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File 128941108477.gif - (95.51KB , 672x672 , youvant copy.gif )
265 No. 265
Just so you ladies know I'm not dead.
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>> No. 266
I wouldn't dare to want there. Heavy looks unamused.

Also KGB, know that we still wuv you.
>> No. 267
I also puttin' the FUN TIME back up.
>> No. 308
File 128950640599.gif - (133.61KB , 768x1024 , undress copy.gif )
Sometimes this is all I need.
>> No. 309
As someone who gets crazy by welldone suggestive stuff ... I. LOVE. THIS.
I'll be in my bunk.
>> No. 315

And here's another one to add to my collection of "Guys taking off their shirt" images. It's like crack to me.
>> No. 318
Ya heard her, strip ya damn yankee!
>> No. 320
Awww yeahhhh, those hands, his knuckles are incredibly well rendered.
>> No. 326
I'd toss a wad of cash to watch him strip.
>> No. 328
Soldier as a stripper. Someone needs to do this.
>> No. 341

I call it!
>> No. 421

DAMN IT! Now I have to do something else!
>> No. 427
Why don't you draw it too? The more the merrier, do ho ho.
>> No. 438
>> No. 1552
File 129268793364.jpg - (216.52KB , 900x843 , turrettes-soldier.jpg )
Turrettes soldier
>> No. 1554
this seriously made my day.
>> No. 1556
File 129269518473.jpg - (67.47KB , 306x316 , VSO14.jpg )

Oh wow, I fukken lol'd.
>> No. 1558
File 129270659273.jpg - (92.70KB , 294x279 , mygodismadeofstars.jpg )

I love you so much right now.
>> No. 1565
I cannot stop smiling. Love it.
>> No. 1583
File 129277820940.jpg - (24.40KB , 400x300 , wut.jpg )
>> No. 1701
File 129313830545.jpg - (478.50KB , 1284x1330 , heavy.jpg )
I'm not sure if this counts as 'adult' or not. He might just be sleeping
>> No. 1705

Don't see a problem with it being here.

It's fucking awesome, by the way. Your colouring's great.
>> No. 1708
File 129316424333.jpg - (22.53KB , 336x322 , 95.jpg )

Not with a face like that.
>> No. 1713
It counts as gorgeous! (Doesn't seem NSFW at all to me, either.) The coloring here is fantastic, and I really love that you gave him nice, dark body hair -- suits him very well.
>> No. 1714

Hey, to be fair, he COULD very well be sleeping.


That doesn't mean the Medic just offscreen is.
>> No. 1716
It's Cat Bountry, of course she'll think it's dirty. Not that there's anything wrong with that line of thinking with THAT pic.
>> No. 1837
File 129365931241.jpg - (265.48KB , 608x900 , fun times.jpg )
Come on fellas! That bed's clearly not zoned for more than one combatant!
>> No. 1840

AWWWWWWWWW. This fills me with warm, fuzzy delight.

I am the dork who prefers cuddlepics to actual porn.
>> No. 1846
You are not alone! My fanboy insides squealed in happiness.
>> No. 1848

The coloring really lends itself to the tenderness of this picture. It melts my cold winter heart. Strangely enough, I am mesmerized by how you've done their hands. The whole thing is amazing, but dem hands, man. Superb!
>> No. 1858
Such a tiny bed too! GAH!
So cute!!
>> No. 1862
This fills my heart with so much fuzziness you don't even know. I love this to death!
>> No. 1876
Agreeing with how sweet and loving the picture is, but what really gets me is the tiny bed.
With the exception of Heavies, I can imagine the companies would only give small beds like that to the teams.
>> No. 1887
File 129413225626.gif - (53.69KB , 361x365 , 127413083023.gif )
omg it's just

so cute
>> No. 1973
File 129486848056.jpg - (138.39KB , 371x500 , fun-times.jpg )
Here's a random outburst for ya
>> No. 1979
Haha, the expressions are so hilarious. Well done.

Also I'm sure we all want to see the aftermath of this.
>> No. 1984
the look on Demo's face! awww….
>> No. 1990
Still lolling over the first image. Expression is perfect. Love.
>> No. 2173
File 129661114833.jpg - (303.82KB , 466x800 , creepyimpishmedic.jpg )
a speed commission for a very kind and generous donor.
>> No. 2174
File 129661682934.jpg - (251.55KB , 430x700 , soldierdemoweathers.jpg )
another for the same. I love getting paid to do shit like this.
>> No. 2187
I lol'd so hard. I would also pay good money to have this on my wall.
>> No. 2269
File 129755356649.jpg - (283.48KB , 570x500 , tagebuch.jpg )
The spy has been employed to translate the medic's diary.
>> No. 2270
Jesus, this is hilarious. The faces are all wonderful!
>> No. 2273

I don't know which thought disturbs Heavy more: the idea of Medic having babies, or that Medic might not be talking about him ('dark eyed children', Heavy has blue eyes...)
>> No. 2277

Maybe it's a recessive gene.
>> No. 2278
Maybe Demo isn't shagging Medic's wife, but rather Medic himself ... ?
>> No. 2279
Medic has blue eyes, yes?
>> No. 2280
Actually that's not completely accurate. I remember learning that eye color is made up of 8 genes and the chart assumes 2. But yeah, two blue eyed people probably won't have a dark eyed child. Poor Heavy :D
>> No. 2289
File 129762253896.jpg - (248.67KB , 434x500 , soldierpost.jpg )
I typically hear the dark-eyed term as a generic description of specifically Russian loveliness.

anyway, here's soldier
>> No. 2290
Who will never tire of the wonderful way in which you draw Solly?
That's right, me.
>> No. 2294

I think I laughed for a whole fricken minute just looking at that. Oh...oh my. The expressions are priceless--Spy's deadpan and Heavy's mortification. Brilliant!
>> No. 2532
File 129969267630.jpg - (398.42KB , 658x790 , helmut.jpg )
Unnecessary drama is unnecessary.
>> No. 2533
Oh boy oh boy oh boy
>> No. 2539

Seeing your version of this scene makes me think I went a bit too dramatic with mine.
>> No. 2540
Nah it's all about how you imagine it. I love them both.
>> No. 2541

I really do love the, I dunno, nonchalance, almost, in Engineer's pose. If it weren't for his face, he'd just be leaning up against a door. Manly and still so sad. Fab.
>> No. 2550

You know what's the best about this? It shows how a different portrayal can still convey the same emotion. If someone would ask me I could never possibly say whether yours or Kilo's is better. Both make me feel like I've been kicked in the stomach.
>> No. 2561
I can't even think of anything decent to say here besides I love your work. So much. SO MUCH. Yeah. Entire folder with your name on it, tee hee. Sorry for being an obsessive manly-art-collecting creeper.
>> No. 2603
File 130017173642.jpg - (529.41KB , 900x898 , joy.jpg )
I drew me some soldier again.
>> No. 2604

He's going to eat my ribs, isn't he. Oh god the crazy eyes somebody push the helmet back down.

I like! You draw some nice manly TF2 dudes, they're all old and crinkly and gruff lookin'. Some nice shading going on there, too! THE EYES
>> No. 2606

He's definitely got those tin foil hat, flouride-in-the-water vibes going on. The missing tooth is also a nice touch.

Did I mention that I am also on the long list of people who love your MANLY cartoons?
>> No. 2607
I think the helmet looks a bit too shiny, otherwise it looks like an accurate depiction of Solly we all have grown to love.
>> No. 2608
"I will eat you!" in portuguese, have a sexual conotation that means "I will fuck you!"
>> No. 2614
I love this as it is, but >>2608 made it ten times better.
>> No. 2619
File 130029225787.jpg - (31.00KB , 561x370 , 12516801295.jpg )

Huh - learn something new everyday!

okay back to work now
>> No. 2902
File 130319324859.jpg - (174.97KB , 481x600 , heavy.jpg )
He's so honest about his feelings.
>> No. 2903
your heavies amuse me.
>> No. 2904
Not exactly sure this matters but I felt like saying it anyway. I think Heavy would have left an "are" in there. Or maybe it's just me?

And is it also just me, or does it look like Heavy's giving a pseudo-card crusher face there?!
>> No. 2905
You draw such gorgeous heavies.
Seriously, you're going to make me start having a crush on him and he is FAR from my type.

Captcha: sexyid
Damn straight, Captcha.
>> No. 2906

Heavy is definitely my type, and I definitely love your artwork of him. SO HUGE.
>> No. 2908
File 130324480055.jpg - (11.99KB , 311x217 , kobeneedsmushsmush.jpg )

KG, I hope you know you're one of my favorite TF artists of all and I aspire to give people Hoovy inflicted boners JUSSLIKEU in my work someday
>> No. 2912
File 130328109444.jpg - (297.19KB , 742x900 , soldier.jpg )
what is better than soldier? TWO SOLDIERS!
>> No. 2913
And then KGBigelow drew gore

And I was happy forever.
>> No. 2917

I can't see an encounter between enemy soldiers ending any other way. There can be only one!!!
>> No. 2934
Hey.. u... could i make from the Solly pic up there a fadespray with your permission?
I believe it would distract people enough for my sinister plans.
(It´s not like i have already used this picture or so...)
>> No. 2935
do it.
>> No. 2945
Thank you very much for your permission.
It greatly amuses me now in the game. (People just NEED to go there. Like moths to the light.)
And than just to tell them to stop starring and go fighting again.
>> No. 3071
File 130506001220.jpg - (165.16KB , 1000x280 , fun time with heavys.jpg )
Fun time is short and sweet
>> No. 3084

>> No. 3559
File 130893883929.jpg - (104.52KB , 1000x657 , engidump.jpg )
>> No. 3562
I've missed you. So much.
>> No. 3564
gaaahhh, your engies are so cute.
>> No. 3566
File 130894530854.jpg - (67.07KB , 459x800 , soldier-v-bird.jpg )
What do you mean there's a bird in the base?!
>> No. 3569
Very nice, I like how the shovel and Solly's arm curve and flow in the same direction.
>> No. 3623
File 130911202227.jpg - (148.18KB , 504x737 , babies.jpg )
TF2 is now free to play.
>> No. 3688

..wait. February?
>> No. 3813
File 130988200079.jpg - (489.91KB , 900x900 , Untitled-1.jpg )
>> No. 3814
Swooning like a lady in a corset now.
>> No. 3815
Well, you pretty much summed up my headcanon for Soldiers morning ritual.
>> No. 3816
Oh me, oh my...
Nothing more to add.
>> No. 3818
Basically, yes. Forever.
>> No. 3819
I mis-read "Mating Ritual", and I'm okay with this, too.
>> No. 3822

Nothing gets a real man in the mood quite like grenades and patriotic undergarments.
>> No. 3851
File 131015064783.jpg - (677.38KB , 1034x1584 , manly kissing.jpg )
welp. Here's some gay.
>> No. 3853
I was hoping somebody else would ask so I don't feel like such a derp doing so, but, WHAT IS THIS FROM? And where is 'Kilo's version'? Why does my heart break everytime I look at this?
>> No. 3854
It's from Funtime with Helmets
>> No. 3858
File 131030721868.jpg - (52.48KB , 458x261 , Manly tears.jpg )
>> No. 3859

Gaaahhhh, so cute! I love those manry chins you draw. And kissing pictures.
>> No. 3862
Hey, I LOVE your art, KG. I want more, lots more, of Soldier and Engie! It's so sweet and masculine at the same time.

I also really want to see the pic drawn by Kilo that's mentioned here. I love KG's depiction of that scene from her fic (love the fic too) and I can't imagine anything better so I must see it for myself! Could someone else post it please?

Captcha: sources,

>> No. 3863
File 131033745398.jpg - (283.84KB , 850x676 , 129852319387.jpg )
I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for.
>> No. 3865

YAY! Thank you! Wow, that is lovely. I especially like the punched mirror.

Captcha, however, is now a bitch. "offended. diontiv" WTF? Captcha, are you upset you did nothing while Cosmic Tuesdays brought me sweet, sweet picture goodness?

Ignore Captcha. It's just jealous.
>> No. 4307
File 131278846032.jpg - (98.38KB , 491x600 , rescue.jpg )
time for the yearly dump
>> No. 4308
File 131278864398.jpg - (217.68KB , 576x576 , gay and proud.jpg )
>> No. 4309
File 131278875485.jpg - (94.44KB , 900x792 , grief.jpg )
>> No. 4318
>> No. 4324
This is so goddamn depressing.
>> No. 4330

Truly a moving piece. I wonder, though, how the situation would be reversed? Maybe it's because I'm so used to the tired chan staple of "Bad things happen to Engineer, every one cries", but I hardly see, at least in this pairing, Soldier being the one being mortally wounded or in need of saving. Maybe that says something about how these two characters are perceived.

My memory could just be faulty, though. Maybe someone, if not KGB, would be interested in exploring that, either in art or fic.
>> No. 4334
File 131294091927.jpg - (24.92KB , 499x361 , barack-obama-chill-out-got-this.jpg )
>> No. 4477
working on it. --> http://tf2chan.net/workshop/thumb/131388780556s.jpg
>> No. 4485
I love you, KGB.

If you ever need an organ donor or a new hand maybe, just ask me.
>> No. 4724
I dunno, some of the detail in your work is great, but there are many thinks that just bug me. Soldier's left arm seems to be well too short, and the definition of a lot of these pics needs to be ironed out. Especially when it comes to the legs which are atrocious on a number of occasions.
>> No. 4725

So I tried this. Failed horribly, but I tried, at least. Maybe I'll try again later.

Bluh. http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/5591.html
>> No. 4775
O GOD Thankyou so much for giving me some actual criticism to work with! I can see what you're talking about very clearly! It's really easy for me to get caught up in details and end up throwing logic and proportion out the window!
>> No. 5620
File 132175874280.jpg - (1.48MB , 1981x2053 , rolerev1 copy.jpg )
Time for the yearly dump
>> No. 5621
File 132175886690.jpg - (478.15KB , 864x1008 , iluvyou.jpg )
>> No. 5627
I love your work. I just love the style and humor. The only thing I can crit is that the lines feel too faint and blurry; the lines need crispening and darkening. Their bodies and faces look fine, the drawings need some line definition to make them really solid and really stand out.
>> No. 5682
Who cares about the kind of lines, the picture melts my heart and makes me smile for the first time in hours, a different brushsetting wouldn't make much of a difference for the pictures message.

(Do not rag on people critiquing work. The artist does not mind it.)
>> No. 5683

Since it's been awhile, let me use this opportunity to show you guys what not to do.

The "who cares?!" sentiment of this post is not constructive. You are suggesting that because you do not care, no one else should care because you believe it's pointless. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you do not put down others for having their own while you express yours. That's how bitchy internet arguments start.

The rest of your comment is fine and I'm sure KGB appreciates that her picture gives you feelings, but to try to make her disregard a legitimate criticism is not doing her any favors as an artist, especially since I know she very much wants critique on her work.
>> No. 5726
Is it me, or does engineer have whiskers in the very last panel of the comic?
>> No. 5835
File 132467804827.jpg - (245.79KB , 534x900 , eng.jpg )
Holy dog shit I missed some critique!
>>5627 I drew that comic in like - an hour or so just to get the imagery out of my head and it happened to come out readable. I'll remember to post things that are more 'finished' next time.
>>5726 I'm not sure what you're seeing - the sketchy blushing on his cheeks?
>> No. 6131
File 133272932721.jpg - (482.23KB , 991x811 , slap.jpg )
>> No. 6132
File 133272940630.jpg - (1.15MB , 1766x1584 , plantyerselfonthatdarnpointmister 001.jpg )
>> No. 6133
>>6131 Excellent.
>>6132 Excellent.
Now make them kiss.
>> No. 6135
Open-handed face slapping is always hilarious. Poor Engie looks pretty stunned in the first picture...
>> No. 6137
>>6132 Gets even better if you believe Engie has his Gunslinger under the glove.
>> No. 6138

That's why you don't mess with the little guy. He's wolverine mean, and he's got a robot arm. ♥
>> No. 6145
File 133313569063.jpg - (382.50KB , 854x710 , POW!!.jpg )
Cry some more.
>> No. 6146
File 133313576096.jpg - (313.33KB , 885x621 , gohomelassiemenarefightinhere.jpg )
>> No. 6147
So beautiful I cried.
>> No. 6149
File 133316576170.png - (172.26KB , 700x700 , not-sure-if-gusta-face.png )
I-Is this some kind of fetish...?
>> No. 6151
File 133321715014.gif - (497.59KB , 500x355 , 1304573257_bum.gif )
>>6149 It's not a fetish, I'm just fuckin around. If it WAS a fetish, they'd all be naked and I'd post them in adult.
>> No. 6152
Well, not all fetishes have to have naked people to be sexually charged (see: vore, feet, inflation, etc), but okay.
you should trace your own pictures and make them naked with retarded boners just for the lulz - just saying

Either way, I've love to see more slapping art. It's hilarious in a terrible way.
>> No. 6156

Somewhere around here, KGB's drawn a Demo slapping a Pyro and they were both shirtless... Does that count as fetish?

I can't believe I remember this sort of stuff.
>> No. 6160
File 133337658696.jpg - (70.35KB , 604x414 , tumblr_lz4wb1QMPl1r9znib.jpg )
>>6152 - I suppose you are correct. I was mainly speaking for myself on that end.

>>6156 - yes i did - it's in adult - one of the answers to my kink meme.

I like watching guys fight - but generally if it's sexually charged I draw them either naked or having gay sex immediately thereafter.

Go ahead and judge me.
>> No. 6219
File 133554833273.jpg - (436.99KB , 828x1272 , anglegrinder.jpg )
>> No. 6220
File 133554851511.jpg - (140.02KB , 500x443 , wellinever.jpg )
>> No. 6221
File 133554856711.jpg - (384.45KB , 759x553 , engiegardening_bak.jpg )
>> No. 6222
>6211 That picture is the truth.
>> No. 6242
I can't get over Engies scrawny ass legs. HaHa This is amazing
>> No. 6283
File 133757142681.jpg - (949.46KB , 1312x1252 , fin.jpg )
Commissioned by me, from KG Bigelow... First, shirtless, sweaty Engie working on his truck engine...
>> No. 6284
File 133757155793.jpg - (955.59KB , 1172x1442 , GRENADE3b.jpg )
And RED Solly feeding BLU Spy a grenade... Frenchman becomes Napoleon Blownapart...
>> No. 6294
File 133802843761.jpg - (136.88KB , 415x340 , 131378985678.jpg )
>Napoleon Blownapart
>> No. 6597
File 134613474535.jpg - (68.63KB , 1200x600 , 3.jpg )
"Do you ever feel pretty?"
>> No. 6598
File 134613484492.jpg - (97.90KB , 540x456 , heavyengieteam.jpg )
>> No. 6604
Logic tells me that Heavy is an incredibly slow and unreliable mode of transportation.
Heart tells me LOLAWESOME.
>> No. 6798
File 136052396843.jpg - (1.84MB , 1550x1426 , Mulled Cider.jpg )
Mercs drinking mulled cider the Demoman is "adulterating" More like ADULT-erating.
>> No. 6799
>> No. 6801
Aoohhh my god that style, those mercs...why are they so gosh darn ACCURATE in personality?!
>> No. 8147
File 137300597168.jpg - (611.00KB , 2186x1592 , Independance_fortress1.jpg )
Crapped up by me because the file was too large for the filters here.
>> No. 8546
I love how all the non-american mercs look so fucking indifferent
>> No. 8549
Look at all those miserable Europeans. You have perfectly captured the essence of America!
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