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File 128938798447.jpg - (414.65KB , 500x707 , pyroforcalsmal.jpg )
246 No. 246
No Pyro! That's the... no never mind

Chan resetting confused the hell outta me. Whatever.
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>> No. 247
oh yeah that's a birthday present for my cuz
I notice there's no captcha anymore ;) hmmmm
>> No. 255
Happy birthday!

I like your Pyro, I'm sure he's having fun.
>> No. 290
maybe it's a meringue, you have to toast those.
>> No. 747
File 129042127894.jpg - (561.81KB , 971x568 , snipes.jpg )
cant remember if i posted this before the reset but have it anyway
>> No. 752
I appreciate that you're an artist, and a good one besides...
But that just seems really off.
>> No. 756

It's not a ridiculously muscled arm like some of the other guys have, it's the arm of a guy who spends most of his day holding up a heavy gun for hours on end and slicing things with a two-foot long knife. Sniper's actually got pretty sizeable arms, they're just lanky. They're not noodly things like what Scout and Spy have.
>> No. 1307
File 12919637117.jpg - (357.61KB , 1200x750 , doodle.jpg )
Long time no post ha ha

I hope a doodle counts ha ha

It's mostly just the way his shirt is bunched, at leas that was how i reasoned it to myself. But probably i bit to overboard :P thanks though \ :)
>> No. 1308
File 129199247297.jpg - (309.51KB , 500x875 , scootfagg.jpg )
lazy background scout
>> No. 1309
Those are cute :)
>> No. 1315
I like.
>> No. 1417
File 129221776696.jpg - (152.72KB , 843x571 , facesbld.jpg )
had a crack at the 'drawing classes without hair etc' thing. They all look so weird D:
>> No. 1425
This looks like a fun exercise. I wanna do the same now, hah.
I think I recognise them all, too.
Soldier, Spy, Medic, Engie, Heavy, Sniper Scout and Demo. Amirite?
>> No. 1580
File 12927538965.jpg - (72.78KB , 500x742 , scoutwut.jpg )
topless scout=best kind of scout

urrite. you should do it, it's fun
>> No. 1608
File 129285678059.jpg - (215.65KB , 500x728 , solliepersp.jpg )
perspectivy practice
>> No. 1609
his mouth looks odd, almost like a beak.
>> No. 1630
i does kinda, i actually noticed and edited it after i posted it :\ 's always the way
>> No. 1693
File 129311184524.jpg - (126.32KB , 800x638 , sammichtime.jpg )
Sammich time, request for a friend
>> No. 1817
File 129354324137.jpg - (72.07KB , 400x833 , spyprocess.jpg )
A pic i made just for a process video. It's here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGxxBBjnFK0) if anyone wants to se it :) Took a few liberties with his design (he's certainly not an skinny as he should be) lol
>> No. 1818
File 129354333925.jpg - (520.31KB , 696x592 , medicyay.jpg )
and also my secret santa gift for chemalias exchange :)
>> No. 1819
Love watching your progress! And Spy came out kind of 1940s gumshoe. If this were a skin, I'd download it in a heartbeat.

(I see that I'm not the only one who watches videos while they paint.)
>> No. 1841
File 129366912714.jpg - (72.35KB , 409x600 , opplanet-galco-vertical-shoulder-holster-component.jpg )
This looks really nice! Two things though:

1. He seems to have two right hands

2. Where'd the barrel go on the holstered gun? (FTR they make shoulder holsters that point the barrel down your side - makes it easier to conceal plus cuts down on odds of accidentally shooting the person behind you.)
>> No. 1842
It looks like he has a left and a right hand to me, or am I not looking right?
>> No. 1843
yeah on second look if i squint i can see what's going on it just struck me as Wrong on first glance, initial point retracted
>> No. 1863
Loving your warm style! You also did a neat job on the background.
>> No. 1953
File 129475668579.png - (155.92KB , 400x478 , creeper.png )
Thanks for the gun tips, i'll keep that in mind for next time
and yeah i probably should have dawn the hand better D:

PS i dont know how warm the chan is to cartoony things but i hope this is cool. If not just for the lulz.
>> No. 1962
I'm really loving your attention to details outside the characters themselves, like the environments and such. The colors you choose for your pictures are very appealing. <3
>> No. 2150
File 129648468026.jpg - (110.53KB , 600x763 , morninsnipe.jpg )
more stuffz
>> No. 2151
This looks real great <3
The lack of morning beard threw me a bit off though
>> No. 2162
dayum i knew i forgot something
>> No. 2164
he taught himself to shave it overnight. obviously. since he doesn't have a moustache and he's australian he has sideburns and super stubble instead. since it's australian super stubble it can't be shaved off willingly so he has trained himself to sleep-shave because then the stubble is off its guard.
>> No. 2171
this changed my life forever.
>> No. 2313
File 129795130990.jpg - (578.76KB , 600x876 , scoutwhat.jpg )
long time no tf2

shoulder's a bit wack
>> No. 2314
Still loving your color style! It works neatly how it is. Agreeing about the shoulder though.
>> No. 2319
The face looks a bit too soft, too childlike even for Scout. And I agree on the shoulder. But the rest is good.
>> No. 3012
File 130451508418.png - (283.70KB , 458x638 , wip.png )
well long time since i posted anything and technically this isn't really a proper post but anyway could do with some opinions. It's for a poster i'm expecting to sell at a con. Very rough but you get the idea. anyway a bit of a lame crossover but any ideas would be cool :)

(engie what is with your face D:)
>> No. 3013
Man, that already looks kickass! The composition is pretty neat. Refine it, give it some vintagey looks and it's perfect.
>> No. 3019

Oh... oh my

Would you be willing to sell prints of this if/when you finish it? Because I would buy it
>> No. 3020
thanks :D I spent a lot of time trying to get the composition nice so it's good to know i have!

yeah i'm planning to sell it at a local con in Adelaide (Australia) so i will have prints. i assume you live in a different country or at least state so i'll have to do some research into the logistics of sending prints overseas but if there's some demand there i'd be willing to send them :)
>> No. 3027
I was marveling all the details you've already managed to put in with as little brushstrokes as possible, until I looked up the corner and saw Engie's face and burst out laughing.

Derpy Engie aside, this is amazing and I can't wait to see it get finished!
>> No. 3085
File 130511552114.jpg - (180.43KB , 300x742 , sptsneak.jpg )
You know know you like TF2 when you take a break from working on your massive TF2 poster by drawing more TF2. WHAT IS THIS?
>> No. 3407
File 130806855930.gif - (273.47KB , 679x451 , medicbutts.gif )
So this really did start off as a legit attempt to do something cool for that ‘Medic a day’ thing i SWEAR! but somehow it went a bit south, like way, WAY south. And as such lost the cool to a more mad feel. Anyway.

Two words; Adventure. Time.
>> No. 3408

Good god
>> No. 3409
can i use this as a reaction image to everything
>> No. 3412
I can't look away.
>> No. 3413

If heavy has the fists of steel, than medic has the cheeks of steel.


(Now i can´t unsee a fight between fists and cheeks. Oh god i need sleep.)
>> No. 3418
And now I can't unsee Heavy fisting Medic.
>> No. 3904
File 131065458572.jpg - (1.82MB , 1200x1697 , epic tf2 posterflat.jpg )
Lol so remember that massive poster i was working on? Well probably not but anyway i finally finished it! Next time i try doing something so huge slap me. HARD.
>> No. 3905

Aww, I remember it. And, I salute you for having the patience to actually finish it! It looks quite epic.
>> No. 3907
But it paid off. This is amazing!!
>> No. 3909
File 131067402395.jpg - (71.91KB , 734x404 , 124762994968.jpg )
>> No. 3918
I love scout's pose and the little soldier-demo face-off in the back there. Engie looks sort of strange without his stubble, though...
>> No. 3920
File 131072311483.png - (471.02KB , 629x579 , 12991984213.png )
a blümchen song called verrückte jungs...cannot unhear it now
>> No. 4268
File 13125401862.jpg - (231.74KB , 400x564 , camwhore.jpg )
Yeah so...yeah. Sniper looking probably more pin up than he should ever rightly be. :/
>> No. 4269
File 131254427034.jpg - (24.82KB , 462x259 , sniper_holdontoyourhead.jpg )
Whoa. Great anatomy, amazing texture use and doho that tat. The scars are my favorite, they're wispy and subtle enough to look incredibly real. You gave him a close shave, though. Sniper has pretty long sideburns and his hair usually shows in the back.
>> No. 4271
File 131254666087.jpg - (231.69KB , 400x564 , camwhore2.jpg )
Thanks! to be honest i have been looking at it thinking something just wasn't looking right and you totally nailed ha ha I have to update it now just cause i cannot unsee the lack of hair ha ha
>> No. 4286
heehee just noticed the tat
>> No. 5755
File 132341785411.jpg - (137.76KB , 728x1362 , scootmumloool.jpg )
Lol so been a while chan, how's it going? Is this place still alive? Whellit's holidays now so i am expecting to be drawing more TF2, will take requests if they're interesting.

'nyway have some scoot's mum.
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