a cooking show. The mere thought of this makes me break down into giggles.
>> No. 509
File 128982187058.png - (223.22KB , 698x554 , reddits_reaction.png )
Could someone please do an illustration of Scout sleeping with a Teddy bear named Mr. Buttons?
>> No. 511
>> No. 513
Figure I'd put this in the request thread.

Tumblr and/or deviantart pages of anyone's that's done a half-decent amount of tf2 fanart. Many thanks.
>> No. 514
This isn't really a request, just something I've been wondering about...
Are we planning on hosting TF2 Secret Santa this year? It'd be awesome since previous one was a success.
>> No. 551
I'd love Secret Santa!
>> No. 602
Is anyone willing to organize it? If so they better hurry.
>> No. 864
Not exactly a request, but could someone please do a repost of the series of art pieces featuring TF2 Medic vs. TF Classic Medic? Whoever it was that dreamed that concept up was brilliant.

...also if anyone wants to do some Femme!Spy (or Spy disguised as a female x ScoutMa - cute or seductive rather than x-rated for /tits/ it wouldn't go amiss.
>> No. 1002
Engie/Medic. Any Engie/Medic will do. I am in the mood for some Genius!Shipping.
>> No. 1007
If someone would draw the BLU Sniper as Mister Drover from Australia (bonus if it's the bucket shower scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVcYX9DV4tE ), I would be eternally grateful.
>> No. 1155
This one humbly requests a drawing of Engineer as one of the Poke-Engineers in the power plant where you find Zapdos.
>> No. 1170
I'm in an EarthBound mood at the moment so I'm requesting Scout, Pyro, Engineer and Spy dressed as the Chosen Four (Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo)
>> No. 1225
I'm very sorry to clog this thread up even more with unfilled requests, but ...

04:00 - [#e]Perrydotto: All these wonderful and diabeetusinducing pictures of the TF2 classes as kids got me thinking
04:01 - [#e]Perrydotto: Why don't we take it up a notch and have the kid versions and the "today versions" spend time together?

I'd be so happy if someone used this idea and ran with it!
>> No. 1274
File 129179149051.jpg - (263.97KB , 800x800 , spiper-sketch.jpg )
Moar PG rated butts!
>> No. 1391
12:29 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbfD9OKwqBs what-
12:30 PM - Dr Tanner: Pffahaa
12:33 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Oper's vid: Now I want to see Demoman doing that
12:33 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Riding a unicycle and playing bagpipes while wearing a Santa costume and a kilt
12:34 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Wonder how drunk he'd have to be to do that.
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: yes
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: Chtristmas is never that awesome here
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: let's commission someone to do that for us
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: group-commission
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: Guys.
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: GUYS.
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: !?!
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: THE REQUEST THREAD.
12:34 PM - Dr Tanner: #
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: HWHAT
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: oh shit
12:34 PM - Dr Rev. "Homosaurus Cat" D'Eath: ?
12:34 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet runs
12:35 PM - LESBIAN COMMUNIST ZOMBIE: Who will request?
12:35 PM - Dr Tanner: I vote Oper because he posted the video.
12:35 PM - Oper's Curiosity Cabinet: yesssss
>> No. 1402
Medic with a goatee holding up a syringe menacingly.
>> No. 1422
Emst? I'm doing it I'm doing it.
>> No. 1432
File 129228550668.jpg - (114.14KB , 957x1194 , 489.jpg )
in the last thread someone requested this..far I remember
>> No. 1446
I needs me some more Medics. Hell anything will do. DOCTAH. Hell I'll even doodle something in return for this request.
>> No. 1468
File 129240034693.jpg - (37.12KB , 533x745 , large-787.jpg )
Would kill to see Medic in Nathan's outfit from Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Double post, here and adult, because while gore would be appropriate in context it certainly isn't necessary. Also get the feeling more people look at requests in regular ole' fanart.
>> No. 1469
i'll do this when i'm done the Christmas cards.
>> No. 1520
I want a Heavy/Medic piece with plenty of fluff. Bonus points if it's Christmas-y.
>> No. 1534
Chieftain Heavy VS Chieftain Solly.
>> No. 1560

Similarily, I want to see Heavy and Soldier vs Engineer playing cowboys and indians. Do it maggots.
>> No. 1563
A friend of mine had the idea of Lady Gaga as the tenth class, and I'd love to see someone's take on it.
>> No. 1615
I have the awkward desire to see Sniper in the context of this A Bit of Fry and Laurie sketch (The one with the Australian soap opera)...

>> No. 1616
I will do this. Only because I bloody love a bit of Fry and Laurie. That sad part is that I can see Sniper in that eye searing shirt, too.
>> No. 1619

May angels in repulsive shirts smile upon your soul. (Thanks!)
>> No. 1624
Anything with the Guard Dog.
>> No. 1635
May I suggest a Jeeves & Wooster/TF2 mashup? (i.e. Medic as Gussie Fink-Nottle)
>> No. 1700
File 129313163770.png - (302.86KB , 600x1000 , imdrunkyoudonthaveanexcuse.png )

So I heard some people wanted drunk Demoman playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle, wearing a Santa outfit and a kilt?

Please excuse the fact that I can't draw pretty much everything in this picture and this being the first time I even post here on the TF2chan.
>> No. 1706
I'd suggest getting a thread in workshopm, half of demoman looks missing.
>> No. 1712
ಠ___ಠ I will pee my pants if I do so, but um... In the future perhaps, when I ain't a total coward. Maybe after New Year. : I
>> No. 1718
I believe in you!
Also, in honor of this dream I had about a week ago; I would love anyone forever if they made a fire-breathing Rudolf The Red-Nosed Pyro.
>> No. 1728

Funny thing, I started drawing something along these lines a few days ago. Then I looked around the thread and saw this.

It's done now, by the way: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/res/16.html#567
>> No. 1784
23:35 - Phonik shanGhai: aw christ, picture of engie de-pantsing solly...
23:35 - Phonik shanGhai: if only I could draw haha
>> No. 1834
File 129362412243.jpg - (297.88KB , 559x1200 , aussiesoap.jpg )
Request filled. Took me FOREVER beause I kept watching the show instead of drawing. Heh.
>> No. 1852
Might I request some gratuitous Demoman in kilt?
>> No. 1859
I request a great many ducks and Medic.
I love ducks.
>> No. 1865

This. is magnificent. THE SHIRTS ...Oh, the shirts. Thank you kindly.
>> No. 1872
Scout sneaking into Demo's room to stick a google eye on his eyepatch.
Someone with a double monocle on.
Heavy carrying Medic through deep snow. I just... more Heavy/Medic is never a bad thing, yes?
>> No. 1873
Any Medieval?
>> No. 1874
File 129399851584.png - (321.03KB , 826x617 , mediceval_by_snook_8-d363rvc.png )
Found this, I personally love it
>> No. 1877
Solly playing the harmonica.

>> No. 1879
Seconded times a million
>> No. 1903
Scout in Vietnam army garb, after being in the war for some time.

Possibly coming back and being greeted by his team, or his mom (OR BOTH... if you wouldn't mind!). For the sake of logic, you can assume that BLU (or RED), didn't particularly mind giving away their scouts for the sake of the Vietnam war. Scouts are sort of annoying, after all... And I'll betcha that RED/BLU would get paid for such a 'well trained' soldier.
>> No. 1912
Tron style versions of the team(s). Spy and soldier would be two most important to me. :v
>> No. 1917
After noticing that, in Epic Mickey, the Gremlins fix EVERYTHING with a wrench, now I can't stop thinking about an engineer with a gremlin helmet.

Floating would be hilarious, but no necessary.
>> No. 1918
>>Floating would be hilarious, but no necessary.

OK, that's it. No more badfic for me.
>> No. 1955
File 129476825813.jpg - (267.30KB , 800x996 , Soldier_tron_style.jpg )
Tron Legagy style soldier here
>> No. 1956

Solly playing the Harmonica
>> No. 1957
File 129477155348.jpg - (110.20KB , 909x588 , Solly 1.jpg )

Solly playing the Harmonica
>> No. 1960

Thank you! It's perfect!
>> No. 2011
Medic with a spray bottle saying something like: "Bad Cat!" (can be even a teammate if you choose this way)
>> No. 2033
Demoman. Absinthe. GO.
>> No. 2052
May I suggest some sort of a M.A.S.H/TF2 crossover? Any character is fine. I'm just very interested to see the uniforms and the mood put into the picture and... I would really just adore this.
>> No. 2066
File 129557538766.jpg - (20.62KB , 400x266 , 1042929605_turesbruce.jpg )
A roomful of Snipers singing the Drunk Philosophers Song a la Professors Bruce of Monty Python would be pretty beaut...

>> No. 2100
FemSpy x FemPyro please...
>> No. 2110
I would be ridiculously thrilled if anyone could draw Engineer riding a dala horse* with a big grin on his face. Maybe someone on the side telling Engineer is such a kid, but in honesty all they want to is ride it as well.

* Just Google it, pfff.
>> No. 2112
File 129617334693.jpg - (426.06KB , 1000x1451 , nessy.jpg )
>Demoman having a messy and epic fight with Nessie to the song "Loch Ness" by Judas Priest.

For PerryJ! the request was in the adult Fanart, but its not smut so I'm posting it here. This needed to be done.
>> No. 2144
File 129643020441.png - (146.52KB , 374x342 , Approving Demo.png )

This is awesome beyond compare. My internet was out for days and when I came back today to check on the chan I certainly didn't expect this level of badassery. I NEED THIS IN A BIGGER SIZE SO I CAN PRINT IT OUT
Demoman fighting Nessie needs to be hung on a wall.

You know what, have ALL of my babies.
>> No. 2147
This isn't TF2, but I was reading FML and I came upon one that said:
Today, I looked deep into my wife’s eyes and told her how much I loved her and how much she meant to me. Her reply was “Clean your glasses.” FML.
I immediately thought of Gordon Freeman saying this to Alyx, and her response.
I need a picture of this so badly please.
>> No. 2152
Also I'd love to color this. :D I'm trying out a new painting style, it should work for this great piece.
>> No. 2155

Here's a link to the bigger sized version OFL kindly provided me with:

Have fun!
>> No. 2205
I would kill for an epic sewer battle between Sniper and Tentaspy.
>> No. 2211
File 129703637140.png - (270.67KB , 500x422 , 1292514935887.png )
I basically want this picture, but but changed into the BLU team walking away after destroying the last point of a random Payload map. Yes, the strutting and smug expression is a must. Here's a better reference in case you haven't seen the picture before:
>> No. 2318
I do not know if this already exists somewhere, but if it does, I have not seen it. If it does not, I am very ashamed that no one has yet thought of it.

Inspired by Valentine's Day.

Sniper as Cupid. Diaper, wings n' all. Can be like, itty bitty body with a Sniper head, or large lanky hairy Australian man in a diaper. Either works for me, as either is hilarious.
>> No. 2370
File 12984033668.jpg - (541.57KB , 1142x1736 , IMG.jpg )

His body turned out to big but I hope this is good enough... Had fun drawing it atleast, even if it's anatomy fail.
>> No. 2371
File 129840397039.jpg - (733.41KB , 1175x1719 , IMG_0001.jpg )

Uploaded the wingless version. Feel so stupid.
>> No. 2376
Oh, it's adorable. I especially like the little bear. Kudos!
>> No. 2380
File 129845565187.jpg - (146.45KB , 605x900 , 125247629983.jpg )
Hey guys. I was drudging through the mess that is my TF2 folder and found this lone comic page...

I was wondering if any of you had the other pages (?) or could direct me to the source of these. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 2387
Feel free to correct me if I'm completely wrong on this:

Sadly I don't have any more pages but I recognize the artist as KrentistTheDentist and that's a few pages of Tanner's Lessons that she drew.
>> No. 2397
File 129868947820.png - (1.19MB , 943x2076 , cupidsniper1.png )
First time delurking
And, even though its been filled, i just had to draw this.
I imagine those little wings flapping so hard they're almost buzzing.
>> No. 2398
File 129868962432.jpg - (28.78KB , 602x892 , cupidsniper2.jpg )
have a little one too
>> No. 2400
Oh ye gods thank you. I love them!

That last Sniper is ADORABLE.
>> No. 2410
Requesting Medic/Heavy bacne squeezing, vaguely noncon (inasmuch as Heavy is just putting up with it).

I dunno, I figure Medic would be the kind to get enthusiastic about that. NO VAIT HOLD SCHTILL
>> No. 2426
Can I request some Sniper/Demo, non-smut? I don't even really care what they're doing. Whatever you want. Just Sniper/Demo, please.
>> No. 2493
if i can get a sad-looking RED Sniper i'll love you forever
>> No. 2518
File 129958434924.png - (169.77KB , 664x500 , tf2-demosnipe2.png )
I triiiied
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