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File 13077562777.jpg - (244.83KB , 1500x968 , TEA.jpg )
3348 No. 3348
hi guys
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>> No. 3349
AHAHA What Sniper, don't be pullin' Medic's leg about tea
>> No. 3351
hi kaz
>> No. 3353
I missed your Sniper teeth Kaz!
......and you of course.
>> No. 3354
File 130777640213.jpg - (289.04KB , 1749x1427 , plague.jpg )
needs more black plague
>> No. 3356
File 130779953177.jpg - (24.08KB , 490x450 , Scoutsdatass.jpg )
Damn kaz I'm likin' those greys. Good to see a new thread from you, I'm in love with everything you draw.
>> No. 3444
File 13082923935.jpg - (195.96KB , 858x983 , fabulous.jpg )
medic is obv. the most fabulous
>> No. 3445
File 130829244783.jpg - (336.47KB , 1579x1577 , fairy_medic.jpg )
here you go TF2chan

I present to you the über fairy
>> No. 3446

The crown was what really disturbed me, here. Tulle I can stand, but a princess crown adds a whole new layer of bizarre. Kudos!
>> No. 3447
Oh my God. This made my night. Please do more of this Medic in women's clothes. PLEASE.
>> No. 3448

This image strangely makes me want to see more images of Medic in a corset.
>> No. 3450
I think my bra just disintegrated.
>> No. 3507
File 130872641848.jpg - (377.51KB , 1000x1008 , neck.jpg )
oh hey guys remember when I used to draw gory stuff?

I'll colour it at some point (and add the blood part)
>> No. 3516
This should be a taunt kill for Medic. Might be a little gory by TF2 standards but it would be tons of fun to use it on those pesky 2fort snipers.
>> No. 3521
I should not look at this stuff when I'm full, makes a stomach want to vacate through the bowels.
>> No. 3531
do I need to make a new thread in /afanart/ for gore again

the last time I did that people complained about there being no dicks but I don't draw dicks
>> No. 3533
No no, it's just me being personally sensitive to some things.
It's damn good work, having a visceral effect like that.
>> No. 3662
is...is he pulling his skin off?
>> No. 3716
Kaz, I love your wonderful manry jawlines. Do more of them. FOREVER.
>> No. 3917
"Lift ze chin, tvist ze jaw, und 'pop!', ze head comes right off!"
>> No. 4415

Oh Jesus. I read that in his voice.
>> No. 4617
File 131478563390.jpg - (483.46KB , 1500x1500 , SHALALALALALALA.jpg )
>> No. 4618
>> No. 4619

That grin goes something unholy and wonderful to me. Love it Kaz!

(Though upon first glancing at the thumbnail with the tentacle placement, it made me think of tenta-fridge-head-spy, where people have been lolzy attaching fridgespy's head to an octopus body, haha).
>> No. 4676
>> No. 4705
File 131545148144.jpg - (111.75KB , 1000x1500 , dem medics.jpg )
i love your art. the expressions are great, everything looks smooth and effortless in the sketches. keep up the awesome. dont ever stop.

also, dem medics~
>> No. 5578
File 132155511523.jpg - (202.60KB , 2000x446 , Pauling-medic.jpg )
M: Hallo, Frau Pauling~~~

M: I have brought you this exquisite heart speciman I have plucked for you with my own hands! and I've decorated it with my finest syringes…

P: You might want to read your contract over again, herr medic.

idk I really feel like Pauling is kind of ice cold most of the time, if the comics say anything about it. secretly shipping her with sober demo though
>> No. 5579
File 132155514982.jpg - (151.43KB , 1200x772 , Pauling-SPY.jpg )
alternate ending
>> No. 5581
File 132155575021.jpg - (233.69KB , 1200x772 , SPY-SPY.jpg )
alternate alternate ending

oldest joke in the TF2 book oops
>> No. 5584
File 132159361713.png - (24.68KB , 125x125 , Pleased Spy.png )
Spies gonna spy.
>> No. 5588
I'm pretty sure I found this 90% sexier than I was supposed to.

>> No. 5597
same here anon

anyways kaz you know i love your art
>> No. 5788
File 132385589921.jpg - (297.26KB , 1218x1500 , Holiday_Demo.jpg )
we all know who the ball ornament specialist is here
>> No. 5789
File 132385846295.jpg - (38.94KB , 400x294 , I CAME Spiderman River.jpg )
>> No. 5791

Mmm. Those textures. That shading. That hair. That everything.

I'm incredibly jealous of how quickly you seem to be able to work. I'd kill to be able to produce something this good so quickly.
>> No. 5795

I'm pretty sure Demoman just turned me gay.
>> No. 5889
File 132570928729.jpg - (230.62KB , 1500x1725 , creepy_medic.jpg )
we need more creepy on the chan again
>> No. 6056
I really like your creepy stuff, Kaz. Agreed, the chan needs more of it! That intimidating gaze...
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