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File 130465348287.jpg - (1.57MB , 1504x2387 , nottimcolor.jpg )
3022 No. 3022
Delurking. I sure hope no one kills me for this.

credit to OwlTiem
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>> No. 3025
Looks like when he's sitting in the intel room watching engi. I like it, good job.
>> No. 3039
You got a nice style so far. Spy looks a bit pudgy there, but you generally seem to have the characters down well. Please post more!
>> No. 3040
File 130474970268.jpg - (1.56MB , 1603x2319 , snipes.jpg )
ok. um. Sniper, anyone? I think I have a tentaspy somewhere. Will look for it.
>> No. 3041
The Sniper has a bit of a pear shaped body going on. Try to be a bit more conscious of how much width you seem to be adding to the generally leaner body types of the Spy and Sniper.
>> No. 3042
Pear shaped... Ok. (I think it's his arm, it covers the curve of his back) But. Thank you. Will work on that.
>> No. 3065
Yesss.... finally, more NotTim.

A thousand internets if you'll do a picture of him with Engie, like in the story that's currently sitting in /afanfic/.
>> No. 3087
File 130517015886.jpg - (1.02MB , 1603x2382 , MAGGETS.jpg )
Sounds fun; I'll see what I can do about that.

meanwhile, random solly to tide us over...
(incorrect spelling is intentional. no spellchecking. argh.)
>> No. 3088
File 130517127442.png - (0.96MB , 494x1102 , suave spy_.png )
oh! almost forgot
another spy
but not nottim
just a spy.

yes, it's jarate tinted.
>> No. 3089
Yes, this Soldier is just the way he should be, batshit battle-mad and missing teeth.
>> No. 3110
I must say you should improve on the lineless parts. They just look too blurry and soft compared to the rest.
But neat wortk on the faces!
>> No. 3111
aww Nottim has such a sweet sad look on his face. Good job!
>> No. 3196

Okay. God. That is an amazing picture.
>> No. 3275
File 130722691678.jpg - (1.05MB , 1517x3500 , dump.jpg )
hey! the chan. it's back. happyface

capctha: quifuq
oh god. i thought of star wars
>> No. 3276

Not sure. Everything I've attempted to upload since the rollback has vanished, which may or may not be a coincidence. (ho ho ho)

I am intrigued by the Heavy with a shark mask.
>> No. 3277
Wow, I am in absolute love over the top left Engi. Dat expression.
>> No. 3279
File 130742436082.jpg - (515.38KB , 1000x1564 , engiepchat.jpg )
Yes, I tried so very hard to make the exact same Engie face I've apparently been drawing the rest of my life... sadface.

I need to change angles <i>and</i> expressions. so very much.

Oh, that was a "request"(notice, the quotation marks) from this kid who saw me drawing on the subway. It was awkward.
>> No. 3280
Subway kid has some pretty good ideas. I think Shark Heavy is one of the best things I've ever seen.
>> No. 3295
Someone model a HeavyShark hat right fucking now.
>> No. 3397
File 130801429889.jpg - (344.89KB , 1650x1275 , angrymedic.jpg )
the medicdraw syndrome
i have caught it

Because, hey, everyone is drawing medics. The least I can do is DRAW MORE MEDICS
>> No. 3399
Haha, he does not approve of peace.
>> No. 3488
File 130852546193.jpg - (1.32MB , 2100x1275 , medic1.jpg )
not exactly what I was gunning for, but ok

another medic
>> No. 3489
This face. This face is beautiful.
>> No. 3570
File 130897001328.jpg - (542.84KB , 1275x1650 , medic.jpg )
medic remembers where he last saw Archimedes
>> No. 3571
File 130897026890.jpg - (727.31KB , 1454x1885 , soldier.jpg )
America at its finest.
>> No. 3572
I love your art
>> No. 3582
...... Scheiße.
>> No. 3592
love it and everithing here
>> No. 3637
File 130921528045.jpg - (808.22KB , 1510x2308 , helmets.jpg )
kk some helmets
>> No. 3638
File 130921595779.png - (941.40KB , 663x1088 , yes.png )
aaandd some fence!Heavy spacefiller
Heavy's getting easier to draw, yang and robbingraves' stuff really helps
>> No. 3639
OhmyGOD I love your art so much I want to cry. The helmets gaaahhh I totally got the beetus from it. Ohh, I just really love how you draw faces. A lot. And your Heavy hnngh.

Please, continue.
>> No. 3677
I really like the annoyed Spy face here.
>> No. 3687
File 130932517767.jpg - (518.89KB , 1210x1329 , snipes.jpg )
Dunno if I should colour this.... y/n? it always ends up looking crappier if I colour.
[i]and i drew the background. the world is ending.
>> No. 3700
From this angle he looks naked. Hrrrng.
>> No. 3713
You should! I generally like your coloring. Sometimes your shading is a bit off and doesn't seem to follow any clear light source, but aside from that, I really think you should color more.
>> No. 3747
File 130957886667.png - (315.60KB , 960x1105 , shittylightingftw.png )
>>3700 Hrrrnng indeed.
>>3713 Ok, I'll work on it. I'm doing some lighting practices now; I really suck at all that fundamental crap.

and on the topic of lighting practices...
>> No. 3768
File 130967668235.jpg - (773.00KB , 1210x1329 , ITSDONE.jpg )
oh yeah, and this-- i finally finished it! hallelujah
>> No. 3778
Oh, God, dem scars. Hnngh.
>> No. 3855
needs more nipples
>> No. 3857
File 131027042149.jpg - (592.07KB , 1275x1650 , sniepr.jpg )
>>3768 he's got enough, that's three almost-nipples there

and look another sniepr. yay for fugly snieprs
>> No. 3860
File 13103195766.jpg - (662.85KB , 2060x1280 , hey engie2.jpg )
wallpaper aka trying a makani
fill in the bubble with whatever
>> No. 3896

He looks fine to me, it's just the hair. Damn, I keep forgetting I can't fix hair over the Internet.

>> No. 3898
"Leetle tiny man has problem vit Heavy being voman in man's body?"
I'm so unfunny. What is sleep.
>> No. 3900
File 131061426939.png - (116.79KB , 1373x755 , engiespynormal.png )
another pchatgineer, with cameo from spy
>> No. 3903
As PlesiosaurBones once said, Engineer just can't have nice things.
>> No. 3949
File 131092923499.jpg - (232.28KB , 725x1065 , spy&scout.jpg )
kay some spy
>> No. 3966
File 13109610572.jpg - (612.70KB , 1000x1950 , ty.jpg )
man i'm drawing too much spy for my own good
>> No. 3982
I literally can't stop laughing. Cause I hear him saying thank you in that rough French accent he has and that just makes it twice as funny.
>> No. 3987

It may be too much Spy for your own good, but it's just enough Spy for my good. And I giggled at this a fair bit.
>> No. 4049
What is he doing to his arm? O_o
>> No. 4050
File 131139625057.jpg - (547.66KB , 1110x1500 , rocketjump.jpg )
>>4049 doing what to whose arm?? confused
also, a soldier
>> No. 4051
File 131139634499.jpg - (451.93KB , 980x1167 , spy.jpg )
and a quick scout ma&spy scribble (new ps brushes they so awesome)
>> No. 4052
I really like all of your art, but there's something quite significant about this sketch, at least mood-wise. It's simple and loose but it has the important details down, and you can read their relaxation and closeness from their postures easily. It's very sweet, in short.
>> No. 4169
File 131198859632.jpg - (1.47MB , 720x5040 , atruestorysmall.jpg )
lol, flame wars on /afanart/ made my day
>> No. 4170

I never abandon a competent Soldier in mid-ubercharge, but that's just because I still need the "blast assist" cheevo. You're very good at rendering a picture with quick-looking lines, something that I envy.

Was that a flame war? It seemed more like a flame Suez Canal Crisis, to me.
>> No. 4171

Fucking A, I don't know how many times this has happened to me. So this makes me mad, but also so sad for Solly.
>> No. 4174
Baw, poor Solly... Bad Medic!

I've never abandoned a good Soldier either, but I've had the experience of building up an uber only to have one rocket jump away from me before I can deploy... (So I am guilty of choosing Heavies first when possible, but they can't jump away from me. Still, bad, bad Medic! Sorry, Solly, but I laughed at your pain)
>> No. 4284
>>4170 flame Suez Canal Crisis! Ahaha, that's very good.
>>4169 True, true. It doesn't happen to me as often, so I guess I kinda forgot about that...

Making a comeback from page 2 or 4 or something
captcha: greek letters. How to type?
>> No. 4288
Aw, this is cute, and I love your lines! (By which I mean both the outlines, and the little lines that add texture and character, so... all the lines?)

I can't help wondering what Sniper's reaction would look like... surprised, confused, trying-not-to-be-touched-by-the-gesture, annoyed? I can't decide whether I want to believe they're already a couple or Spy's just taking the initiative...

Anyway, it makes me totally happy, even if every time I look at it I imagine a different story behind it (maybe especially because of that-- since we don't see Sniper's face, he could be reacting any way... but Spy's so... so cute).
>> No. 4290

Maybe because he's bowing, but the Spy's legs look too long.
>> No. 4293
File 13126699994.jpg - (852.26KB , 1275x1650 , eugenefix\'d.jpg )
shee-it, they are too long. tried to fixit, how to delete post hmmm
well, here's the fix'd version. someone help get rid of the first one, s'il vous plait et merci.
>> No. 4348
File 131298324262.jpg - (807.74KB , 2100x1500 , sexysniepr.jpg )
....this is mild enough for /fanart/, right?
>> No. 4351
Unf. Oh the places I'd lick... Mild enough for fanart, yes, but very sexy just the same.

I'll just be staring at this for a while...
>> No. 4352

This picture greeted me this morning, and i have been happy all day
>> No. 4364

Oh my, I want to follow that treasure trail right down to the happy-making place!
>> No. 4366

I want to lie on him hnnngh

and I really like your work! Please draw more :)
>> No. 4448
File 13137936808.jpg - (698.22KB , 836x903 , helmetssmall.jpg )
I spent a whole ten minutes looking for my thread before I realized it was on the front page for some reason
wow fail

well, there's a couple coming up, starting with helmets
>> No. 4449
File 131379402086.jpg - (1.10MB , 1475x1324 , experimentsmall.jpg )
and a medic

BTW, what's with the sniperdile bg? The significance of the portrayed date has shot right over my head... does it have something to do with Op. Iraqi Freedom or something?

captcha: trollu
>> No. 4450
I love the expressions you give all the characters!
>> No. 4453
File 131380274299.jpg - (905.33KB , 1626x1221 , two.jpg )
ok wait nvm i get the bg now
so have a sniper

... ok that's probably it for the week bye chan
>> No. 4461
I'm sorry, but his lips REALLY throw me off. They look so .. womanly. And purdy.
>> No. 4467
agreed about the lips, but i gotta say, your art is really gorgeous! you've got a great style!
>> No. 4480
Makes me think of Hunter Gathers.
>> No. 4484
Wow, you recognized it! This is funny beyond imagination. I was staring at a picture of Gathers for the better half of the day, and then I drew that sniper.... Well, you know how that ends.
>> No. 4495
Eh, in drawings we tend to automatically make the colored lips = lipstick equivalence, but men can have pretty, non-girly lips in real life, too.
>> No. 4564
File 131424150554.jpg - (162.03KB , 500x500 , fuckanatomy.jpg )
I wanted to dedicate this week to drawing Preacher fanart
but TF2 has thwarted me
>> No. 4567
Cassidy is a Medic
Tulip is a Scout
Arseface is a Pyro
Custer is a Soldier
Saint of Killers is a Sniper
Herr Star is a Heavy
God is an Engineer
>> No. 4586
I'd think Cassidy would be a good Demoman. They both drink a lot, and Cassidy is Irish, which is often mistaken for Scottish. I also think Jesse would be better as an Engineer, because they're both good ol' southern boys who can fuck someone up if they get on their bad side.
>> No. 4587
File 131446711977.jpg - (259.15KB , 500x1100 , medic.jpg )
>>4586 What you said about Jesse, except I think Sniper would make a better Cassidy
>>4567 Scout and Pyro are spot-on(in my opinion), but I think Saint of Killers would work better as Soldier, and Medic as God.
Anndd speaking of Medics...
>> No. 4681
File 131534987187.jpg - (289.59KB , 1260x1080 , spyengiesmall.jpg )
y u take mah helmet bro
>> No. 4708
File 13154544362.jpg - (853.35KB , 1230x1650 , tenta.jpg )
Just gonna put this up here; it's for Lithe-Fider's 'Dominique' in /afanfic
>> No. 4721
i really love how you draw engie and spy
>> No. 4731
so like your art is super good but Engie looks super durp.
Like his neck is... he doesn't have like a chin. Maybe it's the angle or style choice, but ???
Maybe it was just over looked, I know how easy it is to make silly mistakes. Because your art really is great, but
and I hope I'm not the only one who sees it? But he just looks so silly!
>> No. 4732
urh, also, I think maybe his head is just too long? Correct me if I'm full of shit, but doesn't his model have a shorter face than Spy? They look to be about the same length in this.
I'm really not trying to be rude, I just wanted to point it out, even if you're just done with the piece.
>> No. 4742
>>4731 >>4732
Don't worry about making me angry or anything, cuz crits are totally appreciated.
And, yeah, that Engie-- he didn't start out as an engie. This used to be a sketch of a dude in the supermarket, and then it evolved(and his neck was like that! no lie).
>> No. 4864
File 131682029937.jpg - (784.51KB , 1275x1650 , snipercompile.jpg )
Not dead!
Snipers from Sniper Sunday
>> No. 4870

I spy with my leetle eye Christian Brutal Sniper
>> No. 4925
File 131726539644.jpg - (373.07KB , 638x825 , spy.jpg )
man, with all this cool art going up I'm afraid to post my own stuff now...
>> No. 4926
Ooo good job on the snow effect!
>> No. 5148
File 131889219699.png - (500.67KB , 722x757 , ANOTHER FUCKING SNIPER.png )
hey guys totally not dead
Have a sniper drawl with impossible lighting conditions
>> No. 5150
File 131889242090.jpg - (96.20KB , 500x500 , AND THEN ANOTHER.jpg )
and then the sniper from last sunday
>> No. 5151
I love him.

This reminds me of playing on console where all the servers are half dead and having to run across and steal intel when it should be the opposite of my job...
>> No. 5241
File 131933083958.jpg - (412.06KB , 900x1000 , heavy.jpg )
I've been totally neglecting the other classes, now that I think of it... so have some intellectual!Heavy.
>> No. 5245

I very much approve. Heavy, expound to me upon your choice of reading material there.
>> No. 5434
File 132038548734.jpg - (199.91KB , 500x900 , er.jpg )
>> No. 5484

Glasses Hoovy is the intelligent Hoovy.
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