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File 130050970751.jpg - (335.70KB , 1950x672 , tf-drunks.jpg )
2638 No. 2638
The shenanigans have yet to start, but in one minute, the only person standing up here is going to be the Demoman.
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>> No. 2641
I don't know what's going on but I like it!
>> No. 2648
Is engie grabin medics ass?
>> No. 2649

They're having a drunken victory stumble through the darkness. The soldier was supposed to be yelling patriotic nonsense into the night air, but my sister tells me that he looks like he's throwing a screaming conniption fit. Not really different from when he's sober, to be honest.


Quite possibly, yes.
>> No. 2650
Haha, this made me smile. They definitely look quite smashed. Don't overdo the celebrations, pals!
>> No. 2656
And then Heavy falls over Sniper and a domino effect ensues.
>> No. 2662

More or less. After this, things are just going to get better. Or worse, depending on who you are.
>> No. 2674
I know how this ends. For Sniper and Demo at least. Trolololol~
>> No. 2677

Haha... actually, the person who drew that was not me, but my evil clone; by my own predictions, the Sniper is going to end up unconscious and robbed blind, and the Demoman is going to spend most of the evening chattering happily away at the Medic while holding him over a toilet.
>> No. 2684
That Pyro is a walrus!
>> No. 2686
File 130072763245.jpg - (263.62KB , 1250x805 , tf-later2.jpg )
Later, darts.
>> No. 2687
Haha awesome and totally logical
>> No. 2915
File 130332679681.jpg - (230.46KB , 772x912 , tf-accentshr.jpg )
A gag involving a Spy pranging on the Medic after noticing a hint of his regional accent was something I had to do.

It seemed funnier in my head, but at least it was an excuse to do some cartooning practice in, and to do a picture of the Medic that isn't porn.
>> No. 2916
Srsly made me lol. happyface.jpg
>> No. 2937
File 130368777319.gif - (407.72KB , 415x186 , mindblownp1[1].gif )
>>2686 Pyro is Johann Krauss?!
>> No. 2940

I know I've seen a picture somewhere of Pyro and Johann.... honestly, I'm not sure what was going on there, but I'd like to imagine that Heavy and Scout spent the rest of the night hiding under the bed, armed with baseball bats.
>> No. 2948
File 130378595872.jpg - (186.84KB , 758x1143 , tf-crossbow.jpg )
Thanks to a friend, I now have my own specially-named weapon, and I decided I needed a nicer custom spray to match.

This is the derpiest Medic I have ever drawn.
>> No. 2962
File 130391049398.jpg - (55.89KB , 275x205 , 79.jpg )
I make that face when I haven't been eating enough fibre
>> No. 2963
Ahahaha I love it. That is a derpy derpy Medic face.
>> No. 2972

He's supposed to look like he came... in his very soul.


I was worried that it would turn out just ugly, but I actually managed to impress myself. I need to try out different styles more often.
>> No. 2998
This is just perfect.
It also reminds me of people I know that say "I don't 'ave un accen" with a horrible French accent haha
>> No. 2999

I'm Canadian, so I get to experience the joys of Joual on a regular basis... and the pain of knowing that honestly, my french is still worse than their english.

I'll admit, I am especially tickled that the new Medic gun may have the name "Schwaben Charger 9000".
>> No. 3002
I must admit I chuckled at the pic because of the accent thing.

And Luke, my accent could be worse, you know it.
>> No. 3057
File 130492291722.jpg - (138.21KB , 633x1000 , tf-soldiermoon.jpg )
I promise to never draw this again.
>> No. 3058

>> No. 3059

Cat Bountry, wasn't it you who wrote that amazing Sailor Fortress fic? I always wanted closure on what Sailor Scouts the other unmentioned members of the team would have been.
>> No. 3060
My ovaries are crying in horror.
My brain is crying from all the laughter.
>> No. 3061

Nope, wasn't me.
>> No. 3062
This is currently the best thing I have ever seen. And I'm not sure exactly why, but it just is. I think my head is going to explode.
>> No. 3063
>I promise to draw this again

>> No. 3064

When I was plotting horoscopes for the team, I debated what an appropriate star sign for the Soldier would be, before realizing that Cancer suits him perfectly. Then I thought, "lol soldier moon" and the idea stuck.


Thank you! Or possibly, "I'm sorry,".


If I do another picture of Soldier Moon, it would probably involve everyone else's reaction to him being dressed like this. As far as 'geeky Solly dress-up time' goes, what I'd really like to draw him wearing is the "Judgement" armor from World of Warcraft.
>> No. 3066
Dammit, I'm trying VERY hard not to bust out laughing because it would disturb the other students.
>> No. 3067
someone should cosplay as soldier moon now.
>> No. 3068

Everyone can go home. The internet has been won, there is no point in any further fanarting.

I think I'm going to print that out and hang it over my desk as a motivational poster.
>> No. 3069
oh god. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

On a related note, I love MGDMT. never stop.
>> No. 3070

...I only wish I was as good as Coelasquid, but thanks.
>> No. 3090


I want very badly to use this as a spray.
>> No. 3091

I don`t mind- I mean, if people like your pictures enough, they`re going to save them and do whatever with them regardless of how you feel. I think it`s flattering.
>> No. 3099
File 130541370991.jpg - (186.90KB , 887x792 , tf-wow.jpg )
Okay... no more geeky art after this, I promise.

To explain the joke, he's dressed up as a druid from World of Warcraft. One of the options druid players have is to specialize through gear and skills as a tank, allowing them to (effectively) turn into a bear and maul the crap out of things.
>> No. 3100

Great! I can just imagine him shouting "I'm coming for you!" whilst running through the dungeon.

Could we ... could we have Sniper as a hunter?
>> No. 3101
He could have a crocolisk companion, obviously.
>> No. 3103
File 130547859640.jpg - (17.59KB , 474x361 , murloc hat.jpg )

Playing a druid tank is more enjoyable for me than playing the Heavy only because the Heavy doesn't have the option to hurl himself at his enemies over a long distance and bash heads with them. On the other hand, nobody ever bitches at you for "mark of the wild" when you're playing the Heavy.

I think the Sniper would look awesome in the latest hunter tier. So it's not exactly a crocodile hat, but I think it's close and possibly even better.
>> No. 3104
I take my imaginary hat off to you - I tried tanking as a druid and failed miserably. Oh there were many wipes that day. Heavy having that skullbash would be freaking amazing though; flying Heavies everywhere!

I agree about the gear, everybody seems to hate that helm but I just love it.


This so hard.
>> No. 3106
I wasn't aiming this at you in particular. Pretty much everyone I know has a really strong French accent. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I think it's cute when people have an accent when speaking other languages.

I'm Canadian too and I speak joual everyday since French is my first language. I wouldn't pretend I can speak English without any accent at all, I can't, but I can at least say the 'h' sound that most I know can't so it's a little less obvious.
>> No. 3175
Great blood effects!
...I just realized I need to practise a lot more.
>> No. 3278
File 130729890647.jpg - (287.66KB , 857x1750 , tf-runner.jpg )
The rollbacks seem to have quieted down, so I figured I'd repost this since I thought it was funny.

To answer your questions, anything a Spy tells you should be taken with a grain of salt.
>> No. 3388
File 130795024043.jpg - (103.94KB , 742x840 , tf-medicool-hat.jpg )
Showing my support for the Medic parade, as if I need an excuse to draw more Medic. This was going to be a quick picture. Then I decided to draw the weapons. And add the awesome hat, so I could use it for an immature custom spray. I'm still not sure if it looked better as a monochrome image...
>> No. 3393
Probably my favorite piece of your art to date. Then again, I might be a little star-struck by Medic these days.
>> No. 3411
File 130807731226.jpg - (70.75KB , 718x743 , tf-medifeather.jpg )
This is as close to a "Medic with doves" picture as I'm going to get. Inspired by a comment by my evil twin on a picture by Veitstanz.
>> No. 3454
File 130834414468.jpg - (282.75KB , 808x1673 , tf-mediscout.jpg )
Here, just because I still think this is funny after three days.
>> No. 3460

What's scoot calling him in the first panel? I love your bootiful comics btwww
>> No. 3464
Either an old lady, or an old bag. Probably the latter.
I totally think Medic should start spanking Scout next, btw. Not in a sexual kind of way, but in a, "DO YOU KISS YOUR MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH?!" way. Iunno - just seemed funny to me.
>> No. 3465

It's a kind of "feminine hygiene" tool that only a complete idiot would use.
>> No. 3467
... Or that.
>> No. 3471
I love the heraldic pose and curling tongue of the schweinhund. This should be on someone's shield.
>> No. 3473

Looked like a colostomy bag to me.
>> No. 3475

I looked at heraldic art, since I figured it would have a 'german' look to it, and I wanted the illustration to be simple so it wouldn't get all muddled when I resized the picture.


That's a funny enough idea that I might just draw it. Not that doing more cartoons with pissed off Medic and Scout is a bad thing...
>> No. 3484
File 130850886530.jpg - (63.32KB , 514x760 , tf-medipigeon.jpg )
I'd wanted to draw a "tiny pidgeon head Medic" for several days. His head is incredibly tiny. I dare not make it any tinier....
>> No. 3485

... I approve.
>> No. 3490
Oh, God, what has science done?!
>> No. 3596
File 130902856421.jpg - (389.61KB , 1250x1168 , tf-seekrank2color.jpg )

I might have been thinking of Eraserhead when I drew that, which would explain why you like it. It's one of the most charming 'baby' films in the history of ever! And by charming, I mean terrifying and distressing.

Also, this is the reason why I havn't drawn any Meet the Medic-inspired fanart. I'd done a quick picture like this a while back and decided I liked it enough to redo it as a really annoying group picture.
>> No. 3719
With each of these group shots you do, I feel like your composition skills are improving. Keep going, it's great!

I'm also loving how Demo is completely unfazed. Oh you, Demo.
>> No. 3723

Demoman is used to everything around him going up and down all the time, clearly.
>> No. 3726
Everything about this just makes me so, SO happy.
>> No. 3823
File 130992380865.jpg - (42.86KB , 582x571 , tf-spah.jpg )
Not sure if this would count as "OC" art, as I've seen other depictions of unmasked Spy on this part of the forum. Here's my take on Spy sans balaclava.
>> No. 3824
With a comb-over like that, I can't blame him for having it on all the time, lol
>> No. 3825
For some reason, I keep thinking he needs a pencil mustache to match his combover
>> No. 3829

The streamlined shape of his balaclava has always suggested to me that he doesn't actually have a ton of flowing hair underneath there. Also, comb-overs are hilarious and tragic.


I kept feeling like he needed a pencil moustache, too. Then he'd look like Sander Cohen!
>> No. 3830
You're amazing.
>> No. 3831
Oh man YES, this is a nice take on Spy. With his kind of vanity no wonder the balaclava stays on!
>> No. 3849
Oh God, Yang.
Why would you do this I cannot unsee this image ever. Now every time someone draws a Spy doing something sexy I'll remember this picture.
>> No. 3850

I once had a dream where it was almost canon that Spy had a hideous combover underneath his balaclava.

Are you in my head?
>> No. 3852

Is "for the lulz" a suitable explanation?


I... don't think I am. Try to imagine me winning the lottery, and we'll know for sure.
>> No. 3916
"for the lulz" is the ONLY suitable explanation. For anything. Ever. Particularly in TF2.
>> No. 3927
File 131076874135.jpg - (180.36KB , 533x1500 , tf-hilter.jpg )
I went there.
>> No. 3929
File 131077428041.png - (14.88KB , 566x564 , me-gusta.png )
You went and I came
>> No. 3935
I can only imagine the aftermath, with soldier being there... oh god.
>> No. 3938

Oh, you.


As I said elsewhere, this would be like an American Dream come true for him... or in the least, he'd still be telling everyone the next day about how he killed Hitler yesterday in the dining room.
>> No. 4005
File 131112453846.jpg - (218.72KB , 1262x897 , tf-longday.jpg )
Another one of these pictures. I probably missed something while adding the little finishing effects, but such is life. I added Demoman putting his hand on the Heavy's shoulder because of a comment Furei made when I posted the rough draft. Not everything I do is about sex, for crying out loud!
>> No. 4007
Good job with the details and colors. Poor Medic had a bad day...
>> No. 4009
I love you, yang.
>> No. 4014
File 13112069526.gif - (294.82KB , 320x240 , tumblr_lk2ts8qcV81qgex26o1_400.gif )
>Heavy's Boner
amazing work, yang, as always
>> No. 4026
>>4007 >>4009

Aww, thank y

>weeping bitterly
>> No. 4027
Your art makes me happy. I will now save Soldier Moon and Crossbow Medic to my 'Look At This Here When You're Depressed' folder, and then... happiness forever!
>> No. 4031
Their necks seem a bit short and their heads a bit wide, but other than that nice work.
>> No. 4064
File 131144214453.jpg - (122.88KB , 1184x1024 , yang - tf- kleine mann.jpg )
It's probably been done before, but I wanted to draw a BLU Medic with his own little companion. Even if I wasn't a rat lover, this would seem like a fitting idea, so I went with it.

Aww, thanks. I try to draw things that make me happy, too.

Heavy's neck is probably a bit short, looking at it again. Everyone else is either slouching or wearing bulky armor, so I'm not too worried...
>> No. 4192
File 131214849130.jpg - (134.75KB , 837x1134 , tf-leak-cens.jpg )
Congratulations, you've won borderline-fetish art!

For the record, I'm not actually into urophilia.
>> No. 4193
Spy's knee looks sort of "pointy," but you still did really good!
>> No. 4201
File 131222263167.jpg - (15.03KB , 348x232 , backpain-1292835351.jpg )
>> No. 4204
Nice. Although Medic's fingers look a little stubby and Spy's arms too thick.
>> No. 4209
I don't have a clue what's going on, but it's really well done@
>> No. 4215
File 131232453411.jpg - (47.77KB , 630x638 , tf-haters.jpg )
I tend to think of suits as having a slightly more bulk-ifying quality to them, but went back and took another look at this and saw that I had gaffed a bit on the cut of the Spy's sleeve so I gave the picture a little touchup. I'm not posting it here because I'm a lazy bastard. I feel okay with the Medic's hand, as there's supposed to be some foreshortening going on with it. And, to answer your question, Chessolin, the working file for the picture was tf-leak.psd

I gaffed here as well, though in a different, silly way- I'd known that the Dutch word for 'small' was kleine, but hadn't known that German has masculine/feminine forms of the word. Incidentally, rat fancy has become huge in Europe, as they are cute, affectionate, apartment-friendly critters. I'm surprised nobody commented on the rat's enormous goolies.
>> No. 4237

Sorry but I gotta point this out
in that pic
the "A" in all the words is actually the Russian letter "deh". AKA D.
>> No. 4238

I am aware that many of the letters in the cyrillic alphabet are not anolog to their roman counterparts, I just wanted to use a faux-russian font for the speech bubble.
>> No. 4490
File 131395066815.jpg - (113.38KB , 708x976 , tf-medicneedle.jpg )
Something I drew before I went on vacation. If this is too close to guro for this board, feel free to baleet it or whatnot.
>> No. 4497
I like it - especilly that look of desperation in Medic's eyes.
>> No. 4498
Just a little blood, so I think it's fine.
>> No. 4502
File 131397786371.jpg - (28.45KB , 450x355 , Needle.jpg )
I do love your stuff yang, but I'm trying to figure out what kind of needle is he using and why he is using it. I originally thought he was injecting himself with something, with his needle wielding hand placed like its going to inject something. If he is using a needle to inject crap, you would be seeing the little lip things you use as a grip.If they are there, you would be seeing resting below his thumb. There also seems to be no actual plunger part.

If he's just bleeding himself for science, then this means nothing
>> No. 4505
File 13139830646.png - (429.02KB , 800x1024 , REDLINE-YANG1.png )
There's just something that's always skewed about your faces, yang, that keeps me from really enjoying your work. Since people's brains are so attuned to registering facial features that distortions REALLY leap out at the viewer, or at least that is the case for me.

I don't suppose you've tried flipping your images to try to correct skews, have you? It think it could really help with this particular issue of skewedness in your pictures because it makes flaws all the more obvious.
>> No. 4508

My memories of working on this are a little fuzzy atm, but I'll assume that I goofed and forgot to add the necessary bits to the needle when I was retracing and repositioning it at some point.

Since it's the middle of the night and I'm feeling too fried to do anything really productive, I figured I'd follow your advice, go back and see if I couldn't fix his face up a bit, as it did look inexplicably 'off' to me... hence me reuploading the picture. I think it looks better? It becomes harder and harder to identify what's wrong with a picture the longer you pick and poke at it, I've found, and as always, I appreciate any honest criticism that people can send my way.
>> No. 4534
It looks like you are making the mistake of "cutting off the skull" with your faces. His facial features and expression are fine but his forehead is way too short, and the back of his head is a little small as well. The TF2 characters have abnormally long chins and jaws, but the top of their head is generally normal (Anonymonster's redline looks right). So I'd try raising the forehead and expanding the back of the skull a bit more.

Despite this and the needle not looking right (I think he needs two fingers holding the grip and one, usually the thumb, pushing the plunger), I like this picture. The neck looks thinner than how you usually draw it and that looks good, too.
>> No. 4536
File 131406787543.jpg - (119.50KB , 708x976 , tf-medicneedle.jpg )

The exagerrated head proportions of the characters throw me off, especially when I'm trying to make something look foreshortened. That said, I don't think I'm going to worry about wasting any more time on this picture after this one.

I googled pictures of people administering self-injections when I was working on this and saw both thumbs and index fingers being used. With a larger needle, you'd probably want to use the thumb for force, but I imagine the smaller disposable style is delicate enough to just go with whatever gives you the steadiest control.
>> No. 4548
If it's the exaggerated proportions that throw you off, then I think what would be a good exercise for you is to take images of a "normal" human head and map out the structure of the face. And then take images of the TF2 guys and using the lines of that normal map and map out the structural features on the TF2 guys so you can better understand their proportions. With SourceSDK being available to anyone who has TF2, there is far from a lack of 3D references.

You have potential, and I'd like to see you improve, so I hope you seriously consider this and other exercises. I understand there can be a strong desire to just get a picture done and neglect your errors, but if you can just make that extra effort, the result can be far more stunning.
>> No. 4551
File 131412961038.jpg - (161.56KB , 879x1395 , tf-jericho.jpg )

I've done some dithering around using the model viewer and created reference material using it, though I can't always dig up a picture with the exact angle when I'm working on something as the computer my tablet is stuck to isn't the one with Steam on it. I usually end up going back repeatedly to a picture after I've coloured it, either out of my own dissatisfaction or another person's suggestion, and try to touch things up when I can identify what's wrong. Doing a little more practice with normal human heads will probably help me, when I have the chance.

For now, here's another picture that I am utterly sick of diddling around with. None of the Scout's firearms actually resemble the Jericho 941, but I felt like drawing him with one. Inb4 gun otaku.
>> No. 4613
File 13147339161.jpg - (198.40KB , 1065x1119 , tf-heavyzodiac-hardblue.jpg )
Part of what I want to try to make into a series, as it's something I've been meaning to do for ages.
>> No. 4615
Neat! Do more!

captcha: uria sideopea
Uria Side-O-Pee?
>> No. 4651
File 131499058795.jpg - (233.70KB , 1096x975 , tf-sniperzodiac.jpg )
Aquarius, the water-bearer. Feel free to make your own Jarate joke, here.
>> No. 4652
File 131499069778.jpg - (198.15KB , 999x991 , tf-mediczodiac.jpg )
Pisces, the twined fish. I went all-out and redid the shading on the upside down figure because I thought it would look more pro.
>> No. 4656
Wait... let me guess... is Cancer going to be a Spy Crab?
>> No. 4657
Oh you now you spoiled the fun of surprise for me! Well, okay than i bet my money on Scout beeing virgo.
>> No. 4658
File 131505790117.jpg - (158.83KB , 680x1210 , yang - tf- scoutzodiac.jpg )

Sorry, going for personality matches over hilarious puns with this, even if the Sniper/Aquarius thing did crack me up and there are a few others on the list that match nicely with the character visuals. Also, I already revealed in an earlier gag picture who I think the Cancer on the team is.

Also also, this is Aries/Scout.
>> No. 4670
There's nine classes and twelve signs in the zodiac. How are you planning to solve that? Including Announcer, Saxton Hale and Miss Pauling? Or even Sandvich?
>> No. 4672
She has to do all of the Zodiacs? I'd have no problem with her leaving three undone, personally.
>> No. 4674
File 131526944048.jpg - (210.41KB , 1080x1057 , tf-adminzodiac.jpg )

This should answer your question.
>> No. 4675
There needs to be more Announcer art! Aside from the small right eye, the pic looks awesome!
>> No. 4679
Hell yeah! being a scorpio myslef I think you nailed the Announcer perfcetly
>> No. 4683
File 131536901316.jpg - (268.88KB , 1123x983 , tf-saxtonzodiac.jpg )
I gave the Announcer picture a tiny bit of touch-up that I won't bother posting here since all I did was resize one of her eyes.

Also, here is Leo.
>> No. 4684
>> No. 4685
Sniper should be Sagittarius!
>> No. 4686
YES. So much win.
>> No. 4687

Sagittarius is an energetic, forward person, a risk-taker with a strong sense of justice and a bad sense of direction... not exactly Sniper. Besides, if we're going for imagery alone, Sniper is better known for his piss jar than his bow and arrow. (ho ho)
>> No. 4688
Spy HAS to be Cancer. It's so perfect.
>> No. 4692
His chest hair looks like Australia; awesome!
>> No. 4693
I predict Ms. Pauling as Virgo.
>> No. 4703
File 131544709866.jpg - (25.19KB , 311x311 , new here.jpg )
>> No. 4704
I was gonna guess Libra.
>> No. 4715
Actually, I'm very oblivious to things. I've been lurking for a while.
>> No. 4718
File 131550179111.jpg - (177.71KB , 1169x950 , tf-engiezodiac.jpg )
Apparently, Texas Longhorns are a docile breed, and intelligent enough to be used for dressage. Take that, Lippizaners!
>> No. 4719
I just want to rub the hell out of that critter's nose. It looks so soft.
>> No. 4720
Too much jarate
>> No. 4723

I'm thinking there's gonna be some sort of rainbow effect when all these designs are put together? (First maggot to say Homestuck gets a shovel up their ass.)
>> No. 4726
File 131554538689.jpg - (155.45KB , 948x1090 , tf-paulingzodiac.jpg )
You are correct! Virgos are reserved, diligent and analytical. They're the sort of people who will always get the job done, even when the job involves luring someone into an abandoned mine shaft and killing him.


I'm trying to use different colour overlays for each picture, going by the colours that are associated with each sun sign and what I think would look good. I'm part of the "doesn't care enough about Homestuck to even dislike it" camp, ho ho.
>> No. 4751
File 131575597851.jpg - (230.19KB , 1164x1148 , tf-demozodiac2.jpg )
I decided that this looked too washed-out having a purple overlay on it and just went with what looked the most visually interesting.
>> No. 4754
File 131579628227.jpg - (180.49KB , 1020x1011 , tf-sollyzodiac.jpg )
Cancer/Soldier. My mom really liked his broogery face.
>> No. 4759
File 131586116112.gif - (498.99KB , 500x281 , dat ___.gif )
Quite possibly the best Soldier I've seen from you of ALL TIME.
>> No. 4763
Noooo Spy should have been Cancer! Spycrab + cigarettes = Cancer! Augh!
>> No. 4764
I think they're going with personality, and I don't really think Spy is a Cancer personality-wise.
>> No. 4765
I thought Spy would be Scorpio. Weh. Oh well.

Gorgeous art is gorgeous.
>> No. 4769

Scorpio would be a decent sign for the Spy, but there's another sign that covers all bases with him, personalitywise.

Spy is much better-known for his inscrutable, dualistic nature than for a glitch that makes him walk funny.
>> No. 4772
Yes! Sounds like my guess may be right...
>> No. 4773
File 131597642987.jpg - (182.79KB , 1173x928 , tf-pyrozodiac.jpg )
This sort of spoils the surprise.

We don't know anything about Pyro's history or personality, or even his gender, but his semi-comprehensible mumbling sounds a lot more polite and friendly than what most of his teammates are saying. Ultimately, I needed someone to be paired with this sun sign, and everyone else on the roster was deemed "too bitchy" to be Libra.
>> No. 4774
Libra isn't a 'fire' sign, but I think it works for him!

I love this series, please keep going!
>> No. 4776
I guess yang implied judge, which means spycheck.
>> No. 4777
File 131604783682.jpg - (216.29KB , 1215x1004 , tf-spyzodiac.jpg )

Fire signs indicate a more forward, pugilistic nature than other-element signs, and while Pyro definitely loves fire, none of his observed behavior really paints him as an aggressive person; honestly, all that we can say for certain about him is that he's playful and he likes fire.

Also, here's the last entry in the series. It really should have been obvious, but I left it til the end because the Spy is a popular character and I didn't want the tartlets losing interest after I've covered all of the 'pretty' ones.
>> No. 4778

I really like how the Spies are almost identical, except not. Really had to look closely to pick out some of the differences. Though, I'm kind of wondering what the deal is with BLU Spy's left arm?
>> No. 4780
Tartlets? That's honestly pretty rude to people who actually like your work :|c
>> No. 4783
She meant the stupider part of the fandom who only cares for kawaii desu Spy and Sniper and Scout.
>> No. 4784
Yeah, and Medic.

I love your art, I really do.
>> No. 4790

In a word. (or a few words, whatever) While the Medic is my favorite character, I like the entire team and I always hate seeing the "old/ugly/scottish" characters getting less love, so I do what I can to wedge them in.

Arguably, it's pretty shallow of me to even care about pandering, but when you're trying to force your fangirl ideas on others with your psychic powersdrawings, you get hits where you can.
>> No. 4799
Now that the horoscope pics are complete, I sat down and listened to Weird Al's Your Horoscope For Today. I. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
>> No. 4800
That's awesome. Someone should make a gmod vid of this
>> No. 4815
Hell someone should make a FANFIC out of this!
Medic is the true LORD OF ZE DANCE
>> No. 4816
Hell someone should make a FANFIC out of this!
Medic is the true LORD OF ZE DANCE
>> No. 4834
no matter what those idiots at work say.
>> No. 4880
File 131700959744.jpg - (200.60KB , 1091x1031 , tf-heavydruid.jpg )
More Heavy Druid, since I didn't really like the job I'd done on the last one and I was totally out of good ideas for what to draw.
>> No. 4890

Okay, okay...this is too good for me not to run with in my head. Heavy is a (I am guessing) Tauren druid... That makes the rest of the team...hmm.

Sniper - Troll hunter (on accounta you find jars of random bodily fluids on trolls when you kill 'em...)

Spy - Blood Elf Rogue. Yes. Belf. Such a superiority complex can only come from an elf.

Scout - Goblin rogue. I don't think I need to explain why.

Soldier - Orc warrior. 'Cause that kind of single-minded devotion can only come from an orc.

Engineer - The only one that throws me. Honestly, I'm not sure it matters as long as he's maxed in both Engineering and Alchemy. MAKE DEM HEALING POTS AND GUNS.

Pyro - Undead mage - specifically a Fire mage. As far as the "undead" part goes, what better reason to hide under a suit? And if the suit doesn't explain the mumbling, the lack of a jaw will.

Demoman - so.hard.to.keep.this.Horde. FFFF if I had my way he'd be a dwarf. Love of explosives + love of booze. But everyone else is Horde so...Goblin. And it's gotta be a Survival spec hunter, setting traps with explosives all over the place. Not the best fit, but fffffff.

And last, but oh most certainly not least... heh heh...

Medic - UNDEAD PRIEST. It almost speaks for itself, but I will explain anyway. Solid healing class, but can go shadow spec at the drop of a hat and do more than decent damage as well. Undead because of, well... Everything from his diabolical strokes of scientific genius (the Ubercharge procedure, for example) to his lighthearted manner towards his patients' actual well being and comfort, to his morbid curiosity when it comes to just how far one can push the human body... even down to keeping spare parts in the fridge with a still-living severed head and a sandwich... all SCREAMS Undead.

Feel free to add to or disagree with this list. As for me, I may have to go make a Forsaken priest named Medic now.
>> No. 4891
File 131705815342.jpg - (74.50KB , 899x600 , 0.jpg )

I'd always tried to go along the lines of putting each character in a different class, with Pyro as a destro warlock, (conflag! conflag!) Scout as a fire mage,(flies all over the place really fast, especially when you hit him) Solly as a retardin, (has a buff aura, likes flying down from high places and is 'popular with idiots') and Demoman as a warrior. (charge=happiness) Engie is an easy one to assign to a class, too- there's only one class in WoW that throws down stationary buff machines or damage-dealing objects, one whose player base endlessly bemoans their lack of programming change or upgrade and that everyone else maligns as being good for absolutely nothing.
>> No. 4898

Oh my god I am an idiot. WHY OH WHY did I not think of shaman for the Engineer? It's too fucking perfect! ...Possibly because I was trying to do classes AND races. While trying to get ready for work. Yeah, I'm sticking with that. Solly as a retardin? LOL. He's lucky Tauren got paladins now, or he'd be stuck as a blood elf. I see your point on the Demo = warrior bit, and totally forgot about locks when I was thinking about Pyro.

>> No. 4899

I kind of liked the idea of Solly with pointy eyebrows, myself.

Also, funny coincidence- I have a friend on my server, (a roleplaying server) whose longstanding main is a Forsaken doctor-priest who people generally call "Medic", though he's not a character who was based on the Medic class at all. His player is a bit of a Medic fan, though she doesn't actually play TF2- I did manage to derail one of her guild's raids when the Medic trailer came out by telling her it was up over RealID.
>> No. 4900

Sniper as Troll Hunter is about the best match ever.


D'aww, that poor Taurengie.
>> No. 4901
captcha = any sadist uhhh...okay captcha

Well, honestly, it would be so easy to play a Forsaken with Medic-ish tendencies. Probably why I will never roll a Forsaken now, just to stay away from the temptation. But next time I see my friend on her warlock, I'm gonna be all "Hudda hudda?" and laugh my ass off over RID.

And although pointy eyebrows look good on anyone, I just can't picture a belf willing to get helmet-hair. By the way, I play on an RP server, too. yaaaaaay RP servers!

Also, that's a DIRTY TRICK, to disrupt a raid like that. lol
>> No. 4912

She's raiding Alliance these days. I have no regrets.
>> No. 4924
File 131725097783.jpg - (48.57KB , 750x600 , Engmotivational10.jpg )
Only drawback with these little babies is they only last about 45 seconds.

Self-sapping turrets. I blame Spy... he must've mucked-around with the schematics.
>> No. 4974
File 131759287272.jpg - (101.75KB , 807x891 , yang - tf- heavy sitting.jpg )
Was trying to simplify my anatomy a little on this one, so I'm not sure how it turned out. This isn't porn, but it should be, because Heavy is an enormous mountain of sex.
>> No. 5021
File 13180211644.jpg - (67.55KB , 848x775 , tf-speh.jpg )
Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through narrow streets
And watched the smoke that rises from the pipes
Of lonely men in shirt-sleeves, leaning out of windows?

Was trying something different.
>> No. 5059
Oh my, this is wonderful!

I always play the Pyro and my horoscope is Libra.
>> No. 5169
File 131900836141.jpg - (224.07KB , 978x1240 , tf-soldiermoon2.jpg )
I lied.
>> No. 5170
File 131900855541.jpg - (178.79KB , 1879x703 , 0.jpg )
Was practicing lineart and annoying-to-draw head angles. These were part of a comic that I won't bother posting here since it wasn't the best. Also, puking was involved and I don't want to gross anyone out.
>> No. 5178
File 131901155392.png - (48.21KB , 144x158 , HURRR Medic.png )
>> No. 5180

>> No. 5213
File 13191283625.jpg - (822.42KB , 1250x2500 , tf-medisong.jpg )
Another terrible comic. This one I actually put some effort into, so I'm posting it here.

The song being referenced is "Ten Cents a Dance" ( http://youtu.be/PpU-mcgBJxE )
>> No. 5249
File 131938308237.jpg - (114.80KB , 706x1185 , tf-engieirene.jpg )
Goodnight, Irene
Goodnight, Irene
I'll see you in my dreams

I was thinking of Cat Bountry's engie and that old folk song when I drew this.
>> No. 5253
Engie's expression looks great in this!
I like your coloring style and the small details in your drawings, Yang.
>> No. 5314

>> No. 5356
File 131983668311.jpg - (152.59KB , 1096x999 , tf-sollycostume.jpg )


Thank you! I'm never terribly impressed with my backgrounds, but at least I've found ways to make them look passable.
>> No. 5367
I love this so hard.
>> No. 5433
File 132038386217.jpg - (230.56KB , 549x2272 , tf-pigeonboobs.jpg )
The filename is the only explanation you need.
>> No. 5437
If that photo/painting next to Scoot is supposed to be of Toluca Lake (as in Silent Hill) you have all my love.
>> No. 5485
File 132068339061.jpg - (65.10KB , 856x673 , 0.jpg )

Studying the topography of the Medic's head. I thought it looked sort of interesting.
>> No. 5504
File 132077215959.jpg - (158.08KB , 555x1414 , tf-scream.jpg )
Still not funny. Also not sure if this is inappropriate for the all-ages board, so feel free to b& me or whatever if it's not.

I've stuck that same poster in the background of several comics/scene pictures I've done, and yes, it's supposed to be a tourism poster for Toluca Lake.
>> No. 5507

/fanart/ isn't so much a general audiences board, since we're still an 18+ site, as much as it is "Don't post pictures of dicks or uber bloody entrails and guts here", for future reference.
>> No. 5508

Makes sense. Just feel a bit iffy about posting borderline-racy stuff on the non-racy board. Not that I really find Scout's bare ass to be that racy, but...
>> No. 5537
File 132102642765.jpg - (159.02KB , 1137x1116 , tf-bistu.jpg )
inb4 "Medic is/isn't Jewish" argument.

Why do I keep drawing gag pictures involving Medic and Scout?
>> No. 5539

Pictures with Medic and Scout that are humorous and lighthearted and don't involve abuse/torture no less! I find that really refreshing to see in the fandom, actually.
>> No. 5545
I tried typing this into a translator, but it came up with mish-mash. What is Medic saying?
>> No. 5551
I enjoy drawing things I find funny most of all, I guess.

The lyrics are from a yiddish song called, "Bey Mir Bistu Sheyn"- it was adapted into an english-language song called "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen". The title translates to, "you are beautiful to me". Presumably, he's singing to his Heavy...
>> No. 5558
File 132123778660.jpg - (190.67KB , 1220x879 , tf-medisulk.jpg )
>> No. 5560
Heh, that's cute.

The only critique I'd have is with the pigeons; namely their eyes and body shapes.

Pigeons have well-defined eyelids compared to humans, mainly because the skin there is thin and bare, as you can see in these two images:

Their body feathers overlap for the primary purpose of making their shapes smooth and continuous, as a flight adaptation. For the positions you have them in, their heads, and the front wing of the right one, wouldn't be so well defined. The only except to this is the feathers on the front of their heads:

Other than that, the only other thing I would point out is that your art has a very choppy feel to it. It's a consistent issue with your art, but I think it's a bit more obvious in this piece. Maybe you could try making the lines in his face flow a bit more with his expression and the way his head's weight distorts it?
>> No. 5568

I've had a miserable hell of a time finding good photos of doves to use for reference- the ones I found seemed to have a sort of fleshy patch around their eyes, which is what I've tried to go with, though I never feel sure if they'd look better just being drawn cartoony like the ones in-game.

I'm afraid I don't quite know what you mean by 'choppy'. I try to make the lines in my drawings relatively distinct as a way of suggesting dimension, and I usually feel that they're a bit rigid looking, though I'm not sure how to change things without making them too mucky and indistinct.
>> No. 5569
Would looking at the doves themselves from Meet the Medic help at all? And I love how cute the picture is!
>> No. 5572

The doves in the trailer are very simplistic and cartoony, and don't look like real doves... hence my quandary.
>> No. 5573
How about checking out a dove/bird book at the library?
>> No. 5575
Maybe "choppy" wasn't quite the right word? It's more clear on your finished pieces than your sketches (which I quite like, by the way). The black lines you use to finish them look very bold and thick to me, without much variety in saturation. On pieces with color, they contrast with the smoother volumes created by your shading; so it's not as jarring on static objects like weapons, furniture, or cardboard boxes, but more so on organic shapes, including some clothing.

From what I see, you might benefit from loosening up the strokes to make them flow more with each other. The program and tool you use would change that a bit, though.

But keep it up! I like your art.
>> No. 5655
File 132210076591.jpg - (113.02KB , 683x1177 , tf-medistabbed.jpg )
Blood porn. I couldn't decide whether I liked it with or without shading better.


Okay, now I understand what you're saying. It might also explain some of the problems I'm having with my pictures in general... I'll have to see if I can find a way to adjust the opacity of my lines more without losing their intended thickness.
>> No. 5678
File 132235983968.jpg - (97.61KB , 814x1052 , d4medic.jpg )
More goofy crossover stuff. One of the units in Disgaea 4 is a Professor who can heal and buff allies, and use a gun. The class is female, but I still named ours Medic. Another class in the series is called the "Heavy Knight". I've always named ours after Doctor Octopus, but I should try drawing Hoovy as one to see if it is possible.
>> No. 5679
I love this cross-over, It is gorgeous. You are a hero.
>> No. 5688
File 13225047462.jpg - (84.25KB , 696x1036 , d4heavy.jpg )
Didn't like this one at first, disliked it less after I gave him a kerchief over his head.


D'aww, thankyes.
>> No. 5694
ff these are so cute!
>> No. 5704
File 132268977541.jpg - (174.03KB , 927x897 , tf-stnick.jpg )
If you don't get this, it's your own fault for having no interest in the lives of the saints.
>> No. 5729
File 132296823932.jpg - (106.44KB , 583x1387 , tf-meditomorrow.jpg )
More tacky Medic angst pictures. Still not sure if it looks like he's stumbling or not.
>> No. 5730

It look great! He looks off-balanced and with a dazed expression, probably because of his internal ear injury. And he's got bloodshot eyes, didn't notice that at first.

The stiffness is still there, but I like the shading! It makes the red stand out.
>> No. 5731
Ooh, I love this Yang! The Lisa Garland scene in Silent Hill is one of my all-time favourite cutscenes, so it's really cool to see it reinterpreted here. Plus it also works as a stand alone piece of tf2 art (Medic, after a battle, dazed and injured and trying to take care of his teammates, but with nobody to take care of him). I love the contrast between the red blood and b+w shading.

Your art is fantastic! Keep it up (and please draw more awesome Heavy bellies unf)!
>> No. 5740
File 132305878027.jpg - (96.51KB , 643x751 , tf-medipuke.jpg )
I swear that I draw characters other than Medic sometimes.

Suggested reasons for this scene included, "acid reflux", "roller coaster" and "he's pregnant".

Agh... still trying to soften my lines. I'm very slow to progress, so it will probably be a long time before they are pleasingly soft and spontaneous-looking.

Thank you! Lisa is my favorite character from the series. How can you not love a video game version of Laura Palmer?
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