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File 130747161025.jpg - (8.26KB , 305x251 , heylookbuddyimasingfag.jpg )
3287 No. 3287
Was waiting for my old thread to reappear but that don't look like it's gonna happen, oh well! To reintroduce myself, I'm Hamsters and I write TF2 filk and other geeky things like that. All my songs are avalable to download for free at the following link.


To get people back in the tf2channing mood I wrote a new song. A few actually. They'll float in gradually.

The first is a HelmetPart Song I promised a million years ago. Very simple, and like most of my stuff a little melancholy. Took me a while to think of an angle to approach them since I'm not really a fan.


Lets get this chan rockin' again!
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>> No. 3288
File 130747432723.png - (61.80KB , 544x304 , 1204326968926.png )
I love you man. Your voice/guitar playing is lovely to listen to on rainy days. Never stop.
>> No. 3289
File 130748017819.gif - (377.91KB , 200x149 , tumblr_li8no76esM1qd64tf.gif )
A new song by Hamsters? And of my favorite pairing? Today is Christmas.
As much as I adore your voice, it's the lyrics that totally had me. This is wonderful, thank you.
>> No. 3290
File 130748172935.png - (169.03KB , 472x391 , 129791324244.png )
You have made some really nice music there. Any name in particular that I should give the music folder of your music?
>> No. 3291

Not sure what you mean. Once I have 12 songs I plan to make a legit CD compilation with cover art and I guess I'll come up with a title then. In the meantime whatever you want, man. Might I suggest Hamsters' Jawtacular Playlist of Manly Tears? haha
>> No. 3292
File 130749418230.gif - (574.59KB , 343x194 , 129366300396.gif )

>> No. 3293
File 130749652336.png - (126.85KB , 250x250 , 130535524063.png )
I'll get right on that.
>> No. 3294
I love you, and I will forever and ever.

Your music has made it's way to my phone and a burned CD so far.

(and I'm glad you did my favorite pairing, darling. It's so amazing. <3)
>> No. 3296
Since I've now done Heavy/Medic and Soldier/Engie, I thought I'd complete the common-OTP trifecta with some Sniper/Spy.

Sniper POV. A little different than my usuall stuff.

>> No. 3298
File 130757248144.png - (86.29KB , 403x308 , 129791321147.png )
I literally do not possess a reaction image that can accurately portray the levels of giddiness I'm feeling. This will have to suffice.

>> No. 3299
File 130757916661.jpg - (5.76KB , 233x216 , shits_on_fire_yo.jpg )
I honestly thought I wouldn't like this but gave it a chance anyways, and now I'm glad I did. Every time I listened to a new song, the weight of the lyrics made me smile and the singing made it even more believable, just sayin'.
>> No. 3337
This is friggin beautiful, and you are amazing. All your work is absolutely fantastic.
>> No. 3342
Someone requested a Lonely Pyro Ballad in the old thread, which just happen to be my favorite three words. And since Jeffian posted adorable art for it I guess I have to put up the actual song now...


>> No. 3343
New song? My request, at that? Fucking awesome.

This is probably my new favorite song of the bunch. I love you so much, Hamsters. Your voice is gorgeous. Your lyrics are so poetic. The songs are soulful and catchy. I'm so head over heels for your music.

There's only so many ways I can compliment you. Christ, I sound stupid.

Continue writing music please.
>> No. 3344
>>3343 well thank ya kindly. Goodness, y'all gonna give me a big head. And don't worry, I don't ever plan on stopping. OH GOD IT'S RELENTLESS.
>> No. 3346
File 130775263229.png - (105.89KB , 412x357 , 130585716136.png )
You have no idea how much I love this Pyro song. I was giddy throughout the entirety of it.
>> No. 3347
Go to Muziboo to listen to "Push", see new song.

>> No. 3352
Hamsters, would you ever consider putting up the tabs for your songs? I'd really love to learn them, just so I can play them to myself because hnnng they're beautiful.

You have bucket loads of talent, and a gorgeous voice. Never stop what you're doing.
>> No. 3355

Oh geeze, I totally would, but I'm not sure how to make tabs or how they're formatted, or even what cords/notes I'm playing, most of the time...I can't read music ):

You know what, though. I'll look it up! :) If it's within my capabilities I'll try to do it. Any song(s) You'd like me to start with in particular?
>> No. 3362
So, this marks the end of my tidal wave of updates. Schools picking up and I probably won't post anything for a while, so I thought I'd end on something a little special.

This is the first TF2-related song I ever wrote, after reading Cat Bountry's fic "Respawn of the Dead." Took me a long time to record to my liking.

If you haven't read it yet, I don't know WHAT you've been doing in this fandom, but read that first before listening to this song. Seriously, I mean it.

>> No. 3363
Can you provide a link or something to the fic? I haven't read it.
>> No. 3364

It's long, but brilliant.

>> No. 3365

>> No. 3366

I already thanked you before, but I feel the need to say it again.

This song is amazing and made me go misty in the eyes.
>> No. 3368

BUH - WHERE IS PART TWO?! IS there a part two yet??? I stayed up all night to read it, and I regret nothing - I just want moaaar.
>> No. 3371
Yeah there's a part two, should be a link to it on that site.
>> No. 3372

here, cat's stories on dot's concept space
>> No. 3374
>> No. 3391
I've actually just started learning - I'm trying to teach myself how to play - but I find tabs easy enough, even though I'm not that crash-hot at reading music, so I don't see why you should have too much trouble with them. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to write them out though. But man, just the fact that you want to attempt it is awesome.

And the songs I'd like to see tabs for the most would probably have to be War, Push (You're Still Mine), Scar Tissue (Burn it All), and The End.

But really, start with any of the ones you feel most comfortable with. I love them all.
>> No. 3395
War is still by far my favorite.

I... honestly wish you did less shipping songs, but this is TF2chan, and that is probably a silly hope.
>> No. 3396
I disagree, there's no huge difference in quality between the songs based on whether or not they're shipping.

In fact, the lyrics of the shipping songs tend to be more powerful because they're emotionally driven.

Variety is still good though.
>> No. 3398
It's just a matter of not liking some of the pairings I guess. I understand. It's probably why Scar Tissue is my favorite.

I still love everything, though. The music's too good to abandon over shipping drama.
>> No. 3400
(What's shipping mean?)
>> No. 3401
Pairings and such. To ship two characters is to support their romance.
>> No. 3404
I never said the shippy songs were worse. They're just not my cup of tea, and I prefer songs like Scar Tissue, On the Tram, War, etc.
>> No. 3405
File 130806539696.jpg - (62.41KB , 300x300 , tumblr_lf9x897VPh1qdd768o1_400.jpg )
>complaining about filk that has shipping in it on a board largely centered around gay porn about video games.

All right, then.
>> No. 3406

Well can't please all the people all the time I guess. However, the next song I plan on doing is a Demoman gen one, if that makes you feel better. (Also, I've run out of pairings I wanna write a song about, at least for the moment). I reserve the right to write about whatever I like though so...yeah.
>> No. 3410
>stating a preference is complaining

Alright-y then.

>> No. 3417
... Saying you prefer gen results in a ban now? Why?
>> No. 3419
I've ignored this thread for a while, mainly because I haven't had the time to sit down and listen to music. But looking at all the comments I thought, 'What the hell have I been missing?'

So I took a look-see and damn, I've been missing out for a while now! Just wanted to say keep up the great work (and that On the Tram is an amazing song). Thanks for being awesome, don't ever stop.
>> No. 3420

It is when the preference is as stupid as "Gee, I would like your songs a lot better if they weren't about shipping" when the whole song is about a ship.

That's like going into /afanart/ and saying "Guys I really like your porn but I'd like it better if it wasn't so gay all the time." Or going into /fanfic/ and posting on a story "I would like this much better if this didn't have X pairing and had Y pairing instead."

It's like, "Why are you even telling me this? Why are you bothering what is even that guys problem?"

Also it's kind of rude.

Just saying.
>> No. 3425
>"Gee, I would like your songs a lot better if they weren't about shipping"
>"Guys I really like your porn but I'd like it better if it wasn't so gay all the time."
>"I would like this much better if this didn't have X pairing and had Y pairing instead."

These all seem like perfectly logical statments. "I like your work but not the subject matter." It works especially well with music because there's so many elements to music that aren't just the lyrics.
>> No. 3426

Truth be told, I've had quite a few people, (usually curious friends) who aren't interested in gay cartoon porn comment on my drawings and say that they look good.

You can call it asinine to make a comment like that, but it's hardly trolling if the commenter isn't trying to incite hatred or needle the poster for their preference.
>> No. 3427

>Reads "Respawn of the Dead"
>Listens to "The End"

Thank you for making such a beautiful song.
>> No. 3431
File 130819736113.jpg - (127.85KB , 1024x768 , starescout.jpg )
Those statements come across as 'I don't like this because it's not tailored to my wants and desires', whether they were intended that way or not. If they liked the music but not the subject matter, they could well have said something along the lines of 'Well I'm not really a fan of X but your song is nevertheless lovely'.
Polite sage for nothing constructive.
>> No. 3432

It was the way that it was stated that bothered me. If they wanted more gen songs, they could have said "you should do more gen songs," not "I honestly wish you did less shipping songs." The difference in tone between the two statements is bigger than you think.

All those statements are stating a preference, but the latter infers that they should do less of what they obviously like doing. Barging in and saying "Hey, I want you to do less of X and more of Y because I like Y better and you should cater to my tastes" is very rude. How would you like it if somebody flipped through, say, a sketchbook of yours and said "I like your drawings of women better than men and therefore you should draw less men and more women because I like women better and that's my preference."

Can you not see how that is rude?


Yeah, they may comment they don't like your cartoon porn, but are they going "*SIGH* I WISH YOU WOULD DRAW LESS OF IT? IT'S JUST NOT MY CUP OF TEA."

There's a difference between politely saying "Even though I don't like shipping, I really like these songs," and "you should put less shipping in your songs because I don't like it."

One is stating a preference. The other is making a demand of the artist, or passively trying to infer that the artist should do as they say.

And that sort of thing is not my cup of tea.

>> No. 3438
Guys, c'mon...Can we not do this? I'm honestly not offended. If I wasn't open to potentially negative opinions I wouldn't bother posting on this site. And I certainly don't want to discourage people from giving crit. Sure, the way that anon stated their opinion could have been phrased better, but as far as I'm concerned it's water under the bridge.

Not-stirring-the-pot sage.
>> No. 3440

Well, all right.

But they know what they did.
>> No. 3577

And you fuckers wonder why the rest of the internet hates you.

>> No. 3580
Gorramit Bountry.
You know this bullshit is derailing the thread and you're still fucking doing it. Yeah, sure some guys were being impolite but what in the hell do you think your doing? Ruining someone else's thread because you're butthurt about getting told off is an awful thing to do.
Please stop it. For civility's sake.

Oh and yeah, I know I'm probably going to get and for showing signs of dissent, but do Hamsters a favor and actually think about what you're doing before you do it yeah?

(Inflammatory posts don't fly here.)
>> No. 3598
I'm another case of 'what's this? Well, I'll give it a listen...' to 'HOLY CRAP LISTEN TO THAT TALENT'.

Can't wait to hear more stuff from you.
>> No. 3599
Hamsters,your songs are good and you should feel good. Do you do these in a soundproof room? I think I heard someone sighing in "The End" Of course I'm not complaining one bit, just curious.

I don't want to be in the middle of an arument but... It seems to me that cat was a bit provoked on that one. Diddn't mean to butt-in.
>> No. 3607

No soundproof room for me, just a tiny bedroom. Yeah that was me signing in The End. Because it's pretty complicated for me to play, I used a ghost track.
>> No. 3616
hey. hey.

You're amazing.
>> No. 3901
>> No. 3913
Oh my Lord, I never. Can't believe I missed this thread before -- your songs give me butterflies, man. Beautiful work.
>> No. 4375
Oh man I haven't been on TF2chan in a long while.
Anyway, bamping this thread back up to page one. It's way too cool to be back here.
(And I'm not meaning to nag or anything, Hamsters, but have you been able to sit down and look at figuring out tabs, or...? I mean, if you haven't, that's totally okay, and I understand if you haven't had the time, it's just that I'm incredibly excited because they're amazing songs and well yeah. All my keysmashes, etc etc)
>> No. 4377

I did get a chance and it looks like the tabs will be relatively easy to do. I'm currently in an intensive 14 month fast-track diploma program and my time is very tight. I will be on break in a week, and will upload some new songs then so very possibly I can make some tabs then as well! I'd definitely try my darnedest.

Yes that's right, I'm not dead! Haha, though if this course doesn't kill me, nothing will.

Thanks for your interest. :)
>> No. 4386
Fish nuggets I love your music! The chords you use aren't the stereotypical chord progressions I-IV-V-and I, gotta love it. Particular favourites are War and On the Tram, both melodically and lyrically wise. The last chorus for War was just beautiful, how you switched from it being "War is a way to find the strongest" to "War just keeps friends apart." Keep up the good work.
>> No. 4433
maybe this image in red? Also loves it
>> No. 4434
I just want you to know how addicted I've been to these. I wanted to be able to say 'my favourite is (x)', but I couldn't narrow it down... anyway, I keep listening to them, I'm going to put them on a CD for car trips and, like, giggle to myself over the fact that I'm making people listen to filk and they'll have no idea-- well, my brother might figure it out, I don't know...

Anyway, done raving now.
>> No. 4468
Alright. I wrote out the tabs for "Push (You're Still Mine)". If anyone wants them, email me.
As for more...have to be honest I'm a little numbers dyslexic and this was very challenging for me, so I'm not sure I'll do any more tabs for a while.

On the plus side expect new songs soon. Very, very soon.
>> No. 4469
you are gorgeous and amazing and can i just kgfdjheiojrhbdfnkhwrbg i love your voice so much, it's beautiful
>> No. 4470
Hot damn! Better get my tent, I'm camping this thread!

Have I mentioned I love you yet? Because I do. And Human Shield is now firmly established in my Favourite Songs Ever list.
>> No. 4475
New song (finally).
This one's DemoGen, as requested by the lovely Jeffian for her birthday. <3


More to come! :)
>> No. 4478
File 13138929882.jpg - (103.81KB , 434x400 , 130569940587.jpg )

Yet another wonderful piece! Loved every second over it!
>> No. 4483
There are no gifs to express my level of happiness. I am making such embarassing noises right now that if you could hear them you would break up with me
ahh i will never tire of your singing voice ~!
>> No. 4486
Made me insanely happy there. Just listened to it, like, three times.

May I ask for hints as to what the next one will be about? Or should I enjoy being surprised? I'm debating with myself whether to burn a CD now so I can listen to this stuff in my car, or if I should wait...

I mean, it's not like I couldn't just fill another whole CD with music that makes me think of TF2 if I don't wait...

tl;dr, I love you.
>> No. 4489

Hm well, I'll just tell everybody now. I plan to post 3 or 4 more songs then I'm going to make a downloadable album compilation with CD cover art, lyrics, notes, maybe some tabs, and some other fun extras. so if anyone wants to hold their horses on that one. I think that should all be posted by September.

as for the other question...I'm not sure, do you want to know what the next one is about? Haha. To give a hint, it's another Gen song. In fact, none of the remaining songs I ave planned are for pairings. Though they're not nessicarily all about specific characters...
>> No. 4491
>no pairings

Part of me is sad, because I was really hoping for some Heavy/Medic from ze doktor's side.
Thankfully, the rest of me is EXCITE FOR GEN! And the potential for a CD is toe-tinglingly wonderful. My housemates next year will just LOVE this. And by love, I mean they will think I am a loony. But it will be worth it.
>> No. 4493
I'm really excited for some more gen! Not a huge fan of pairing in TF2 (and even still, I love the pair songs you did! They were lovely.) And I eagerly await your CD! Personally I'd love to know who the next song is about. :D You could put it as a spoiler for those who want it to be a surprise though!
>> No. 4503
Scout is my favourite character. And I figured, after all the abuse he gets he deserves a song...though I doubt he'd appreciate my over-analyzation of his psyche any more than he'd appreciate what the rest of the fandom does to him on a daily basis. Heh.


As for what's coming up next?: Tentaspy filk anyone? No? Yes? Too bad you're getting it anway. ;)
>> No. 4507
I love your gen stuff as much as I love your pairing stuff. And yay, now a Scout song!

And that teaser... YES. I am a ball of excitement over that.
>> No. 4518
scout is my favorite and i loooove this look into his attention complex... beautiful work as always!!
>> No. 4531
Is it too late to request for the album? I'd love to hear your take on a Scout Ma song.
>> No. 4532

Never too late for requests. In fact, depending on how much inspiration I get, this might end up being one packed album, haha. I have a few ideas on the fryer but I'll see what I can do.

But yes, people, more requests! I'm running out of ideas on my own. I've only got, like, three ideas I know for certain I'm gonna to and since I might take quite a long break from TF2 filk after the album hits, make sure to hit me up for anything you'd like to hear now before it's too late.
>> No. 4533

Ooh, if it's never too late for requests, I humbly request more Sniper.
>> No. 4535

Already in the works. ;)
>> No. 4537
>> No. 4546
Oh gosh I cannot wait.

M-m-m-medic, bitte?
>> No. 4559
Sweet baby jesus, you have no idea how happy I was to find this thread. I found your music, literally, two days ago, and have been listening to it non-stop. I was wondering if there was a thread for this music, because if there wasn't there ought to be, because I think this is one of the best things to come out of this fandom ever.

I adore how each one of your songs is incredibly emotional and/or deep. The pairing songs make me feel warm and fuzzy and the gen ones are stunningly beautiful. The imagery and language you use is vivid and your voice is amazing.

I honestly squealed when I saw this thread. I will be eagerly awaiting the next song.

/fangirl rant
>> No. 4565
pertaining to song requests, i'd like to expound upon the requests for medic: something sort of similar to this picture and its description..? http://umbertheprussianblue.Hipstr.com/post/9186875718/
like, just something with one of the team members dying, and the medic is trying to be impartial and professional about it, but it really is getting to him. i feel like you'd handle that kind of subject matter really well!
>> No. 4668
Oh my god Hamsters you beautiful person.

I shall email you right away!

(also an album? with the possibility of tabs and other such wonderful things? I CAN'T WAIT)
>> No. 5404
Bumping this up because of the love it deserves.

I love listening to all of these songs, especially on the inter-city bus trips I make quite often when visiting home again from college.

As for a possible request, maybe a song about Silas Mann and how he became the Horseless Headless Horsemann? I dunno, but whatever song you decide to release next I'll be sure to enjoy it!
>> No. 5542
I can't wait for your album! I'll be waiting for the next song.
>> No. 5549
I'm completely unsure if I can still email you for tabs. COuld you post one of them online perhaps? I'm been hacking away at Human Shield for the past week.
>> No. 5552

I'm not sure where/how I'd post them. My email's always open for requests though. I haven't written out Human shield tabs yet (in all honesty I uh...sorta forgot how to play it haha) But if you'll email me with any requests I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 5576
File 13214216662.png - (671.62KB , 1430x1443 , Hamters Jawtacular CD2.png )
So, I've been listening to your music quite a bit recently, and I wanted to make a little something should it be put on a cd someday.

yeah it's cheaply done, but I want the idea out there.
>> No. 5577

Haha! Fantastic! :D I have about three or so songs planned, who knows when I'll get to them, I definitely intend to make cd/booklet art.... But this gives me an idea... if anyone else wanted to do that for me they could email me about it? I'd totally write a song for anyone willing to make cover art/design a cover for the CD compilation. :)
>> No. 8352
does anyone know if hamsters is still writing tf2 songs?
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